tagGroup SexNo Longer Strangers in Paradise

No Longer Strangers in Paradise


Two couples arrive at Playa del Maya, an adult's only resort near Cancun, Mexico, on the same day a few hours apart.

Dan decided to take a week's vacation to get away from the complications that had entered their married life when, months before, the boss caught Dan manipulating his sales numbers. Bill, the boss, threatened to fire Dan unless Dan and Jill agreed to allow him to spend the night with Jill. Finding no way out of their problem, Jill finally agreed to the arrangement, rationalizing that it was just one night and wouldn't mean anything.

Dan watched his wife with Bill through a one-way mirror. He was agog as his conservative wife at first resisted, then avidly encouraged Bill to fuck her with his long, thick cock. The sight of his lovely wife taking a large cock for the first time created both agony and ecstasy in Dan's mind. He could see for himself how his wife responded to a real man's hard, thick rod as compared to his paltry 4" weenie. Dan loved his beautiful wife and he was sorry that she had to settle for his little dick.

Jill was remorseful and reluctant to discuss her night with Bill. Dan had to admit that he was wracked with jealousy, yet aroused and understanding. He enjoyed Jill's lush, curvy body and her 38D breasts, while he knew she would always have to settle for his unimposing dick. Having finally experienced a real man's thick prick, Jill secretly craved that feeling again, but she would never admit it to her loving husband.

Dan sensed Jill's newly acquired taste for a big cock, but he didn't want to give his boss the satisfaction of a second round with his wife. Once was more than enough, Dan decided. He would never give Bill another chance to fuck his wife. The answer, Dan decided, was to seek ways to give Jill future experiences with other men, but never in a way that would lead to any repeat performances. She would get to experience bigger men without them threatening his marriage. A vacation at an adult resort held the promise of a relaxing time with the possibility that they might meet another man or another couple who might measure up to Jill's needs.

Ken and Renee were close to ten years older than Dan and Jill. They were empty nesters and Ken was in the process of helping Renee 'loosen up' and enjoy more freedom, especially in their sex life. Ken had always been more sexually aware and he wanted to help Renee overcome the many hang-ups she harbored from her early upbringing.

Over the past few years, Ken managed to convince Renee to sleep nude with him and even skinny dip in their pool with him once in a while. Renee usually wore a one-piece suit in their private pool, but she had developed the habit of sliding her suit off on their deck to dry her body. Ken enjoyed watching her standing nude on the deck and bending over to turn on the hose to water her potted plants before going inside to put on shorts and a t-shirt.

Little by little, Ken managed to move Renee to the point where she enjoyed oral foreplay and welcomed the use of sex toys during their lovemaking. The instructional sex tapes Ken ordered from an on-line site contributed to Renee's awakening to the point where Ken felt that she might actually agree to a vacation trip to an adult's only resort. When he suggested a trip to celebrate the conclusion of a major project, Renee went along, knowing how hard Ken had recently worked.

Renee looked at the Playa del Maya web site with Ken. She noticed that the resort had a nude beach area and quickly understood why Ken had chosen that particular resort. She let him know that she was definitely not going to remove her suit, and she didn't want him going to the nude beach area either. Ken agreed that she would call the shots and that he would go along with her wishes, but he also let her know that he was okay with anything that she decided she wanted to experience...anything at all.

Dan and Jill arrived at Playa del Maya first. Their accommodations weren't ready, so they strolled around the grounds and stopped at the pool bar for their first complimentary drink. Jill was shocked at the number of women who were sunning around the pool topless. Quite a few were speaking Spanish and various European languages. Dan noted that many other cultures accepted topless sunbathing and casual nudity.

Three women seated at a table near the bar were topless, enjoying fancy drinks. One was well endowed with large brown nipples. The other two had small, firm breasts, yet seemed unconcerned about their exposure. Jill studied the women briefly and shrugged. "It's certainly much more casual down here," she mused.

Ken and Renee arrived in the airport shuttle an hour later. Their room was ready and they were shown to a spacious suite in a beach side cottage. Renee could hear the sound of the waves lapping the shore as she opened the patio door and stood gazing at the azure water. "This is wonderful!" she gushed to Ken. "What a romantic setting for our getaway."

A bellhop found Dan and Jill and let them know that their cottage was now ready. They followed him and the luggage cart down a flower-bedecked walkway to a cottage on the beach. They would be sharing a duplex cottage with Ken and Renee, but neither couple knew that yet.

Ken slid out of his slacks and shirt, made damp from the ride in the shuttle. He pulled off his bikini underwear and walked out onto the patio. From the patio, Ken could see quite a distance up and down the beach. In the distance, he noticed that some of the bathers were lying naked on the sand while others frolicked in the surf. He yearned to join them, but he recalled the promise that he made to Renee and shrugged.

While Dan put away the contents of their suitcases, Jill opened the glass door and stepped onto their patio to take a look at the beach. She heard someone clear his throat and glanced sideways over the short railing that separated her patio from the one next door. Jill sucked in her breath as she saw the naked behind of a muscular man as he leaned on the front rail looking away down the beach. Jill stepped back inside, but studied the man next door. She noticed that he was tanned, but sported no tan lines where they normally would be. He turned and she got a quick look at his front side, including a thick, shaved cock that somehow reminded her of Dan's boss, Bill. Jill decided not to say anything to Dan because she didn't want to open up a discussion of that episode during their vacation.


The two couples discover that they are sharing the cottage and they have dinner together to get acquainted. Later, they split up and the men and women chat with their counterparts.

Jill and Renee find that they both have horny husbands who seem to want to see them loosen up and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Playa del Maya.

Ken and Dan get along well and decide to go to the pool for drinks and exchange experiences.

Dan eventually confides in Ken what he had to endure when his boss caught him adjusting his sales numbers, indicating that his boss is huge, while he is "somewhat below average." Ken is sympathetic and tries to tell Dan that size is an overrated trait. Dan goes on to describe what he saw through the one-way mirror and how his Jill had responded to a really big cock. Dan then told Ken that his solution was to try to give Jill new experiences, but without creating any long-standing relationship. "That's partly why I chose this resort," Dan admitted with a look of hopeful embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Renee tells Jill how Ken has slowly turned into almost a nudist. Looking around at the topless women nearby, Renee tells Jill that she's sure that Ken would be pleased if she were to 'do as the Romans' and shed her top while at Playa del Maya. Jill nods her understanding. "Dan worships my large boobs," she chuckles. "I'm sure he would be pleased if I dared to uncover them in public," she added. After a brief silence while both women were deep in thought, Jill said something unusual for her. "I think I could go topless if I wasn't the only one I knew who did it."

Renee studied Jill for a long moment. "Ken and I skinny dip in our own pool. Ken does it all the time and I sometime join him when it's really warm. We even went skinny dipping with some other couples one time when we lived back east. Ken wanted to do it again with them, but I was afraid to, so we didn't go back again. It's not that I'm overly modest or prudish, it's just that I've always felt that it was a bit weird or something."

"Evidently, lots of people disagree," Jill replied as she motioned to the many topless women nearby. "Maybe, if we both agree to do it at the same time, we could try going topless. I'm sure the boys would get a big kick out of it."

Renee stared into space, thinking back over the years to that evening with the neighbors. "Well, maybe we can, if you really want to, Jill. It might be easier if we tried it without our husbands around. Let's just play it by ear today, okay?"

Jill nodded her agreement. "I really shouldn't tell you this, but I need to tell somebody."

"What?" Renee asked with concern.

"A few months ago, Dan and I had a real crisis. He made a major mistake at work and his boss caught him. We had to agree that I would spend the night with his boss or Dan would lose his job!"

"That's terrible," Renee, gasped. "What a low down creep! What did you do?"

Jill blushed and dropped her chin. "I did it. It was for us...for our future. We really didn't have a choice," she murmured. "We are here now partly to help erase that experience," Jill added.

"You poor thing," Renee said as she reached for Jill's hand. "It must have been terrible!"

Jill slowly looked up into Renee's eyes. "Actually, it was kind of amazing, I'm ashamed to say. Once I got over the initial shock, it was one of the most arousing times I've ever experienced. Dan's boss was huge. He was much bigger than Dan and really thick too. He reached places inside me that had never been touched before."

"Good grief," Renee replied. I can't imagine what it would be like to be with another man. Ken is the only one I've known. How many men have you been with, Jill?"

"Just Dan and now his boss," Jill said hurriedly. "Until then, I had no idea what a large one felt like. I'm not a slut, and we married young. I'm still pretty inexperienced."

"You and me both," Renee confided. "Sure, I've wondered about how another man might feel from time to time, but I've never acted on it...never had that opportunity. Well, that's not altogether true, but I've always resisted the temptation. Ken is plenty of man for me."

"Yeah, you're lucky, Renee," Jill said without thinking.

"How do you know?" Renee wondered out loud.

Jill put her hand to her mouth and blushed. "I'm so sorry, Renee. Earlier, I saw Ken out on your patio when he was looking at the beach. He was naked. He doesn't know that I saw him though."

"Front or backside?" Renee asked softly.

"Uh, both I guess," Jill stammered. "He's bigger soft than Dan is when he's hard. As I said, you are a lucky gal. Please don't hate me, Renee. It was an accident. I promise."

"Don't worry," Renee replied. "I'm sure Ken wouldn't mind even if he knew. That makes you one up on me, however."

"Maybe we'll be even before the week is over," Jill laughed. "I'll bet our men are just waiting for us to agree to check out the nude beach. Unfortunately, you probably won't be very impressed with Dan. He's somewhat below average in the male department."

Renee smiled and shook her head at her companion's candid remarks. "Dan's a nice looking fellow, Jill, and I'm not fixated on seeing big dicks on this trip. In fact, there is only one that holds interest right now and he's busy getting tipsy with your husband as we speak."

"I'm glad you are so understanding, Renee. I hope we can continue to be very candid and honest with each other the rest of our time here. Frankly, I was beginning to forget about that night with Dan's boss...until I happened to see Ken out on your patio. There really is a difference, I can tell you."

Renee gazed into Jill's eyes for a long moment. "I'll take your word for it, since I have had no outside experience of my own. I must say, this conversation has aroused my curiosity a little bit. I wonder how many men we'd be able to see on the nude beach? Do you think we could sneak off and go there without the men knowing about it? If so, would we have to go topless there...or be naked too?"

"I don't know, but let's see if we can find out without Ken or Dan knowing about it, okay?"

The women clasped hands and giggled as they finished their drinks.

The next day, Ken and Dan decided to join an offshore fishing expedition and were away most of the day.

Jill and Renee went to the local shops and found new bikini swimsuits and mesh cover-ups that they were anxious to wear on the beach.

Jill and Renee decide to go to the pool and then down to the regular beach. Both were surprised by how many second looks they got from both men and women. After an hour on the regular beach, the gals began tentatively talking about moving down the beach to the nude section.

"Maybe we could stroll along the water's edge and just check out what's happening farther down the beach," Renee mused. "Who says we have to join them if we don't want to, right?"

Jill thought about Renee's suggestion for a few moments; then nodded her head. "Right, we can just stroll along and see how brave we become," she added with a sly grin.

The gals walk down the beach and past the sign that notes the beginning of the nude beach section. Right away, they begin to notice nude bathers splashing, carefree, in the surf. Others are lounging comfortably on blankets just a few feet from the water's edge. They pass an older couple, the woman stretched out on her back, her large boobs hanging to each side, her thick brown bush on display. The gentleman sits cross-legged next to her, his soft cock nested on the blanket, his eyes following the two bikini-clad women as they stroll by.

The gals pass other couples and quite a few single men and women, all naked and shamelessly enjoying the warm sunshine. A hundred yards down the nude beach, they pass a tall, middle-age fellow standing to brush sand off of the backs of his legs. Both women immediately notice the large, thick member swinging effortlessly between his firm thighs. Later, Jill would estimate that the man was at least 8 ½ inches long and more than 2 inches in diameter. The man smiled as the gals approached and nodded to them.

"Enjoying the scenery, ladies?" he asked as they grew even with him.

Jill glanced over and returned his smile. "Yes, the water is so clear and beautiful," she replied.

"It's warm too," he responded. "I'm going to wash the sand off myself. Feel free to sit a while and enjoy the sunshine."

They watched him walk into the water and swim out a few yards. "He has a funny accent," Renee noted. "I think he's English or Australian. Nice build too."

"Let's sit down and wait for him to come back out of the water, Jill said. "We can ask him where he's from and also get a second look at his nice big package, eh?"

"You're being naughty," Renee whispered, "but I wouldn't mind taking a break about now."

The man moved back out of the water and used his hands to push his salt and pepper hair back away from his rugged face. Not bothering to dry off, he moved from his blanket to stand where the two women sat. He looked down and smiled again. "Hello again. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Reginald Morebank, and you are?"

"I'm Renee and this is my new friend, Jill. We were wondering where you are from. You have a very lovely accent."

"I am English, actually, and please feel free to call me Reggie. I am a newly retired colonel in the British Royal Marines."

"That explains your muscular build," Renee replied. "It looks like you keep in very good shape."

"Why thank you, Renee. I say, a man always likes to hear compliments from a pretty lady. You are here together, just the two of you, eh?"

"Oh no," Jill quickly replied, "the husbands are out fishing today. We just thought we would stroll down the beach for a while and enjoy the sun."

"Ah, well, you see, the regular beach is up that way toward the resort. This is the nude beach section...in case that fact had escaped your attention," Reggie said with a broad grin.

"Yes, we noticed that fact earlier, Reggie," Renee responded sweetly. "We were interested because we have never been to a nude beach before and we just wanted to see what it was like.

Reggie stood before them clad in nothing but a smile. "I think being nude is bloody wonderful," he chuckled. "You ladies do know that those who come to the nude beach wearing bathing attire are generally considered to be 'gawkers,' do you not?"

"Oh dear," Jill gasped. "We never thought about that at all! I suppose we should go back, Renee."

"Now, dear ladies, there is no need to panic. You may have noticed that some of the bathers are merely topless, both here and back at the resort pool. That is quite common and is perfectly acceptable."

"So, you are saying that if we were topless, we would no longer be considered 'gawkers?" Renee asked quietly.

"Just so," Reggie responded with another of his broad smiles.

It was at that particular point that Renee's eyes fell to Reggie's mid-section and she took another look at the large salami and heavy balls that moved just a bit as he chuckled or talked. He was shaved bald 'down there', which made him look that much bigger.

"Well, as my husband is fond of saying, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans,' Renee stated with some emphasis. She turned to Jill. "I guess if we want to stay here for a little while, we're going to have to be topless. Are you game?"

Reggie looked down at the two well-developed cleavages and he felt his cock swell in spite of his effort to remain friendly and a bit aloof. The small triangles of fabric did little to disguise the size and shape of Jill's 38D breasts. He could detect her erect nipples through the thin, unlined cloth.

Jill hesitated, her mind flowing back to her experience with Dan's boss months earlier. "Uh, you go first, Renee," Jill blurted. "If you do it, then I guess I will too."

Renee felt excitement course through her in spite of herself. She looked up into Reggie's eyes and slowly pulled the bow behind her neck and let the strings fall to the side. Reggie smiled down and licked his lips in anticipation.

"Jill would you untie me, please?" Renee asked as she put her hands to her breasts to hold her top in place.

With one swift pull, Jill untied Renee's bra top and the band around Renee's back fell limply. Renee pulled her hands away, taking her top from her now naked breasts. Her soft breasts were white and topped with small, pink nipples that already indicated a degree of arousal.

"Quite lovely, lovely indeed," Reggie announced as he gazed hungrily at Renee's 38C tits.

Jill looked at Renee's nakedness and took a deep breath. Her mouth was as dry as cotton as Renee turned her head and waited for Jill to make her next move. "Okay, Jill," she whispered. "Your turn, honey."

Jill followed Renee's example and untied her neck strings first. Then, she turned her back toward Renee and put her own hands to her large breasts. Quickly, she felt Renee's fingers tugging on her back ties then she felt them fall away.

"I can't believe that I'm doing this," Jill stated flatly, as she let her hands drop into her lap, holding her bikini top. Her large, soft boobs were now exposed for the entire world to see...well Renee and Reggie, as least. Jill's nipples became erect as she felt the warm sun begin to touch her breasts.

"Magnificent, simply magnificent," Reggie muttered as he got his first view of Jill's plump tits. "My compliments to both of you, I'm sure. There are no finer breasts on this beach today. Now, would either of you like a spot of tea? I have my thermos over on by beach cover."

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