Naked and In Charge


I won't bore you with a description of the entire parade, which took about an hour to go by, but one of the highlights for me was watching some varsity high school cheerleaders strut their stuff in front of their marching band. Along with their white tennis shoes and white hair ribbons, they were allowed to wear clear plastic miniskirts trimmed in white faux fur. Somehow, that made them look even more exposed than if they weren't wearing anything.

A float with white, fluted columns resembling some ancient ruins in Athens carried ten students from the state college. There were five guys representing the five fraternities, and five girls representing the five sororities. Their bodies were painted from head to toe to look like marble statues, and they stood frozen in place on short pedestals.

Some drama students ran around on foot, pausing in the street to perform short scenes from the Lion King. They wore sandals on their feet and grease paint on their faces, which were done up to resemble different animals. The actors did a good job of projecting their voices without the help of microphones and they were surprisingly entertaining.

Pulling up the rear was a troupe of jugglers and clowns. One clown pushed a cart containing a couple of old fashioned steel garbage pails, and three more clowns ran around making exaggerated motions with push brooms like they were cleaning up after the parade.

Some spectators crowded in after them to follow along, but they were polite about it. It didn't take much effort of the police escorts, who were on bicycles, to keep them at bay. The spectators just wanted to prolong the fun, to dance in the streets and be seen by the other spectators.


As the crowd thinned out, I stood up and looked around, trying to decide where we should go to look for my wife. After a minute or so, I decided that Mercedes and I should just stay put and let Allie find us.

Mercedes spotted her first. Allie was walking towards the camera crew, undoubtedly to see if they had gotten everything they needed. The next thing I knew, the two reporters were getting out from behind the desk and bringing their microphones with them. They positioned Allie with City Hall in the background and stood on either side of her. They obviously wanted to interview her on camera, and I can only imagine how nervous Allie was about that. I mean, it's one thing to be featured in a still shot on a poster that you, yourself, planned out, but it's another thing altogether to be spontaneously captured on video.

As Mercedes and I made our way over there, we saw a helper relieve Allie of her clipboard, radio, and bull horn. Then, a make-up artist came up to give Allie a quick treatment. She ran a brush though Allie's hair put some powder on Allie's forehead, shoulders, and chest, and applied a touch of rouge to her cheeks. Unabashedly, the make-up girl then aimed the rouge brush at Allie's light pink nipples. Embarrassed, Allie started to push her away, but Simmons, the woman reporter, held Allie's hands back and convinced her that the make-up artist knew what she was doing.

The make-up artist then turned her attention to the two reporters, adding some powder to White's forehead, and to Simmons' softball-sized tits. While the attention was off Allie, she took the moment to take a deep breath and put on her game face. "That's my girl." I said aloud to myself. Mercedes smiled at that from behind her camera. She took a dozen pictures of Allie as she was being prepared for the interview and another dozen once it got going.

Before the video cameras started rolling, the director, a tall black man in his 50's, had Allie and the two reporters stand closer together. They were so close that they were almost touching shoulders. "I know it feels strange to stand so close, but believe me the video will make you look farther apart. Now, Ms. Kingston, feel free to talk with your hands, but try not to cross your arms when at rest. When you want to relax your hands, just hold them against your thighs, with your fingers curled in slightly." Allie put her hands down like he described.

"Exactly," he approved. "And, finally, if you happen to bump your hand, or any other part of your body, against any parts of Roger's or Anna's bodies, just ignore it. Don't react. Don't apologize. Got it?"

"You mean like this?" Allie moved her right arm slightly and, using the back of her hand, touched it against Roger's long, thin penis. At the same time, she bumped the back of her left hand against Anna's blond public mound. Quickly, she put her hands back into the resting position against her thighs and acted like nothing had happened.

The director nodded and smiled, "And we're rolling..."

"We're here with Allison Kingston, Director of Special Events for Greenville Township and the woman responsible for National Nude Day, including the fabulous parade you just witnessed."

"Please, call me Allie. And don't make it sound like I pulled everything off single-handedly. I had lots of help. The mayor has three assistants, who helped me directly, plus there were over 50 volunteers--and I'm only talking about this years' celebration. This is the sixth annual official recognition of National Nude Day in Greenville, and it's most definitely the culmination of heroic efforts on the part of many people throughout the years."

"You mean people like Gene and Betty Harker, who were the Grand Marshals leading the parade?"

"Yes, especially them. We wouldn't have a Nude Day celebration if it wasn't for them."

"But, how did you become involved in all of this? What was your first experience with public nudity?"

"I had the good fortune to spend a summer in France visiting with my grandmother before she passed away. I was 17 at the time. I stayed with a cousin who took me under her wing, and she introduced me to the nude beaches they have there. That's where I met my first real boyfriend."

"Let me guess, that's where you lost your virginity?"

"Now we're getting a little personal, aren't we? Let's just say that, even though the relationship only lasted a few weeks before I had to return home to the States, it was the best few weeks of my life, up until then.... And then I went to college and met the man who would become my husband. He grew up here in Greenville, so we made this our home. I remember that we moved here during a Fourth of July weekend, so Nude Day, ten days later, was the first thing I participated in after settling in."

"What an introduction to your new home that must have been."

"I was elated. I felt like I was back in France, having the time of my life all over again. The next day, I went to town hall and asked what I could do help plan for the next year. They told me a new position was opening up for managing special events. I applied on the spot and was hired three weeks later. And the rest is history."

"A history that has shown that the Nude Day celebration keeps getting bigger and better every year."

"Indeed, it does. For example, almost six hundred people marched in the parade today, whereas last year it was about two-fifty, and the year before that, which was the first time we had a parade, it was about a hundred."

The two reporters continued to trade off asking Allie questions about the parade and her role in it, and Allie held up admirably. Roger asked a lot of factual and practical questions like, "Who built the various floats and how long did it take?" "Do you have an estimate of the crowd size?" and "Is the fact that it's already eighty-four degrees out here at ten A.M. a problem for anybody?"

Anna asked more subjective questions like, "Was it your idea to put the mayor in the parade and how hard was it to talk him into doing it?"

Allie gave confident, precise answers that were easy to understand, and she even cracked a few jokes. She painted a nice mental picture of the history of the event. She coolly answered all of the most common concerns and objections that come up. She even gave a hint as to what the future might hold in store. She was doing so well, in fact, that they kept it up for a very long time. Finally, the interview wound down and the director and two reporters thanked her profusely. "That's the best interview I've ever been involved with," said Ms. Simmons.

The director, who taught video production at the state college, finally introduced himself by name as John Ackers. "You were very professional up there, young lady, especially considering your state of undress. You appeared to be even less nervous than Anna here, and she regularly poses nude for the art classes on campus. If Mayor Fischer ever steps down, you should run for mayor yourself. You'd be a shoe in."

Somebody pulled the director away before Allie could even accept the compliment. She was given her bullhorn, radio, and clipboard back. Then, in no time flat, the crew had packed up their van and was pulling away. I heard somebody say they were headed back to campus to get footage of the nude Olympics being sponsored by a footwear company. I made a mental note to watch that footage as soon as I could.


By then, that part of the parade route had pretty much emptied out. Allie, Mercedes, and I were alone on our side of the street. Watching Allie's interview was such a turn on for me that I had evil thoughts of doing my wife right there in the open, in front of City Hall where she worked, and in front of her sister.

I settled for giving Allie a big hug, and she kissed me hard. Then, suddenly, she went limp in my arms, as if all the energy had been drained out of her. I picked her up and carried her to the rented table that the reporters had used for a desk, and I laid her down on her stomach. I stood at the head of the table and massaged Allie's neck and shoulders. Mercedes joined in and massaged her sister's back.

"You were great, Allie. That interview was fantastic," I told her.

"Oh, you like the idea of your wife being filmed in the nude for the whole world to see, huh? With her big tits hanging out? And her shaved pussy?"

"Yes, I do. Allie, I've never been more proud of you than I am right now."

We kept massaging her, but it wasn't working. "Man, Allie. I've never seen you this tense. Your neck muscles are really tight. I guess that must have been the hardest thing you've ever had to face, huh?" My admiration for my wife just went up another notch.

After a few minutes, we finally started to get Allie loosened up. Then, a call came across the walkie-talkie that demanded her attention. Allie sat up and took the call.

"Sorry, babe," she said to me. "Thanks for rub down, but I have to run. It looks like we have problems down at the end of the route."

Allie called for someone to pick her up, and few minutes later a volunteer in an electric cart pulled up. There was only room for one passenger, so Allie said to us, "I'll be done in about an hour. Um, how about we meet back here in my office?" She pointed across the street to City Hall. As the cart pulled away, I watched my wife get back on the walkie-talkie and give out more directions.


Chapter 5: Parade Cleanup

The sun was almost overhead by then and the temperature must have been in the mid 90's already. Mercedes and I were out of water, so we decided to head back to the volunteer lounge and grab another two bottles.

A couple of volunteers were busy cleaning up, filling trash bags and breaking down empty boxes. A tall, skinny boy with red hair was milling about by the storage bins. I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me. "Hi, Mr. Kingston. Can I help you with anything?" He spoke rather loudly, and I thought it was odd.

"Hi, umm... I'm sorry; I don't know your name."

"It's Joe."

"We were just hoping to see if there were any extra water bottles left, Joe."

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure we're all out." Again, he spoke louder than necessary.

"Oh, I get it." I said. "You're the wing man on lookout. We'd be interrupting something if we went back there. Don't worry. We're cool." I took Mercedes' hand and started to lead her away.

Just then, Cindy emerged from the lounge. She was panting and her thighs were slightly wet. Her pussy was clean-shaven, so it was obvious that she was freshly fucked. Her clit and inner labia were easily visible, and they were quite red.

She handed Mercedes and me each a water bottle. "Here you go, Mr. K." Then, she indicated the lounge and said, "You can come on back and sit down if you like." She thanked Joe for being the lookout and dismissed him saying, "Now we're even." I wondered what Cindy might have done in the past for Joe to owe her one.

We followed Cindy in and I was mildly surprised to find not just Dale waiting for her, but another couple as well. Cindy introduced the other couple as Judy and Charlie. They were seated on the larger of the two couches, and Dale was alone on the slightly smaller one.

Cindy had Charlie scoot over to make room for Mercedes on his couch, while she bade me to sit on the short couch with Dale and then she squeezed between us.

Dale handed Cindy a paper towel and she used it to wipe the juices from her pussy and thighs. I saw crumpled up paper towels near the other couple, too. "It looks like everyone was having a good time just now. I'm sorry I missed it." The guys didn't say anything, but the girls smiled and nodded.

Since Cindy was being so bold, I watched her intently as she wiped herself clean. "I think you missed a spot," I said.

"Where?" She opened her legs wide and crunched forward to look at herself.

I started to point out a spot, and then acted confused for a second and my finger wavered around. "Never mind, you got it all."

"Ugh, you got me." She pulled her legs back together.

"Why doesn't your girlfriend do something about that?" asked Judy, pointing at my erection. (Did I mention I got another erection at the sight of Cindy's inflamed pussy?)

Mercedes said, "I'm not his girlfriend, I'm his wife's sister."

"And my wife is at the other end of the parade route right now." I explained. "She's going to be busy for at least another hour."

"Ouch," said Charlie. "That's a long time to wait."

"Yeah, a long time," agreed Judy.

"I could take care of that for you now, if you like." This was Cindy offering. She held her hand, palm down, floating above my cock by a few inches, and then tilted her head to look up at me, smiling. I thought the offer might have been only in jest, but I wasn't so sure.

Suddenly, Judy stood up saying, "Come on girls. This guy needs an emergency cumectomy." She pulled her boyfriend up and pushed him towards the entrance along with Dale. "Shoo boys. You've had your turn. Give the man some privacy. Go be our wingmen and talk about sports or something."

A minute later, I found myself being accosted by Judy on one side and Cindy on the other—two naked college girls that I barely knew. I tried to stop them. "You can't. My wife..."

Cindy made me shut up by placing her hand over my mouth. "You wife will thank us for doing her a favor. Now scoot to the center to give Judy some room, and relax."

Judy asked Mercedes, "How about you, sister? Are you going to help or what?"

Mercedes could not believe what she was witnessing, but neither could she tear herself away. "I'll just watch," she decided with a grin. She even started to reach for the camera in her tote bag, but stopped with her hand only halfway there. I didn't know if I was more relieved or disappointed that the camera didn't come out.

Leaving my cock alone at first, four delicate hands explored my body. Cindy and Judy ran their fingers through my hair, and they rubbed my legs and all of my parts in between. My hands were pinned under their asses, preventing me from being an active participant, which was fine by me. It was bad enough that I didn't fight them off harder.

Eventually, Cindy made her move. She ran her fingernails through my pubic hair then grabbed my balls and manipulated them.

"Oh, yes! That feels good."

"It sure does!" said Cindy.

Judy encircled the base of my cock with just her thumb and index finger and started sliding them up and down. She'd go about halfway up and then stop and go back down, not even getting close to the head.

After a minute of this, Cindy went in for the kill. She slid off the couch onto her knees and licked me with her tongue. She used only the tip of her tongue at first, making fleeting contact with different parts of the helmet and the shaft. With each move, more and more of her tongue came into play, and it wasn't long before my head was fully engulfed in her luscious mouth.

Meanwhile, Judy has shifted around on the couch and was now feeding me one of her tits. She took my right hand, which had been freed when Cindy moved, and placed it over her pussy. I couldn't help myself and explored Judy's charms with my fingertips.

Cindy kept taking more and more of my cock into her mouth and was almost down to the base. I had been ready to explode from the moment she encircled me with her lips, but I held it back as long as I could. I warned Cindy when I couldn't hold it back any longer, and she released my cock from her mouth, switching back to using her hand. I let go and squirted several times. Most of it arced back into the air to land on my stomach or groin.

"Oh, my god!" exclaimed Mercedes.

"I'm all done," declared Cindy.

"I'm not," said Judy. She was just starting to get herself off with my fingers manipulating her cunt.

Cindy looked at what I was doing then said to me, "You're not doing that right. Here, let me..." She pushed me away and took my place. I watched for a second, but I couldn't tell how she was fingering Judy any differently than I was.

Mercedes handed me a paper towel and I used it to wipe myself clean. "You need one, too." I pointed to where some of my jizz had landed on her left thigh.

That was when Mercedes totally blew my mind. Instead of using a paper towel, she scooped up my jizz with her finger and then sucked it into her mouth. She made a face like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. I was dumbfounded.

With a big grin, Mercedes said, "We should go."

Cindy was still working on making Judy come, and I would have liked to keep watching, but I realized I was being selfish. So, I went out and rounded up the boyfriends and sent them back in. Mercedes and I took over the wingman duty until we heard Judy explode. She's not the loudest screamer I've ever heard, but it was up there.

We popped our heads back in to say goodbye, but Judy said, "Wait! How long has it been since you reapplied sunscreen?" She reached into one of the bins and pulled out a bottle of Banana Boat.

"Oh, good idea. Thanks."

I expected her to toss us the bottle, but instead she signaled for us to come join her on the rug. She started applying sunscreen to my chest. Cindy jumped up and said, "I'll get his back."

Mercedes smiled looking at Dale and Charlie, "Who's going to do me?" The boyfriends started to fight over who got to work on Mercedes' front, but she settled the matter by turning sideways. "Charlie can do my left side, front and back, and Dale can do my right."

Judy added, "And guys, be sure to apply plenty of overlap in the middle. Don't take any chances."

Mercedes giggled as Charlie and Dale did a thorough job of covering her skin from head to toe, paying extra attention to her tits, ass, and pelvic region. When Dale got so bold as to try and insert a finger in her pussy, she gently pushed him away. "That's enough of that. Down, boys. Keep moving down, boys."

Judy took her own advice on me and made sure my stiffening cock was well covered, even though Cindy already took care of it. Soon, I sported a solid erection again.

"Oh, man! Are we going to have to do another cumectomy?"

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