Modeling Underwear for the Girls

byCharles Petersunn©

Both of them, for awhile, let themselves indulge themselves, each lost in his or her own thoughts, enjoying the sensations. For Miss Bixley, the feel of the large balls and thick penis of the healthy, strapping young man; for Daniel, the feel of her hand, her fingers, softly exploring him.

However, it didn't take long for the natural reaction to occur. Miss Bixley saw, and felt, his cock beginning to swell in her fingers. The thick snake slowly coming alive in her hand.

A part of her wanted to let it continue to grow, to watch it lengthen and thicken until it was fully stout. She knew it would be quite a sight; an impressive, delectable, sight. A sight in the end that she probably would not be able to resist.

But, for the moment at least, fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon which side of her ambivalence was thinking at the moment, she could not think of any excuse, any professional, responsible, reason for having him display an erection for her, and she clearly had little time to come up with any. She let go of him before it became too obvious what was happening.

It was frankly obvious though, at least to any objective person. His penis was still hanging down, but it was more hanging outward, arching away from his body like a hard, thick, rubber hose that was being pumped up. She sighed with frustration, and looked away. She turned to a pad of paper on her desk, keeping her face down so that he wouldn't notice her flushed appearance. "Yes, well, that's about it, Daniel. You can pull up your slacks."

As soon as she let go Daniel opened his eyes and looked down. Now hanging loose from her hand he could see that he was getting hard. He quickly bent over to grab his boxers and slacks. He surely hoped that she had not noticed, and he figured he was probably right. Miss Bixley appeared to be focused intently on her note pad.

She kept her eyes on the pad as she wrote down the various measurements she had taken, as well as a bunch of additional notes, just to give her more time to collect herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As the day approached for his modeling debut, Daniel became increasingly enthusiastic. In fact, fantasies about Thelma Lou dominated his nightly private repose, dreaming about possible episodes involving himself and Thelma Lou. He particularly liked one in which he goes over to her house to help her with her drawing class. Thelma Lou worked in some Mayberry downtown office. Nobody though really ever knew what Thelma Lou actually did for a living. But, it would be within character for her to want to learn how to draw and maybe she decided to practice with one of the young men of Mayberry who, like him, needed the extra money. It wasn't like there were lots of employment opportunities in Mayberry. The episode would be that she had to do a drawing of a nude male to get a scholarship for an art program in Raleigh. Danny could be a young cousin of Wally (the service station owner) who volunteers to be her model. Well, he really couldn't be nude on the show. It would in fact be more like the actual Miss Bixley modeling class, without all of the students. As Danny worked his way through his fantasy though he would always leave the confines, the constraints, of the show. It wouldn't take long for Thelma Lou to ask him to remove his shorts so she could get some experience drawing male genitalia. And, then, naturally, she would ask him to get hard so that she could have experience drawing an erect penis. He went in a variety of directions after that, sometimes she would want him to cum so that she could see what an orgasm would like it, so she could draw that too (it wasn't like he could freeze that in a moment of time though), or maybe she would take off her clothes as well, so he wouldn't feel so uncomfortable being the only one who was naked in the room, or maybe she even got so excited herself that she just couldn't resist touching him, doing something to him, for him.

He was really looking forward to the class.

When the day finally arrived, Miss Bixley showed him where he would be. There were five chairs with attached desk tops arranged in a partial semi-circle. Danny swallowed as he thought of the seats filled with Templeton coeds. However, there were only five desks. Advanced Fashion Design was a very select class. The five girls were Violet, Emma, Elizabeth, Ashley, and Pamela. Miss Bixley had previously gone over the names with Daniel to be sure that he was not in fact friends with, or knew, any of them. There was hardly any need for that, as he pretty much kept to himself, but it was nice of her to reassure him in that regard.

Miss Bixley showed him where he could change: behind a small room divider in the front corner of the room. She told him that there would be slippers waiting there for him, and that it would be best if he got ready before any of the girls arrived. Miss Bixley had turned up the thermostat to try to make sure that he would be uncomfortable. He knew that the girls would find it to be a bit too warm, but clearly they would have to be accommodating for Daniel.

Behind the room divider was a stack of small boxes, within each one would be a garment he was to model. He was not to disturb the stack as they were carefully arranged for a specified order. However, just in case, each was numbered as well. He smiled as he looked at them. It was like it was his birthday and he had a full stack of presents. He opened the first box with considerable expectation.

It was a brand new pair of boxer shorts. They were pretty straightforward. In fact, he could imagine passing them off as a regular pair of shorts. Miss Bixley wanted to ease him into the job. He liked them. They were of much better quality than he was used to. As he was taking off his clothes to get in them he heard the girls entering the room. His anxiety rose as he heard the feminine chatter, the occasional giggle, the sounds of chairs and desks moving. Miss Bixley was trying to hurry them along.

When they were all settled in, Miss Bixley began the class. "Alright then girls, as you know, today we will be covering a variety of male undergarments. Mr. Daniel Adams has so very kindly agreed to model them for us, and he's going to begin with C-IN2 white cotton boxer shorts with a fitted cut, gathered elasticized waistband, and snap fly."

But, there was no Daniel. "Daniel?" A moment of panic swept through Miss Bixley. Is he not going to do it? She cursed herself for not spending more time preparing him.

But, he then emerged from behind the partition. Most of the girls grinned in anticipation. They didn't know him personally, but they had seen him play football. They couldn't believe their good luck in being able to see such a hunk stand in front of them wearing only some underwear.

Violet though looked demurely to the floor, already embarrassed at the thought of what was about to happen. She had not yet seen a real guy's penis before. She hadn't even seen one in his underwear. She knew that there would be nothing sexual about this, but as the day approached she couldn't get it out of her head that she was about to see an almost entirely undressed man, his things just a thin fabric away. Just the thought made her heart race and her face blush.

Danny looked apprehensively at the girls as soon as he turned the corner around the divider, but he was quickly reassured by their faces. They were smiling expectantly at him, clearly pleased with what they were seeing. At the moment they did not look too intimidating in their Templeton uniforms: white blouses with black ties, plaid skirts that had to go beyond the knee, white socks, and, of course, black Mary Janes. Nevertheless, his face reddened and his heart pounded as he walked up to them. At this point he was concentrating on not tripping.

He stopped when he was within the semi-circle of chairs. Miss Bixley came up to his side.

The eyes of the girls widened as they traveled all over his body: his biceps, pecs, thighs, abdomen, and then, finally, the purpose of his being there: his boxers. "Yes, alright girls, as you can see, Daniel is modeling for us C-IN2 white cotton boxer shorts with a fitted cut, gathered elasticized waistband, and snap fly." She reached down and slipped her fingers beneath the fabric and his thigh. "Notice how loose the legs are, which in this case required a precise fit for, as you can see, Daniel has quite the muscular thighs." The girls giggled at that, as they surely could see what she meant.

They were in fact a bit jealous of Miss Bixley, Pamela in particular. Pamela, a cheerleader, was certainly the most experienced of the five girls; not with fashion design, but with boys. She wouldn't mind having her hand, her face, in between those strong thighs. She wondered if perhaps somehow she would have the opportunity to at least run her hand along those muscles.

Miss Bixley continued. "It wasn't until the 13th century that pull on male underwear was first created. These were typically large baggy drawers, called 'braies,' usually made of linen. During the civil war they were made of a wool flannel, often knee length. Of course, it was during the industrial revolution, with the invention of the cotton gin, that cotton fabrics became so widely available." She placed a couple of fingers within the waistband and pulled on the elastic. "The original braies were usually laced or tied around the waist. Of course, today, pretty much all styles use a stretch elastic. This did not actually happen, though, until the 1930s, which rapidly replaced the button, snap, or tie closures. It was actually about this same time that the word 'underpants' in fact entered the dictionary." She snapped the elastic back. The girls giggled, and Daniel smiled along.

The eyes of the girls, however, had been on the crotch more so than the waistband. Even though they were rather loose fitting, there was still the sign of something there, something hidden, something that appeared to be quite big. As Miss Bixley continued to draw their attention to various components and aspects of stitching she would pull on the fabric, stretching it across the bulge, providing even a bit more suggestion of what might in fact be underneath.

Emma was particularly intrigued. She didn't have any brothers, and certainly had never seen her father in his shorts. And, here she was, sitting in the classroom with a big strong guy standing just a couple of feet away, wearing only his underwear. She imagined what it would be like if she was standing in front of five guys, dressed only in her undies. She blushed at just the thought of it.

She did have a boyfriend. Actually, that was a lie. There was a guy that she did want to go out with, Bobby. He was in the Templeton Chess Club. They seemed to have a lot in common. They talked a lot. She liked to pretend that he was her boyfriend, but he had never actually asked her out on a date yet.

"Alright then, Daniel, that was fine. Why don't you don the next pair."

Daniel strolled back to the partition. Emma watched his butt as he left. Actually, they all did, as a large C-IN2 was stitched all across that muscular bottom.

So far Daniel felt that this really wasn't so bad. He felt he was in fact even learning something. He didn't know all that stuff Miss Bixley had said about underwear.

The next pair was again quite traditional, but more revealing. Still, it was the kind of underwear he actually wore quite a bit. He took a deep breath and strolled back out.

"Yes, girls, the next pair is again traditional. Daniel is wearing a pair of white, cotton, Jockey briefs." The girls eyes widened, despite the fact this would be the underwear worn by their younger brothers. When worn by Daniel though, they were quite provocative, as his bulge was now very, very evident. You could clearly see the outline of a rather large penis. It looked like it was tucked a good 7-8 inches up to his left, and there was even a substantial outline of two large round balls, hanging well down into the cotton fabric.

Violet quickly looked away, her face a beet red. Emma was, again, staring intently. She thought: 'He is so clearly large. I mean, like really big!' She figured he must in fact have an erection, or something.

Pamela, the most experienced, could see that he wasn't actually hard, as it wasn't pushing out against the briefs. However, she thought, 'If this is his size when he's soft, imagine when he gets hard!' She would she like to see that thing get stiff. She smiled at the thought, and even lightly licked her lips.

Ashley was nervously smiling. She looked away and even put a hand up in front of her face to block her view, but she continued to look around her hand from the corner of her eye. This was of course the assignment. She was supposed to look. But, golly, his thing was so obvious!

Miss Bixley even had to clear her throat at the sight of his bulge. "Yes, well, uh." She checked her notes. What was it that she was going to say at this point? Oh yes. "Um, yes, notice girls the angular slit or flap here, um, on the right side." She slipped her finger into the flap, being careful not to get her finger in very far. "By the Renaissance the braies were usually fitted with a flap in the front that tied or buttoned closed. It was again in the 1930s that Coopers began making briefs and revolutionized the overlapping Y-vent briefs. It was then soon after that they also developed the diagonal vent. It was first seen in Chicago by Marshall Field and Company. The Coopers called it a Jockey because it offered a similar degree of support as the jockstrap." Miss Bixley lightly placed the tips of her fingers under his testicles to demonstrate what she was talking about. She even gently lifted his sack up and down a bit to make her point. She was reminded of how large, actually heavy, they felt on the tips of her fingers. She recalled when she had held them, fully naked, in her office.

Pamela grinned. Daniel reflexively coughed, a nervous cough. Miss Bixley couldn't resist the joke, "Does the nurse ask you to cough like that, Daniel?" Daniel blushed and the girls burst out laughing, a nervous relief from the evident tension in the room. She did wonder if the joke was pushing things too far, but she felt that the more humor there was, the more relaxed the modeling would become, for everyone, including Daniel. She patted him on the back and smiled, letting him know that she was just playfully teasing.

"The flap, of course, is used by the male to be able to withdraw the penis without having to drop his pants and briefs whenever he, uh, needs to do that."

Pamela asked boldly, "Do what, Miss Bixley?" The girls laughed. It was an innocently playful question. Even Daniel smiled. The joking was helping him to relax. Miss Bixley responded authoritatively but in a manner that demonstrated that she appreciated that it was an acceptable bit of humor. "I think we don't need any detailed explanation for that, do we Pamela? However, you do raise an important point." She pulled out on the flap. "Notice that it is cut up on the right side. Why do you suppose that is? Why isn't it on the left side?"

Elizabeth raised her hand. She was the brightest girl in the class, even looking the part with her spectacles and braids. "Miss Bixley," not waiting to be called on, "Is it because the penises are usually all facing the same direction?"

"Yes, well, not entirely, Lizzie. Yes, as you can see, Daniel's penis heads up to the left. It's true that more penises hang naturally to the left than to the right, but only slightly more and the vast majority hang down straight. Most are indeed tucked up to the left, but, quite honestly, I don't really know why. I like the hypothesis that it is the fashion that governs the behavior, as the reason that the flap is on the right side is to accommodate the fact that most men are right handed." She reached inside his flap, as if she was going to grab his penis.

A few of the girls gasped. "Oh my," exclaimed Ashley. The girls stared in shock as they saw Miss Bixley's hand disappear into Daniel's Jockey briefs.

Daniel himself froze as he felt her soft, feminine hand briefly touch, even grasp, the soft, thick shaft of his dick.

Miss Bixley, however, quickly withdrew her hand and again patted him on the back. "Don't worry, Daniel, I wasn't going to pull it out."

"That's ok, Miss Bixley," Daniel replied.

Miss Bixley wasn't actually sure what he meant by "that's ok." Was he saying that it was okay to touch him, maybe even to pull it out, or that he simply wasn't upset about having been touched?

Miss Bixley continued to lecture about jockey briefs. She was explaining about the development of the nickname, "tighty whities." The term originally was derogatory in nature, coined by those who preferred boxer shorts to make fun of those who wore briefs. The nickname has now become more mainstream, although Miss Bixley suggested that it did still have a bit of an infantile connotation.

Fortunately, perhaps, Daniel wasn't listening. His mind was still on the fact that Miss Bixley had actually placed her fingers right on his penis, and even gave it a perceptible squeeze. His mind again drifted to Thelma Lou. None of the members of the Andy Griffith Club could understand why Barney never married her. In episode 52 (Barney and the Choir) Thelma Lou said repeatedly, "He's the man I want to marry, the man I want to be the father of my children" (but he couldn't sing, not a lick). But, with no explanation, Thelma Lou moves to Jacksonville (where she eventually marries the foreman of a wrecking crew) one month after Barney moves to Raleigh to pursue his dream of becoming a big city detective. It just didn't make sense. They were always so right for each other. The writers though corrected their error many years later. She did in fact marry Barney in a 1986 TV movie (Return to Mayberry), but by then it wasn't really the same. Well, that wasn't really true. He had enjoyed that movie very, very much.

"Daniel, Daniel." She nudged him, "Danny!"

The girls laughed as he nervously apologized for drifting away.

"Well, you certainly seem to have lost any self-consciousness about this. Why don't you now change into the next pair." She turned to the class to explain the next garment as he went behind the partition to change.

"In the 1920's, Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, designed elastic_waist trunks to replace the leather_belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks became known as 'boxer trunks,' and immediately became quite popular, although not actually threatening the success of the more popular briefs. However, in the 1940s, boxers started to surge in popularity and they became really popular in the 1980s, due probably to a quite successful fashion advertising in which Nick Kamen appeared in them within a Levis advertisement."

Daniel emerged from behind the partition wearing a specially tailored Levi's boxer.

The girls were a little disappointed that his bulge was no longer apparent with the return to another pair of boxers. Miss Bixley explained as he walked up to her. "Boxer manufacturers have different designs for closing up the fly. Some styles include a button or a metal clasp, but many on the market do not have any mechanism to close up the fly."

She reached out to his fly to draw the attention of the girls to this unique garment. "Two less common forms of boxer shorts are 'gripper' boxers and 'yoke front' boxers. Daniel is wearing for us a pair of gripper boxers that have an elastic waistband like regular boxers but snaps, usually 3, on the fly and on the waistband so that they open up completely." She then unsnapped two of the three on the fly. "If I were to do anymore, well, the fly would just open right up."

Emma exclaimed with considerable enthusiasm, "Oh, please, can we see Miss Bixley?" The girls all laughed, and Emma reacted with clear annoyance. "I didn't mean that," although perhaps she wasn't really being honest. "I just wanted to see how it worked."

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