My 'Niece' Jerri Ch. 02


The minister led Jerri through her vows, "I Jerri, take you Joseph."

"I Jerri, take you Joseph."

"To be my lawful wedded husband." said the minister.

"To be my awful wedded husband." Jerri said.

Everyone started to laugh, including the minister. Joe smiled and couldn't stop laughing. Every time he looked at Jerri he'd start laughing again.

Between chuckles the minister suggested that she might want to change that.

Jerri looked at the minister and giggled, "Do I have to?"

Everyone laughed again. The rest of the service and reception went off without a hitch.


Joe, Jerri and the kids went to Joe's family cabin for their honeymoon.

Zoey and Jerri were tanning on the dock, enjoying the beautiful sunny day.


Jerri looked up from her book, "Yes sweetie?"

"I'm glad you're my mom now. My other mom wasn't fun like you."

"Well Zo, I'm glad to be you're mom. But don't knock your other mom. I think she may be very sick and isn't dealing with it very well.

Zoey's brow furrowed, "I never thought about that. Do you think I could help her?"

"Maybe Zozo, we'll talk to your dad and see what he has to say."

A little while later they heard the sound of a boat motor coming around the point. Max was standing up and holding a stringer full of fish.

Jerri picked up her stuff and told Zoey they needed to get up to the cabin to help get dinner ready. The boys got the boat docked and tied off then made their way to the cabin.

Joe and Jerri made quick work of cleaning and filleting the fish. The kids got the fun job of taking the unused parts and throwing them in the campfire so they could be burned and not attract bears or other wild animals.

When they got back into the cabin Max asked where Jerri had learned how to clean fish like that.

Jerri smiled up at Joe, "Well I was always a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid. And I had this really cool uncle who thought I should learn as much as I could so I wouldn't be a 'helpless female'. He took me fishing, hiking, taught me how to change a tire and all sorts of things. Isn't that right daddy?"

Joe grinned at the kids, "Well I didn't have much choice, your mom followed me around like a puppy, absorbing everything I did."

"I did not follow you old man! You always invited me to come along!" Jerri cried out indignantly.

The kids laughed at their folks' antics.

Jerri finally cut Joe off, "Listen, I win. Momma and baby He/she need to eat. Maxie and I will do the fish you two do the veggies.

Zoey looked up at her dad, "So will you guys teach Maxie and me how to do things too?"

Her dad chuckled, "We already are baby, whenever you help us cook, clean or do laundry you're learning important life skills that will carry with you for your whole life."

"So the more I do the more I learn? That's awesome!"

Joe gave Jerri a conspiratorial grin, "That's right baby. And the more you learn the better you can take care of yourself and others. That includes you too Max."

Later that evening Joe and Zoey stoked up the fire and made sure the fish carcasses were thoroughly burned before calling Jerri and Max out for marshmallows and weiners.

The kids only lasted until eight-thirty before they were nodding off. Joe and Jerri guided them into the cabin and into bed before heading back out to the fire.

They snuggled under a blanket as the loons called and the crickets chirped. The stars were just starting to come out.

"It's so beautiful here Joe, I can see why you wanted to come here with the kids."

"I have a lot of good memories from here. I just want our kids to have them too." Joe said as he hugged his new wife.

"So who caught all the fish today, you or Maxie." Jerri asked warmly.

"It was all Maxie, I didn't even bother putting a hook in the water. He's got a sixth sense with the fish. He knows when they're going to bite before they do."

"Hmmm," Jerri looked up at the stars and purred in Joe's arms. "Hey daddy, you wanna go swimming?"

Joe laughed, "Now? Why do I get the feeling we won't need our bathing suits?"

Jerri grinned up at Joe, "Why not? The kids are in bed and we're the only ones on the lake!"

With that she stood up and peeled off her tee and bikini top and ran to the dock. Joe heard her yell and splash into the water. He stripped down and ran and dove into the cool lake water. When he came up for air Joe felt a deliciously naked body slip against his. Jerri giggled and kissed him as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Joe walked them to shallow water and she let go and turned her back to him, as he wrapped his arms around her.

Joe could feel his cock slip between Jerri's butt cheeks. His fingers gently stroked Jerri's softly rounded belly, wishing he could know whether the precious cargo she carried was a boy or girl.

Joe slowly ground his cock into Jerri's firm ass, making both of them moan. Memories of their first night together ran through Joe's mind. "God babygirl I so want to fuck you right now."

Jerri reached up and caressed Joe's cheek. "Oh daddy I wish you could too but remember what Dr. Knox said, he/she isn't holding on as tight as he/she should so we can't do anything until he/she is born."

"Jesus, the kid's not even born yet and he's a pain in the ass," Joe muttered.

"What did you say daddy?"

Joe chuckled, "I said the kid's a pain in the ass."

Joe pushed against his young wife's bum harder, stroking his cock a little faster.

"Oh my god that's it daddy!"

Joe was distracted by Jerri's water slicked body rubbing against his. "What's it babygirl?"

"Dr. Knox said we couldn't have sex, but he didn't say anything about anal sex. Are you up to that daddy? It beats you having blue balls for six more months."

"I don't know babygirl, it's been a while since we last tried. I don't want to hurt you or anything."

Jerri slipped her hand between them and slowly stroked Joe's cock. "Daddy the last time we tried it I was younger and still a bit scared to try some of the things you wanted to do. Now I'm older and wiser, and I know you'd never do anything that would hurt me."

Joe hugged his wonderful girl."Jerri if you're okay with this we can only try right? But as soon as it hurts you tell me and I'll stop."

"Let's get up on the beach daddy, I think it might be easier if we do it doggy." Jerri said as she led her husband to shore by his cock.

Jerri got on her knees in front of Joe and sucked his cock into her soft warm mouth. She sucked and licked him while her hand slowly stroked him. She didn't want to make him cum, she just wanted to make sure he was well lubed before he entered her virgin ass. After about five minutes she popped his cock out of her mouth and turned around, getting into position for him to enter her.

Joe got on his knees behind Jerri and caressed her beautiful bottom. He asked her if she was sure about this and she told him to go ahead. Joe placed his cock head at her nether entrance.

"Okay babygirl, I'm going to take it nice and slow." Joe said as he gently stroked Jerri's back to calm her.

Jerri shivered a bit, "Okay daddy, I'm ready. Go for it."

Joe slowly and gently pushed his cock into her. Every time Jerri winced or flinched he would stop and wait until she said she was ready. After a few minutes Joe felt his cock head pop through her sphincter.

Jerri jumped a bit, "Oh! Ow! Hold on for a minute baby." She said with tears in her eyes as she took a few deep breaths to relax herself.

"Are you okay babygirl? If you want we can stop." Joe said with concern in his voice.

Jerri smiled through her discomfort, "No daddy, I want this as much as you do. It only hurt a bit, but now it feels better."

Joe stroked Jerri's back again before he slowly eased his cock deeper into her ass. Jerri mewled softly and arched her back.

"Oh fuck daddy, this feels way better than I thought it would. Push the rest in I don't care if it hurts."

Joe hesitated for just an instant. "Well if you're sure about this babygirl."

He pushed the rest of his cock into her tight virgin ass until he bumped her with his balls. Jerri whined and squirmed but took all of him with only a few tears coursing down her cheeks.

"Fuck you're tight babygirl. Did you want me to stop?"

"Don't you dare daddy, I want you to fuck me until you cum in me. It hurts some but it feels better than the pain."

Joe slowly pulled his cock out until just the head remained in Jerri. She moaned loudly but it was more a moan of lust than pain. He waited a few seconds then pushed himself back into her. Jerri squealed and dropped to her elbows.

"Oh god daddy! I wish I'd been braver back when you wanted to try this before. I've never felt anything like it."

When Joe was fully in her he flexed his cock making her moan deep in her chest and push back against him.

"Fuck daddy what did you just do? Do it again please."

Joe caressed Jerri's back and bottom, flexing his cock several times. "You mean that babygirl?"

"Mmmm oh jesus yes daddy. Fuck me daddy, fuck my tight little ass."

Joe didn't need to be told a second time, he started off with a slow pace, flexing his cock every few strokes. Jerri was moaning and gasping, murmuring incoherently. As he quickened his pace Jerri became more vocal and physical, rolling her hips and pushing back into him.

"Oh daddy, do you like fucking your bad little girl's ass? Do you want to cum in my bum daddy?"

Joe was grunting as he plowed his cock deep into Jerri's ass, "Yeah babygirl, I love stuffing my cock into your tight little ass. I'm gonna fill you up with my cum soon baby."

The only sound for a few minutes was the slapping of flesh, a grunt or groan and the sound of the small waves rushing the shore.

"Daddy I'm going to cum! Oh god I'm cumming daddy!" Jerri said as she bit her hand to stifle her scream. Her body shook and jerked as she came over and over. Her juices were running down her legs. She tried to slump down onto the sand but Joe held her up with his hands and cock as he continued to pound into her ass.

"Oh fuck babygirl, here it comes. Daddy's gonna fill your ass with cum!" Joe growled as he shot load after hot load of cum deep inside her.

When they were both spent they lay on the damp sand, kissing and caressing each other. Joe could just make out Jerri's silhouette in the moonlight as he stroked her cheek.

"Was that worth the pain babygirl?" he asked softly.

Jerri placed her hand on his chest and giggled. "Yes daddy, it was. Now I really am your naughty little girl aren't I?"

"Sweetie you've been my naughty little girl since I came on your ass three years ago and you said you liked it." Joe chuckled.

Jerri kissed Joe, "Okay, I can't deny that. Besides, I love being your naught little girl, you cum harder and longer when I talk like that."

Joe squeezed Jerri tight to his chest, "Let's go for a swim to get the sand off and go to bed babygirl. Do you think we can find our clothes in the dark?"

Jerri laughed and said, "Fuck it, we'll get them in the morning."

Joe smiled in the dark, "What about the kids?"

Jerri laughed again,"God Joe, the kids have seen us naked or half dressed a thousand times in the past three years. I'm going for a swim."

And with that she got up and waded into the water. Joe joined her and they played in the water until they were clean and starting to shiver. Joe, ever the chivalrous man, picked up his lovely bride and carried her back to the cabin where they toweled off and snuggled under the sheets.

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