tagIncest/TabooMom's So Hot! Pt. 03

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 03


Chapter 1

The first couple of months that Mom and I were together we were like newlyweds, constantly chasing one another and fucking morning, noon and night. We just couldn’t get enough of one another. I can’t tell you how many times we were late for work because we started teasing one another at breakfast until we couldn’t stand it and ended up fucking on the table or running back to our room for a hot fuck.

After a while it settled down and we got more into a routine where we would go off to work, come home and eat dinner and watch some t.v. and then go to bed for a long, hot fuck.

Mom would always stoke my fire by bringing home a new nightgown now and then or greeting me at the door naked. But after a while we were like a regular married couple and we were very happy.

One Saturday an old friend of mine, Pete Castro, called and asked if he could drop by. He was having a problem with his car and wanted me to take a look. Pete and I grew up together and he was a frequent visitor in our home. Mom really liked him and would always comment to me about what a heartbreaker Pete was going to be when he grew up.

Well, Pete grew up all right, to about 6’3” with the body of an athlete, all muscle. He was handsome as the devil too and drove all the girls wild. He got married two months ago to the finest looking babe you could imagine and Mom and I attended the wedding. All Mom could do the whole time was gush about how gorgeous Pete looked and how lucky his bride was.

Pete arrived about mid-morning and we got to work in the driveway. Since Pete knew nothing about cars, all the work fell on me. Pete’s job was to keep me amused and the cold beer coming. It was a hot day and we were down to just shorts and sneakers. He was telling me stories about his honeymoon and the wild shit he and his wife did.

Mom had gone out shopping and had come back about an hour after Pete arrived. She greeted him warmly with a big hug and then excused herself and went inside. Soon it was time for another beer, so I sent Pete in to get us a couple. He had no sooner left, when a line snapped, spraying oil everywhere. I didn’t have a rag handy so I went into the garage to look for one. When that failed I figured there must be some in the kitchen. I was just about to climb the short steps to the kitchen when I heard voices. Don’t ask me why, but I ducked around the corner, then peered around the doorway. I could see Pete with his head buried in the fridge, no doubt looking for something to eat.

“Hey big boy, want to play?” Mom asked!

From what I could figure she thought Pete was me, since all she could see from the open refrigerator door was his but and legs.

“Huh?” Pete replied, standing upright and looking at Mom.

“Oh….Pete! I….I..thought you were someone else!” she explained.

To make matters worse she had changed into a new nightie that left little to the imagination. It was a black, low cut number with see through lace around her tits down to her navel and blue silk everywhere else that clung to her every curve. It was held up by two spaghetti straps and came down to just above her bush, while exposing all of her

back. The lace was straining in its attempt to hold her tits in place and giving Pete quite the skin show.

Mom, who was quite embarrassed, was doing her best to cover up with her hands.

I thought about barging in and rescuing her, but then I thought it might be more fun watching her try to get out of this on her own.

“Yea? Like who?” Pete asked in response to Mom’s explanation of thinking he was someone else. He was really giving her the hairy eyeball, looking her up and down.

“Uh….I..uhm…I’ve been seeing someone and he’s supposed to drop by. I thought you were him.” she lied.

“Luck guy” Pete said, grinning at her. I could tell he was impressed by the lust in his eyes.

“Uh…well….I better get back to my room.” Mom said, slowly backing up.

“Yea, sure Mrs. C.” he answered, not able to take his eyes off of her.

I watched him as he stared at Mom as she made her way back to the guestroom, her short nightie bouncing up and down and revealing the matching silk panties. I figured the show was over until I heard Pete whistle under his breath and then quickly look around, as if he were checking to see if I was anywhere near by. When he was satisfied that I was still outside at the car he turned on his heals and started quietly walking towards the guestroom. I decided to keep an eye on him at this point and, keeping a safe distance, started following him.

He made his way to the entrance to the room where Mom was about to get changed. She probably never expected him to follow her, so she didn’t close the door. Suddenly I could see the corner of her eye catch his figure in the doorway.

PETE!!!! What Are You Doing Here?!!” Mom screeched, trying to cover up.

“I..uh…just thought we could talk for a bit.” he replied, slowly walking into the room.

“PETE CASTRO YOU JUST TURN YOURSELF AROUND AND MARCH OUT OF THIS ROOM!!” Mom ordered as she held her hands up in front of herself, trying to hide from his prying eyes.

“C’mon Mrs. C. Were old friends. There’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Pete answered, continuing to walk towards her.

“YOU HEARD ME!!” Mom replied.

“Calm down. I just want to talk.” he said.

“We can talk after you leave and I change.” Mom said in a quieter tone.

“Man, do you know how sexy you look?” Pete asked, ignoring her request.

“Pete….” Mom started.

“No really. I mean all that time I spent at your house I never realized it. I thought you were kind of good looking, but I had no idea how hot you were.” he stated.

“That’s not the way you should be speaking to me!” she scolded.

“Hey, were all adults now. Its not like I’m still some little kid.” he said as he continued to walk towards her until he was standing right next to her.

“That’s not the point and you know it!” she said as she held her arms over her bosom.

“God, your hot! You’re really getting to me. “ Pete whispered as he stroked his fingers up and down her bare arms.

“Stop this right now!” she directed, pulling her arms back and away from his touch.

I couldn’t move as I watched this. I felt a combination of jealousy and anger mixed in with excitement. I have to admit I have a lot of voyeurism in me.

“God, your so exciting looking in this, I don’t think I could resist you” he groaned, wrapping his hands around her waist and then running them up and down her exposed back.

“Let me go Pete!” Mom ordered, trying to break out of his embrace.

“Ok, ok Mrs. C” he replied, dropping his hands. “You know I would never force myself on anyone. I’m sorry, I saw you like this and I got carried away.”

“All right, but please go.” she said.

“I will. But you have to answer a question for me first.” he said.

“What?” she asked, impatiently.

“Now honestly, have you ever thought about being with me?” he asked.

“Pete…..” Mom started to reply.

“No, no really. I need to know.” he said.

“Well….uh…people fantasize all the time….” she replied sheepishly.

“I thought so!” Pete grinned.

“I didn’t say it was recently…..” Mom started.

“You didn’t have to” he said, looking her up and down, “God do you know how sexy you are?”

“Pete……..” she admonished, clearly flattered by the attention.

“You’re making my blood boil!” he said, once again moving his hands up to her waist.

“Pete…..you promised.” Mom said, trying to get his hands off of her waist and, as a result, giving him a real close look at her nearly exposed chest.

“Hmmm!” Pete moaned, looking down at her lace-covered tits.

“Ohhh!” Mom shuddered, following his eyes down her to chest and realizing what he was staring at.

Pete’s eyes traveled up from her tits to her face and stopped. Mom’s eyes lingered down at her chest in embarrassment before slowly rising to meet his gaze. She froze as he stared at her, like a deer in the headlights. Before she could move Pete quickly leaned in towards her and pressed his lips firmly on hers.

“UHHhhhhhhhppphhh!!!!” Mom protested, her hands coming up to his chest to try and push him away.

Pete didn’t budge as he continued to kiss her, his hands holding her waist tightly. Finally he pulled back, breaking off the kiss and staring into her eyes.

“Please….let me go” Mom asked, her hands on his trying to break his grip.

Pete didn’t react and just kept staring into her eyes. Mom was now looking into his as if she were trying to read his mind. Suddenly, he started leaning in again, very slowly. Mom’s eyes darted from his to his lips and back again, over and over.

“Pete…don’t..” she begged, trying to move her head back as his face got close and closer, until their lips touched lightly and then sealed together.

Mmmmmm!” Pete moaned as he kissed her once again.

“Uhhmmmggmmm!!!” Mom groaned as she stood there and half-heartedly tried to get away.

Pete once again leaned back, breaking the seal between their lips and looked into her eyes. She stared back at him with a somewhat bewildered look. He bent forward once again, bringing his lips close to hers.

“Pete….we shouldn’t….” Mom whispered as his lips descended on hers.

Again she moved her head back as his came forward, but she couldn’t avoid him. He zeroed in on her lips and just as they were about to touch, Mom parted hers and allowed him to kiss her again.

They stood there, Pete moving his lips gently against hers and Mom moaning softly.

The kiss gained momentum as Pete pressed his lips harder into Mom’s and she offered no protest.

“Uhhmmmmm!” Mom moaned, her eyes slowly closing and her body going limp as she permitted Pete to kiss her.

Pete finally moved back, breaking the kiss for a moment before slowly moving back in and brushing his lips against hers before backing off. He looked in her eyes and slowly descended towards her once more. Through partly closed eyes, Mom watched as Pete’s lips came closer and closer to hers again. Just as he got a nose apart from her, Mom leaned in, meeting him half way in a steamy kiss!

“Mmmmmm!” Mom moaned as Pete fixed his lips firmly onto hers, her hands resting on his arms as she returned his kiss.

They gradually pulled back, pealing their lips apart to catch their breath as they gazed into one another’s eyes. Mom hands snaked their way up Pete’s well-developed arms and shoulders until they came to rest at the back of his neck, as his caressed her naked back. They stood there staring at one another, breathing raggedly.

“Ohhhh, Pete…..we..can’t..” Mom whispered.

“Yea…your right” he replied, running his hands across her naked back.

They both leaned in at the same time, Mom’s arms wrapping around his neck as their parted lips slowly came together and sealed in another hot kiss.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Mom moaned as her mouth opened and meshed with Pete’s, their heads bobbing in unison as their mouths slid back and forth.

They pressed their bodies together, their open mouths fused together in a deep, soulful kiss. Mom’s arms tightened around Pete’s neck as his huge arms snugly squeezed her waist, drawing her smaller frame to his. The kiss seemed to go on forever, as if neither wanted to be the first to stop. The room was filled with the sounds of soft, moaning passion and the quiet smacking sound of open, wet kisses.

After a bit, Mom tore her mouth off of his and in a raspy, breathless tone of voice said:

“Ohhhhhh……Pete…we..gottttaaa…sssttoopp thissss!!”

But her actions belied her words as her hands continued to vigorously explore his arms and back. Pete dipped his mouth down onto her neck, sucking it lustfully.

“UUHhhhhhhhhh……nnnnoooo!!!!!!!” Mom moaned, but again reacted in just the opposite way as she tilted her head and exposed more of her neck to Pete’s sucking mouth.

“OOOHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” She groaned again and lifted her left leg, wrapping it around his outer thigh and mashing her groin up against his.

Pete slid his hands down her back and under the short hem of her nightie and grabbed a handful of ass cheek, grinding his crotch into hers. They stood there, Pete sucking on Mom’s neck and Mom running her nails across his back as they dry humped against one another.

“OOOHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yoouuurrr….ddriiivvviinng….meeeee…ccrraaaazzzyyy!!” Mom groaned, passionately driving her groin up at his.

Pete’s hands left Mom’s ass and traveled up her back and onto her shoulders where he grabbed a strap in each hand and started pulling them down.

“Ohhh, Pete…Noo….we…can’t!!!!” Mom moaned and yet at the same time dropped her arms to her side to allow the straps to fall over her shoulders and off her arms.

The gown followed the same path as the lace clung to her tits for a moment until Pete’s urgent tugging forced them over and off her full, heaving breasts and the gown fell to her feet. Pete rushed to capture a tit in each hand and kneaded them, tweaking the nipples between his fingers.

“OOHhhhhhh!!!!!! Ssstttoopp!!!!” Mom moaned as she thrust her breasts into his hands and rubbed them wantonly against his massaging fingers. She reached up, grabbing the back of Pete’s head and pulled it down towards her, meshing her open mouth against his.

Pete released her tits and wrapped his arms around her naked waist, pulling her in tight against him as he returned her kiss! Mom snaked her arms around his neck, as she kissed him deeply, her erect nipples scrapping against his chiseled chest.

Pete’s hands were running over her back and down across her panty-covered ass. His hands slid down under the waistband of her silk panties, capturing the cheeks of her bare buttocks and kneading them. His hands grabbed the waistband on each side of her hips and began pulling them down.

“NOooo!! We…should…stop..now…!!” Mom groaned, breaking off their kiss and catching her breath.

But, at the same time her hands were down at Pete’s waist, unsnapping his shorts and working them down and off. They both succeeded at the same moment as each of their last stitch of clothing hit the floor. Same old Pete, I thought, no underwear, as his large cock came into full view, stiff as a board and bobbing angrily. He attacked Mom’s neck with his mouth again, while he rubbed his swollen dick against her abdomen. Mom, in the heat of passion, glanced down at Pete’s equipment and wide eyed at what she saw.

“OOHhhhhh…Pete!!!” she exclaimed, staring at his large dick.

Pete pulled away from her neck and followed her gaze down to his shaft and then looked back up at her, a proud grin on his face. Pulling her back to him, he kissed her firmly, sending his tongue deep inside her mouth. He kissed her so passionately it seemed to make Mom light headed. They continued to kiss for the longest time, arms wrapped around one another, crotches slowly grinding into each other, before Pete turned them towards the bed. Mom went along with his direction until the edge of the bed dug into the back of her legs. Then, as their kiss continued, tongues dueling, he slowly forced her back, down toward the bed. As she leaned back farther and farther as if she might break, Pete finally lifted her up and onto the bed. Then their lips slowly parted as he gently, but forcefully pushed her down onto the mattress. She now lay on her back looking up at him as he kneeled between her splayed legs.

Watching him, her eyes were filled with desire and more than a little apprehension as he reached down and lifted her legs up and out. Mom openly stared down at Pete’s throbbing sex organ grotesquely sticking out from his groin. As she gawked at his great one-eyed monster, a look of perverse excitement came over her face. Groaning with desire, Pete quickly slipped his arms under Mom’s beautiful legs, hooking them underneath her curvaceous, firm gams. Grunting, he lifted them up, spreading her frothing, drooling pit open even wider as his pulsating staff approached it. Leaning into her, he pushed his considerable prick up to the slobbering opening of her waiting wetness and then ran the engorged head up and down the soft, soaking outer lips of her cunt.

“UUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Mom groaned, her head thrown back, as her whole body turned red, obviously from the anticipation of the fuck she was about to receive!

Looking down at the purple-headed shaft sliding up and down the entrance to her waiting womanhood, Mom reached down and took hold of its rigid, bloated hardness. Slowly, apprehensively, she forced it down onto the slippery wet gash of her cunt. Then, as it touched her, she rapidly rubbed the distended cock head up and down her salivating slit. As she did, she spread his viscous, slimy pre-cum around her cuntal opening and quickly coated his hard roundness with her own pre-fuck wetness. Finally, centering the great, round cock head in the burning core of her seething pussy, she gave it a little tug, encouraging him to push it into her!

At this point I was overwhelmed with emotion, torn between the anger of betrayal and jealousy and the excitement of watching these two people, whom I have known all my life, about to fuck their brains out.

Pete slowly moved forward, feeling the hot, clinging flesh of her pussy slowly wrap itself around the head of his bulging cock. Deeper and deeper into the burning, illicit depths went the distended, round head of his cock until it was buried inside of her. Pete grabbed her ass in his two hands as he wallowed in the sensation of his swollen cock head engulfed in the fiery canal of her slit, trying desperately to calm himself down. Unable to fight it any longer, he slowly sent the entire length of his throbbing shaft into the scorching, clinging depths of my Mom’s cunt a bit at a time until he had the full length buried deep inside her.

“OOHH MYGODPETE!!!!!!!!” Mom gasped as she felt his cock sink into her, puncturing her womanhood with his largeness and suddenly filling her emptiness almost beyond its limit. Then suddenly his hard belly rested down on hers, confirming that she had taken all of him inside her.

“”OOHHHH GOD, PETE!!!!!! NEVER….FELT…SOOOO….FUULLL!!!” Mom moaned, squeezing down on his cock with her powerful cunt muscles.

“DAMN VICKIE, YOU ARE ONE HOT BITCH!!!!” Pete exclaimed as he gently thrust against her, grinding himself into her hot, soft warmness.

None of this did my ego any good as I heard my Mom cry out at the ecstatic feeling Pete’s dick was giving her, while my best friend was now fucking the cunt I had come to feel was mine alone. Pete paused for only a moment to savor the tight, clinging wetness of Mom’s dripping sheath before he began to fuck her. Within moments he was sawing his immense dick in and out of her with deep, rhythmic thrusts. Suddenly something seemed to snap inside him and he began hammering his large cock into her hot, wet socket like a madman! He seemed no longer able to control himself as he began to grunt and snort like a crazed animal as he pounded his dick into her lathered slit! The bed creaked and groaned as it threatened to collapse at any moment as they fucked like wild animals! The wickedness and depravity of their illicit coupling seemed to be overwhelming both of them! The ferocity and violence of his attack on her quickly drove her to the edge of a cataclysmic orgasm!

“OOOHHHHHHHH GAAAWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!!” she cried out as she felt her body consumed by the fires of an unholy orgasm!

As Pete lost his fight for control, he continued to slam his cock into her violently. Then abruptly, he saw my Mom begin to shake and flounce about on the bed uncontrollably! Unable or unwilling to stop fucking her, he watched as she flailed about so wildly I thought she might hurt herself. He continued to hammer his cock into her as she writhed about underneath him. He bit his lower lip as he seemed to struggle to hold back his own urge to cum. Closing his eyes, he pounded his swollen cock into the convulsing, clutching core of my Mother’s cunt. Wheezing and gasping for breath, he was fucking her with such force I was worried he might hurt her even if she didn’t hurt herself. But still he didn’t stop as he drove his dick in and out of her mercilessly! The bed underneath my Mom’s writhing body was creaking and groaning even louder under the punishment of his assault! But even still he pounded into her with abandonment! Suddenly Mom went stiff as a board, her whole body lifting off the bed as another orgasm ripped through her sending sparks of electric current coursing through her, every muscle in her body taut as a rope!

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