Mother and Daughter BBC


"Fuck me...ah that. Fuck me harder, harder!"

I don't know what I was thinking, I must have been suicidal, asking a giant black man with a ten inch dick to fuck me harder. I started to scream as his pace picked up, I could feel my pussy melting on his dick. It was fantastic. My juices poured out of my cunt, running down my thighs and over my little anus, Steve thrusting me senseless the whole time. I couldn't hold it off any longer, I came, came harder than I ever had with my husband or any of my previous white boyfriends. It was so wonderful, so fulfilling.

Steve, having yet to cum fucked me through my orgasm only intensifying it, causing my hips to spasm. I rolled my head over to watch my poor Ashley who was so horse from screaming that all she could do was cough and whimper as Kamal rammed his massive shaft into her soft body. I wondered how many times she'd cum, and if she'd forgive me for doing nothing. My vagina was melting on his cock again as he drove me to my second orgasm. This one lasted much longer and was stronger than the first. Shortly after Steve threw his head into the air, tossing his shorthaired head around as he growled like his brother. Hot cum shot deep into my womb, sending a third orgasm into me, so powerful I began to cry. Steve wiped the tear from my eye and I rolled back over to watch Ashley and Kamal finish up. The big black monster roared as he slammed into Ashley so fast I could hardly his swift moving piston. I did however hear the squishing of Ashley's pussy, the loud clapping of his thighs slapping the inside of Ashley's legs and her soft whimpering and then finally a scream as Kamal unloaded in her. Ashley's body fell limp and I, to tired to move could not go comfort her. Slowly I began to feel my consciousness slipping as Steve whispered to me. Don't worry, everything is going to be fine.

I awoke the next morning in my bed, wondering if it had all just been a dream. Reaching down I touched my small pussy. It was drooling nonstop and so sore to the touch that I nearly cried just brushing my fingers over it. Lying next to me on my husband's unused pillow was a letter written on the back of a post card. On the front of the postcard was a picture of my daughter and I, lying naked and covered in cum, unconscious. On the back was a note from Steve.

"Dear Erica

Kamal and I really had a great time, that had to be the best sex either of us has had in a while and trust me, coming from us that means something. I would say something like I hope we see each other again but Kamal has already told me that it's quite likely, so instead I'll say I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Love your new black cock master


I shuddered as I read the letter, my heart gripped with fear but something deep down in my pussy felt excited at the prospect of seeing those two black men again.

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