tagErotic HorrorNosferatu Ch. 04

Nosferatu Ch. 04


Nosferatu Ch. 04: First Hunt

(You walk into a club just off campus. You and a few of your new "friends"

The master has sent you out on your first hunt. You are dressed in leather pants, a black tank top and a short leather jacket. Your long blond hair has been cut short and died jet-black. This is the new you...the Vamp who has finally escaped her prison.

You survey the room...the music pumping through you.

You scan the room...looking for a meal. You think you see one.

You move up to me, “a handsome enough guy,” you think to yourself. "So what’s your name you ask," making small talk. He has light brown hair, great eyes...."definitely a catch if the OLD Shannan were here." you say to yourself.

"Jim" I say. We make small talk. I get the strangest feeling that tonight will be a life-changing event.

Our faces move close together, trying to hear over the music. "I am going to get something to drink." I hear your red lips say. You saunter off, swinging your hips. I feel myself fall into a trance not sure if I have control over my own actions.

I watch your hips swinging away from me as you walk toward the bar. You stop and reach down to pick something off of the ground. As you bend down, your leather jacket lifts up, revealing a tattoo on the small of your back, trailing down to your ass. It is an intricately decorated black cross.

Before I know it, you’re back with me. "So...you want to get out of here?" You ask.

“You want to.” A voice in your head, one that isn't your own, says you have no choice.

You grab my hand and lead me out of the club, yelling something at one of your companions.

You pull me into a black stretch limo. I try to kiss you and you push me away. "Not yet" you say.

We drive in silence. You look at me as if you want to consume me. I feel my dick grow, the heat from my crotch increases. You can tell how hard I am, your eyes drop to the tent in my pants and you lick your lips, looking at me.

We reach your chamber, and few words are spoken. You dive into me, falling into a kiss...a hungry exchange of two beings consuming each other. I lay supine on the bed. You pull away, smiling at me.

"He will be mine," you say to yourself. "Make it so" the master replies.

You remove the leather jacket, slowly, seductively. I slowly match you, move for move, removing my shirt.

You remove your blouse, revealing perfectly shaped breasts begging to be set free.

You undo your pants, as do I, removing them. My dick springs into the air as your body is revealed. You have shapely legs, small mound of jet-black hair covering a jewel of a pussy.

You climb onto me, out bodies pressed together. Your nipples press against me, as our tongues press in. As your nipples touch me, you make known to me all of you recent experiences and your change. Its as if you have downloaded your entire ordeal to me. I have never felt so alive and out of control. "I know what you mean," I hear you say, from within my own head.

A shock of pleasure shoots through me, as you waste no time, impaling yourself onto my shaft. You exhale deeply, feeling me push deep inside your body.

Your pussy is so wet, so warm, that I am penetrating you to the hilt immediately. You start to buck against me. You feel so good, each thrust sending ripples of pleasure through us. You look at me as I watch your tits dance in my face through half shut eyes.

You feel the wonderful sensation of an orgasm welling with in. Your ass begins to buck against me like a jockey on a horse. Your fingers dig deep into my chest, but I barely notice the blood as it begins to seep from my wound. And in my pleasure, in the intense sensation of your pussy throwing yourself up and down my shaft, I don't notice you licking my bloody chest.

Your orgasm rips through you...and through me. I feel you cum and we share your orgasm, I feel the explosion within you, as if I am a part of you...it rips from inside me.

What happens next has led me down the road I travel today.

You turn around on my shaft, giving me an excellent view of your beautiful round ass as your pussy rides up and down me.

I watch it...its perfect heart shape running through me. You are really working it. I can tell by the beads of sweat rolling down your spine, down past the tattoo, down the crack of your ass, over your asshole, revealing itself to me, as your rock back and forth.

"God," I think to myself, "I would do anything to fuck this pussy for eternity."

"That can be arranged," you say.

Tonight, nothing surprises me, not even your verbal response to my thought.

"Anything," I repeat, aloud.

With that, your pace quickens, your ass and back sweating as it fucks me. You are fucking me, you are going to kill me, and I love it.

You grunt as another orgasm rips through, this time, my seed pumping into you in several long, hard squirts.

You climb up my body, reaching down to your cunt and collecting my semen with your finger. You bring it to my lips, letting me taste our essence.

“Its time," the master tells you, "to make him ours."

I wake up to you kissing down my body. My dick springs to life. You take me deep into your mouth, causing me to moan and offer my cock to you. You suck me up and down, following with your hand up my now slick cock. You continue running my dick head through your fingers.

"I am ready," you say to yourself.

I feel your teeth on the artery running up my thigh. I gasp as it is punctured. I look down and see blood, my blood, soaking the bed and you lapping it up. It feels wonderful.

You love the taste, the warmth, the life flowing past your lips. “Almost as good as the fuck,” you say to yourself.

I stare in erotic shock at you lapping my blood all the while jacking me off.

With each pump you make on my dick, it forces more blood out, and into your mouth.

I am so close to cumming.

You use blood to lube my dick, covering it in gore. “Cum baby...and this will be our future for eternity."

I cum....shooting it up and over you

My cum lands onto your naked shoulders as your drink. It mixes with my blood. “What a treat,” you say, licking it up. "You are mine, love."

"I am yours," I murmur, as I pass out from the pleasure....

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