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My Niece and Her Friends


Note: This is NOT a new story. I have broken up the story previously published as "My Niece and I Go on Vacation" into two parts. This is the first part, prior to the vacation actually starting.


As I left my brother's place, pressed on the accelerator and headed back towards my own place, I pulled out my cell phone and called Tanya's number. She answered after the first ring.

"You're up?" I asked.

"Yeah, I just woke up a few minutes ago and picked up your message. God, I needed that sleep bad." I could hear her let out a sleepy yawn in the background. "So your brother came home tonight?"

"Yeah, they got back a few minutes ago. I'm on my way home now. You still up for coming over?"

"Am I still UP?" she said with surprise as she emphasized the word "up". "What about you? With that workout your niece gave you all weekend, I'm surprised you've got anything left."

"Oh yeah, I've still got some left. And hey, you promised to let my fuck those big tits of yours, right?"

"Just like you promised to bury that big cock of yours deep inside me, right?"

"Absolutely, when can we get started?"

"Give me about an hour to take a shower and get ready." I gave her my address and directions and we agreed to meet there. I snapped shut the phone and thought back on the incredible past two days I had just spent with niece.

My brother and his wife had to go out of town for a funeral and had asked me to babysit their only child, 18-year old Emma. She was a naïve young thing, unwise to the ways of the world but oh so gorgeous. She had been the prime subject of my whacking off fantasies for the last while and I was anxious to see what would develop in our weekend together. When we got home from her grad dance, she asked me to teach her how to slow dance, and then how to kiss. Under her beguiling beauty, I lost all control over my willpower and one thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I was dumping load after load of thick creamy cum into my virginal young niece. She became an orally obsessed, cum-hungry little darling who couldn't get enough of my nine plus inches of thick hard cock. We'd had a fantastic, cum-filled weekend that had continued right up until the arrival of my brother and his wife just a short time ago.

I was now on my way home after arranging to hook up with Tanya, a stacked young blonde girl who we met at the dry cleaners. Tanya had spotted the cum stains I'd made on Emma's dress and even a fresh milky wad on her schoolgirl kilt. She was wise to us right away. Tanya had already introduced Emma to the joys of girl on girl love and I was anxious to get a chance at that those massive knockers of hers myself.

I pulled into my condo complex and then left my convertible in front of my unit for Tanya to recognize. I hauled in all of my own gear that I'd had at my brothers and then all the parcels and boxes of clothes and shoes that I'd bought for Emma the day before. I hung all of her stuff up on one side of the walk-in closet in my room and stacked the shoe boxes beneath. I was already wondering when the next time we'd be able to arrange for her to come over so she could wear more of that stuff for me.

I opened my overnight bag and drew out the three pairs of panties and bra I had collected over the weekend. I had the pair that Emma had worn Friday night and then Tanya had given me the ones she'd had on when she had visited us Saturday afternoon. Then I had my newest acquisition, Sharon's pink satin panties and matching 36 Double D bra. Mmmmmm.....very nice......, I thought as I brought the handful of silky material to my face and inhaled deeply of that divine mixture of womanly scents. Beautiful.....there was some excellent whacking material here that I would definitely be putting to good use in the future.

I shoved them into my underwear drawer for safekeeping and pulled out a pair of swim trunks and then headed out to the little pool that came with my unit. I had missed my swim earlier today and it felt great as I dove cleanly into the cool water and ran off a few quick laps. After an invigorating twenty minute swim, I climbed out and then went into the house for a nice hot shower. I let the pelting spray beat down on me for a long time as I relished the refreshing feeling coming over me. I finished my shower and then shaved, brushed my teeth and ran a comb through my hair. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew I was definitely going to be ready to fuck the shit out of Tanya now. I pulled on an old pair of boxers and just as I was pulling a cold drink from the fridge, my doorbell rang.

"Hey, Uncle Jeff," Tanya said as I swung the door open. It seemed to be catching amongst all these girls to call me "Uncle Jeff" instead of just Jeff. It did bring a smile to my face though. I looked down at Tanya's cute smiling face as she breezed right past me. I closed the door and followed her into my place. She was wearing a long trench coat and peeled it off and tossed it on a chair near my entry once I had shut the door. She turned to face me and put her hands on hips.

Wow! Oh fuck....did she look hot! She had on a sheer black top that was absolutely incredible! It had a turtleneck collar and long sleeves but had little cut-outs at the shoulders that almost made it look like a sleeveless turtleneck with long opera-length gloves. It was so tight it appeared to be molded to her curvaceous young body. The material was extremely fine and sheer, almost like nylons. Beneath it, you could clearly make out a black lacey underwire bra that was holding those massive heavy knockers of hers. You could see the deep plunging line of her cleavage and the swelling upper slopes of her huge tits as the powerful bra pushed those big round breasts together and up. No wonder she had worn the trench coat!

Beneath the amazing top she had on a tight little dark silvery-gray skirt that hugged her succulent ass and ended high on her thighs. It had little pleats at the side of each thigh, almost like a kilt. Her white creamy thighs stood out in bold contrast to the skirt and she capped off her whole outfit with knee-high black suede boots. They had a sharp pointy toe and narrow stiletto heel that made her legs look great. Man, it hadn't taken her long to figure out the kind of thing I liked.

"So, do you like?" she asked as she tilted her cute blonde head coyly to the side.

"Tanya, you look beautiful. Good enough to eat."

"That sounds like an excellent suggestion," she said as she stepped over and leaned back against my dining room table. "It's too bad that gorgeous niece of yours isn't here. I could really use that sweet young mouth of hers right now."

"So you really liked Emma, eh?"

"What's not too like? She's absolutely beautiful and she's got the most amazing mouth on a girl that age I've ever seen." She paused as she looked at me with a look of pure lust in her eyes. "You have to promise me that you'll lend her to me for a whole evening at some point. Do you think you could arrange that sometime.....Uncle Jeff?" she asked coyly as she shoved herself back until she was sitting on the edge of the table.

"I'll see what I can do. I'm sure Emma would love that too. I just have to figure some things out first. I've got some ideas in mind so that she can be over here more often."

"If you could arrange that, I'd be oh so grateful," she said softly as she drew in a deep breath causing her massive chest to swell out enticingly. As I looked at those huge round tits, the idea of having Tanya in my debt was certainly an opportunity I wouldn't want to pass up. I watched as with her foot, she pushed back the chair at one end of the table and then drew her feet up until those sexy suede boots were resting on each of the arms of the chair.

"Since Emma's not here....and you say I look good enough to eat.....what do you think we can do about that?" she asked as she leaned back on her hands and let her legs roll apart. That's what I loved about this girl; we both knew what we were her for and she wanted to get right down to it. She didn't need any extended foreplay or prolonged kissing......not on her regular lips anyways!

"Well, I've never had any complaints in that area before. And I am kind of hungry," I said as I walked slowly towards her. I could feel my cock swelling in my shorts as I looked at her enticing erotic display.

"Well, perfect timing......dinner is served," she said as she lifted one of her stiletto-heeled boots from the arm of the chair to allow me to sit. I slid past her leg and once I sat down, she brought her foot back until there was one resting on each of the arms beside me. She looked down at me with a wry smile as she let her plump white legs slowly drift apart, her little skirt sliding higher and higher. I watched as the gap between those soft creamy thighs widened until I could see the full width of the front panel of her black lacey panties. They were cupping her swollen moist womanhood snugly. I breathed deep and could smell the intoxicating allure of her feminine scent.

"Does that smell good.....Uncle Jeff?" she asked teasingly. I flicked my eyes up past the heaving swells of her big tits to see her looking down at me through lust-filled eyes.

"It smells fantastic. You should bottle this stuff. Wear that as perfume to a lesbian bar and you'd be the most popular girl in the place."

"Why don't you just show me what those girls would like to do for me.....Uncle Jeff," she said with a little girl's pout on her face as she spread her knees even further apart. I didn't need any further encouragement and sat forward in my chair as I moved my face towards her steaming crotch. Her musky warm scent continued to invade my nostrils and fuel my ardor. I felt another surge in my cock as I felt that intoxicating fragrance roll over my senses. I placed my hands on the insides of those silky thighs and ran my fingertips back and forth along that baby-soft skin. Oh man.....there is nothing like the feel of the insides of a woman's thighs. As I got closer and closer to her pussy, I let my tongue slide out from between my lips. I moved closer and touched the tip of my tongue right against the lacey material of her black panties. It felt damp and warm against my tongue as I slowly dragged it upwards while pressing it into the soft cleft of her womanhood beneath.

"Oh yeah......that's it," Tanya let out a soft moan. I let my tongue run all over the front panel of her panties until it was soaked with both my saliva and her own juicy secretions. My fingertips slid higher on those soft white thighs until I was teasing them along the lacey sides of the leg openings of her panties. I ran them along the lacey trim and then slipped a couple of fingers of each hand beneath the sexy fabric.

"Aaaaaahhh...." she let out a little gasp as my fingertips traced along her hot pink labia on either side of her warm damp slit. I realized the material of her panties felt recently familiar. I lifted my head slightly from her hot young cunt and saw her looking down at me with a knowing smile.

"Are these the same....."

"Yes," she said breathlessly as she answered before I even finished my question. She knew I must have recognized the feel of the tearaway panties she had given Emma for a present. She had worn a pair herself tonight.

"That's nice," I said as I turned my hands upward and closed my thumbs until I had the flimsy material tightly grasped. I took a breath and tore my hands to each side.


"OH GOD!" she gasped as the sound of the shredding panties filled the air. As I came away with two handfuls of lacey material, I looked down at her exposed pussy framed by the remaining shreds of the fabric. Her plump swollen cunt was fully exposed. It looked beautiful in its hot wet state. She was totally shaved and those full thick pink labia of hers glistened with her flowing juice. I could see the angry red tip of her enflamed clit poking its head up from the folds of clinging flesh at the top of her slit.

I threw the bits of material onto the floor and reached further beneath her stretched skirt until I grasped the waistband. She raised her hips slightly and I once again tore the material to each side. It made another loud tearing sound as the rest of her panties came away in my hands. I quickly threw the material aside and dove back down onto her succulent inviting snatch.

"Oh yes," she hissed as my darting tongue slid deep into her welcoming love-tunnel. She tasted fantastic. Much more grown up and womanly than young Emma, but not too strong. As I got my first good taste, I knew I wanted more. I speared my tongue deep into her and rolled it in a slow circle all around the clutching inner walls of her vagina.

"Oh Jeff....that's so deep.....fuck that's good," she said as she started to pant under my oral assault. I slid my hands back up her soft inner thighs until my fingertips reached her plump swollen labia. I pulled them to each side as I pressed my face flush against her hot gooey hole. I sent my tongue forward as I pressed it on the upper folds of flesh on the roof of her vagina.

"Oh fuck! I can feel that right through to my clit. Oh God.....just keep doing that....." she was almost pleading with need as I slid my tongue back and forth as I pressed upwards on the membranes separating her vagina from her clitoris. I flicked my eyes up and saw those big tits of hers heaving up and down as she was breathing rapidly as her pleasure escalated. Right through that sheer top, I could see the dark shadows of her big thick nipples standing out deliciously against the lacey fabric of her bra. My hands kept her spread wide open for my mouth as I let my tongue quickly dive down in a deep swirl as I gathered up a mouthful of her tasty nectar. As I let it slide warmly down my throat, I brought my tongue back up and pressed firmly on the roof of her clutching twat once more.

"OH FUCK......OH FUCK.......OOOOOOOOOHHH," she let out a loud groan and I felt her body go rigid as the first intense tremors of her climax shot through her. I kept my tongue sliding back and forth along the soft folds of flesh at the top of her vagina as she shook and spasmed beneath my probing tongue.

"OH GOD......YES...." She moaned again as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed through her tingling flesh. Her thighs slammed shut on either side of my head, trapping me against her throbbing cunt. There was nowhere I would have rather been anyways as I continued to lick and suck at her gushing twat. I felt a wave of her warm discharge wash over my chin and I quickly slid my tongue lower. I lapped up her silky cream and relished the warm tart flavor as I drew more and more of it into my mouth and down my throat. God.....she was a juicy cummer......I kept slurping and lapping it up. It felt like there was no end to it. No wonder Emma had loved eating her out so much. She finally let her creamy thighs fall to each side and I was able to come up for air. I looked up at her and she was smiling down at me through hooded eyes with a look of pure bliss on her face. Those massive tits of hers looked beautiful as she drew in deep breaths of cool air as the final tingling sensations of her numbing release flowed through her.

"Jeff, that felt so good," she said with a rough shaky voice. It seemed as if her orgasm had taken a lot out of her. I let my fingertips release her slippery pink labia but kept softly nursing at her drooling slot. "Your tongue felt so nice and thick......yeah....that's nice.....keep licking up that cum....." She still continued to ooze a plentiful amount of her silky discharge onto my tongue. I let my tongue delve deep into her gooey hot hole as I drew as much of it into my eager mouth as I could.

"That's only one," I said as she looked down at me slyly. "I know you like at least two in a row, right?" I asked as I took a slow leisurely lick from the base of her seeping trench all the way up to the top of her dripping slit.

"Mmmmmmm.....you just read my mind," she said as she reached forward and put her hand on the back of my head and pulled my face back against her. She pulled my head higher on her crotch this time and I concentrated my efforts on her throbbing red clit. It was big and thick and incredibly hot as I let a big gob of my saliva roll off my tongue and ooze down over that erect nubbin of flesh. When I had it good and wet, I let my tongue slide all around it again and again as I nibbled and licked all around that sensitive organ.

"Oh fuck.....you are good," Tanya said as I felt her hips roll up against my pleasuring mouth. For the next fifteen minutes I kept lathering her throbbing crotch as she moaned and panted above me. A number of times I had her on the brink of another orgasm and then I would teasingly slow down and then bring her back up once again.

"Oh please Jeff......I need to come.....please......." She was almost blabbering now as her tingling body had her at my mercy.

"Well, I don't know," I said as I drew my mouth away from her throbbing clit.

"Please Jeff," she pleaded, "I'll do anything....please Jeff. Don't tease me like this." She was just about weeping with need at this point.

"Anything?" I asked slowly.

"Yes, I'll do anything....anything you want," she pleaded, "just let me cum."

Excellent! I had her just where I wanted her! I dove back onto her engorged red clit and re-doubled my efforts as I enthusiastically licked and sucked at her tantalizing little twat. I pressed the flat of my tongue against that hard little nodule and applied a constant up and down pressure. I used my tongue to pry the wet folds of flesh away from the erect little spire and clamped my lips around it.

"Mmmmmmm....that's it," she let out a low guttural growl as I sucked hard on the sensitive nubbin of flesh. "Oh fuck....yeah.......just keep doing that......you've got me so close," she hissed as I licked and nibbled on her clit. I pushed a hot wad of saliva down onto that stiff pebbly organ and swirled my tongue in long slow circles around and around it.

"OH YEAH.......UH.......UH........UUUUUUNNGGGGGHHHHH......" She shuddered from head to toe as her second orgasm started deep in her clit and shot out through her whole body. She was panting and gasping at the same time the trembling and quivering sensations had her shaking and rocking against my face. "OH FUCK...." She moaned as a new wave of her slippery secretions gushed forth from deep within her. I kept sucking and licking at her engorged clit as she twitched and shook through her climax. I could feel the muscles in her thighs quivering under my fingertips as I lowered my tongue and fed from her oozing slot. I looked down and saw that it had gushed right out of her and formed a little puddle on the table. I slid my tongue into the warm goo and licked it up. I slipped my searching tongue back into the base of her weeping box and probed all around the walls and bottom of that trench for her tart nectar.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Now it was my turn to moan as I savored the succulent juices seeping from her satisfied cunt. I sat back and looked at her leaning back on her hands, those gigantic breasts thrusting out towards me beneath that sheer black top. I knew I would be fucking those monsters soon enough, but right now, I had something else in mind. I looked past those big round tits and saw her face glowing with a fine sheen of perspiration as she looked down at me through glazed eyes; a soft contented smile on her face.

"Jesus, Jeff. You are good. That was incredible. I feel totally drained."

"I hope not," I said as I stood up between her legs; my rock-hard cock tenting out the front of my shorts. "We're just getting started." She slid off the edge of the table until she was standing right in front of me. I noticed she seemed wobbly after the recent sensations had left her body semi-numb.

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