tagNovels and NovellasNew Instructions Ch. 02

New Instructions Ch. 02


She had finished her tasks for the day so she grabbed her flowers and the note and headed for her bosses office. Anticipation grew as she walked down the hall; she knew something exciting would happen when she got there. She stopped at the secretary's desk and was immediately buzzed in.

"I have the reports you asked for this morning."

She handed him her reports, the note sitting on top of the stack.

"I'm finished for the day and was going to head home, unless there was something else that you needed me to."

He'd been reading as she spoke. She watched as he folded the note.

"I have nothing else for you for the day."

Disappointed she turned to walk out of his office.

" You will expose your tits to the first person you meet in the elevator on the way down, He says if you receive no reaction you will continue to expose yourself until to do."

Leaving his office she headed to the elevator. This could be interesting, her mind filled with the possibilities of who she could meet. There was no one standing at the doors or inside the car when she stepped in. Three floors down the car stopped and she held her breath as the doors opened. The woman who joined her was gorgeous. Once the car started moving again she showed the woman her tits.

"Oh! Those are nice, and either real or you had a fantastic surgeon."


The woman was undoing her blouse as she said, "Mine, I got the ex husband to pay for. I sometimes think I should have gone larger but all in all I'm happy with the results."

She was looking at some of the best tits she'd ever seen, had the woman not told her she would never have guessed they weren't hers. Without thinking about it she reached out and filled her hands with them. The woman let out a faint gasp as she began to caress them. She closed her fingers around the woman's nipples, rolling them a little, and getting a moan from her.

"Your mouth, taste them."

She obeyed. She kissed the tops of her tits, moving down the sides, lifting them again in her hands, and then pulled one nipple into her mouth as she pinched the other. She sucked hard and felt the woman spear her hands through her hair. She moved to the other side and gave the same treatment to it. Pressing the woman's tits together, she was able to put both nipples in her mouth. She was sucking and licking, lost in the pleasure of it when the woman lifted her face. The woman did up her blouse and reached out to pull her shirt down as well. The elevator chimed and the doors opened. They had reached the lobby without being interrupted once. The woman slid her arm through hers.

"Let's go to my place and have some dinner."

They grabbed a cab and headed to the woman's house. On the way there they gave the driver a show as they made out in the back seat. The woman was an amazing kisser, and thoughts of what else she would be capable of had her panties dripping wet before they reached their destination.

Once they did get to the woman's house she was shown into the living room and told to make them both a drink. The woman disappeared down a hallway. She fixed them both something strong and sweet and was standing in the middle of the room when the woman came back. She had changed into a slinky nighty, her tits showcased perfectly in the deep V of the neckline. It skimmed over the rest of her body ending just at the edge of her ass. The woman took her drink, and smiled at her as she took a drink. She wandered over to the stereo and turned on some music. Their drinks were quickly consumed and we gone by the time she found herself stripped to her bra and panties. The woman reached a hand down and placed it between her legs.

"My how wet you are. We've yet to really begin and I believe you are already very close to cumming."

The woman's thumb brushed her clit. Her orgasm was fast and hard. It drained the strength from her legs and dropped her to her knees. The woman was pleased with the reaction and pulled the nighty over her head. Standing naked in front of her the woman wrapped her hands through her hair and guided her face into her pussy. She reached her tongue out and flicked it across the woman's clit, licking her slit like she would a sucker. The position had its limitations but the sounds coming from the woman told her she was doing a good job. Getting braver she reached up and slid a finger inside the woman. The hands in her hair tightened and the woman began to move, fucking her face, sliding herself faster on her finger.

"YES, YES, Don't stop! Make me cum I'm so close!"

She increased the pace and pulled harder on the woman's clit. Giving it a light nibble and slipping a second, then a third finger inside her. The woman screamed and came. Standing her up the woman licked her own juices off her lips.

"Let's move this to the bedroom, I want to fuck you."

They walked down the hall and into the bedroom. The woman finished undressing her and they lay down on the bed. The woman hands were all over her body. After a few minutes the woman reached into a drawer beside her and pulled out a toy. It was huge. Long, thick, and cock shaped, the sight of it made her pussy walls clinch. The woman was able to slide it into her without any extra lube, she didn't think she would be able to take something so large but the woman continued to push it into her until it was buried completely insider her. The woman paused for a moment and then started to slide the toy in and out of her. To short a time later she stopped and leaned close.

"My friend has a secret and he wants to show it to you."

With the toy buried deep, the woman gave it a small twist and it started to vibrate. At the same time the woman closed her lips around one nipple, pulling it into her mouth in one hard suck. She started to move the toy faster, fucking her harder and lightly biting her tits. The orgasm had been building and when it took her over the edge she screamed and saw stars. The woman lay down beside her licking her juices off the toy. They lay together for a few more moments caressing each other and enjoying the body high that only comes with a great orgasm.

She spent the night with the woman and as she was leaving the house she got a text.

"Did you enjoy yourself? I'll see you soon; meanwhile, another present is waiting for you at your apartment."

She smiled as she walked home.

She was stopped in the lobby of her apartment and was given the package by her doorman. She knew it was the one he had mentioned in his text so she didn't dare open it in the lobby. She caught herself whistling in the elevator on the way up. She didn't think she would ever be able to not smile while in an elevator again.

She put the package on the table when she got in, then headed to the bathroom to take a shower. The hot water felt good as it rushed over her body and she found her skin was still sensitive from the attention last night. It didn't take long for her to start massaging her breasts, the soap on her hands only helping to increase the sensations. Leaving one hand on her breast she moved the other down to touch her pussy. She rubbed her clit a little, feeling herself get more wet. Increasing the pressure she rubbed faster and pinched her nipple between her fingers. She was close now. Sliding a finger inside herself, and pinching her nipple harder, made her cum. It took the strength out of her legs and had her slipping to the floor of the shower. She laid there for a moment and let the water wash her juices away, then she stood up and washed her hair.

She dried off but didn't worry about putting on any clothes. She would get dressed later if she wanted to but the idea for the day was to just enjoy being naked for as long as she could. Stopping in the kitchen on her way back to the package, she poured a glass of wine. The package wasn't wrapped like a present and wasn't very big. It looked like it could be a piece of jewelry or something else small. There was no writing on the box, no indication at all of what it could possibly be. Taking the scissors from the side table she sliced open the tape. She started to dig through the packing material and found an envelope. Written on the envelope was, You'll know when to use this. She tore the envelope open and dropped a key into her hand. Like the package there was nothing special to the key. It had no identifier on it at all, there were no numbers or writing, there was no keychain telling where it might of come from. It looked like a key you would go to the store to buy to replace the house key you lost. It was the oddest gift she had ever received.

Sitting back on the couch she considered what the key could open. With Him it could be anything at all. She dreamed for a moment that it could be the key to his place. She had never been to where he lived and all she knew about his work was that he travelled a lot. There was no real point in trying to figure it out, he would tell her when to use it. The package wasn't what she was expecting though and now she had an entire day to figure out what to do with. Taking a few sips of wine, she laid back and turned on the TV. She ended up falling asleep and let the day slip away from her!

When she woke she was rested and ready to have some fun. She didn't feel like spending the evening as she has spent the day. It was possible to call a friend and go to the club but she didn't know if that was really what she wanted. She was pacing the house trying to think of something when she came across a business card she had laid on the table. It was the number of the man she had encountered on the bus the other day. It had been about a week and she hadn't even thought of him since, before she could stop herself she was giving him a call.

"Hi, you might not remember me but we met on the bus the other morning. I don't think that we even talked but you gave me your card when you got off."

"I remember you, I haven't been able to forget you. I thought giving you my card was a long shot, I'm glad you called."

"Well I find myself rather free this evening and I was thinking dinner sounded nice, I think maybe you should take me."

"Give me your address and I will be there in 10 min!"

"Why don't you give me about an hour, I'll meet you downstairs."

After hanging up she danced into the bedroom to get ready. She remembered him as being older and that her fantasy of him had been as a professor. She let that idea lead her as she picked her outfit. Looking at herself in the mirror she felt decidedly naughty, she had picked a red plaid skirt and white button up shirt, a red lace bra that you could see a hint of and matching panties. Her knee high, full lace-up boots and white stockings finished the outfit. Her only hope was that his jaw hit the floor when she met him in few minutes!

She got her wish when she stepped out of the elevator. He turned as the doors opened and his stunned look was perfect. He greeted her with a peck on the cheek and then led her out the doors to his car parked in front of the building. They got to know each other on the way to the restaurant and she found that he was very pleasant company.

"You know I've never done anything like that in my life. I was shocked when you let me."

"I didn't want to cause a scene, at that point no one had noticed and it besides it felt good."

"I would love to take you home after dinner, I hope that your curiosity was as peaked as mine has been. There are many things that I have thought of doing to you."

She hadn't decided until just then if she was going to let him take her home. Her plan for the night had started just to tease him a lot before sending him on his way, but she liked him more than she had thought she would. Considering all of the people she had been with in her life, she had never been with a man this much older than her, and the idea of what his experience could bring to the bed had her very curious. It wasn't long before they were on the way back to his house.

They were barley in the door when he turned and used her body to close the door, kissing her hard as he pinned up against the entryway. One hand in her hair, the other on her hip holding her in place he claimed her mouth and speared his tongue into her mouth. She was moaning in pleasure before she could stop the noise. They stayed that way for a long few minutes, the kiss already making her so wet that her panties were dripping. Finally he released her and without any effort picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He tossed her on the bed and quickly stripped out of his clothes and joined her. He started to unbutton her shirt kissing her skin each time he undid one, when he was done with the shirt he unclasped her bra and slid both items up her arms. He didn't take them all the off her, instead he twisted her hands in the material and wrapped the bundle of cloth around the headboard of the bed. She found herself effectively tied to the bed.

She could feel his hands on her body, touching her chest, running down her waist pausing at her hips, then moving to the zipper of her skirt. He slid it off her along with her panties but left her boots and stockings on. On his way back up her body he kissed where her stocking me her skin, then up the inside of her thigh, lightly breathed on her pussy but didn't touch it, and bit her hip. All she could do was squirm. His hands covered her tits only seconds before his mouth did. He pulled one nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over it then sucking on it, pinching the other one in his fingers, changing sides and doing the same to the other one. He pushed both tits together and took both nipples in his mouth at once, pulling hard and making her gasp. She moved beneath him, trying to do anything other than lay there, being tied up was intense, all she wanted to do was touch him, tease him back, do what she could to drive him as crazy as he was driving her, but there was no hope of getting free.

He was kissing down her body again. This time he kissed her other thigh above her stocking, then bit her where he had kissed. He would kiss his way up to her pussy but stop just as he got close to it, and kiss down the other leg. He kissed around it, and would place his mouth close but not touching it and blow, he teased her almost insane by never actually touching her. It was to the point where she couldn't handle it anymore when he covered her with his mouth. He started to slide his tongue in and out of her, then would suck on her clit, and slide his tongue into her again. It only took a few minutes and she was screaming and cumming.

She had no time to recover before he covered her body with his. He plunged his cock deep into her pussy and started to fuck her hard. The movement of their bodies allowed her to finally get her hands free and she wrapped them around him as he started to move even faster. Her already sensitive clit was rubbing between their bodies and she was surprised when she started to cum again. He lasted only a few more moments before he was cumming too.

He moved off her but only to take the time to take off her boots, he left her stockings on. When he joined her again it was to roll her over onto her belly. She felt him lean over and grab something from the table next to the bed, then gasped as chilly lotion was poured onto her back. He started massaging her back, starting at her shoulders and working his way down, he worked all the tension out of her. Then as he was simply stroking her skin, he started kissing her neck. His hands were on her hips again, she felt him lift them slightly as he moved between her legs. This time he slid slowly into her, she felt every inch as he took his time burying himself deep inside her. She didn't think he could get any deeper until he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, with one small thrust she knew how wrong she was. He paused there for moment and then started to move almost agonizingly slow. He would slide almost out of her then back in as deep as he had been, stroking her slowly to a peak. She felt him lick the back of her neck, and as he bit her she came again, screaming as she did. He pulled her tight and she felt as he came as well.

He moved off her and let her roll over. Tucking her into his side they kissed for a few minutes. She decided to stay the night and fell asleep with him running his fingers through her hair.

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