tagIncest/TabooMrs. Swift Has a Hot Hand

Mrs. Swift Has a Hot Hand


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


He didn't really mean to do it.

David Swift was home for the summer. He had just finished another year away at college and had got a decent summer job back home doing landscaping. Spending the summer living at home wasn't his first choice. His dad had moved out practically the day that David went away to college. He'd been having a long time affair with some woman where he worked and as soon as David was gone, so was dad. David's mom was really pissed off about it all. But she got a good lawyer and had taken David's dad to the cleaners. David couldn't really blame her. She'd gotten screwed over pretty good and he guessed she deserved all that she could get from his two timing father.

Soon after his father left David became aware that his mother, Jackie, was turning into a much harder person. He supposed she had to since she was going to be taking care of herself. And then, more recently, David noticed that she had changed her look. When Jackie had been just mom, she was sort of pretty but you wouldn't really notice her much. She was a house mom. She dressed sensibly, wasn't really into makeup or stuff. She did the cooking and cleaning and picked up a DVD to watch with the family on Saturday nights after they finished the spaghetti.

Once dad was gone though, she started going to the gym regularly. She met some women who were also divorced and who were making the most of it. Jackie got her hair colored blonde and cut short. The old shapeless dresses were scrapped in favor of tight, short skirts, high heels and snug fitting sweaters. Jackie had always had a big chest but not many people had ever noticed, the way she used to dress. But after a few weeks at the gym and with the new look, people noticed.

Hell, even David had started to notice and that was one of the reasons he would rather be living somewhere other than home. Not that he didn't get along with his mom...he did. She had got a job selling advertising for the local radio station and she was damn good at it. He imagined when she was bending over some executive's desk in one of her low cut tops, explaining the benefits of media advertising, that she probably had his full attention.

David would have really preferred to be in his own apartment but he couldn't afford it. Not while he was still in school. So he was back living with his mom for the summer and trying to make the best of it.

It was Friday after work and David was planning to go out. He was wearing a T shirt and a pair of shorts when he went to put on his favorite pair of black jeans. But when he pulled them out of the closet he noticed that there was a big grass stain on the ass. It must have been from that flag football game he had played with the guys on Wednesday. Damn! He really wanted to wear those jeans. Well he'd just have to put them through the wash. He knew his mom would kill him if she found out he had done a load for just one pair of jeans. So he grabbed the laundry hamper out of the bathroom on his way downstairs to the machines.

The washer / dryer was in one corner of the kitchen. David dumped the dirty laundry on the floor and started sorting through it, putting all the darks together. It had been a while and there was a pretty fair pile. Mixed in with everything else was a lot of his mother's underwear. There were satin panties trimmed with lace and a bunch of thongs in every color of the rainbow. There were sports bras and fancy bras and nylon bras with full cups, half cups and even smaller cups that looked like a smile. David's curiosity got the better of him and he looked at the labels on a couple of the bras. Wow! 38D! That was a lot of breast!

David had no idea if all this stuff could go in the washing machine on a regular cycle. A lot of it looked pretty delicate. He was crouched next to the pile, fingering a pair of the satin panties with one hand and one of the lacy bras with the other, trying to decide if he should put them in the wash. He could feel little crusty spots in the panties. He wondered if, when she was out there tantalizing those executives, sometimes his mom got a little excited herself and what he was feeling was the evidence. He brought the panties up to his nose and took a breath. There was an earthy smell as well as a faint hint of perfume. David felt himself getting hard.

He wondered what those panties would feel like on him. Hesitantly he pulled the waistband of his shorts down and exposed himself. He placed his hand under the crotch of the satin lingerie and moved it down his stomach. Catching his breath, he clasped his growing erection in his satin covered palm. At the same time he brought the bra up to his face so that he could smell that. Dreamily he found himself picturing his mother standing over him while he was lying down. She was dressed in the same bra and panties that he had in his hands. Smiling down at him over her bra encased breasts, she reached for the waist band of the panties and pulled it tight in her groin. The cleft of her pussy became clearly visible through the taut fabric. She started to twist her loins gently in invitation. David strained futilely against some invisible restraint to bring his mouth up to his mother's satin covered groin. She laughed down at him and opened her stance a little more.

The feel of the shiny satin panties against his cock was electrifying. He squeezed himself hard.

"Ohhhh"..." he groaned quietly, rubbing his cheek with his mother's bra while starting to jack himself with her soiled panties.

He was so caught up with his little fantasy that he never heard his mother come up behind him. Jackie had come in quietly through the front door, going through the mail in her hand as she walked into the kitchen.

She was surprised to see David crouched down over a pile of laundry getting a load together for the washer. She could probably count on one hand the number of times he'd ever done laundry.

But then she realized that something else was unusual. David's eyes were closed and he was pressing one of her bras against his face. That was pretty odd. And then she noticed that his one shoulder was shifting up and down in a steady rhythm. She moved up quietly behind him and was shocked to see that he was masturbating with one of her dirty panties. She was outraged!

"David! What on earth are you doing?..." she demanded.

"What?..." David yelped, his head whipping around to see his mother standing there right behind him. Jackie was wearing black leather pants, high heels and a tight, white sleeveless top that clung to her conical boobs like a second skin. Her big chest was heaving up and down as she stared at her son in disbelief.

Oh Goddd! How could he not have heard her come in! His face turned a brilliant crimson as he hastily dropped her bra and panties back into the pile of soiled lingerie. He hunched even further forward as he awkwardly stuffed himself back into his shorts, trying to hide his erection from his mother's accusing eyes. But he knew she must have seen everything. She was standing right there.

"Mommm!...Goddd!...I'm sorry!...I was just...just going to do some wash..." he stammered, straightening up and cowering backwards until he bumped into the machines. He was thoroughly embarrassed standing there in just his T shirt and underwear.

"I was sorting the stuff for the load and then I...I... got distracted...and then...I wondered if the panties could go in and I sort of started checking them out and then...I don't know...It's not like I planned it!...It wasn't really anything..." he muttered lamely.

But Jackie didn't look like she thought it was nothing. Her cheeks were also a flaming red and her eyes were flashing.

"So your telling me that I come home and find my son half naked in my kitchen, snuffling through my dirty underwear, jacking himself off with my panties and it's nothing!..."

David was cowering under his mother's withering glare. What made him most uncomfortable was that all the time she was scolding him, she wasn't looking him in the eye. She was staring at his crotch! He didn't know if it was his earlier fantasy or what, but with his mother's glaring eyes locked on his groin, his erection would not go down. It thrust out through his underwear, the purple knob jutting out arrogantly over the top of the waistband.

"Mom!...I admit it's a little weird...but really...I've never done anything like this before...I don't know what came over me...And I'll never do it again...never... I promise!..."

Jackie finally raised her eyes and looked at her son for a long calculating moment.

"So there's no problem!...It's all just some kind of bad karma...is that what you're saying?..." she seethed. And then, without giving him a chance to answer, she went on...'"Because what you were doing is just plain rude...Rude and offensive...And that's not like you and that concerns me...Just look at you...In front of your mother!..." she snarled, looking pointedly at David's straining tool.

"But...I've already apologized!...I'm sorry!...What more can I do?..."

"Do?...You're going to do what I tell you to do?...We'll see if there is a problem here!...And if there is we are certainly going to deal with it!..."

"But for the time being you are going to do exactly what I say..." Jackie said as she stepped around David and kicked the pile of her dirty under garments with her high heeled foot.

"Ummm!...These should do!..." she said reaching down and picking up a pair of red, frilly, french cut underwear. She turned and held them out to her son.

"Put these on!..."

"What?..." David answered incredulously.

"You heard me young man. Here!.." she said, tossing the frilly lingerie to David.

David caught them but just stood there, gaping at his mother and holding them. They weighed absolutely nothing.

"Now put them on!..." she demanded folding her arms across her chest and glaring at her son.

"But why mom? This is crazy?"

"This is not crazy! Jacking off with my panties and wearing my bra on your head is crazy! Now I want you to put those panties on and leave them on until I tell you can take them off. Once you've proven to me that you don't have a problem, that you can be respectful and behave in a reasonable manner, then we'll forget about the whole unseemly episode. But only when I say so! So put them on!"

David regarded his mother in total bewilderment. Then he decided he should just do what she wanted to get this whole thing over with. He clutched the panties in his hand and turned towards the stairs.

"Where do you think you're going?..."

"I'm going upstairs to put these on."

"No! Put them on here!...


"Here!...Now!..." Jackie insisted.

David bit his lip and shifted his feet in dismay. But it didn't seem like he had any choice.

He reached behind with one hand to steady himself against the washing machine. With his other hand he pulled his underwear down. It was kind of awkward because of his rigid erection. But that was nothing compared to putting the frilly underwear on.

The panties were cut high on the hip and had a sheer satin front panel with intricate lace edging. The back was just a frilly nylon strap that sliced deep into his ass crack as David struggled to get the tiny panties on. More than half of his cock protruded obscenely over the waist band of the scanty undergarment. He felt more naked than if he had not been wearing anything.

Jackie smiled with amusement as she watched her son squirming to get comfortable in the flimsy lingerie.

She walked right up to him, close enough that her generous tits were brushing lightly against his chest. She reached down between them and made some adjustments, playing first with the waistband of the panties and then with the edges.

David sucked in his breath with excitement as his mother made the panties shift and slide around in his crotch in the most exciting manner.

"I don't want you to take these off until I say you can. And no more playing with yourself! I'll be checking!..." she said, gently thrusting her loins inwards against his throbbing boner.

"O.K.!..." David gasped in amazement.

Jackie reached around him, grabbed the top of the panties in the back and yanked up sharply.

"Nahhh!..." David yelped as his mother gave him a brisk wedgie with the satin underwear.

"Good! Now why don't you finish that load of wash. And remember! No more hanky panky! Are you going out tonight?"

"Yes mom."

"With a girl?..." Jackie asked, an amused smile.

"No. Ted and I were going to catch up with some of the guys." Ted was his cousin.

"Umm Hmm. It might be just as well. It could get embarrassing!"

"You wouldn't make me wear these if I was going out with a girl would you?"

"Why the concern David? Do you have some sort of a problem?"

"No!... Not a problem. It's just...It would be kind of...Ahhh..."

"Let's not worry about it for now. You just have a good time with the guys tonight. I'm going out too so I'll see you later. And remember. No cheating!..." Jackie smiled, puckering a mocking kiss at her son as she gathered up her purse and headed out of the kitchen.

"I'll remember.''

"How could I forget..." he muttered under his breath, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot as he loaded the washer. The satin and lace teased his cock mercilessly at the slightest movement. He didn't think his erection was ever going to go down. It was going to be a long night.

And he was right!


The whole evening was just plain freakish. A couple of times the guys asked him if there was something wrong. But what could he tell them. That he was wearing his mother's underwear and the satin and lace constantly brushing his genitals was keeping him in a ongoing state of arousal. His cock was continuously hard all evening making it difficult for him to concentrate. The top half of his boner stuck out over the edge of the satin panties and was rubbing against his jeans all the time.

And when he looked around the bar and saw all these good-looking girls talking to each other and laughing together, he wondered how they did it. How they could act so natural. They were probably all wearing the same kind of underwear that he was and it was driving him crazy. A couple of times he thought he saw a couple of different women looking at him and smiling and talking to each other and he had the crazy feeling that they knew that he was wearing satin and lace and they were laughing at him.

He just couldn't calm himself down enough to get into it with the guys so he headed home early. When he got there he had to look. He groaned when he saw how red and raw looking the top of his hard-on was after being frictioned inside his tight pants all evening.

Jackie wasn't back from her date so he grabbed some left over pizza out of the fridge and watched a movie on TV. When that was over, he went up to bed.

He took off his clothes and, if his mom had been home and in bed, he would have taken off her panties as well. But he remembered that she said she'd be checking up on him so he thought he'd better leave them on. She hadn't come into his room after he went to bed for a long time. But she was pretty worked up earlier in the kitchen and he didn't know what she might do. So he turned out the light, crawled under the sheet and tried to sleep.

He didn't know what time it was when he came half awake. What was it that had woken him up? And then, with his eyes barely focusing, he saw that his mother was standing by his closet. She had turned the light on in there and then had half shut the closet door so that only a dim light filtered through the room.

David's eyes quickly adjusted to the muted light. He could see his mother watching him with an amused smile turning the corners of her mouth. Then she surprised him. With her eyes on his she slowly unbuttoned the satin blouse she was wearing, took it off and dropped it on the floor beside her.

"Mom?..." David croaked, his eyes drawn irresistibly to his mother's exposed chest. She was wearing a very sheer black sling bra that was virtually transparent. The gossamer thin material looked like it was painted on to her tear-drop shaped breasts. David could plainly see her crimson nipples and maroon aureole bulging through the taut fabric.

"What are you doing?..." David whispered half sitting up but clearly transfixed by his mother's brazen display.

Jackie slowly moved towards David's bed, her pneumatic breasts shuddering delightfully with every step she took.

"You seemed so interested in my bras before, I thought you might want to see what I was wearing tonight..." she purred, cupping one of her pendulous tits in one hand and giving it a luxurious squeeze. David could see her eyes slitting as she enjoyed the touch of her own hand.

She lowered her breast as she sat down on the side of David's bed and turned towards him. David lay back down to try and keep a little space between them but he couldn't help himself from staring at the nearly bared breasts that were just inches from his face.

Jackie watched him with a calculating gaze, letting him ogle her without comment. When she finally did speak she said..."I told you I'd be checking on you."

David felt like a moth in front of a flame as his mother casually swept the sheet off him and inspected his groin. Of course he was completely erect. He had been ever since Jackie had taken off her shirt. He had no idea what she was going to say when she discovered his condition and he bit his lip anxiously.

The sultry blonde smiled to see that the to half of David's cock looked tender and inflamed. She let her fingertips slowly glide over the bulging knob, down his bare shaft, across the satin front panel of her panties and then up again.

"You're still wearing them just like I told you. That's good!..." she said, sliding her fingers up and down against her son's throbbing boner like it was the most normal thing in the world.

David couldn't believe that his own mother was so casually playing with his cock.

"Ahhhhh! ...Yes mom!...Just like you said!..." he gasped, squirming with nerves and excitement. He tried to look his mother in the eye but his gaze kept wandering back to her barely covered breasts. Her lightly grazing fingers were making the blood pound in his tool. He couldn't help it as a searing stream of pre-come began to leak from his pee slit.

Jackie saw it and moved up to the tip of his cock, swirling her fingertips through the sticky goo that and smearing it all around his knob.

"Ohhhhh!...." David groaned, helplessly hunching up against his mother's provocative touch.

Jackie ignored his squirming as she said..."You're very hard!..."

"Oh Godd mom!...The way you're touching me...It's ...It's...I don't know if I can...can... Ahhh!..." David stammered as his balls began to churn with come.

"Shhh!..." Jackie whispered, pressing her fingertip against David's lips.

"Lift up baby..." she instructed.

David looked at her uncomprehendingly for a moment and then raised his hips slightly off the bed.

Jackie tugged the underwear lower on his hips. Then she palmed the intricately stitched front panel of the panties, moved her hand up and clasped David's cock. She was able to clasp his entire length with the silky material. She started to move her hand like that, stroking him gently up and down in her satin covered fist.

"Oh Godd!...Mommm!...Don't!..." David groaned. Jackie's fierce scolding earlier in the day about his being disrespectful and playing with himself was still fresh in his mind. But the feel of her satin covered hand working him over was making the come seethe in his balls. He was terrified that he wouldn't be able to hold it. That he'd wind up coming in her sexy panties after all after she'd expressly told him not to.

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