tagErotic CouplingsMs. Marca Ch. 33

Ms. Marca Ch. 33

byMs. Marca©

Chapter 33: Marca at 18 Fucks her Neighbor

Dan Jones had the weekend to himself, with his wife and the kids gone for the weekend; this would give him a chance to do the odd jobs around the house that needed to get done. It was a bright Saturday morning just a little after 10 AM when the doorbell rang. He looked though the peephole to see who I might be and he could see it was his next door neighbors daughter Marca. Marca was one of the most attractive teenagers he had ever seen. She was going to be one hell of a beautiful woman, god she was on her way as it was. At 5’ 10” about 125 to 130 pounds and with a set of breast that made any grown woman die with envy, hell she was a grown woman with that body, a killer body and the way she carried it. Marca was a walking sex symbol and also a flirt.

He wasn't sure if it was innocent or by design, but she had always managed to arouse him when she had come over to their house. It seemed that every time that she was around, she always managed to be in scanty shorts and T-shirt when he was around. Once, he was treated to an entire evening trying to watch TV while Marca sat in the chair across from him. Only to his view were her legs slightly parted, just enough for him to see the crotch of her panties and her smooth, tan cream thighs. On a couple of occasions, she seemed to have caught him looking, but she met his glance with a sexy wink and a smile. He didn't know what to do - he was almost sure that she was doing it on purpose -- flirting with him -- but he couldn't afford to let his wife find out something was going on, innocent or not. Now she stood at the door.

"Hi Mr. Jones Mrs. Jones said I could come over and use the pool to work on my tan!" Oh my God she had on a thigh length beach robe that was open in the front. This allow him to see her full breast that was just barely covering her nipples and the little triangle of material was just covering her pussy that I swear I could see it breathing. She had a beach bag and sunglasses on that did not allow mw to see her dark sexy eyes that made men get lost in a world of sin and sex. Marca had found out at an early age that she had the power to seduce men. With a big smile and one hand moving to expose more of her front she smiled and said, “If it is a bad time I’ll come back.”

“No, no just me here the family have gone to visit grandmother for the weekend, please the pool is all your.” With that Marca came in and knowing he was behind her looking she gave that model cat like walk that made her ass swing and to make sure he saw that up turned ass she slipped off the robe about half way across the room. Just as she got to the door she drops the sunglasses and had to stop and bend over to pick them up. A lady would have stooped to pick them up. But when you want a guy to see your ass and long legs you spread your legs about 2 feet and bend with legs straight and picked up the glass, I knew he was watching.

Marca lay on her stomach on the lounge clad only in her string bikini. Her long black hair was flowing down her back in wave of curls She watched as Dan Jones worked around the pool. He was dressed in tight trunks and wore a Hawaiian shirt, unbuttoned, showing his hairy chest. "Mr. Jones, could you help me with this lotion?" she asked with all the sweet innocence she could muster. Dan sat in the chair beside her and rubbed some of the lotion onto his hands. While he did so, Marca undid the tie that held the top of her swimsuit on. "I hate string marks." she exclaimed. Dan rubbed lotion until he had covered her back and sides. An occasional finger would make contact with the side a half-bare breast. She didn't flinch or complain. He wondered if maybe he was letting himself in for a lot of trouble. Than Marca did something that took his breath away.

She folded down the back of her bikini bottom and looked back at Dan with her most flirting smile said, "I don't want to be a cotton-tail, either." Dan was speechless as he sat there viewing what had to be the most perfect ass in the world. “Damn Marca your mother or father could walk over here and what would they say if they saw you/us like this. You put your bottom back up and do it this minute!” She turned just enough to let the thong slip off the side and looked back at Dan Jones and gave him that sexy stare and said. “My folks are gone for the weekend also, it just you and me!”

With that she stood up and let her top and bottoms fall to the ground and took 2 steps forward and put her arms around Dan’s next and kissed him a deep French kiss. He could feel her nipples become rock hard as they rubbed against his chest. As she pulled back from him she put one hand to his face and looked into his eyes and said, “I hope you didn’t make plans for the next 24 hours, I’m going to fuck your brains out!” As she said this she moved her other free hand to feel his cock that was springing to life and was about to become just one more her victim that would be added to a long list of men in her life. A life that was already developed way beyond her years.

Trying to be cool and play her game Dan Jones shot back at her with, "Is this something that your boyfriend usually takes care of?" he asked. "No, I don't have one, Mr. Jones." Her beautiful body was second only to her flirty personality. She looked at him with her beautiful eyes and sly, sexy smile and asked, "Do you know why I don't have a boyfriend?" He knew she was flirting with him. The temptation was great but he knew he had already gone too far with this girl and didn't want to risk ending up on the wrong side of her father. "No, seriously, do you know why I don't have a boyfriend?" "Why Marca?" he asked, patronizing the girl. She reached over and gently rubbed his crotch, "Because, all the boys my age don't have this much cock!" She breathes deep as she rubbed his crotch. "Like, they stick it in, cum two seconds later, and then tell all their friends how they drilled you. “Fuck them I want a big cock and a man who knows what to do with it. I like older men.” He felt his rod start to harden. Marca sat back down on the lounge and looked up as she started to stretch out completely with her legs now spread obscenely. Talking to him with her mouth just inches away from his cock she said, "I want you to fuck me, Mr. Jones, you know we are going to fuck!”

She gathered her bikini "You know Dan," she took his hand and lead the way in the house, "I've been thinking about this for a long time." Dan followed her indoors. “Dan I think you better check the doors we don’t want anyone coming in on us do we!” He just caught a glimpse of her as she headed up the stairs to the bedrooms. She was right, damn Marca was running the show. He decided he would take a minute and lock the downstairs doors - just in case. This would be the worst time for someone to walk in. Dan went to the master bedroom where Marca, had dropped her bikini on the floor and closed the bathroom door. He sat on the bed and waited for her to come out. GOD WHAT AM I DOING!

Marca came out of the bathroom and walked over to him and stood over him and looked down and smiled. "You seem wise beyond your years, young lady," he replied in an advisory tone. "So I see you have thought about what it would be like to do it with your sexy next door neighbor Ms. Marca?" Now she was taking her place on the bed beside Dan, she bent over and kiss him on the cheek. She moved up to the head of the bed and rested on the pillows and her knees drawn up to her chest, her arms around them. Dan could see her pussy and her eyes on him as he looked at her. She spread her legs slightly to accommodate his view, now leaning back and bracing herself on her hands behind her. "Well Dan?"

Dan was beyond control now. He had never been this excited. Now his rod was stiff as a lead pipe beneath the swimsuit he still had on. He stood and pulled the suit off, exposing himself to the girl for the first time. He felt the blood rush to his head. She was smiling as she open her arms to him and pulled her legs up as to show him where she wanted him. She seemed so much like a grown woman. Her breathing got incredibly heavy. He moved over her on all 4’s and looked down at her. His cock was standing straight up. He felt Marca mover her hand to her wet pussy and sink one of her fingers into her hot love hole. “Here Dan taste my juices.” She put her finger to his lips, lick it baby. "I want you to fuck me, Dan, oh, I want you to fuck me deep, please." His shaft was harder than he could remember. He knew he couldn't contain himself much longer. He swallowed one of her luscious nipples whole. She reached down and felt his rock hard tool. She continued to talk in breathy whispers, "Oh, God your so big", she breathed. She grabbed his tool with her hand, her fingers just barely making it all the way around. "Oh please, oh please, oh please, Dan," she continued. "Do me, she sighed, "God it's so big, it's so hard." She began to stroke his cock up and down with both hands. When he couldn't take it any more, he positioned himself over her and just touched her drenched pussy. "Oh, yes, yes, please, yes." She sounded as if she was crying. The tip of his shaft rubbed her soft mound, but He couldn't yet feel the opening. She lifted her legs straight back to her shoulders as she pulled on his cock with both hands toward her cunt and spread her legs wide. "Oh Dan, do you want to ram it in, ram it in me?” She practically screamed the question at him. “Yes Oh God Yes I Do!”

She moved my cock off to the side and looked at me and said, “WE FUCK WHEN I SAY WE FUCK!” Marca took his cock in one hand and pulled it down and over to one side and with the other hand put it on his head and moved his head to her wet, hot pussy. “Eat me baby you got to eat this sweet pussy to know how good it is.”

With his tongue flat He licked her hot little box from the beginning of her ass hole all the way up to her budding little clitoris. "Oh yes, do it faster, do it good," she moaned while biting her upper lip. Marca started rotating her hips as his licking increased in tempo. He gave her a deep stab with his tongue. "OH!!!" she exclaimed, "Again, again" she said as she grabbed his hair and tried to shove his face inside. He began to eat her furiously. "Oh, yes, put your tongue inside" Her pussy tightened around his tongue as He opened his mouth wider and stuck his tongue in deeper. She began to fuck his face with surprising power. He knew she was close to orgasm.

All at once she stood up as he repositioned himself on the bed with her above him. She turned around and straddled him, placing her cunt over his throbbing tool. She braced herself on one arm, reached back with the other and guided the head of his cock to her opening and inserted just the tip of it into her slippery box. "I guess I got to fuck you to show you how to do it right!” “ No matter what it takes, I'm getting that monster all of the way inside of me". She said as she positioned herself straight up over him. He felt his head start to slip in deeper as Marca pushed. "God, it's so big," she said as she maneuvered on his member hunching down to get it in.

Then with a long grunt she forced his rock hard head in. "Oh my that is so good!" She breathed as she began to move up and down very slowly. Her pussy was so tight. "When did you lose your virginity?" he asked. Oblivious to his question she just rocked gently up and down, and even though most of his tool was still outside of her, she seemed to enjoy herself just fine. "Marca, I'm talking to you, when did you lose your virginity?" Marca stop and looked down at him and gave him that look of a woman who was ready to tell him to piss off and was going to read him the word. “You don’t worry about my fucken virginity you understand? How many woman have you fucked in your 45 years Dan?” “Five before Mrs. Jones.” With a smirk on her face she looked at me and said “Honey I have 5 different guys on a good week and that is not counting the weekend! Shut the fuck up and let me do the fucken for the two of us, you understand!”

She started moving up and down as another half inch disappeared into her sweet canal. She felt herself starting to come and the extra lubrication enabled her to sink another inch. "Ooooooooooo yeah, this is what I needed." Even though three quarters of his rock hard shaft remained she began to slide up and down with a steadily increasing tempo. "It's going in all the way!" she cried out. "Oh yes, it's going in," she said. Supporting part of her body weight with her hands on his chest she began to make slow circles as his cock began to disappear inside of her. She began to rock back and forth on his cock. "Oh yes, Dan, let me fuck you, she said as she began to pick up speed, "Don't move, oh it feels really incredible." Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened as she continued to hammer away at his rock hard shaft.

Alternating from a quick succession of quick strokes and slow long strokes he began to feel an eruption coming on and all he could think of was getting ALL of his cock up inside of Marca. Coming up on one of her long strokes she pulled his cock out of her cunt just enough to maintain his head just outside as she began to rub the slippery knob back and forth between her ass hole and her pussy hole. Then she slowly slid it back into her succulent young cunt. Penetrating her again felt like breaking new ground for the second time. Going in, he felt his foreskin pulled all the way back exposing his head inside of her. The sensation was unreal. Then she stopped.

He wondered if anything was wrong but she just stood there motionless with her eyes closed. He looked at her, she was beautiful, and I mean a really beautiful girl blooming into womanhood. Then slowly she opened her eyes and looked at me and said, "I want you to get on top of me and fuck me until it hurts, fuck me like a whore." That was all he needed to hear. He got on top and positioned his hands on her ass cheeks. She whispered in his ear, "Don't be afraid, do what you want." With that she began to lick his mouth. He started to fuck with only a fraction of his strength. Her snatch felt so good He didn't want to turn her off by hurting her. "What are you waiting for?” she asked, "Put it all the way in. Fuck me like you would that slut wife of yours." He started to fuck her like he knew he always wanted to fuck his wife. "Oh, oh, oooh, yes, oooooooh, that's the way, that's the way, yes, yes, fuck Me.” she moaned. He began to pound her letting most of his weight crash her but He still couldn't get his whole cock inside of her. "Oh please, fuck me just like that, please don't stop, God it feels so good, break me in half."

"I'm coming," he said. "Oh yeah," Marca replied, "Come baby, flood me with your love cream. Give me the same cum that whore wife of yours gets.

Those very words were what did it. He exploded inside of her. "Ooooooo, give it to me all, empty yourself inside of me!", she cried. He wanted to go even deeper inside of her as his balls quivered with each burst. "Oh God, I think I'm coming," moaned Marca, "Oh yes, I think I'm coming, oh, oh yes, oh please don't stop, please don't stop, fuck me, please fuck me." His hot cum made her cunt feel even better than before. "OH, OH, YES!, OOOH, AAAH, FUCK ME!", Marca screamed as she drew closer to her blissful ecstasy. She began to thrust him obscenely, and her cunt made wet farting noises as it grabbed his creaming cock. "AAAAH!

After a few minutes Marca got up and went to the bathroom and took care of business and came out with her beach robe on. “Dan I hope you liked that as much as I did, but I got to go I may have a date later. The look on his face was that of where are you going, no stay. “Dan you want tell your wife this but, Mrs. Jones, the bitch had better not tell me that I needed to grow up again.” If she does, well…let me ask you… who is the better fuck? Her or me? “You don’t need to answer that baby, I know and all men know a good thing when they have had it.

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