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Naked America, a New Day Nude Day


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Nude Day earmarks a new day for the middleclass American.


Robert took one last look at himself in the mirror and fussed with his necktie, before leaving his hotel suite to get in the limousine. His assistants, Vivian, a beautiful redhead, Priscilla, a sultry brunette, and Susan, a buxom blonde were already in the car awaiting his direction. Boston was their 39th city in 39 days.

It took a year to get the engine started and their machine moving, but now that it was going at full speed, their traveling show steamrolled across the country. Supported by raves reviews, their movement had caught the attention of the national press and both Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric had interviewed Robert, and Oprah, Leno, and Letterman invited him and his three striking assistants on their shows. What had started a year ago, on Nude Day, had finally taken the country by storm.

At first locally, then nationally, every day a newspaper somewhere recorded another sighting of naked people. Every day there was another video on the Internet of naked people not only celebrating Nude Day but also subscribing to Robert's New Day Nude Day. Finally going global and now receiving the attention he needed to go over the top, there were daily reports of outbreaks of naked people in Japan, Australia, Canada, and England.

One would think, especially those men and those women who first saw Robert and his three stunningly attractive assistants, and who weren't as outwardly attractive as Robert, Vivian, Priscilla, and Susan, that he was a flimflam man. No doubt, they'd think that his message was just another scam to fleece those people, who could ill afford it, out of what little money they had left from a double dip recession. Only their charges that he was a flimflam man and that his message was just another scam fell short, when he didn't charge anyone any money to attend his seminars. Giving out no special favors, his seminars were free, so long as they made an advance appointment and waited their turn on the list with everyone else.

The list, as well as the wait, of those waiting to get in was long. Of course, those who were interested could buy his book, listen to his CD's, watch his DVD's, and/or wait for the movie, Naked America, a New Day Nude Day, that was already in production and soon to be release in select theatres. Looking at Robert and his three beautiful assistants, those who fell short in appearance and social skills were as jealous as they were suspicious and quick to write him off as talking rubbish.

Yet, the limousines that followed Robert's limousine were filled with those attendees randomly selected from his waiting list to act as special guest hosts and ushers. Now, with new guest hosts and ushers filling those roles in every city he visited, people were willingly stripping naked to get in to hear him speak. With so many people out of work or underemployed, out of money, out of hope, and desperately looking to grasp onto the last straw of salvation, he had plenty of volunteers to choose from to fill those roles.

Emily, a young professional, just out of college and just beginning her career, was engaged to be married in October. She rode in the second limousine. Also riding in the second limousine was Walter, a retired school teacher, who wore a different bowtie each day.

Anthony, as full of confidence as he was blessed with good looks, was a new devotee, after he read Robert's book three times, listened to his CD's, and watched his DVD's daily. Then, there was Ruby and Tyrone, a mother and son team, who were as devoted to Robert and his mission, as they were to one another and to their church. Their mission was to report back to their congregation all that they heard and all that they saw.

George, the last passenger in the second limousine, who lost his job four years ago and was unable to find another one, would have committed suicide had he not read Robert's Naked America, a New Day Nude Day book first. Rounding out the passengers in the third limousine was Cynthia, a retired municipal worker who struggled to live in Boston on her meager retirement and Social Security check and five other devotees of Robert's Naked America, a New Day Nude Day quasi religion. A slice of the current economically challenged America, they were all eager to help make a change.

The three limousines pulled up to the convention center and all sixteen passengers alighted with faces full of enthusiasm for what they were all about to do. The job of each limousine passenger was to enlist another dozen or so people, who were already instructed by the seminar, book, CD, and/or DVD. They roamed the aisles, passed out literature, and answered questions, while soliciting new devotees.

Normally saved for computer, home, boat, and auto shows, the convention hall easily held 50,000 people, a crowd bigger than those that regularly attended Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox play and there were, at least, that many waiting to hear Robert speak every day in 30 different cities for the next month. Run much in the same way as a political campaign, Robert, if he wanted to, could use his message as his mission to run for Congress, but he didn't want to be a mere Congressman. True to his calling, he believed that his message was far greater and more important than that.

Robert readied himself backstage, while his three assistants catered to his needs. Every time he spoke, more people wanted to hear him speak. To date, Boston was his biggest crowd and he expected an even bigger crowd in Hartford tomorrow with New York eclipsing that the next day.

Coined as being the wizard of the average man and woman, oftentimes called Doctor, he was quick to correct anyone who mistakenly called him the wizard or doctor. He was just a man, just like them, an average, unemployed man who lost his job, his home, his car, and his family. Taking it upon himself, his role was to wake up the sleeping giant, the powerful middleclass that, when banded together and united as one, they could make the changes that they wanted to make and not what a select few of the very rich forced upon us. Moreover, for the longer term, Robert knew he was amassing a trump card in popularity that he planned to use in his bid to run for the presidency of the United states in 2016.

With no podium, no chair, and not even glass of water waiting to wet his dry throat, Robert didn't even clutter his hand with a microphone. He wore a simple headset attached to the sound system, before standing naked in front of the crowd. Even when not standing there naked, with just the power of his message, he always stood naked in front of the crowd.

"Thank you all for attending my Naked America, a New Day Nude Day seminar," he said looking out at the crowd, while trying to make eye contact with everyone in the audience. "These are my assistants," he said slowly turning and waving his hand to his right, "Vivian, Priscilla, and Susan. For those of you who think that this is just a striptease show and/or titillating nude demonstration, please leave now. The rest of us don't need your negative energy."

For such a large assembled group of people, the crowd was eerily quiet, as everyone looked to one another, before looking around, and waiting to see who'd leave, but no one did.

"There are no cameras, camcorders, or recording devices allowed, and all cell phone communication is expressly forbidden. For those who cannot obey those rules, you will be asked to leave. As there are many who want to be here and to hear me speak, we are one unified mass and those who try to disrupt this seminar will be driven out, as if a cancerous tumor invading a body," said Robert pausing in his speech to survey the crowd. "Shall we begin?"

Robert removed his necktie and unbuttoned his collar and then removed his suit coat and began unbuttoning his shirt. He neatly hung everything on a coat rack that was expressly rolled out to collect his clothes and the clothes of his assistants.

"For those of you who don't know, my intention is to get naked," he said unbuttoning his shirt cuffs and removing his shirt. "My assistants, Vivian, Priscilla, and Susan are removing their clothes, as well, as are my ushers, Emily, Walter, Anthony, Ruby, Tyrone, George, and Cynthia, along with whoever else they invited to participate in this naked demonstration. For those of you who are offended by nudity, please leave now."

Robert paused, while looking out over the crowd, as those in the audience looked from one to another, but no one moved.

"I invite anyone else who'd like to remove their clothes and join us in this naked experience to do so now."

A few brave souls within the crowd began stripping off their clothes.

"Nudity is my personal symbolism and public salvation for what I'm all about and who I am," said Robert removing his shirt and tee shirt, before removing his shoes and socks. Then, unbuckling, unbuttoning, unzipping, he removed his pants and underwear.

As if a magician showing the crowd that he had nothing to hide, he held his arms out to his side, while slowly turning three hundred sixty degrees. Vivian, Priscilla, and Susan removed their dresses, bras and panties and stood before the crowd just in their high heeled shoes. Doing the same, they held their arms out to their sides and slowly turned three hundred sixty degrees.

"Here I am just a man, naked in front of you with nothing to hide. Maybe now, you'll see me for who I am. Maybe now, you'll believe the truths that I'm about to tell you. Maybe now, you'll trust me. It's hard to lie or to be deceptive, when I'm so exposed. I dare say, if all of our interactions with one another were so open and honest, we wouldn't have misunderstandings. I dare say that if all of our politicians were as open and honest, when giving us the naked truth, we wouldn't have a financial crisis, a budget deficient, and wars."

One by one, more of the audience began removing their clothes. What had started as a way to enlighten, empower, and impassion people had now become a movement.


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