tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModeling Underwear for the Girls

Modeling Underwear for the Girls

byCharles Petersunn©

This story is within The Lessons series as it occurs at Templeton, but to help persons find the themes they are interested in (and avoid themes that they dislike) I thought it best to provide a more explicit title. My thanks to Sack for the basic idea of this story; my apologies to him for any failure in not developing it well. I would like to warn that it does develop more slowly than my other stories. However, I do hope you still like it!

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Miss Bixley taught Advanced Fashion Design at Templeton College (as well as an introductory fashion design, romance languages, and other fine arts courses). Throughout the year her students had worked with a variety of traditional garments: dresses, suits, slacks, and even lingerie. Lingerie was in fact one of the more popular studies, as there was always a strong market for new, fashionable feminine undergarments, and, admittedly, it was one of the assignments the students enjoyed the most.

There were five girls in the course; no boys. Miss Bixley could not even recall a boy ever enrolling in any fashion design course, at any level. This was one reason that lingerie projects were not of any particular concern to the college administration. Miss Bixley could hire students to model the lingerie, or the girls might even model their designs themselves. Templeton was a highly conservative institution, but the lingerie modeling never raised any eyebrows. If there had been any boys in the class, well, that would then be an entirely different matter.

However, the girls were getting tired of being confined to studying and creating only garments for women and girls, when in fact there was a lot going on in the industry with respect to male undergarments. Miss Bixley could not argue with this, nor did she want to. She fully agreed. In fact, she often had graduates who returned for homecoming tell her that their vitae were frankly limited in having virtually no experience with masculine apparel, especially undergarments. Graduates from other programs had not been nearly so educationally handicapped.

She was becoming very frustrated with the conservative and cautious traditions of Templeton. The administration felt that good girls, no matter their age, should not be exposed to such things, and certainly not male models wearing only their undergarments. It did not matter to the administration that all of the students were above the age of 18, and some were in fact above the age of 21. The administration felt that it was their responsibility to continue to manage and govern their students' personal lives so that they would become adults of outstanding moral character. This attitude was quite embarrassing to Miss Bixley. She could hardly stomach the sympathetic but patronizing grins of her colleagues when she attended professional conferences and spoke of the policies and constraints of Templeton. It was true that many of the students of Templeton were quite naive when it came to adult sexuality, even male students. She knew that at least a few of the girls in her class would find it quite provocative to see a semi-nude male model. But, she felt that the infantile way the students were being treated, or perhaps more accurately sequestered, only made the problem worse. If they couldn't be treated as adults when they were of legal age, what could be expected of them when they left the protective shelter of Templeton and entered the real word?

It was perhaps time to take things into her own hands. She first consulted with Mr. Peters. He had been very helpful when she had been confronted earlier with a difficult disciplinary problem (see The Lessons, Chapter 17) and, rumor had it, dishabille within the classroom was a matter not entirely foreign to Mr. Peters.

She found Mr. Peters to be fully supportive. However, he did indicate that he had a special allowance to pursue whatever means were necessary to improve the discipline of Templeton students. His job was in fact to further strengthen the moral character of the Templeton student, even if that meant corporal punishment. Miss Bixley's situation was quite different. He doubted that the administration would endorse unclothed students simply for the purpose of fashion design. He suggested that she speak to Miss Harding, as Miss Harding was more experienced with pursuing innovative class exercises.

Miss Harding proved to be even more encouraging than Mr. Peters. She revealed, in confidence to Miss Bixley, that she had once even used, unbeknownst to the administration, full frontal nudity within one of her advanced courses (see Chapters 5 and 9) and had (at least as yet) experienced no repercussions. Miss Bixley felt emboldened.

Miss Harding though did not share with Miss Bixley the precise nature of her pedagogical practices with male students. Truth be told, Miss Harding's motivations were not entirely above board, and Miss Bixley, in contrast, had a reputation for being rather inhibited, if not prudish, when it came to sexual activities. She was still single and no faculty member was even aware of her dating in the 12 years she had been at Templeton.

It wasn't that Miss Bixley was unattractive. On the contrary, the Andy Griffith Club (a rather esoteric, if not geeky, Templeton club) had given her the sobriquet of Thelma Lou. It was an affectionate appellation. Thelma Lou was a character of the Andy Griffith Show (played by Betty Lynn). Miss Bixley looked a great deal like Thelma Lou. She had the youthful facial appearance, sparkling eyes, short brunette hair, cute bangs, dimpled cheeks, diminutive height, angelic voice, and modest, prim attire. Many of the male members of the Andy Griffith Club had a crush on her. The popular choice might seem to be Helen Crump (Andy's longest girlfriend and eventual wife), but the club members felt that Thelma Lou had more erotic appeal. Helen Crump would probably be quite boring in bed whereas Thelma Lou appeared to be chaste only because she was too nervous and shy to be assertively sexual. In public she came across as very innocent and sweet, but on a date with Barney she would cover his entire face in lipstick kisses, reducing him to a quivering mass.

Miss Harding even had a suggestion for such a model: Alex. Alex would seem to be an excellent choice. He had already experienced what it might be like to be nude in front of a class (see Chapter 5).

However, Alex wasn't at all interested. He had enjoyed Miss Harding's class exercise, but he was now dating Mary Lou and he wasn't so sure that she would like it if she knew that he was displaying himself again within another class. Miss Bixley tried to reassure him that there would be nothing sexual about this. It was just standard male modeling. However, Alex wouldn't be convinced.

Miss Bixley then consulted with Ms. Patricia Parker, the fine arts instructor. Ms. Parker used male models within her drawing class, although there was certainly no actual full nudity. Ms. Parker was also quite sympathetic with Miss Bixley's dilemma. She was herself frustrated by the fact that the ladies in her class were allowed to draw fully nude female models, but never nude male models.

She even recommended, in fact encouraged, Miss Bixley to consider Daniel Adams. The young Mr. Adams played tight end for the Templeton football team. He had called Ms. Parker twice during the semester seeking additional modeling duties. He needed the money. Daniel was an unusual student for Templeton. He was not from a well-to-do family, as were most of the Templeton "family." He did have a football scholarship but at Templeton this covered only his tuition. He had to work odd-jobs to cover books and lodging. He was always looking for ways to help cover his expenses, and modeling paid better than fast food work.

Plus, Ms. Parker knew him to be very respectful and courteous. Daniel was in fact a rather shy guy. You might have expected him to be very popular with the girls, being on the football team. But, his size did not translate into popularity with the girls.

Daniel lacked sufficient self-confidence. He was reasonably good looking, facially, if you liked a rural, country ruggedness. But, he just lacked the assertiveness to approach girls. He didn't think of himself as being particularly attractive and, frankly, he wasn't a real bright guy. It wasn't that he was actually unintelligent. He was, after all, in college. But, he did wonder if he got into Templeton largely because he was big and fast on his feet. His high school grades and SAT scores were not particularly good. His grades at Templeton were, at best, marginal. He knew that if it wasn't for football, he would not be there.

The girls he met at Templeton also seemed to be out of his league. They lived in a social world that was simply unknown and unavailable to him. He was intimidated by their social charm and verbal facility. Their parents had taken them to art studios, concerts, and even the opera; his parents had enrolled him in the 4-H club. Whereas they could talk fluently about fashion and current events, he was a member of the Templeton Andy Griffith Club.

However, it was his membership in the Andy Griffith Club that sealed the deal. How could he turn down Thelma Lou? I mean, who wouldn't model underwear for Thelma Lou? It would be a chance of a lifetime. He imagined that the other guys in the club would be terribly jealous, although he recalled Miss Bixley's admonition that the modeling should be, would be, confidential. He wasn't too sure why she required that, but it was fine with him.

He hardly listened to her when she went over the schedule and instructions. He did listen up though when she started talking about the students in the class. He had been so distracted by the thought of modeling for Thelma Lou, um, Miss Bixley, that he had momentarily forgot about the girls. He was already intimidated by Templeton ladies, and now he would be standing around in front of them dressed only in underwear? He now felt better about the confidentiality. He wouldn't want them to be telling embarrassing stories all over the school. Miss Bixley, in any case, went over the names of the girls with him. He didn't know any of them, and she reassured him that they were professional young ladies who would be well behaved and would not speak about him to their classmates. They would in fact be quite grateful for his willingness to do this service for their education. And, besides, he always knew that Thelma Lou would be there. Nothing untoward would happen.

"Alright then, Daniel, why don't you take off your shirt so I can see how you will look."

Daniel had no objection to this. He knew he was in good shape. In fact, he wouldn't mind showing off his muscles to Miss Bixley.

She did in fact need to see his build. Ms. Parker had told him that he was in good shape, but it would be important to see for herself. It was no accident that most models were really quite attractive. An unattractive model could make attractive fashions appear unattractive. She wasn't, of course, trying to sell or promote the clothing he would be wearing, but she did feel that it would be best if he was reasonably appealing. She certainly didn't want him to be embarrassed by any raised eyebrows or squints of displeasure.

Any doubts or concerns she had, however, were quickly dispelled. Lineman can have a tremendous amount of fat yet still be considered to be in good shape. They didn't need to be fast. In fact, the more weight they had the better. Daniel, however, was a tight end, and he was ripped. There didn't seem to be much, if any, fat on him. He had quite the barrel chest, thick biceps, and even a six pack ripple.

"Okay," she said, somewhat breathlessly, "You can drop your pants now so that I can get some measurements." That he wasn't expecting. Daniel's eyes widened in surprise. "Right here? Now?"

"Well, sure; I need to take some measurements so that the garments will provide optimal fit." She smiled at his naivety. "We're not going to have you model clothes right off the rack!"

Danny didn't seem to appreciate her point. He was no fashion designer, and it seemed pretty strange to be dropping his slacks in Miss Bixley's office, but, then again, if he can't do this he certainly couldn't do the modeling. "Well, ok, if you say so Miss Bixley." Miss Bixley smiled in appreciation. "Now, that's a good boy, Danny."

Daniel undid his belt, his slacks, and unzipped his fly. He glanced at her office door, wondering if it was locked.

Miss Bixley could see his concern. "Oh, yes, sorry, Danny." She got up and went to the door to lock it. "I should've done this when you first came in." She was glad that Daniel noticed the door. It probably would not have been good if another professor or, even worse, a member of the administration, walked in on her with a male student's pants down at his ankles.

As she turned back to Daniel, she could see that he was ready. His black uniform slacks were at his ankles.

Miss Bixley had to stifle a smile. He was wearing very worn out grey boxers. Some of the fabric in the rear was wearing thin and there was even quite a tear beneath the elastic hem. The boxers also looked to be at least a size too large.

It wasn't that Daniel was small. She could tell that he was indeed a very muscular young man. But, apparently he either preferred really loose boxers or was simply not particularly adept at buying the most flattering of clothes.

"I'm sorry I'm not wearing my best pair, Miss Bixley," Danny self-consciously apologized. If he had known that she would be asking him to take off his pants he certainly would have chosen a better pair. "I had these when I was in high school. Lost some weight since then. Coach has us workin' out a lot."

Miss Bixley resumed her seat in front of him. Her eyes were now at the same level of his crotch. "Daniel, no need to be apologetic. In fact, one perk of this job is that you will get quite a set of new garments." She reached into her desk to get a tape measure.


"Oh yes, certainly" she replied, as she carefully measured his waist. "None of the garments that you will be wearing will be off the shelf. We will special order these to fit you as precisely as possible. So, once it's over, they won't really be of any use to anyone but yourself. You will be able to take all of them home."

He hadn't realized that. "Cool."

It was a little odd though when she wrapped the tape around the center of his butt, just above his crotch. She apparently had to measure him from all angles. She then moved to his thighs. 'Whoa!' he thought, as he felt the back of Miss Bixley's hand pressing against his testicles.

Miss Bixley was herself rather startled. She did need to take a good measure of the size of his upper thighs and was surprised at his inordinately large thigh muscles, proportionately larger than his waist. If she hadn't gotten this measurement it was quite likely that his briefs and even the boxers would be too tight in the leg. She wondered if his genitalia were proportionally as large.

It had been quite a long time since she had felt a man there, seen a man there. Well, actually, that was not counting Teddy (see Chapter 12), but Teddy was hardly a man. Danny was not much older than Teddy, but he certainly had the body of a man. She purposely let the back of her hand brush against his loose hanging testicles as she carefully measured his thighs. Her face flushed at the realization of what she was thinking.

She knew that she shouldn't have such thoughts. Daniel was, after all, much younger than herself, and, besides, a student. It was not in her nature to take advantage of students in that manner. However, it had been so long for her, and, ever since her episode with Teddy, she was beginning to find certain thoughts entering her head, thoughts that she had not had for quite some time.

Daniel soon got over his shock. In fact, there was something really quite appealing about the pretty Miss Bixley feeling around his shorts. If only he could tell his friends about this. He couldn't get it out of his head that it was Thelma Lou who was brushing against his penis.

"Um, Daniel," Miss Bixley spoke softly, a bit of nervous apprehension in her voice. "I will need to, um, get a good feel, I mean, measurement, of your, um, genitalia."

"You want to measure my penis?" On the one hand, that sounded pretty good. That was pretty much close to what he was just thinking about. However, like any guy, the thought of being measured was arousing in more than one way; it aroused quite a bit of apprehension. Blood was flowing to his face, as well as his penis. What if she was disappointed?

"No, no, Danny," she corrected herself. "I won't actually measure your, um, your penis." She blushed at actually saying it, not quite sure if she was getting red out of embarrassment or excitement. She was beginning to see some of the perks she could herself get from this exercise. "I just need to get a feel of the general size." 'Feel' was a rather awkward word at this point, but that is what she needed to do, at least figuratively. "We might need to make some adjustments in the cup of some of your briefs." She looked up at him. Her pretty round eyes looking so appealing, her red lips expressed an endearing smile. "You wouldn't want us to make them too small for you now, would you?"

No Mayberry fan could resist the eyes of Thelma Lou. "No, ma'am, yea, okay." He felt a bit silly, even childish, to be pulling down his boxers like this, right in front of a grown woman, a professor, but, then again, this is precisely what he would have wanted Thelma Lou to ask him to do. He slipped his hands into the elastic waistband and quickly pulled them down.

Miss Bixley's eyes were right at the level of Daniel's crotch, and they widened in surprise and delight at what was now presented for her viewing pleasure just inches away. He was indeed a very large young man. His testicles were as large as she had ever seen before; no, frankly, the largest she had seen. They hung down quite far, and seemed more appropriate for some large beast than for a young man. And, his penis; well, it was really very thick and hung down over his balls, even curving out a bit, like a well packed sausage with a tasty red head. She placed her right hand to her throat and self-consciously coughed, and then couldn't help but think about Mr. Baldwin, the psychology professor, who would undoubtedly interpret that as a slip of the throat. She even licked her lips, but, she told herself, only because she was feeling a bit nervous, her mouth getting dry. "My goodness, Daniel, you are quite a big boy."

Daniel breathed a deep sigh of relief. "You really like them, Miss Bixley?" 'Doh!' he thought as soon as the words escaped his lips. It seemed like the right thing to say at the time, but as soon as he had said it, it seemed like a terribly wrong thing to say.

Miss Bixley though did indeed like them, but she offered a more professional basis for their appeal. "Well, uh, yes, Daniel, their size will actually be advantageous. A boy your size well help provide apparel definition."

She couldn't help herself. She removed her hand from her throat and reached out to grasp the entire package within the palm of her hand.

Danny gasped. He was reminded of when Nurse Benning did the physicals for the football team. He always had to tell himself that she was a professional nurse, did this all the time, and there wasn't anything funny about it. But, the way she would do it, how long it would take her to do it, was always disconcerting, to say the least (see Chapter 12).

And, this was much more confusing, as Miss Bixley had everything in her hand, like she was actually feeling him up.

"Some of the garments will provide a rather tight fit here and so I need to get a good feel of the cup size," she explained as she rolled his balls in the cup of her palm, and gently fondled his thick penis with her fingers.

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