Modeling Underwear for the Girls

byCharles Petersunn©

Miss Bixley realized that any proper modeling should include a garment's functional components. "Girls, now hush, Emma in fact makes a very good point. Here, let me show you." Miss Bixley unsnapped the rest of them, although being very careful to hold the flap together with her hands so that there wouldn't be any accidental exposure. Daniel himself instinctively reached for the waistband at his side to be sure that they wouldn't fall down. It wasn't really necessary though, as the elastic kept them up.

"So, yes, girls, you can see that it would open up quite well with all the snaps removed." She emphasized her point by briefly parting the flaps, revealing a bit of curved flesh, but nothing more. That was enough, though, for the girls' eyes to once again widen.

Daniel found this going a bit farther than he had expected, but he also couldn't help thinking that he really wouldn't mind if Miss Bixley herself took a peek.

Miss Bixley continued to explain. "Yoke front boxers are similar to gripper boxers in that they also have snaps, or instead buttons, on the fly and the waistband, but they do not have an elastic waistband. Imagine if the waistband wasn't elastic." Daniel gripped the waistband even tighter. "Yoke boxers were very common during World War II when the rubber for the elastic had to be used for military purposes."

Miss Bixley then proceeded to snap him back up. On the one hand, Daniel felt a little childish being dressed like this by Miss Bixley, particularly in front of the girls, some of whom again giggled at the sight. It did look like she was dressing her little boy, although in this instance quite an obviously grown boy. However, Daniel also had to admit to enjoying the feel of her hands maneuvering around his boxers. For a moment, just briefly, he felt himself swell as her fingers casually brushed against his penis.

When she was finished, she had a few questions for the girls. "Now, ladies, many men, and some gals, prefer boxers. What do you suppose would be some of the reasons?"

Elizabeth again quickly raised her hand, and waving it hard to get Miss Bixley's attention. "I know, I know," she announced.

"Yes, Lizzie, what do you think."

She answered proudly. "Well, of course, there would be a number of reasons. One, they are much easier to use."

"Yes, Lizzie, that's right."

Pamela rolled her eyes. That was an easy one.

"But, easier in what way?"

Elizabeth was a little embarrassed to say. "Well, you know, to take the penis out." She hurried to her next answer. "And I bet they're more comfortable, you know, cause they're looser."

"Very good, Elizabeth." Elizabeth beamed at getting two correct answers right away.

"And, there are more reasons. Ashley, we haven't heard from you. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Well, um," she observed, "you can't see his thing so easily in the boxers." Emma and Violet both blushed with that answer. They didn't like the open acknowledgment that they were looking for it.

"You're quite right, Ashley, excellent. As you can tell girls, it is much more difficult to see the male genitalia and, for boys who are quite large, um," she wasn't sure if she should explicitly cite Daniel in that regard, although it was rather obvious from the briefs, "well, sometimes that is desirable. Anything else?"

Pamela spoke up. "Briefs can be so tight that they will constrict the testicles and lower the sperm count." Emma covered her face, Elizabeth scowled at her, and Ashley said, "Jeeeeez, Sam!" 'Sam' was Pamela's nickname. Pamela, however, enjoyed revealing her greater maturity and experience.

"Well, actually," Miss Bixley responded, "that is really more of an urban legend. There is really no evidence to support that."

Elizabeth smiled in triumph. Pamela slumped in her chair.

"However, there is one medical condition that can be associated with a man's choice of underwear. Boxers can help prevent tinea cruris, otherwise known as jock itch, by being less tight, more open to drying air, than briefs."

"Eeeeeeew," the girls squealed. This was more information than they wanted.

Daniel looked away as well. He hoped Miss Bixley wouldn't ask him about that. As a football player, he was well familiar with this problem, particularly during summer practice.

"However, there are also some disadvantages of boxers. Any guesses?"

Elizabeth's hand immediately went up, but one disadvantage became quite notably evident to all of them, and no additional hands went up. In fact, Elizabeth's hand went back down.

Miss Bixley was confused. The girls were in fact acting a little silly, giggly, and flustered. She called on Violet. Violet hadn't really participated that much either. "Violet, how about you? What might be a problem for boxers?"

Violet flushed with embarrassment. She really didn't want to say.

Pamela jumped in. "I think Violet is a bit speechless at the sight," she suggested. Miss Bixley turned toward Daniel's boxers to see if she was missing anything. Emma looked down and giggled, but nevertheless said, just as Miss Bixley was noticing herself, "His thing is poking out of the boxers."

Yes, indeed, the entire head of his penis was sticking well out of the left pants leg. "Oh my," Miss Bixley exclaimed. She reflexively reached for it. Daniel would have preferred to fix the problem himself but Miss Bixley was already there just as he looked down. She grasped the head of his penis in her right hand, lifted up the pants leg with her left hand, and tried to tuck it back in.

"Miss Bixley!" yelped Daniel. Trying to get it back in his shorts this way was not particularly effective. The easier thing to do would be to just reach down into the shorts, but that wasn't the route that was immediately available to her. She quickly realized her mistake and let go. Daniel reached down into his shorts and pulled up the offending member.

The girls were laughing hysterically, at least all of them except Violet. She was staring at her desktop, waiting for Daniel to get his penis back into his shorts. Ashley was staring wide-eyed, her mouth open even more widely. She thought, 'Danny's thing was just poking right out!'

Miss Bixley was clearly flustered herself, but she quickly realized that it should not be surprising for something like this to happen when modeling such revealing clothing. In fact, it was important for herself and these young ladies to act more mature about seeing a penis. The cat was now out of the bag, so to speak. She clapped her hands loudly at the girls to get their attention. "Now girls, we are all adults here. If you are going to design male underwear you will certainly need to be more comfortable visualizing, even seeing, male genitalia. We all saw quite a bit of the female anatomy when we were covering lingerie, now didn't we."

"We're sorry, Miss Bixley," Elizabeth offered.

"Yes, Miss Bixley, I'm sorry for laughing," Emma added.

"Uh, I better get back and change into the next one," suggested Daniel.

"No, no, Daniel," Miss Bixley suggested. "I'm a little disappointed in the girls right now. They were behaving most unprofessional. We in fact just had an excellent opportunity to appreciate a particular quality, or more appropriately, flaw, of this garment." Daniel had his hands covering the front of his shorts. Miss Bixley pulled them away. The head of Daniel's penis fell back out through the legging. "Too often manufacturers do not field test their products and as we can all see, this would be a most uncomfortable garment for Mr. Adams."

The girls, most of them, were, for the moment, speechless at the fact that Miss Bixley was just letting the head of Danny's thing just hang out there like that. Pamela though joined in the discussion. She suggested, "But, is that really the designer's fault, Miss Bixley?"

Miss Bixley appreciated Pamela's comfort with the presence of the exposed penis. "How so, Pamela?"

"Well, isn't Daniel a bit on the large size?"

"That's very observant of you Pamela. Yes, Daniel is blessed with quite an impressive penis." None of the girls would disagree with that.

Daniel was feeling very self-conscious with the head of his penis poking out. He had not expected that he would actually have to display himself to the girls. But, anxiety was replaced by a flush of pride at the compliment of Miss Bixley. What boy would not smile with glee at hearing that Thelma Lou found his penis to be impressive?

"But, the failure of a garment to provide adequate comfort, presentation, or coverage is never the fault of the physique. It is for this reason that you should become quite familiar with the precise size and nature of that which you will clothe."

As soon as she said this she realized that she had put her foot in her mouth.

"Oh yes, please, let's do!" exclaimed Emma.

"Oh, can we?" asked Elizabeth.

All of the girls, with the exception of Violet, who was frankly speechless, implored and pleaded with Miss Bixley to let them see all of Daniel's stuff.

Miss Bixley appreciated that the girls had a very good point, a point she had just made herself. However, she was understandably ambivalent. She was unsure what in fact to do. She erred in the direction of caution. "Well, girls, I'm afraid that would really not be appropriate." She quickly sent Daniel back to the dressing stage to get the next garment.

The girls groaned in disappointment, and they admonished Miss Bixley for treating them like they were just little girls. "How are we to design for what we can't see?" "If you won't respect us, Miss Bixley, then how can you expect anyone else to?" "We won't laugh or anything, we promise." "We won't tell anyone." These were all very compelling arguments.

They continued for awhile until Daniel again appeared from around the corner.

"Ah, good, Daniel, let's see. Daniel is in fact again wearing another pair of Jockey briefs. Can you girls see the difference this time?"

Violet answered. "His penis and things are really much more noticeable now." Despite their promise, the girls again burst out laughing. Violet blushed, not knowing what she did wrong.

"Girls, please, we will have to end this exercise if you can't behave yourselves. Please. Now, Violet, that's very true. His penis and testicles are much more clearly displayed." Miss Bixley could see that it was important at this point to demonstrate a more assured comfort with the genitalia. "You can clearly see the full outline of Daniel's penis along here," she traced her finger along his cock, "and even the roundness of his testicles." She again ran her fingers along his balls. Daniel nervously shuffled his feet. "But, I was meaning in reference to the Jockey briefs."

"Oh, sorry." Violet flushed in embarrassment.

"Notice the location of the flap. This time it is horizontal. It was first used in 1936 by CE Munsingwear, who developed the 'kangeroo pouch' which used a horizontal vent. It's really much easier for the male to use than the angular cut. The penis is much more easily extracted, even the testicles." To illustrate her point Miss Bixley slid the fingers of her right hand down into the flap.

The girls grew silent with anticipation, and excitement. Miss Bixley had her hand right down into Danny's underwear. She had to be touching him!

Daniel was certainly fully aware of this himself. He could feel Miss Bixley's fingers exploring the shape of his penis, even lightly tracing the rounded bulb of his crown. Suddenly her fingers dipped down deeper and curled around his testicles, getting as much of his equipment into her hand as possible.

Daniel bent forward as he felt her hand plunge down into his briefs. He did not, however, resist. In fact, he was simply startled at the fact that Thelma, uh, Miss Bixley, had actually reached down into his briefs and grabbed his balls. She even stayed there a bit, feeling the texture of his hairy, soft sack.

The girls could see the movement of her fingers inside Daniel's briefs. Emma looked up at Daniel's eyes to see if he was upset. She was surprised to see that he seemed a bit glassy eyed. Ashley could feel her own breathing starting to increase, and even a bit of warmth between her legs.

And, out they came! In one swift movement Miss Bixley extracted Daniel's penis and testicles, which popped right out and now were fully exposed, displayed, hanging out of and over the horizontal slit of the briefs. "Yes, girls, as you can see, they come out quite easily, smoothly, even such large ones as Daniel's."

Ashley and Emma gasped. Elizabeth leaned forward to get a closer look. Pamela grinned broadly. Violet looked away, blushing. They could all now see how truly large he really was. Violet was in fact mortified. She didn't think that guys' penises would be so big. Daniel was himself rather embarrassed. It was difficult enough to be standing in your undies in front of all of these girls who felt, and were, so superior to him. Now he had to let them see his private parts?

Miss Bixley immediately sensed his concern. To help him relax she gave him a well deserved boost of pride. She cupped Daniel's testicles in the palm of her right hand. "I don't imagine many of you girls have seen a pair as large as these before?"

Pamela cocked her head. She had seen them that big. However, this was true for the other girls. In fact, "I've never even seen any at all," Violet exclaimed, and not too sure she wanted to see these.

"Oh my goodness," Miss Bixley exclaimed. She wouldn't have thought that the girls would be that inexperienced. "Is that really true, Violet?"

Pamela laughed. Violet felt mortified. Emma did not want her to have to shoulder this burden alone. "Neither have I, Miss Bixley."

Ashley confessed, "I've seen a couple, but never that big."

Pamela boasted, "Well, I've seen quite a few, and some even bigger."

"Sam," Ashley again scolded her. She was such a show-off.

Elizabeth did not respond at all. She didn't like admitting to not knowing something, or not being experienced at something, no matter what it was.

Miss Bixley sighed deeply, not with regard to any frustration or disappointment with the girls, but with the college, and perhaps their parents. Girls this age should not be so inexperienced. She had to admit that she was no more experienced than these girls when she was their age. But, in hindsight, she now fully regretted her reluctance.

Elizabeth finally spoke up. "Can I have a closer look?" Her intellectual curiosity was never a surprise.

"Oh yes!" exclaimed Ashley. Violet though actually leaned back in her chair.

Miss Bixley turned to Daniel. "Will that be alright with you, Daniel?" She realized that she probably should have asked, if not at least warned, Daniel, whether it was alright to take his things out. She was perhaps herself getting carried away with the moment. Her heart started to pound, worried that she would discover that he was in fact quite upset about this.

Daniel, however, actually had no objection, at least not at this point. Maybe if she had asked in advance he would have said no, concerned that he would only be humiliated. However, hearing their reactions was in fact quite a boost in morale. Here were these rich, upper class, pretty girls all wanting to see his things. He had never imagined that it would be like this. "Sure, Miss Bixley, if you think it would help."

Miss Bixley was relieved. "Well, Daniel, that is so gracious of you." She then led Daniel up to Elizabeth's desk. "Alright Elizabeth, there you go."

Elizabeth could feel her heart pounding and the blood rushing to her head. As the big penis approached her desk, she realized that this was not just an academic exercise. Her mouth suddenly went dry and, for perhaps the only time in her experience in class, she was at a loss for words. She reached out with her right hand, very hesitantly, and quite lightly grasped the stem of Daniel's penis with just her thumb and forefinger. She lifted it up, turned it in different directions, carefully inspecting it, but not knowing at all why or what she was actually looking for. All she knew was that it was plenty weird, and rather exciting, to be holding onto a naked penis.

"Here, let me show you how to do it," Pamela offered.

Miss Bixley wasn't too sure that she should let that happen. Pamela's interest would probably be more scampish than academic. She cut this penis inspection off before it got out of hand. "Well, let's try the next pair."

Miss Bixley turned away from the class while she was waiting for Daniel to change. She seemed to be just brushing off her skirt, but she was also trying to gather herself. She was feeling a little flustered.

Daniel did not know how he could come out in the next pair. He never knew there would be any underwear like this. If his teammates saw him now, man, he would never live it down. But, he didn't want to disappoint Miss Bixley. Daniel was at least prepared for the giggles and pointing when he came out from behind the partition.

"Ah, good, Daniel, yes. Daniel is wearing a UNICO Brazilian thong."

Pamela broke out in a big grin. She liked men to wear thongs. It was essentially just a little cloth sack holding up his dick and balls. To her, it was like a girl wearing a halter top that tightly wrapped each breast. It seemed to accentuate the presence of his penis and testicles, as much as it covered them.

"Men in ancient cultures wore thong_like apparel for ease and comfort. The thong was very popular in South America since the 1980s, particularly in Brazil. It is often worn on the beaches as swim wear."

"No way," exclaimed Violet. "Guys wear that on the beach?" Ashley and Emma giggled at the thought. "Oh yes," Pamela chimed in. "I've seen lots of guys in them." They couldn't dispute that, but they also wondered if she meant swim wear.

Miss Bixley felt that she should reinforce Pamela's helpful contribution. "Yes, Pamela, very good, I didn't know you've traveled to South America."

Pamela nodded, but she actually hadn't.

"They were though not originally allowed on beaches in the United States. It was perhaps primarily male exotic dancers wearing them within this country. The fashion was slow to catch on. Nowadays the thong has become fairly popular as underwear, for its, um, erotic appeal."

Pamela could not agree more, but Emma and Violet found the thong to be a bit gross looking. Emma suggested, "Isn't it essentially just a jock strap?" and what could be erotic about that, she thought.

"Actually, that's not really true." She took hold of Daniel's hips and turned him around.

The girls could not help but laugh again. Right there in front of them was a completely naked man butt. Pamela was quite impressed. It was clearly a very muscular, tight butt. She liked to hold onto the man's ass when she had sex, and this one would clearly be quite a muscular hand full. "His bottom is all naked!" squealed Violet.

"Now really, dear," Miss Bixley admonished her.

"Sorry, Miss Bixley," she replied.

"As you can see, thongs have a strap securing the pouch at the bottom rear." She reached in between his thighs from the rear to curl her finger under the strap. For Daniel, this was quite an intimate touch right behind his testicles. Her finger then followed along the strap as she spoke. "It passes up the crack between the buttocks to the waistband." Daniel's butt cheeks noticeably clenched as her finger dragged along his crack. When she reached the top, Miss Bixley pulled on the waistband to tighten the strap into the crack of his butt. "As you can see, hiding the strap in between his cheeks has a functional use to give a smooth and rounded finish to the bottom, particularly when a man is wearing tight trousers. I'm sure you girls are yourselves familiar with the use of thongs for when you are wearing slacks or a formal tight dress and do not want anyone to notice a panty line." Daniel could feel a tell-tale sign of a bit of swelling as Miss Bixley's finger slid up and down his crack.

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