tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Life as an Exhibitionist Ch. 02

My Life as an Exhibitionist Ch. 02


Chapter 2

"Accidental" Exposure and Late Night Strolls

Following Teachers' College, I became a Schoolteacher at a Secondary Boys' School. The University and College parties were left behind, and because the school was near where I lived, I had less opportunity to entertain, and had to be more circumspect about my adventures. I advertised in a locally produced sex magazine that I was available to entertain nude at "hens' nights", but other than for a few dummy enquiries, this led to nothing.

I began to seek out situations where I could be seen naked, but appear as if it was accidental. Merely exposing my penis was not an option. In my moral compass, this would be deviancy. I had to be nude, but I did not want to shock, or offend my target audience, so I had to plan episodes that came across as accidental. I rented an apartment that had large windows, and Glass French doors opening onto a balcony, which overlooked a similar apartment block. I had no curtains, and usually left the blind up in my bedroom. So I was often naked and visible to anyone who might be looking. To appear accidental you need not to stare out to see if anyone was watching, but try to look out from the corner of your eye as I wanted to know if I was seen. This was not easy, and useless if it was dark, and a spectator did not have his/her lights on. I could see from inside if anyone was on their balcony, and so I could then go out onto mine wearing only a towel and cause it to drop. I could extend the exposure if I carried drinks or food in my hands. These would have to be carefully placed on a table before I could retrieve my towel. So these ruses quickly became boring, as I could not target the same neighbour more than once or twice, I could not be sure I was observed, and I really wanted something more close up.

Quite often I had a girlfriend staying with me, and I encouraged them to have friends over whenever they liked. With the right planning, I could leave the door to the bathroom or bedroom open enough for them to see me as they passed. The observer might linger a moment to take in the scene, and then move on without comment. I could arrange to be in the bathroom when they arrived, and then walk in on them, naked, because I had not heard them arrive. This was usually more rewarding, as the girls usually were amused by my predicament, did not feel that they were being voyeurs, and I could take my time apologising to them, and even being introduced, before covering up, or leaving the room. However I could only do this once or twice with each girlfriend.

I would go to various clothing stores that had unisex change rooms. If the change room had a curtain I could accidentally not close it completely, or if it had a door, I could forget to lock it. I would take in a variety of shirts, as short a cut as I could find, and remove my shoes, socks and trousers, while I tried on these shirts, one by one, being totally naked between shirts, and naked from the waist down otherwise. I could usually see from the corner of my eye if someone could see through the gap in the curtain. If the viewer was female, and lingered a little, I could change the shirt once or twice. If the door was opened, the intruder would usually say sorry, and close it again very quickly. I could not do this very often at any particular store, but there were plenty of stores, and as I gained experience, I could quickly determine if one suited my purpose, or not.

Two episodes stand out. Once a woman opened the change room door, and I was naked except for just beginning to slip my arm into a shirt sleeve. Instead of quickly closing the door, this woman seemed to be transfixed by the shock of seeing a naked man in the room. She just stood there, holding the door handle, staring at me, and speechless. So I casually walked over to the door, with the shirt hanging off one arm, took my door handle in my other hand, and apologised that the lock did not seem to be working. She remained still and silent, her eyes exploring my body for a couple of seconds, until she seemed to realise what was happening, and her face flushed as she stepped backwards from the doorway, as I closed the door behind her.

On the other memorable occasion, as I studied a shirt on myself in the mirror, I saw from the corner of my eye, a lady close to the curtain, looking at me through the gap. I took the shirt off as she watched, "oblivious" to her presence. I saw her turn away, and beckon to a friend to come over, and then hold her finger up to her lips. The friend arrived in a few seconds, and they stood there silently, one behind the other, as I tried on each of four shirts, one of them twice. They made no noise or movement. Instinctively I decided to up the ante. I turned to face them so that they would know I had seen them. They stood their ground. Naked, I came to the gap, pulled it open a little more and asked them how long they had been there.

The first lady said they had seen me try on four or five shirts, and had enjoyed the show.

I told her that if they intended to stay, they had better get me some more shirts.

She then told her friend to pick out, not just some shirts, but a few caps, and some slip-on shoes, while she "held the fort".

I was about 30 at the time. I guessed them to be in their 40s. I had resigned from teaching, and was now a salesman for an American multinational. I was in my lunch hour.

While her friend was off getting more stuff to try on, she told me she had believed I was exposing myself deliberately, and so was going to stay as long as I wanted to entertain. By the time her friend returned, the wantonness of the situation had given me an erection.

"Doesn't he look nice with all that ugly hair shaved off?" she whispered to her friend, as she came up to the gap to take my shirts, and hand me my new wardrobe.

I then continued my performance, leaving the curtain open even further. A couple of times, one would indicate that someone was approaching, and I would step back behind the curtain until they passed. Once a shop assistant asked if they required help.

"No thanks. We're just having a chat. We haven't seen each other for a few years, and we've just bumped into each other."

At one stage I politely invited them into the cubicle, but this was just as politely declined. Then the friend remembered she had a camera in her purse. She came up to the gap, and asked, in a low whisper, if I would mind if she took away a photographic memento. With my face covered by a cap, I posed for a number of shots.

My guess is that we had been there for more than 30 minutes before the shop became quite crowded, interruptions became more frequent, and they thought it better to end the show. We thanked each other, and they left. I wonder how much longer I would have entertained them. I did the change room circuit so often, it was nice to have hit this jackpot eventually.

The other escapade I began to indulge myself with was to get up at about 3 in the morning, whether or not a girlfriend was sleeping beside me, put on some jogging shoes, and drive a few kilometres away from home, and then walk naked around the area. Sometimes I carried some shorts in my hand. Other times I left them in the car. I set myself goals each time, seeking out "personal bests". I was always careful to watch out for anything that looked like it might be a police car, but at that hour there is not much action in the suburbs. However I know that sometimes I was seen by someone in a car, someone coming out of a house I was passing, someone I bumped into as I rounded a corner, someone looking out a window as I passed. But I have never experienced any unpleasantness. Usually a car honk, a polite "Hello", or I was merely ignored.

My best times were after midnight on New Year's Eve. People leaving parties, usually a little drunk and in celebratory mood were not offended by the sight of a naked young man openly and nonchalantly strolling home after a party at which he had somehow become disassociated with his clothes.

One such night I was passing a house whose gate was set back from the fence, and so I did not see a young couple by the gate waiting for a cab that they had phoned to take them home. I was naked except for jogging shoes, and had no shorts in my hand. As I passed, they were no more than two or three yards away. They saw me first, and offered me a cheery hello, and a Happy New Year. I stopped and returned the greeting.

We must have chatted for more than 15 minutes. The young lady was very talkative, asking all sorts of questions about my "fetish" for public nudity. She even offered that she had been tempted on more than one occasion to "lose the constraints of her clothes" in a public place, but had never had the nerve. Her friend offered to help her as best he could, overcome these nerves. Two other groups came through the gate, leaving the party, as we chatted. They also stayed a short time before moving on. Quite a few cars passed as we chatted, usually picking me up with their headlights on high beam, and honking their horns or shouting out greetings and encouragement as they passed. Finally their cab arrived, we shook hands, and they were gone. I carried on, exhilarated by the interlude.

I have picked out the highlights of this period. Again, not knowing of the terminology at the time, they were the ones most resembling CFNM. This is what I was really after, and the fleeting "accidental" exposures, and late night nude walks, were second grade substitutes for what I was after. I still could be relied on to take my clothes off at parties given by friends, but the days of frequent partying were over, and having a career meant that one needed to constrain oneself at work parties. But things would eventually pick up.

(to be continued)

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