tagIncest/TabooNadia Needs Her Step-Dad's Help

Nadia Needs Her Step-Dad's Help


"DADDY!" screamed my nude step-daughter Nadia -- partly in surprise, partly in mocking disdain -- as she reached down her slender body to grab the bedsheet puddled at the foot of her bed.

My cock, already nearly fully erection, instantly swelled into a throbbing, aching shaft inside my pants and underwear. Having seen the expensive sportscar parked in our driveway just now as I got home from work, I had assumed Nadia's new friend Paul was still here. I'd introduced Nadia to him after he responded to my Internet ad, for local hung men who might want to help teach my very sexy, and incredibly horny, 18 year old daughter how to fuck. The first time he picked up Nadia after school and drove her home, she had a smile on her face all night and couldn't put her fucking knees together. So this hadn't been a surprise, finding his car still at our place.

After finding the first floor empty and undisturbed, my prick had begun to pulse anxiously as I climbed the steps to the second floor and found Nadia's bedroom door ajar -- a pleasant change from the last couple of times she had men home after school, when she'd shut and locked her door. Even standing at the top of the steps, from inside her room I could hear muffled giggles.

Peeking into the crack left open by the door, and not seeing Nadia's bed, I pushed the door softly and poked my head inside her room. I was delighted to see her slender back and legs lying on her side on her bed, her long black hair and tight teenage ass facing me at the door, while Paul's much larger, sturdy naked frame laid on his side facing her. His hairy adult arm was wrapped around Nadia's back, his fingers (bearing his wedding ring) stroking her soft skin on her lower back. My daughter's face was near his, their eyes looking at each other as they were whispering something together privately.

His eyes alerted Nadia to my presence, and my recently-slutty step-daughter whipped her skinny face around to find me staring at her and her fuck-friend. As she rolled onto her back and sat upright to grab her bedsheet, I could see the glistening clear stains of cum on her smallish breasts and even a bit on the side of her triangular jaw.

"Daddy, you fuck, can't you see we're busy?" Nadia snickered as she laid on her back now, licking a drop of sperm near her mouth, pulling the bedsheet over Paul and herself up to her armpits, completely covering the both of them but for their shoulders and heads.

I grinned knowingly and approvingly, my penis aching in my pants. Nadia had her 18th birthday not even four months ago, but in that time she'd gone from a repressed, shy virgin to a cock-loving, easy slut. Don't get me wrong, I am not doing her myself. That's kind of sick, isn't it? She's not a blood-relative of mine, but she's my wife's daughter, and she's more or less my daughter now since I've been helping raise her for about 10 years. With her very successful mom Katya on another one of her long European business trips this month, which had become the norm since she began her communications company a few years ago, I was raising Nadia myself more or less. And it turned out Nadia was every bit a cock-craving hottie as her mom, only she needed some help from me to actually live out her fantasies. Yes, I thought Nadia was incredibly delicious and fuckable, even as her step-dad; her petite and narrow shoulders and hips, her b-cup boobies and stiff nipples, her exquisite porcelain skin and Russian cheeks and jawline -- I'd fantasized about her plenty. But it's not a daddy's, or a step-daddy's, job to fuck his daughter. Dutifully, I'd been setting her up with other adult men, at first just in compromising situations that inevitably led to sex but now recently simply for fuckdates.

She stared at me with feigned horror, but her eyes smiled at me playfully. Maybe I was meant to "discover" her in bed with Paul; surely she knew I would be coming home from work around this time.

I pretended to be ashamed and guilty, hanging my head low a moment. I was already thinking about going into the bathroom to jerk off my dick, which was pounding in pain inside my pants. A part of me thought about asking to watch, which until now she hadn't ever let me do -- and it was only recently, the last month or so, that she even let me know for sure she was getting fucked by these hot men. She'd been so embarrassed that she let them fuck her, she acted like nothing ever happened, even though I set her up to be fucked. It took a couple of months for her to realize Daddy was letting her have sex. So I played along. "Shall I shut your bedroom door?" I ask, already reaching for the doorknob to close it.

"Yeah," my brunette step-daughter replied quickly, but then she instantly changed her mind and blurted out something else. "NO! Wait a minute, you gotta DO something for us."

The urgency in her voice, and the thrill of something fun, gave me hope of being invited to do something exquisitely fun. Turns out, it wasn't quite what I would have imagined.

"Daddy," she grinned wickedly at me, a distinct air of feminine eroticism infused in her voice, "is it okay if, umm, well . . . ." Here eyes rolled and her pale-white cheeks blushed crimson red, and knowing her well I realized she was about to ask something she felt I might find a bit over the line. Lying behind her and looking at me silently, the 40-something year old married stud Paul chuckled, apparently knowing what her request would be. I got the feeling it would be something I'd find incredibly sexy. She hesitated, took a breath, and continued. "Daddy, Paul and, like, a friend or something, have got a beach house for this weekend -- I'm sure you don't mind if, um, if I go?"

Now this sounded interesting for sure, I was smiling even as she asked it. It proved her lessons about sex this summer had been working exactly as I intended, maybe even better than I could have imagined. Just this past Saturday I'd left her alone with two hung adult men who fucked the living shit out of her, her first time satisfying two grown men at once. So now her confidence in her sexual abilities was evidently very high, she was agreeing to sex with guys even without her pervy Daddy's help. "Sounds like a weekend of fun in the sun," I mused for her, trying to act casual and not let on like it would be filled with sex. I never, ever said anything, ever, about her getting fucked. That seemed to be how she liked it, as if it was our little game. Frankly, if you could transcribe every conversation I had with her all summer, you'd never be able to tell that she knew I was aware she was fucking these men. I acted like it wasn't ever about sex, and, she never said anything to me about fucking. But I was now incredibly aroused realizing she was going to fuck someone else whom I didn't even know at all. "So who's the friend, honey, someone you know baby?" I direct the question to Nadia, not Paul.

I saw the shapes under the bedsheet moving. Paul was moving his hips behind her. Nadia let out a little, soft gasp, and her thin, tiny jaw trembled a moment. From that little yelp, I figure he just slid his cock up against her little asscheeks, as she lay on her side in front of him; the little motion in the bedsheet told me he was slowly grinding his fat adult cock up and down her asscrack. Nadia's eyes were on mine, watching me see her naked in bed with the horny adult male. She was enjoying my attention, even though of course officially I didn't know what was happening since the bedsheet was covering it all. So I was a bit startled, but very excited, to see more motion under the bedsheet. Nadia slid her upper harm behind herself, downwards, to grab the stud's penis behind her.

Nadia shrugged at my question about who the other guy was, again not saying anything that sounded sexual. "Yeah, sorta -- a friend, er, friends of Paul's."

Wow, I thought! My eyes get wide, and I didn't really try to hide my excitement. "Friend-SSS? More than one?" I smile at the pervy male laying behind my daughter, even more aroused that he's going to share her with other men. Maybe she told him about this past Saturday, I thought. I had always wondered if I could make her such a slut that she'd agree to be gang-banged, but I wasn't sure I could broach that line. Apparently, she was willing and she didn't need Daddy's help.

Her hand was undoubtedly stroking Paul's thick dick between their bodies, all hidden by the bedsheet. Her shoulder, visible to me, was making very small circular motions, and as she reached behind herself I could see the shape of Paul's hips under the bedsheet now wiggling at about the same rhythm. Nadia wryly smiled at my question and confirmed, indirectly, just how slutty this 18 year old had become. "Yeah, Daddy, um -- three of them, Paul and his friends . . . you don't mind, do you, Daddy, if I go with them?" Her smile was ear to ear, although she briefly bit her lower lip displaying a slight nerve. I could tell she was loving this, her newfound sexual prowess, all on display for her loving Daddy.

I giggled that she was pretending to ask me for permission -- or, maybe she was actually asking for it, but she was 18 now, wasn't she. She had become the confident, aggressive little slut I thought she would be; just like her mom, whom I met years ago at a swinger party only a couple of months after she emigrated from Russia.

Very surprisingly, I found myself in new terrain. We still hadn't actually mentioned sex to each other, but she was asking to fuck a bunch of men. It was a fantasy of mine, to openly discuss her sexual affairs, and I wasn't sure -- the way the summer had gone -- that it would ever actually happen. Not that, at the moment, I was sure it would happen; she still wasn't saying anything to me that was provocative. So I decided to give her the chance to come right out and tell me she was going to get fucked.

Sounding like the proper father who inquired about his daughter's activities, I adopted a bit of a serious, studious tone. "Well, tell me more, honey -- are you just going to spend the whole weekend at this beach house and at the beach?"

The little brunette vixen grinned and nodded. "Definitely." Paul moaned behind her. I saw his arm around her, under the bedsheet, sliding down her slender teenage body -- reaching into her crotch, I assumed, from the shapes made by the bedsheet draped over them. I couldn't repress my moan, as I saw the shape of his hand reaching over her pelvis, maybe even now touching her pussy. He had to be touching it. Nadia's jaw dropped more, and she let out a tiny squeal as I imagined her friend's stiff adult finger found her clit and started rubbing it softly.

I still pretended not to notice that she was stroking his dick and he was rubbing her pussy. "Oh, I'm sure you'll have a fab time at the beach." She didn't mention she'd be fucking, but, the smile she was giving me, and the motions from under her bedsheets, left little room for debate. Now, the mention of the beach brought to mind a conversation I had with her not long ago, that she needed more bikinis like the string one I had bought her earlier in the summer. "Since you'll be on the beach all weekend, do I need to buy you some new bikinis for this little vacation?"

On the bed in front of me, my step-daughter and her adult friend were lost in a trance. Both were looking at me, but a bit past me, like I was the wall. I began to smell how horny they both were, the unmistakable odor of horny genitals was filling the room. They were masturbating each other, and pretty aggressively, as I stood in front of them. Nadia's eyes fixated on me in a couple of seconds, although her body belonged to Paul and his fingertips on her pussylips and clitty. "Uh -- uh -- um, no -- no, Daddy -- I, um -- I, you know, probably won't need it -- like -- its, like, um, kinda a private little beach I guess? And um -- well, I guess, I -- he said I won't need, um --"

"Oh!" I grinned in realization. Her smile grew even larger when it was clear that I understood what she meant, and I was readily going along with it. Fuck, I thought to myself, just tell me you're going to get fucked, Daddy just wants to hear that you're a little slut and going to get fucked all weekend. "So, it's a private beach -- you'll probably just want to, what, avoid tan lines and go naked the whole weekend?"

There, I said it. I wanted to add, "and get fucked all weekend," but, that was pretty good. I got it out into the open.

Nadia was nodding, but she really blushed before answering. She wanted to say it too, but she was hesitant. "Yes, Daddy -- that's it."

And suddenly, she yelped a bit more, and her small head turned to look over her petite nude shoulder back at Paul. There was commotion around her hips under the bedsheet. I saw an inverted "V" shape rise in the bedsheets where her legs were, as Paul began raising Nadia's upper leg to spread her open as she lay on her side. A moment later he was sliding his body downwards a bit, moaning too, and I assumed he was positioning his big penis against her pussy from behind as she lay on her side -- hidden from her father's eyes by the bedsheet.

I'd seen pictures of his dick, he emailed them to me when I was trying to determine if he'd be a good candidate to pick up Nadia after school a couple times a week. He sent me this one photo of his huge cock stretching out a college-aged girl, the look of joy and pain on her face was monumental. Even touching his big cockhead to Nadia's pussy, apparently, was a delight.

"So, let me get this straight," I panted adoringly, knowing full well that the male was positioning himself to fuck my step-daughter. There was no reason to keep hiding from the truth, no matter how much fun it had been this summer. Now was the moment I could ask her anything at all. "You're gonna be naked at a beach house all weekend with Paul and three men?"

My slutty step-daughter look back at me, biting her lip, and I could see she was hiding something else from me. But at the moment she had to be feeling Paul's big married dick against her tiny, teenage cunt, the fat round head undoubtedly rubbing her shiny wet little pink lips that I made her shave all the time now, and I could visualize him smearing precum and her juices all around her skin. With all that fun activity over her pussy she was barely able to nod at my question, "Uh huh," she purred, admitting aloud that she'll be naked with four adult men.

I smiled even more at the image, and I was definitely loving the little sex monster I had created. "So -- princess, have you MET any of these other men before?"

Now she shook her head, while her eyes were glassing with the feeling of her vagina beginning to ache for more the attention from the fat cock against it. "Um -- no, Daddy. Not -- not yet. But, um -- Paul says -- he says they are all nice. And like -- really hot."

"Nice and hot, huh," I stammer, watching the shapes of the bedsheet moving while I was inhaling the odors of two horny naked people under it. Paul has his arm still draped around her smallish body, apparently pressing his hand into her belly or maybe reaching to touch her clitty. He was starting to pant, his jaw open and heavy deep breaths landing on the side of Nadia's petite neck, and the bedsheet had various shapes undulating more energetically while both of them were gasping for air. I had the distinct impression his cock was about to penetrate my step-daughter's pussy from behind.

I'm not sure what turned me on more, seeing (sort of) Nadia about to get fucked, or the image of her on a beach naked with four horny adult men. I wanted to hear her talk more about it, that was for sure. "So -- of course you can go on this trip, it sounds fun, just, you sure you don't mind getting naked in front of men you haven't met before, do you honey?"

Her answer was so fucking quick. "Nope, Daddy!" And she looked at me lustfully, as if she wanted me to fuck her, but I knew it was because she was wanting Paul's big cock to do the deed.

With Paul either about to fuck her or already doing it, I just blurted out what was on my mind, with my eyes staring at the bedsheet wishing I had X-ray vision. "So, um -- I mean with you naked on the beach and all -- do you plan to, you know --" I smiled, hoping she'd smile back, but her jaw didn't move, she was concentrating on the dick against her pussy. I finished my thought. "You gonna let any of these other men you haven't met, are they gonna get to FUCK you, Nadia?"

I said it! I was so proud of myself.

Her jaw was trembling, and her head fell back, pressing against Paul's shoulder behind her, and from another yelp I could tell his wonderful penis had just penetrated her pussy and he was now starting to fuck my step-daughter from behind, as they both lay on their sides on the bed. And she answered my question zestfully, in sheer delight, while she felt her pussy getting probed. "OOOOH yeah Daddy --- oh yessss!"

I wasn't sure if she was saying "Yes" to answer my question, or if she was encouraging Paul as he started to fuck her little cunt. I couldn't stop myself from clarifying what she meant, by asking her much more directly and bluntly. "Is my sexy babydoll going to let three men she never met fuck her all weekend at the beach?" Guys, you ever ask your daughter or step-daughter anything like this before?

Now she looked at me directly, biting her lower lip again as the bedsheet was swaying up and down, back and forth, showing off that Paul was fucking her from behind, her upper leg raised and knee bent to give him access. She gave me the honest truth to my blunt question, and I loved it. "Fuck yes, Daddy -- Paul says they're all going to FUCK me -- they've seen pictures of me like, naked, and he says they all want to fuck me with their BIG dicks all weekend!"

I almost came in my pants, hearing my step-daughter talk to nasty to me. I'd never heard her talk like Russian trash before, but from the reports of the men she'd been with, I wasn't really surprised. My underwear was soiling with precum already, but her porn-filled mouth made my dick leak that precum in a pool. "Wow," her impressed father gasped breathlessly, imagining the scene she was describing, "you're going to have a LOT of cum on you this weekend, aren't you?" I couldnt believe I was actually saying this to her."

"Yes, Daddy, uh huh!" Her lower lips was trembling more, her breath was short and she was panting. Paul was fucking her for sure.

I gulped, feeling myself sweat as I observed the undeniable signs of Nadia being fucked while hearing her admit she wanted cum all over her in a gang-bang on the beach.

"Wow," I moaned again, sinking into the perversion of the moment. And now I had another question I'd always wondered about, and with all the lust I was feeling and Nadia's new-found honesty, I just asked it. "Will you let them cum in your vagina too? Do you let guys squirt inside you?"

The brunette tossed her slender head back, her long sweaty hair falling between herself and Paul lying behind her. Her answer was delicious. "Oh I hope they do Daddy!" she roared, turning her face to look back at Paul behind herself, as she felt his fat erection pushing into her cunt, with her daddy watching the bedsheet covering the sex. "Daddy -- you have no idea, I fucking love cum shooting in me, and covering me all over too!"

She was so like her mother, I gasped. Her mom might have even said those very fucking words, any number of times. I was shaking my head in amazed disbelief, watching and smelling her and Paul fucking under the bedsheet in front of me, and barely beginning to think of what that beach house will look like with my nude daughter and FOUR naked adult men -- and their huge throbbing cocks. "Frak it, Nadia, you're going to have SO much fun. You'll probably end up getting fucked on the car ride to the beach!"

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