tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Life for Lynne Ch. 02

New Life for Lynne Ch. 02


Chapter 2—Training the Bitch

This is written a little differently than Chapter 1, but I hope that you find it interesting. Also, this is a series. It helps to read the stories in order to fully understand. Enjoy!


I awaken to the smell of coffee brewing. I feel stiff from being on the floor all night and begin to stretch.

"Good morning, slave." you say to me.

I still refuse to accept my new status and ignore your comment. I feel the need to urinate and attempt to stand in order to go to the bathroom. I had forgotten that I am chained to the living room pillar.

"Please, can I use the toilet?"

You laugh while pointing to the bucket that I had used to piss in last night. The piss and cum from last night's rape is still in the bucket. I have no choice. The pressure of my full bladder is more than I can take. I squat over the bucket and relieve myself as you watch my every move.

Once finished, I try to shake to get all of the piss off of me. I go to stand and I feel a sharp pain across my tits.

"You will remain on all fours, slave." you say as you whip my tits.


"Oh, this is getting old, slut. When are you going to behave?" I feel the sting across my nipples. I wince in pain, regretting my statement. After several more blows across my nipples, you hook a lead to my collar and tell me it's time to go for a walk.

I assume you are going to parade me around the house, displaying your trophy in private. However, when you have me heel and walk outside, fear strikes me. I am completely naked, except for a collar and leash.

I try to stand again, in an attempt to go back inside. You shove me back down and spit in my face. "You will learn to obey me."

You walk me around outside. "Now, good bitches piss and shit outside. I am going to housetrain you now." I am appalled that you called me a bitch! I am not! I am doing this against my will----or am I? The excitement of being used makes my pussy wet.

"Sniff around to find a good spot," you tell me. I put my face near the ground and smell. "No, bitch, face down," as you use your foot to push my head down to rest on the ground. "This is how you sniff for a spot."

I feel the cool morning dew on the grass wetting my face. You get behind me and kick my legs apart. "Piss, bitch." Being that I had just gone, I was unable to go. "Perhaps you need to shit instead?" you chuckle. Truth be known, I did need to defecate. However, this position made it difficult. You pull my hair to bring me upright, then push me so that I am squatting. "Shit, bitch."

There is no way I am going to defecate outside. This is not what a lady does. But am I a lady anymore? Master did spend a sizeable amount to buy me. Wait, did I just refer to him as Master? My God, what is happening to me?

"Bitch, if you don't shit now, I'll get the garden hose and give you an enema right here and now."

Knowing that it would be very unpleasant to experience, I do squeeze in attempt to move my bowels. I feel a movement coming. I push and push, and begin to feel the feces protruding from me. You watch me intently, knowing that this is completely humiliating for me. After several minutes, the shit drops to the ground.

"Good bitch. Now, let's clean you up. Heel." You walk me to the hose.

"Please, not the hose. It will be very cold."

You laugh, "Then perhaps you will accept your fate and be a good bitch." You turn on the faucet and pick up the hose. "Bend over."

"No! I will not! You cannot make me!"

"Do we really need to do this the hard way? I'm really tired of your insubordination. Last chance before you REALLY regret your choice. BEND OVER!"

Glaring at you, I bend over and wait for the cold blast of water onto my asshole. You wait several minutes, knowing that I am expecting the cold blast...teasing me. Then, I feel it. A hard, steady, icy cold stream of water, squirting hard enough that it cleans the shit from my asshole.

After several minutes, I am cold and in pain. I feel goosebumps all over my body; my nipples as erect as ever. You stop squirting me and direct me to heel. I get by your side and crawl beside you. We go back inside and you chain me back to the familiar pillar in the main room.

You ask, "Are you hungry?"

I do feel hungry and thirsty. The last time I had eaten was at the mall yesterday. I shake my head yes.

You disappear into the kitchen. I crawl back under the blanket, trying to get warm again. I keep thinking, "It can't get much worse."

A few minutes later, I feel my leash being attached to my collar again. "Heel." I crawl beside you to the kitchen. I see on the floor two stainless steel dog bowls. You take me over to them. One has scrambled eggs in it, the other water.

"Eat your breakfast."

"I need a fork."

You laugh. "No, bitches do not use forks. Now eat. You have 3 minutes before the bowl is lifted."

You can't be serious! The pangs of hunger overwhelm me, and God only knows when I will be offered food again. I bend over, ass high in the air, and eat the eggs like a dog. You watch me the entire time while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Once the bowl is empty, you tell me, "Lick the bowl clean."

I am getting very horny, even though I hate being treated like this. Or, is the feeling more of lust than hate? I lick the bowl clean like a good bitch.

"Good girl. Now, take a drink of water."

I lap at the water. You laugh at the difficulty I have, then offer me a drink of orange juice from a glass. I gratefully accept. You hold the glass and tip it while I swallow the sweet liquid.

"Thank you, Master." I see you smile at my submissive statement. "You are welcome, my little slave." I feel you tenderly touching my cheek, then run your fingers through my hair. I see that if I do what I am told, you are very good to me.

"All right, slave, today you go to the doctor for a check-up. I am going to walk you to the bathroom and you are going to shower. I will watch the entire time, since I do not trust you yet."

"Yes, Master."

"Heel." I crawl beside you to the bathroom. Once inside, you command, "Stand." Stretching feels so good. My knees hurt from being on them so much. I guess I will have to get used to it.

"You are going to an ob/gyn today for an exam. You said yesterday that you might get pregnant with me fucking your cunt. The doctor is going to check. I want my slave in the best health...and also my bred offspring. You will clean your cunt and ass well. Perhaps I'll see someone I want you to...service. Understand?"

I will NOT 'service' someone. How degrading! I am not a common slut or whore! "Yes, Master."

"I will sit on the toilet and watch. Do not try anything funny or you will not have showering privileges. You'll smell like a cum dumpster no matter where I take you. Understand?"

"Yes Master." I step into the shower and turn on the water. "Sir, may the collar be removed so that I can thoroughly wash?"

"No. The collar will always remain on you. You are mine. I own your ass, your cunt, your tits, your mouth....and everything in between." I see you slyly smile.

My attempts at just a moment of freedom were instantaneously squashed by your statement. I cannot let you know, for any future attempts may be jeopardized. I step under the water of the shower. I take the soap, smile at the clean smell of it, and begin lathering my body.

You throw a razor to me. "Shave your legs and cunt."

I comply with complete submission. After shaving, I shampoo and condition, then rinse. I feel that I have thoroughly cleaned, but the warm water feels so good! You see that I am enjoying it a little too much and shut off the water. "That's enough for now."

You bind my hands behind my back. "This is so you don't try anything funny." You dry me off with a soft towel, patting me all over. You pull out a brush and brush my hair.

"Get down on your knees for me." I comply.

"Open your mouth." Knowing that you will stuff my face with cock, I have no choice and open my mouth and close my eyes. Surprised, I taste mint and feel a toothbrush brushing against my teeth. A tear rolls down my cheek.

"Spit into the toilet." I comply.

"Why are you crying now, slave?"

"Master, you are doing everything for me, and you are being nice to me. Thank you."

"Slave, when you comply with my demands, I will treat you well. However, disobey like you have been doing, and you will not have a pleasant time. True?"

"Yes, Master." I feel a connection to my new owner. I feel that he truly does care about me. If he had told me to jump off a bridge at that point, I would have without question.

"Now, I'm going to release your hands. You will stand and raise your arms so that I can put deodorant on you." My restraints are released and I comply. You apply deodorant to my armpits. "Arms down." I comply.

"Back on your knees. We are leaving for the doctor in one minute."

"Sir, I am naked." I am scared because being naked outside here is much different than being naked going to see a doctor.

"Yes, you are." You chuckle and reach into the cabinet under the sink.

You place a ball gag into my mouth and strap it behind my head. I feel the leash being attached to my collar again. "Heel."

I crawl beside you, to the van...that evil van from yesterday...the one that kidnapped me from my life of luxury and brought me to this place of pain, misery, and ecstasy. You open the door. "Get in."

I comply, but feel very insecure with no clothing. I guess I have no clothing anymore. My dress from yesterday is cut into pieces and I was not allowed to bring anything with me. I sigh as you strap me in the van.

At the last minute, you put a blindfold on me. "This is so you do not have escape route ideas. I still do not trust you, slave."

I nod my head yes.

We begin the journey to the ob/gyn.

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