tagInterracial LoveNatalia Ch. 05

Natalia Ch. 05


After that night when Marcus gave me some of the best sex I've ever had and filled me deep with his really dark black dick we began hooking up regularly. I wouldn't say we are in a relationship, but we are dating. My feeling is that Marcus and I are together because he finally has a woman who is just as kinky as him sexually and is naughty enough to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

I'm not like the other girls at the university because I'm not ashamed of being considered a slut. I'm proud of who I am and I'm going to enjoy as many black cocks as I want because that is what I like and enjoy.

What people don't understand is that after sleeping with a black man I just became more confident within myself, especially during social gatherings or just walking through campus because when the white guys and girls around campus see me they just immediately know only black men can satisfy her and fulfill her sexual needs. This mentality not only boosts my confidence, but makes me feel more superior than the other girls. I'm curvy, beautiful and proud of the fact only a black man can satisfy me. In addition, after being blacked I'm much more open with my sexuality and not afraid of being degraded, which these other girls definitely aren't enjoying themselves like I am.

Anyways, about a week ago Marcus and I were laying down on his couch and he put on some pornography of a white girl with dark features like myself on his iPhone. As the film continued, two black men appeared in the film and I instantly remembering of the time Marcus mentioned fucking me with a friend or two. My pussy began dripping and I reached for Marcus's black cock and rubbed it gently up and down.

I knew where Marcus was getting at with the film, but I didn't want to show him it was turning me on. So I asked him "Why are you having me watch this film with two black guys? Seems to me that you're hinting at something" as I opened my mouth wide like I've done plenty of times before and put his long dark dick deep inside my mouth.

As I was sucking his black dick top to bottom Marcus responded "You know exactly what my intentions are girl. I want you to get fucked like the bad girl you are!"

Once I heard that I began sucking his dick aggressively to the point he was about to blow his cum down my throat. I came back up and got directly on top of him. I then put his black dick in my vagina and rode him so hard and fast he came inside me and I immediately came as well.

We were out of breath and I laid on top of him for a minute trying to catch my breath. I eventually rolled off of him and grabbed my pack of Marlboro Lights. I placed the all white cigarette in my mouth and Marcus reached for the lighter and lit my cigarette like a gentleman like he always does. I sucked in the smoke and blew out a sexy stream of smoke and all I could say was "Marcus you're amazing. The sex just keeps on getting better with you!"

Marcus lit his cigarette and said "Baby you did all the work. You're bad!"

I took another drag of my cigarette and asked him "So, do you really want to share me with someone else or is that just the sex talking?"

He replied "Baby, that's your body and your decision."

I didn't want to admit to him that I wanted to be shared with another black man and he knew it. So I grudgingly turned it around on him and replied "Marcus, I can handle you and your friends easily, I just don't know if you could handle seeing someone else pleasure me" as I exhailed another sexy stream of smoke into th air. Marcus just replied "Well then we will have to find out who can handle what" and I immediately agreed.

A few days later Marcus texts me and says he is coming over my house tonight with a couple of his friends. I knew exactly what his intentions were and I instantly became nervous. Thoughts started running through my head that I wouldn't meet their expectations or that I wasn't sexy enough to get them all off.

This feeling was new to me because I'm an intimidating girl. I've always been confident within myself especially my sexuality and like I've mentioned before I was never ashamed of my sexual desires.

I had the house to myself as my roommate was at her boyfriends house. I was nervously anticipating the arrival of Marcus and his friends and I knew exactly what would calm my nerves. I poured myself a glass of wine and grabbed my pack of Marlboro Lights. I stepped out back on the deck, took a seat on the patio furniture, and propped my feet on top of the patio table. I took the long all-white cigarette out of the pack and placed it in my mouth. I then lit my cigarette and sucked a nice relaxing stream of smoke down my throat and out of my mouth. I felt very sexy drinking my glass of wine and smoking my cigarette, which in turn boosted my confidence and got me ready for what was to come. I sipped my wine and took another drag of my cigarette and my mind wandered of me satisfying these black cocks with my mouth and vagina. I was so horny I became anxious and couldn't wait any longer for the arrival of the black men I was going to let fuck the shit out of me.

Soon enough I heard the door bell rang. I took a final drag of my cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray. I grabbed my glass of wine and went to answer the door. I opened the door and I seen Marcus with two of his cute black friends. I immediately gave Marcus a hug and kissed him on the lips. Marcus then introduced me to his friends Terrell and James. I gave them both a hug, a kiss on the check, and told them it was very nice to finally meet them.

The boys took seat in the living room and I stepped into the kitchen. I needed to get a little more looser than usual if I was really going to perform sexually with these three black men. So, I stepped into the kitchen and made some drinks for the boys and poured myself another glass of wine.

I then stepped into the living room with the drinks in hand and sat on Marcus's lap. The four us began talking and all three of them made me feel very comfortable, which really lightened the mood. Each of us made another drink and eventually the tone of the room changed as all of the attention was on me. The talk of the room became sexual which started putting me in the mood.

Marcus then asks "Natalia, what do you think of my friends here?"

"I like them a lot Marcus. You think they want me?" I replied.

Marcus then stands me up off of his lap and begins rubbing my curvy ass and then sticks his hand down pants lowering them a couple inches.

James speaks up "We for sure want you. We're going to give you best fucking you've ever had in your life girl!"

The boys got out of their seats and approached me. I turned to James and started kissing him while I unbuckled his pants and said "You better not disappoint me James. I want a fucking I'll never forget!" I pulled his long and hard black dick out of his pants and began rubbing it up and down. Terrell then approaches me with his pants half way down his waist and I grabbed his long and hard black dick with my other hand.

I crouched down to their waist level dicks in hand and took the tip of my tongue to the bottom of terrell's Dick and licked to the very top of his dick. I put his black dick into my mouth and began sucking it in and out of my mouth again and again. I turned my attention back to James and put his dick in my mouth and began sucking. As the boys were enjoying their blow jobs I locked eyes with Marcus who was stroking his dick. He knew I was enjoying this and I could tell he was enjoying it as well.

I hopped up on the couch on all fours and began sucking Marcus's beautiful black dick. James came up from behind me and I felt a good sized penis entering my wet vagina. As James began pounding my vagina I began sucking Marcus's dick harder.

James began ramming my pussy like a rabbit and he was the first to bust his load on to my breasts. Next was Terrell's turn to enter my vagina. Terrell laid on the floor as I hopped on top of him and rode him backwards while continuing to perform oral on Marcus. I rode Terrell hard and he came soon enough onto his stomach as he pulled out before he came.

Finally, it was Marcus's turn as I was saving the best for last. Marcus turned me around and entered my vagina from behind like the slut I was. He fucked me sohard and violent my pussy was about to rip. As he was about to cum I immediately knew what to do. I let him pull out, I turned around and open my mouth and to my delight Marcus shot out his load deep down my throat, which I swallowed.

Terrell and James put their clothes on and each gave me a kiss on the cheek, a hug, and said their good byes. Marcus then in turn shook their hands and said he'd be in touch with them. After they left Marcus and I made silly eye contact and laughed.

I jumped in the shower and Marcus followed soon after. We both cleaned ourselves and I brushed my teeth.

We went to bed and as we were laying in bed I spoke up "That was an amazing experience Marcus. I'm glad you got pleasure out of it because I know I did!"

Marcus replied "You were amazing Natalia. You're one bad girl, I just can't get enough of you. I'm proud to call you my girl because I know you aren't afraid to do anything. You're a girl who knows how to please a man and a couple of his friends."

I replied "I'm not ashamed of my fantasies that's why. If I want something I'll get it or do it. All these other girls are having boring missionary sex with these white guys, which isn't me. I take pride in the fact that I only date black men because only a black guy can satisfy me."

Marcus then kissed me and I kissed I back. We were both exhausted and started to doze off. As I laid there I just kept thinking about my first time having sex with multiple black men at the same time. I couldn't believe how well I performed and I knew I looked sexy doing it.

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Cliche at every turn.

These BBC stories are just so tiresome and cliched. The names of the protagonists are cliched. 2 stars at best.

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