tagBDSMMy Weekend in Portland Ch. 12

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 12


I reluctantly pulled out of the warm stickiness between Ruth's thighs and moved over until I was poised above Denise. She playfully lifted her legs straight up, then let them slide down over my head and ears to my shoulders, showing off her strength and flexibility.

But I was in no mood for play. Urgently, I probed her pussy with the head of my dick until I felt her opening, then leaned forward and pushed with my hips. The mouth of her pussy resisted penetration for a second, then parted and I slid inside. Although she was very tight, her sleeve was already wet from Ruth's oral assault and the penetration was smooth. In a moment I was completely buried in her warm slit, our pubic hair mingling. Denise gave a deep sigh and let her legs fall to the bed on either side of me, her knees bent upward. I withdrew slowly and pushed into her again. Glancing up, I found her looking at me with a small smile.

"Does that feel okay?" I asked.

"Umm-hmmm. Very okay," she smiled back.

Slowly I withdrew and slowly entered her again. Her eyes drifted closed, but the small smile stayed on her appealing face. I withdrew and pushed into her again. Her arms reached up and pulled me down onto her. She kissed me lightly and wrapped her legs around me. I began to thrust a little faster, shortening my strokes, and Denise gave a soft moan. Ruth was sitting next to us on the bed, watching closely.

I made my thrusts short and steady, pressing the base of my dick against Denise's pussy at the end of every stroke. After awhile, I lifted my upper body with my arms and hung suspended above her, enjoying the sight of her concave stomach and small breasts with their prominent, dark nipples. I could sense her arousal building, from breathing and other cues, but much more slowly than Ruth's. I changed the angle of penetration slightly to reduce the friction on my dickhead. I didn't want to come before she did.

More than 15 minutes passed before Denise began to really become aroused, thrusting her hips slightly and gripping my upper arms with her hands, her breathing getting hoarse and shallow. Her occasional sighs had become frequent low moans. Her eyes stayed closed now and her face was distorted by the pleasurable sensations radiating from her groin. I felt beads of sweat rolling down my face.

Suddenly Denise gave a loud gasp and her eyes opened wide, looking into mine. Her hands took a fresh, harder grip on my arms. She tilted her hips up and I changed my rhythm, speeding up a bit. She began to answer each thrust with a tiny, excited panting sound, "Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!" She stared down at where our bodies joined, my glistening penis disappearing into and reappearing from her slit. Several minutes passed this way and the tension in her body built until she was like a coiled spring under me, cords of muscle standing out in her neck, arms and belly. Then she burst, cumming violently.

"AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" she shouted hoarsely, grimacing and throwing her head back. The muscles in her neck stood out sharply and her fingers dug painfully into my biceps. Denise's head whipped to one side, then to the other, and her hips thrust repeatedly upward as if disconnected from the rest of her. "FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKK! FUCK! OHGOD! OHGOD! OHMYGOD! SHIT! GGGaaaaaaaaggggGGGGHHHHH!" she cried in a high-pitched voice.

Small but powerful, Denise's convulsions came close to throwing me off. But I buried my dick in her and rode the storm, rocking my hips slightly to continue stimulating her clit. Even that small motion was enough to put me over the edge. My arms gave way and my weight dropped onto Denise, my chest flattening her tits. I began thrusting wildly as I felt my balls contract and my dick tense, waiting for the first jet of sperm. Then it came, shooting almost painfully up my shaft and out my dickhole. I cried out and another jet of warm spew shot into Denise's hard little body. My dick jerked again and again, filling her pussy with sticky cum. She was thrusting up at me, caressing my shoulders with her hands and whispering something urgently in my ear.

I collapsed, limp on top of Denise, dimly aware of her deep breathing, her sweet-smelling hair and the sweat that made her skin cling to mine. Later I became aware of Ruth hugging us, one leg across the back of mine, kissing and murmuring sweet, quiet words to us both. We laid there for a long time, relaxing, enjoying the afterglow.

Several minutes later I felt Denise moving jerkily under me. I lifted myself to look in her face and found her crying!

"Denise, what's wrong?" I asked alarmed, and Ruth saw her tears as well.

"Baby, did we hurt you? Are you okay?" she asked with deep concern in her voice. Denise covered her face with both hands and continued to cry quietly. Ruth and I laid there, hugging and trying to comfort Denise. It was awhile before she took her hands from her tear-streaked face and gave us a brief smile.

"No, I'm not hurt ... and it's nothing you guys did," she began, looking at us both. "Though, actually ... sniff ... something you did ... sniff ... made me realize ..."

I glanced at Ruth to see if she had any clue what Denise was talking about. But she looked as baffled as I felt. Denise sat up, eyes red, but smiling now.

"Really, you two, don't look so worried!" she exclaimed. "I'm sorry I got emotional but, believe me, you guys are NOT the problem."

"Well what IS the problem?" Ruth asked cautiously.

"The problem is the men in my life," Denise declared. But that didn't clear up our puzzled expressions. She knelt on the bed and turned to face us both.

"I'm 27. I gave up my virginity when I was 17. Since then I've slept with six guys ... two one-night stands, one guy for a week in Cancun, and three guys who I dated or lived with long-term," she said. "One guy, I lived with for two years! We nearly got married!

"I had lots of sex with those guys, hundreds of times, but never came once!" Denise said angrily. "One jerk I dated convinced me I was frigid, or some damn thing! The guy I lived with wanted me see a psychiatrist to figure out what was wrong with ME!

"But there's nothing wrong with ME! Nothing at all. My problem is picking inconsiderate, clueless BASTARDS to sleep with! I was SUCH an idiot! God! How could I have been so STUPID?"

She looked delightful kneeling there, anger and grim amusement flashing in turns across her tear-streaked face. Her small breasts bobbed as she angrily waved her arms. She pounded a small fist on a bare thigh.

"I was such an IDIOT! God! One of those assholes told me I was repressed! Oooh, I'd like to punch him OUT!"

Ruth and I were grinning sympathetically by this time, glad Denise wasn't hurt or angry at us.

"You are NOT the first woman with a talent for picking the wrong men," Ruth declared.

"I'll have to admit," I said ruefully, "lots of guys know nothing about sex, except how to get themselves off."

"That's RIGHT!" Denise gestured, her eyes glistening with angry tears. "THEY never had any trouble cumming. Usually in about two minutes! No wonder I had so much trouble getting turned on. It was always, 'Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!' And the only guy who ever went down on me just kissed around the outside!"

Impulsively Ruth leaned over and hugged Denise.

"Don't worry about that now," she grinned, turning her head to glance slyly at me. "Somebody once told me that orgasms are easy once you have a little practice."

They both laughed and Denise smiled at me over Ruth's shoulder.

"It was so WEIRD when you guys first walked in here," Denise said grinning. "I had no idea what was going on, but I knew SOMETHING strange was definitely happening."

She took our hands in hers.

"This is still weird, but it FEELS wonderful! So THAT'S what an orgasm is like? No wonder people like sex. Ruth, I was shocked when you started eating me, but I thought, 'What the hell, it can't be any worse than the guys I know,' then BAM!, I could hardly breathe and I felt like I was going to explode! Then I DID explode! It was like dying ... or being born ... and it felt SOOOO good! Afterwards, I just wanted to lie there forever, feeling that sweet warmth. But it was so HOT watching you guys fuck. I couldn't wait for my turn. I never expected to have another orgasm! You kept going, and going and the feeling kept building and building until suddenly it hit me! I was going to cum AGAIN! I KNEW it! Then I DID cum again! My god, it felt WONDERFUL! I never wanted to stop. I can't believe I came TWICE! This is just so incredible!"

By this time, Ruth and I were both laughing, enjoying Denise's joyful, rapid-fire babbling. I know some people like to talk after sex, but I began to wonder how long it would take Denise to unwind. I knew of one sure way to slow her down!

I reached out with both arms, flipped Denise (still talking) onto her back and flopped down between her legs. In a second I closed my mouth over her dripping pussy, seeking her clit with my tongue.

(End of Chapter 12 of 15)

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