tagSci-Fi & FantasyNia's Jump Into D & D Ch. 03

Nia's Jump Into D & D Ch. 03


Nia’s return home:

The next morning, Ridley and Nia headed back to the castle. Empress Savina was curious as to why it took them so long. All Nia told her was that they needed some time alone to cope with Marina’s death. Savina bought it, even though she was still curious as to why they were acting so skittish around each other. Savina, Norda, and Nia sat alone by a small pond talking about the events that happened since Nia had gotten there.

“Nia, I am curious.” Norda rubbed her sore neck.

“About what, Norda?” Nia cocked her head to the side.

“About why you and Ridley are so…what’s the word you used, Empress?” Norda closed her eyes, listening to the birds in the background.

“Skittish?” Savina giggled.

“Yes, skittish. About why you and Ridley are so skittish around each other.” Norda opened her eyes, looking Nia straight in the eye.

“Well, something happened after you left, Norda.” She grinned sheepishly.

Savina looked at Nia with disbelief.

“You didn’t???” Savina gaped at Nia.

“No, Empress. We only kissed.” She laughed to herself at the young Empress’ naiveté.

“Oh. How was it?” Savina gathered closer to Nia, as Norda rose from her seat and left.

“Well, it was sweet.” Nia felt a little embarrassed that the Empress was asking her such a question.

Savina and Nia sat there for a few more hours just talking about Ridley and the kiss. Nia made Savina promise that she wouldn’t tell anybody that she knew, even Ridley. Savina promised. It was that afternoon at lunch when things started to change. Nia sat next to Empress Savina, on Savina’s right, with Norda on Savina’s left. The meal was quiet, which was strange to them. After lunch, Savina called for her seamstress to make Nia a beautiful gown. She also had Norda fetch Nia a beautiful tiara to wear. At that evening’s counsel, the young Empress had an announcement to make. She called for silence.

“I know that the events of the last couple of days have been tragic, but hopefully this announcement of mine will raise some spirits. Enter Nia.”

Nia entered the room, her dress flowing behind her. She looked beautiful, like nothing Ridley has ever seen. The counsel went suddenly quiet when Nia entered.

“Stand before me.” Savina rose from her seat, “Nia Whitecastle, since you have come here, things have gotten a little better. Some would say that you have been a calming influence on me. No one but Norda would stay by my side and listen to my stories or talk to me about things that some girls my age would talk about. I have made a friend in you, and to that I give great thanks.” Savina nodded toward Nia.

“I thank you, Empress.” She bowed to Savina.

“I have found out some very interesting information about our guest recently. She is said to be the soul descendant and reincarnation of the great warrioress, Thimescura. What some did not know about Thimescura is that she was a Duchess. So, Nia, my friend, I bestow upon you her title of Duchess and Warrior.” Norda stepped up to Empress Savina with a velvet pillow carrying the tiara. Savina took the tiara off the pillow, Norda bowed then turned and walked away. Nia kneeled before the Empress. Savina carefully set the tiara upon Nia’s head.

“Rise, my friend. Rise and tell us about the magicks that you brought with you.” Savina stepped back so Nia could stand up.

Nia motioned to Ridley to come to her. He walked up to her, carrying her pack on his shoulder. Ridley handed her the pack then walked back to where he was standing. She motioned for Norda to bring the altar.

“Empress, I must say that the things that I brought were not magical until I arrived in your world,” She said as she reached into her pack, splaying the items over the altar.

She held up one of the pink vials, “This is the blood of a man. A man named Darrien Fawkes. He has an ability that many of you would only hope to acquire.”

She held up one of the red vials, “This is the blood of another man. A young man by the name of Maxwell Evans, another man with abilities beyond a mage’s comprehension.”

That’s when a strange music started playing through out the room. Legolas walked in hold a boombox. She smiled, took a deep breath, then used magic to change her clothes. When she came out of the magic whirlwind, she was wearing the outfit an Amazon.

“Sorry for the interruption, Empress.” It was Eve and a few amazons.

“Who are you?” Savina looked outraged.

“My name is Eve, Empress. Eve of the Elijans.” This behavior was strange even for Eve.

“What is the meaning of the interruption, Eve?” Nia wondered, walking over to the tall brunette.

“Show them, Nia, show them what else you can do.” Eve and Nia did a kind of squaring off circle.

“What is she talking about, Nia?”

“I’m sorry, Empress. But there is a lot more to me than what I have already told you and shown you. My world is very different from yours. What Eve wants me to do, Empress, is prove it. I haven’t done this in years, but I shall try. I’m talking about dancing, that is.”

Eve and the other warriors stepped back. Some Amazonian dancers entered and Ridley moved the altar. Nia motioned to Legolas to start the music. That’s when Justin’s ‘Like I love you’ started. She even sang to it. She danced like her and the Amazon extras on the set did when she would go there for lessons. She saw that Savina and Norda were nodding their heads to the music. She smiled when she saw Ridley talking to Legolas. No doubt Legolas was blabbing a lot of her secrets. She ran the event of the previous night in her head, and then the events that happened that morning. That’s also when the music changed. Eve stepped forward with two swords; she tossed one to Nia. Nia caught the sword, swung it around a few times and then commenced with her little demonstration. They fought; a thing that Nia didn’t know she could do. Every one of the moves that Eve used, the ones she used when she was Livia, Nia was able to avoid. The way she fought was amazing; just like the way that Thimescura fought. The song ended and so did Eve’s little test. That’s when everyone started clapping for her, a standing ovation. The Empress needed no more proof of her, but Nia did insist on finishing her little presentation of her magicks.

She carefully picked up one of the blue vials; “This little vial contains one of the most undoubtedly powerful healing potions in existence. It can heal anything.”

“But what does it contain?” Savina’s question brought a very interesting point.

“It contains the tears of a phoenix. The most powerful healer of all.”

That was all that the counsel of mages needed. They were all very impressed with her. The counsel ended; Legolas, Eve, and all the amazons that came with her left. Nia went to her room alone, all of her things packed. That’s when she felt weird; so she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she was back in her apartment. She reached up and felt the top of her head. The tiara was still there. She heard light footsteps. Her roommate, Rhiannon, entered the room.

“You’ve been sitting there like that for hours.”

Nia had a questioning look on her face.

“I have?”

“Yeah. Nice tiara.”

“Thanks. How long ago did you get back?”

“A little bit after you did.”


She rose from her seated position, wobbly.


“Yeah, Nia?”

“What would you say if I told you that I have met someone?”

“Is it a man?”

Nia could tell that Ree was joking.

“Yes, silly. His name is Ridley. Like the D & D character.”

“Oh. Is he hot?”

“Oh, yeah.”

(To be continued in the next chapter: Rhiannon returns to Izmer with Nia.)

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