My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 05


"Did Julie tell you that she does that to me?" I asked

"Yes," she said, "hold your arms out now, please..."

"What did she tell you about it?" I inquired.

"She told me that you really like it and that she likes doing it to you, or for you, I guess." Cathy continued saying "She also told me you sometimes can cum that way, too, without any kind of stimulation to your penis. She said that you're very docile and submissive when she's doing it."

"Cathy," I replied, "all of that is true. I do like it and sometimes I ask her to fuck me like that. And yes, sometimes I can cum when she's fucking me there. Were you asking about what it felt like physically, or emotionally?"

She pushed me under the water to rinse off the upper half of my body. As she helped rinse me off, I felt her breasts rub against my chest. I reached up to touch her nipples but she pushed my hands away.

"Physically, I guess" She said.

Her hand went to my cock and she started to feel it again, squeezing and stroking me very softly. "Well," I answered, "Julie is very gentle when she does it. She uses a lot of lube so it doesn't hurt me when she sticks the cock in my hole. I like her to go real slow at first, to help spread the lube around, but, once it's in me and moving in and out easily, sometimes I like to feel her fucking me harder. I think the secret is being able to relax and allow yourself to be fucked. It doesn't hurt me, if that's what you're asking."

"Oh, okay," she said, "I was just wondering because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone doing something like that."

"Did Julie say she was going to let you fuck me that way?" I asked.

She nodded yes saying "Maybe, I'm really not sure."

I thought about it for a minute and then asked her "Does it turn you on to think about fucking my ass with a strap-on dildo?"

"Yes." She said. "Does it turn you on?"

"Yes, and as long as my wife is there," I said, "I'll let you."

"I need to wash you, uh, back there now." Cathy said, pointing behind me. She kneeled beside me and soaped her hands up, rubbing them together and building up a huge amount of suds. Her right hand went up between my ass cheeks and her left hand went back to my cock and I felt her grasp it again, this time firmly.

Cathy ran her hands up and down my ass crack, stopping every now and then to press a little into my ass, but, not penetrating me. "I'm sorry about this," she said, "I know it's embarrassing....."

Then it happened. I felt her slim teenage finger slide up into my butt hole. My cock twitched as her finger slipped in, a completely involuntary reaction, but a reaction I have come to expect. She continued to hold my cock firmly and she slowly started to work her finger in and out of my ass. I closed my eyes and stated to get into the feeling of her soapy finger violating me and the experience of this young girl taking these liberties with me. He hand started to move up and down on my soapy cock.

'OH FUCK!' my mind cried, 'she's fucking my ass and jacking my cock.' I looked down to see her staring at my cock as she stroked me. "I have to get you clean in there.... Julie said to make sure you're nice and clean," she said, "but, if you cum, we're both going to be in trouble, so, don't."

I was already very close. My head was thrown back and my eyes were closed. My breathing was picking up and I was just going to let it happen and let her deal with the explanation how she was fucking my ass and stroking me when I came. It wasn't until I spread my legs a little wider that she figured out what I was doing.

She immediately pulled her finger out of my butt and stopped stroking me. "You were about ready to cum, weren't you?" she asked.

When I nodded to her that I was indeed close, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard. It didn't hurt, but, it was the first time she had done anything forceful and it surprised the hell out of me. "So, you were just going to stand there and then tell her it was my fault?" she asked.

I nodded again and I saw the anger build in her eyes. "Greg, I can't believe you would do something that low. Turn your ass around." She ordered. When I did, she told me to scoot back and then lean forward and rest against the shower wall. When I did, this presented my ass to her while I was bent over. Before I could give it a second thought, I felt a terrible sting on my ass accompanied by a tremendously loud 'slap'. The damn girl spanked me!

I lifted myself of the wall and tried to turn, but when I did, She was pointing her finger at me and said "You get right back there, I'm not done with you yet."

As I went back to my leaning position, I felt at least ten more very hard smacks on my ass. The sound resonating in the shower stall was almost deafening. Now, these were not little patsy smacks, either. My mom and dad used to spank me when I was a kid, so, I knew what a real spanking felt like, and this was it. And she wasn't holding back – not one fucking bit. My eyes actually started to tear up. The combination of the hot water opening the pours of my skin, and the fact that the skin was wet and that she was hitting my cheeks hard made this really painful, I'm not kidding one iota. I haven't been spanked like this since Dad found out I stole candy at the department store.

The sound of the spanking must have escaped the bathroom because Julie came running in and threw open the shower door asking "What happened?"

I pulled myself into a standing position as Cathy explained how she was washing me and how I just let her continue getting me closer and closer until I almost came. "Is that true?" she asked me.

Fortunately, the water running down my face from the shower covered up the tears that had filled my eyes. I looked at Julie and told her it was true. I saw her expression change when she detected I was tearing up and she turned to Cathy and asked "You spanked him?"

"And, I wasn't done yet." Cathy said.

Looking back at me she said "Greg, take the rest of your punishment. Then I'll get you out and dry you off."

Cathy turned me back toward the wall of the shower stall, pushed me forward and I assumed the position again. So, with Julie watching, she administered five more very hard slaps to my already stinging bottom. The sound of each swat filled the bathroom and I heard Julie gasp once. They were each delivered right on top of the previous swats and it stung like hell. There's no other way to describe it other than saying it hurt.

After the fifth swat, Julie stopped it saying "I think he's had enough, Cathy."

Julie reached for my arm and pulled me from the shower stall and closed the sliding doors. She turned me so I was facing away from the shower and reached for a towel to dry me off. She started with my face, dabbing it softly and then moved to my head to dry my hair. Once my hair was dry enough not to drip, she pulled the towel away from my head and moved it to my chest. My eyes were still watering, maybe she didn't know – but, my fucking ass was on fire and it stung badly.

When she finally looked up at my face and saw I was crying, she immediately looked away, as if she was ignoring my pain. Having quickly dried the rest of my body, she pulled me out of the bathroom and closed the door.

As soon as the bathroom door closed behind us, she fell to her knees and started to suck my cock. I hadn't even realized it, but my cock was still hard, even through the horrific spanking I suffered through. She sucked me like a woman possessed, but only for a minute before she stood up and hugged me.

Very softly she asked "Did she hurt you?" That's when the dam broke and I openly cried in front of her. Holding me, I heard her say things like "Go ahead, let it out" and "Oh, Baby, you're alright and "I love you, Greg."

She held me for another minute and then asked me to turn around so she could see my bottom. I turned to look myself and I was shocked at what I saw. My ass cheeks were fire engine red and I could even see hands prints where she repeatedly smacked me. I felt my butt and it was warm, I could actually feel the heat in the palms of my hands it was so hot. All the while, though, my cock pointed out hard and strong.

"Are you better now?" Julie asked.

The sting of Cathy's spanking was subsiding now. The emotional sting was still there, though. I wasn't getting any sympathy from Julie and that wasn't like her.

"Julie, what's happening here tonight?" I asked, "What are you two planning?"

"Greg, it's what you've always wanted," Julie said, "deep inside you there was always something more you wanted but were afraid to reach for. Tonight you're going to learn that it can be yours if you really want it and are brave enough to admit it."

"But, Julie," I said, "I don't understand. Are you trying to make me into a woman or something?"

"No, Honey," she laughed, "You'll understand. I promise you will. And you can stop any of this any time you like. You know that."

She was right about that. She told me more than once that anytime I needed to put a stop to something, I could. But, I never did because when it came down to it, she was always right and in the end, I was always glad that I trusted her.

The sting on my bottom was less now, and I wasn't crying anymore. Just the fact that she let me know there was an end in sight made me feel better, too. I had survived the sting and humiliation of being spanked by another woman while my wife watched and allowed it. On top of all of that, I was asked to undress and masturbate, then clean up my sperm by licking it up...... what did it all mean?

I heard the shower turn off. I was still standing naked in our bedroom, my cock still pointing toward the ceiling, and looked at Julie for some sign on what to do. Realizing I was clueless, she said "You stay here like that. When Cathy comes out, I want you to apologize to her and thank her for your punishment. And, I want you to be sincere. I'll be back in a few minutes, then we can get you dressed for dinner."

End of Chapter 5.

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