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I came home tonight from work, late after a very heavy day and not really in the right frame of mind to be serving my Master. I knew before I even walked in the door that he would have dinner ready to be serve. We don't have a strict delineation of household tasks the way some people imagine Master and subs do. Especially since my Master loves to cook and is so good at it.

The smells of the wonderful food lifted my spirits a little. I tried to show my gratitude to dear Master, giving him a small hug before I went to strip off and present myself to him properly. Still he knew straight away that I was feeling moody and distracted. Master knows my work is stressful at times -- his is too! This particular night, however, he wasn't interested in tolerating my mood. And, being the clever and attentive Master that he is, of course he decided to give me the most wonderful remedy -- though I wondered about that at first!

This night Master supervised my undressing. I know he enjoys it from time-to-time and what woman, not least an owned slave, doesn't enjoy revealing herself to her man? Master was in a bit of a hurry tonight, though. Clearly my remedy couldn't wait. But, in the state I was in, I really didn't give it much thought at all right then. It was only when I was instructed to fetch a crop from our play room that I began to realise what I was in for.

I know you'll understand that after the day like the one I'd just had the thought of exposing my arse for another beating (even if a literal one this time) failed to stir much passion in me. Not that I grumbled mind you -- I wouldn't dare and, besides, I pride myself on being too well trained and devoted a slave.

And so it was that, only a few minutes after I walked in the door, and with my head still throbbing, Master had me naked and laying over the end of the dinner table.

Straight away he let me have it! - '12 of the best' he said. Not that kind Master was savage with it. He knows my limits and rarely treats me THAT harshly!

The first couple of blows were especially tough for me to receive. I hadn't been allowed any preparation after all. Secondly, it was true my mind really had been somewhere other than my duties to Master. He'd known it straight away and that was the reason for this particular treatment. I haven't used a safe word for ages and something in me told me not to let it happen now. I'd have to say it was all about the residual anger from a shitty day at work. But I quickly realised that I needed to concentrate on what was going on if I was going to avoid turning into a blubbering mess. My Master had chosen to beat me and my obligation was to take it. I needed to find my subbie headspace and to focus on giving my all to Master.

And guess what...it worked a treat! I guess it was the delicious pain, purging my body of the tension and frustrations of the day at work. Oh and how I love the delightful sharp sound of the leather tip of the crop as it slaps against my skin. And so it was that by the seventh stroke of the crop I was once again nothing but the property of my Master and proudly showing my self-control and discipline to him! No safeword needed after all and my cunt moistening nicely at the thought of what usually follows a good beating.

Satisfied that I was now in a more appropriate state for him, Master had me fetch my collar and leash. Once I was properly attired (and thankfully it was a mild night) he had me lie on the table while he ate his dinner off my body. My nipples and my wet little hole also got plenty of attention between his mouthfuls. You might be surprised at the uses to which a fork can be turned.

Once dear Master had finished his meal I was placed on the floor beside his chair. My dinner was brought out but I was ordered onto my hands and knees. That is how I ate tonight -- or tried to. You see, I had to eat my dinner from the floor while Master slowly fucked my bottom!!! As you'd expect I didn't manage to swallow too much of his wonderful cooking.

Then Master took me over to the lounge chair in front of the TV. I know my place well enough and since I was wearing his collar I knew that that was curled up at his feet. We watched a little TV together while he stroked my hair and asked me about my day -- how sweet.

Later Master decided it was time I had my dessert. It certainly was yummy -- a lovely feast on Master's rock hard cock. He took his time and allowed me to really savour him. I was feeling so good by now I could have stayed there enjoying his taste and his hardness for hours. But sweet Master obviously felt it was time to reward me and so he washed everything down with a big load of his hot cream! I was allowed to swallow it all down. Only then did my Master serve himself dessert -- which just happened to be a full dose of my juices, served straight from my hot and soaking pussy.

And now I am about to be taken to the play room for the completion of my earlier arse play!

It's no wonder I am so happy to be owned by my Master.

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