tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNo Holes Barred Ch. 01

No Holes Barred Ch. 01


View my editors literotica, Shygirlwhore.

As usual Dani is the narrator and everyone is over eighteen.


I thought that growing up around Jane was a very sexual experience, but my two daughters are something else! There are no holes barred when it comes to sex. It has always fascinated them that I'm a bisexual and that Jane was a lesbian, and that Jane would fuck their uncle Jake senseless, knowing that Aunty Tanya would satisfy all of her lesbian needs.

Even though we are nudists, there was always some privacy, but not with Ruby and Jo around. They would always come and sit on our bed and masturbate while John and I were fucking Meg. They would always have a hand between their legs at mealtimes, while they were eating. The girls would finger themselves frantically while looking at Mum and Crystal naked and their nipples we're always hard. All of our family times would involve them masturbating and talking openly about sex.

The discussions would vary between one on one sex, group sex, orgies, all girl sex, their favorite sex toys, which of the toys satisfied them, sexual moods, sex positions, oral sex, phone sex to how often they and their friends needed sex and when masturbation would do the trick. When they were at their most relaxed the chat would move to masturbation techniques. Nothing was off limit!

But what really got them off the most was watching their friends and family fuck up close and personal, while they masturbated and fantasized about the various people at the nude beach having sex together or with them. Ruby and Jo just loved the nude beach and watching men develop erections over them, as well as exciting the ladies, watching their nipples become hard.

Every morning the girls would wake up early and watch us sleeping naked as the sun shone through the window and reflect off our bodies. They would than follow their father to the bathroom and run themselves a bath, while they watched him wash from his body. As he stepped out the shower, they would get out of the bath at the same time and dry each other off and watch his penis grow. After that they would follow him back into the bedroom, where Meg and I would be having sex . I would come up for air and give John his morning blow job before we watched him get dressed for work. Than I would go back to work on Meg's clit.

Hurry home daddy the girls would shout as John got into his car. Than the girls would race back into the bedroom, that is when Ruby would ask Jo to give her oral while she lovingly watched as the sex got more frantic between Meg and I.

The girls would relax around the pool, but wouldn't go swimming until they had watched, through the big glass bathroom window, the four of us Mum and Crystal and Meg and I had finished our showers, not together. There was never any privacy around here anymore.

Even though the girls had separate bedrooms, they preferred to sleep together. They were very quick to give up one of their beds when friends and family came to stay or when one of them bought a boy home. What the heck, everything was out in the open, there were no secrets around here.

When they bought boys home they would never close their bedroom door. Just in case the boys wanted to watch them have sister sex, join them for sex, or walk past and get an eye full. Jo and Ruby, both secretly hoped that the boys would stand at the door stroking their erections until they were invited to join them in bed, after all that is what Jill and Kim's sons Toby and Ross do.

When we stayed at Jake and Tanya's, Ruby and Jo would always opt to sleep in the queen sized bed in my bedroom so that they not only got to watch me have a threesome, but could see the threesome between Jake, Jane and Tanya at the same time.

It got even more steamy when all three lesbians got together, my sister Sam, Jane and her sister Kim are quite the lesbian team. Jo was quite happy to watch any threesome on offer, but when there was a lesbian threesome on offer that got all of Ruby's attention.

As if Ruby and Jo's minds aren't dirty enough, their Aunty Tanya is such a bad influence on them. Tanya has taught them everything she knows. When in Rome the girls think. Ruby and Jo just adore Tanya.

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