Naked and In Charge


Next, she bent over and pulled down her panties. By the time she finished getting the panties past her sandals and then stood back up, those perfect nipples where rock hard, jutting out almost half an inch. I also saw that the removal of Mercedes' panties revealed a thick patch of dark brown pubic hair. It was trimmed just enough to accommodate an average bikini.

Everyone else disrobed together. The two Bills were in better shape than me, undoubtedly from healthy eating and lifting crates of vegetables all day, and their wives were both pretty buff as well. Bill Sr. and Stacy were in their late forties, but they didn't look a day over thirty-five. Lucinda was just a bit younger than Allie, and just as much of a knockout, but in a Latin American way.

Seeing all of these naked women before me, and especially seeing my lovely, sexy, sister-in-law naked for the first time, I couldn't help but react. I grew hard under the table. Allie saw this and made me stand up again. "Here's a sight you are going to have to get used to, Mercedes. You have such a hot body that guys are going to be saluting you all day long. Even my husband can't help himself. Of course, he gets hard at the drop of a hat anyway. Be forewarned. This is going to be his natural state pretty much all of Nude Day." My hairy, uncircumcised cock isn't much to look at when soft, but it grows to a fair size when hard.

Lucinda giggled, "Billy's getting hard, too."

Bill Jr. said, "Well, yeah!" He pointed to where Lucinda was obviously manipulating him under the table with her left hand. "Enough of that, my dear. I'm trying to eat, here."

Mercedes turned bright red, the hardest I've ever seen her blush. She said to Lucinda, "I'd never have the guts to do anything like that--right in front of your in-laws, I mean."

Lucinda said, "Oh, you won't find a more liberal couple in Greenville than Bill and Stacy here. Maybe I should explain that our produce market originally started out as a coop in a hippie commune."

Stacy added, "Yeah. I was only a kid at the time, but I grew up among a bunch of skinny-dipping free-love types. We had our share of problems, but I like to think that I kept the best parts of that attitude and lifestyle going, both personally and as I took over the business. So, who am I to stop my lovely daughter-in-law from getting frisky with her husband if she wants to?"

Mercedes coughed to clear her throat and changed the subject. "Well, um, are you and I the only women in town who have any pubic hair left? It seems like everyone else has only a small landing strip, if that."

So, I wasn't the only one who noticed that Lucinda had a Brazilian. Add that to Allie's bare pussy and the shaved pussies of Cindy and Martha from earlier, and I could see why Mercedes might wonder at the trend.

Stacy said, sheepishly, "Actually, Mercedes, I'm having mine waxed off before Nude Day gets here, as well."

Mercedes said, "That settles it! Somebody loan me some scissors." Everyone laughed.

Allie asked, with a grin, "Right this minute?" Mercedes just shook her head no.

There was a lull in the conversation after that, and then we turned to mundane topics. While everyone remained comfortably naked, no one mentioned it any further--not until the evening died down and it was time for our guests to get dressed again so they could leave.

Stacy spoke for the Evans clan, "Thanks for a great party. We'll have to do this again sometime—including the dress code." She winked at me. I was still naked and, as if to prove Allie's earlier comment about my natural state, once again sporting a hard on.

"Especially the dress code." That was from Bill Jr., who was receiving a goodbye hug from my still-naked wife at the time, and didn't hesitate to give her fine ass a quick squeeze before heading out the door.

For the rest of the night Allie, Mercedes and I remained naked as we went about our normal routines: doing dishes while watching the news, checking e-mail, brushing our teeth, and so on. It didn't take very long for Mercedes to get used to being naked in front of us, as I knew it wouldn't. When it was time for bed, Mercedes even gave us both a naked hug, and thanked us again for putting her up.


The next day, I was alone in the kitchen eating breakfast with plans to head out to the hardware store, when I looked up to see Mercedes enter. Not only was she was still naked from the night before, but she had followed through on finding those scissors. She had shaved her pubic hair off completely.

Mercedes pretended like she didn't see me at first. She stood just inside the entrance to the kitchen with her feet apart, yawning and stretching, allowing me to clearly see all of her fabulous body. She gave me more than enough time to study how the rounded halves of her pussy were separated by a quarter-inch gap that revealed a little of the pinkness of her inner labia. Just when I thought this girl couldn't look any hotter, she went and did that.

Mercedes eventually pretended to notice me gazing at her. She froze in place with her arms still stretched out away from her body--acting like the proverbial deer in the headlights. "Oh. Hi, Wesley. I didn't see you there. Did you sleep well?" She gave me her most innocent smile.

"Yes, and I'm wide awake now, but don't give me any of your crap. You knew damn well I was here all along, you little tease. Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

Just then, Allie walked up behind Mercedes and goosed her, nudging Mercedes two steps closer to me and allowing Allie to enter the room. Allie was just as naked as her sister. Allie told me, "This is just a test run. There's time for the hair to grow back before the fourteenth, but I'm guessing Mercedes will learn to love keeping it bare."

"I hope so," I smiled. Then, I said, "Say, would either of you ladies care to accompany me to the hardware store? I recommend that you come as you are. You can give those old geezers behind the counter a thrill."

Mercedes looked a little shocked, but didn't say anything as she tried to figure out if I was being serious. Allie said, "Temping as that sounds, we're just going to hang out around the house, today."

"Suit yourself."


Chapter 4: Nude Day Parade

"Hurry up and put your shoes on, guys! We need to get going." Allie's voice drifted down from the top of the stairs, where she had just finished showering. I had already put on sandals before refilling my coffee. I was otherwise naked, if you don't count the thick layer of sunscreen that I put on after my shower.

"Yes, dear!" I continued to read my newsfeed. Allie then walked swiftly past me carrying a pair of white, cotton socks. When she got to the kitchen door where we tend to leave our shoes, she stood with her back to me and one hand on the doorframe. While she lifted one foot after the other to put on the ankle-length socks, I marveled for the hundredth time how Allie's tits were large enough that the sides of them were visible from the back. I further watched as Allie turned around to slip her feet into her favorite white tennis shoes. She reached down, bending only at the waist, to tie the laces. In this position, those puppies swayed before her. Most women think guys only like tits that are firm and solid, but I think it's much better when gravity does interesting things to them in different positions.

"You're doing that on purpose to tease me. Aren't you? You want to see me walking around today with a hard on, is that it?" I walked up beside her.

"You know I am, Darling." She stood up to face me and gave my dick a yank. "Well, this could certainly be harder," she observed.

"So could these," I said, grabbing a tit in each hand and fingering her nipples. I realized that we were standing next to the refrigerator. So, I reached into the freezer for an ice cube, which I then rubbed on Allie's nipples, one after the other.

Just then, Mercedes walked into the kitchen. She wore a pair of black sandals, and nothing else except her prescription sunglasses and a green tote bag slung over her shoulder. Once again I marveled at her perfect nineteen year-old body. As Allie predicted, Mercedes was again fully shaved.

"Alright, let's go," I said, tossing the partially melted ice cube into the sink. Mercedes saw that Allie's nipples were wet and gave us a funny look, but didn't say anything.

I wore a lanyard around my neck with just two keys on it. I used one to lock up the house and the other to open my car for the ladies. Being good citizens, we were careful to abide by the strict "undress code" for the day, so we left the house in only our footwear. We brought nothing that could be used to cover up in any way.

When we got to the parade grounds, Allie directed me to the parking spot that had been reserved for her, so that I would know where to park when Mercedes and I came back with the ice. Allie got out carrying only a clipboard that held her paperwork. Her ID badge was taped to the back. I watched my wife nonchalantly walk away from our car in nothing but a pair of tennis shoes, and I marveled for the millionth time at how lucky I am to be married to her, and to be in a place and time where things like this could happen.

Mercedes hopped into the front seat with me, and off we went in search of a liquor store. We found one four blocks away. Mercedes subconsciously hunched her shoulders and crossed her arms in front of her chest as we walked around the store, even though the clerk and the other customers were all naked, as well. The clerk gave me a conspiratorial smile as he realized that my friend was a Nude Day newbie.

During the drive back to the parade grounds, I asked Mercedes if she realized that she was doing it, and she suddenly got embarrassed. It's funny. She wasn't embarrassed about being naked itself, just about being an obvious newcomer. After we parked, I said, "Here, take these." I gave Mercedes two of the bags of ice to carry and I told her to be sure to hold them at her sides. This momentarily cured her of her modesty, and by the time we reached the part of the staging area where the ice chests were stashed, Mercedes and I must have been seen by 300 people at least. After that, Mercedes wasn't shy at all about letting others see her chest, or any other part of her body. "Allie was right," she confided. "This feels terrific. It's so liberating to walk around without any clothes on. I was worried at first, but seeing that absolutely everyone else around here is also naked is very reassuring."

The ice chests were located in the makeshift volunteer lounge that Cindy mentioned when her gang stopped by our house to give Allie that key. Two old railroad shipping containers had been placed at an angle against two windowless walls to form a private alcove. That's where those couches and the carpet remnant ended up. Cindy and Dale were both there when we arrived, and Mercedes was welcomed by a wolf whistle from Dale.

"Down, boy!" said Cindy.

I asked Dale if he had any interesting stories to share from when they lost that bet and had to spend a long weekend naked. Without going into any details, he admitted to making love to Cindy in his car a couple of times. "Oh, man, just telling you about that is making me hard again," Dale said, looking down.

"Don't worry, sugar," Cindy replied. "I'll take care you again soon enough." She winked and gazed over towards one of the couches. Then, turning towards me, she said, "When your wife told us to set up this lounge, she made sure we all understood that what happens here, stays here. By the way, you do know that all of us volunteers are 18 or older, right? Mrs. K was a stickler for that. She also told us to make sure we have a wing man standing guard when anything is going on, just in case. Of course, none of that's on record. We wouldn't want Mrs. K to get in any trouble, now."

"We love your wife, sir." Dale added. "She thinks of everything."

I whistled. "I do, too. And yes, she certainly does. Doesn't she?"

I looked over at Mercedes and I'm not sure she could believe what she was hearing. "Don't tell Allie you know about this, okay?"

Mercedes just shook her head, obviously indicating that she had no intention of saying anything to anyone.

Mercedes and I each snagged a water bottle and headed off in search of Allie. Allie wasn't hard to find, being all business behind a big bullhorn. I just love it when Allie is naked and in charge. Mercedes, all proud of her sister, pulled out a camera from her tote bag and took some pictures.

Things were really hopping by then. I tried to give Allie a kiss but she just shooed me away, so Mercedes and I headed out of the staging area to find our seats in the bandstands.

Along the way, we passed a couple of the decorated floats being staged. One was made to look like the Garden of Eden, and we watched as an Adam and an Eve each received last-minute touch-ups to their painted-on fig leaves.

I was particularly drawn to another float that was made to look like a nineteenth century theater stage with gas footlights and such. Six stunning women with long, flowing hair were lining up. They each wore nothing but high heels, a tiara, and a narrow sash. Four of them had dark hair and the other two were blondes. When we got close enough to read the sashes, I realized that they were the winners and runners-up from the last Miss Greenville Pageant and the last Miss Teen Greenville Pageant.

I whistled as I passed the six beauty queens, marveling at their perfect bodies with their perfect breasts, washboard stomachs, long legs and tight buns. Mercedes was marveling at how her sister managed to talk them into being in a Nude Day parade. "I thought that beauty pageant owners were usually pretty uptight about what their 'ambassadors' were allowed to do."

"From what Allie told me, the pageant owners had no choice in the matter. They're contractually obligated to participate in any city-run event that wants them, and the city ordinance requiring full nudity on Nude Day trumps the pageants' policies to the contrary."

Finally, we approached a couple of antique convertible cars that were lined up and ready to lead the procession. Mayor Fischer was holding a door open for his bombshell of a wife, Lisa Fischer. At first glance, you might call Mrs. Fischer a trophy wife. She looks like she's 20 years younger than the mayor, but I happen to know that they are only 7 years apart. They met in college. She was a freshman and he was in grad school. She just takes really good care of herself.

Mrs. Fischer was a petite 5'2" with bright green eyes and shoulder-length dirty blond hair. Flawless, firm breasts rode high on her chest. If Mrs. Fischer had competed in her day, she would have easily given those Miss Greenville beauty queens a run for their money.

"Hello, Mr. Mayor," I waved from about 10 yards away. "Great day for a parade, isn't it?"

The mayor turned and recognized me. He held out his hand to shake mine but his wife quickly jumped out of the car pushing past her husband to give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, Wesley!" she exclaimed. Your wife has really outdone herself. This parade is going to be awesome. We're going to have so much fun today."

She held on to me for a bit longer than I would have expected--not that I was expecting any hug at all--pressing her body solidly against mine. I was keenly aware of her hard nipples mashed against my abs. I could also feel her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair rubbing against my leg, and my cock started to rise. When we finally parted, Lisa looked down and saw the effect that she had on me and smiled.

Allie taught me never to be ashamed of sporting an erection, especially on Nude Day. So, I just acknowledged it by saying, "As you can see, you've already made my day."

"That's sweet of you to say, but this was nothing. Wait until you get your wife home tonight after the success of a job well done. Combine that with the visual stimulation of hundreds of marching penises, and I know she'll be insatiable. That, my friend, is what's going to make your day."

"If we even make it home..." I agreed.

It was then that I realized Mercedes had her camera out and caught the whole incident in two-point-four megapixel glory. Well, it certainly wouldn't be the last snapshot of me and my erection that day.

I introduced Mercedes to the Fischers and then I took the camera and made Mercedes pose standing between them. With a wink, the major said to me in a low voice, "Make sure I get a copy of that." Then, speaking louder, he addressed his wife. "Come along, dear. They can't start the parade without the mayor, you know."


Mercedes and I found our designated seats. Some bleachers had been erected at the start of the parade route, which was right across from City Hall, and Allie had slipped us into the VIP section. We drank our water and waited for the show to start.

Next to the VIP section, a video crew from the state college arts department was ready to record the parade for posterity. I pointed them out to Mercedes. "The plan is to broadcast the parade a few times during August, plus they'll use the footage for some kind of a documentary they are producing."

"Somebody's going to have a huge job blocking out all of the naughty bits."

"Oh, no. No blocking out. They'll be broadcasting the parade exactly as they film it. It'll be on the local cable access channel—just for the residents of Greenville."

Mercedes whistled.

We watched as two reporters took their seats behind a desk and began to describe for the viewers what was about to take place. Nameplates identified them as Roger White and Anna Simmons. Seated as they were, their genitals were hidden from view, but Ms. Simmons was not the least bit nervous about her bare breasts being exposed to the camera. They even jiggled quite a bit as she talked animatedly.

The reporters suddenly stopped talking, touched their earpieces, and then looked up towards the start of the parade route. Sure enough, there came two young girls wearing white gloves, white cowboy boots, and nothing else, holding a banner between them that read "Grand Marshal." Immediately behind them, three guys with trumpets blew a fanfare. They wore brown sandals and short, brown capes that left their asses exposed. It struck me as funny that the usual phallic symbolism of trumpets leading a grand entrance was rather redundant here.

A red antique convertible came next. The male driver wore nothing but a chauffer's hat. The silver-haired couple in the back was obviously in their 60's, but still looked pretty fit. A placard on the door named them as Grand Marshals Gene and Betty Harker.

"Who are they?" asked Mercedes.

"The Harkers were the ones who introduced National Nude Day to Greenville. It took them eight years to first get it on the city calendar. When their campaign finally worked, the Mayor at the time hired Betty to run the event. Allie only just took over last year." Watching the Harkers drive past, it was great to see them getting the credit they deserved, garnering a few cheers from people in the know as they politely waved to the crowd.

Next, two more cowboy-booted girls held up a banner that proclaimed, "The Mayor of Greenville," and then there was the white antique convertible carrying Mr. and Mrs. Fischer. The mayor sat sedately, waving one hand at the crowd, but Mrs. Fischer could hardly contain herself. She leaned way out of her side of the car, waving enthusiastically to anyone she knew and shouting out their names.

The float with the six beauty queens came next, and it was a real crowd pleaser, as you might expect. In stark contrast to the mayor's wife's exuberance, the beauty queens stood perfectly still, only turning their heads a little and doing that little wrist-only wave like the Queen of England.

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