tagErotic CouplingsNot Quite What She Expected

Not Quite What She Expected


Had Sam's friends been asked to describe her, they would have done so with a small smile and a loving expression. Beth would have described a quiet, somewhat shy girl with an odd love for debate and competition. Jared would lean back and close his eyes, chuckling at the time he and Sam had sent rolls of toilet paper streaming down a rival dorm hall. Nathan's cheeks would turn red. "She reaches out to you," he murmurs contemplatively. He stares at the wall and his brow knits as a small, abashed grin steals the corners of his mouth.

Katie would dissolve into laughter, recounting tales of flirtatious boys and Sam's polite but scathing responses. "She has this way of smiling at them, as though she's letting them in on a private joke, and she'll slip out this comment that freezes the grin on their faces and makes them wonder what hit them. If you go out clubbing Friday nights, bring that girl with you!"

Sam's best friend, Jesse, will describe her passion for sketching, writing, and analyzing people. "Most people don't realize she's reading them like an encyclopedia," he'll remark. "She's very pleasant, very engaging to talk to. But she knows within the first few minutes whether that person is trying to feed her a crock of shit. It was a talent she developed after I met her in high school."

Every time Sam's friends receive questions about her, they do their best to answer and direct the inquirer to Jesse. He was the one who met her in 10th grade English class, and Sam was family to him. "She's like my sister, so I wouldn't describe her as 'hot', but from an outsider's perspective, she is," he would explain. "Sam and I were the big nerds on campus. Guys would swarm her, but only in secret. She figured out within months that any guy who will talk to her behind closed doors but shun her in his friends' company is a guy worth flushing down the toilet. There were lots of guys like that, so she learned quickly."

Sam's only high school boyfriend, Donnie, would agree. "She looked fantastic under the dumpy clothes and Coke-bottle glasses," he reminisced. "Sam told me a couple times she stayed away from the trends on purpose, so she could tell what guys were really after. When we were alone, she would put on these outfits..." he would pause. "The tiniest shirt you could ever imagine. She told me she was confident in her body, and I don't blame her. I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but she wasn't really gorgeous. She didn't have anything like a rack, a butt, or even legs, but she carried herself humbly, unaffectedly, but confidently. She only cared what she did for the world, not how it felt about her."

Samantha Mallory never asked her friends outright what they thought of her. She knew that if they were her friends, then she had worked hard for them and that was all that mattered. She loved Donnie very much, but dumped him when he was jealous of Jesse's friendship with her.

She and Jesse went to different colleges but they kept in daily contact. Their dorm rooms provided free cable Internet, so they used AOL Instant Messenger to communicate.

"Hey, you!" she typed to him. "How was your day?"

"Eh," he responded. "How was yours?"

"Craig and I had a hot one last night," she typed.

"A hot what?" he teased.

"Date," she replied, not in the mood for teasing.

"Did you use protection?"

"I'm on the pill, dude."

"Sorry, I don't mean to prod."

"No prodding," she assured.

"So how'd it go?"

Sam closed her eyes, reminiscing.

She raked her fingers through Craig's long, silky, dark brown hair. It flowed all the way down to his waist. Smoothing it out with her fingers, she let her hand trail down to his rump and settle there.
He looked over at her. "You're forward," he remarked.

Sam gave his roundness a squeeze. "I like to get to the point," she replied. "I might tease a little, but that's only in leading to the inevitable."

"You're so predictable," he said with a mock sigh. The corners of his mouth twitched.

Sam snorted. "You don't know me."

Quickly, he rounded on her, scooping her by the waist with both arms and lifting her high off the ground. "I don't as well as I'd like to, but that can be changed..."

She squirmed, more for show. Her heart began to pound as she tried to push out of his arms, using his shoulders for leverage. Craig buried his face in her abdomen, exhaling hot air onto her torso. Sam kicked.

He carried her a few feet and dumped her on the bed. His hands grabbed her wrists and forced them onto the pillow, trumping her violent squirms. Craig smiled at her. "You so asked for this, you ass-fondler."

She giggled and tried to knee him in the crotch.

He dodged her attack. "Woah, woah, woah..." he murmured into her ear. She felt his face right next to hers – his breath was fast, confident, and all-encompassing. "Don't damage the goods, sweetheart."

"I'll give you the goods," she retorted with her eyes closed, lurching.

"No." He pressed her wrists deep into the pillow and nibbled her ear. His hot breath on her entire neck sent deep shivers through her, exciting trickles of energy that reached places never touched by hands. "You tease. You taunt. You torment, pester, and harass. You exploit self control, my dear, beyond the boundaries of male capacity. But I wonder..." he nuzzled her neck, rubbing his nose along sensitive nerves. "Do you have the same ability to hold onto yourself?"

He pulled his face away from her neck and she opened her eyes. He was staring at her, smiling. She narrowed her eyes. "You just try me."

"Such strength...such daring...my brave woman." He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers before pulling away again. "My beautiful, self-controlled girlfriend."

She leered at him, and then melted into a fit of giggles. His hands were still pinning her wrists to the pillows.

When she stopped chuckling, he pressed his lips to her again and she returned with interest. When his lips parted around hers, and his wet, warm tongue sought entrance, she opened her mouth with a sigh.

His tongue did not dance in her mouth, but floated, lingering. She caressed it with hers, but his didn't seem to notice. Slowly, it began to pulse and flex. Again Sam ran her tongue over his, trying to entice it into a chase, but it ignored her. His tongue began to extend farther into her throat and ease back. Again it extended, and again it retracted. It was a slow, tolerant, enduring process, his tongue sliding back and forth in her mouth. The tension between Sam and Craig was mounting and she squirmed.

At the same rate as his slowly moving tongue, a new, untried excitement began to surface in Sam. A feeling stirred in her mind, reminding her of a thrill she felt the night she was still a virgin. Craig was exercising unusual patience in light of her wriggling moans.

He slowly withdrew his tongue and ran it across her bottom lip. Sam tried to kiss him but he resisted, drawing her lip into his mouth and suckling it with maddening gentleness. She raised her hips, moaning slightly. Her lips parted and her tongue extended to pry apart his lips, eliciting no response. He continued to suckle her lip gently.

Desperate, she lurched away from his serene, unrelenting assault. Wrenching her head to the left, she pressed her face into his neck and attacked it with a series of fiery, loud kisses. Sam even nipped the sensitive skin, hoping for a reaction.

She had no idea what she was doing to him. In the year he had dated her, he had discovered a woman thrilled with mischief, loving to dominate at the appropriate times. She frequently relinquished control to him, but he had never taken her when she hadn't allowed it beforehand. Her struggle for control was obvious when she tried to make him react. As he kissed her, gently, persistently, and unmoved, he realized that the profoundest way to turn her on was to steal control from her altogether. The thought sent a peal of orgasmic energy through his body, causing him to shudder deeply. The more she squirmed, the more he wanted her. The more he wanted her, the slower and gentler he became.

The feeling flowing throughout Sam's body was entirely unlike the throbbing sensation she normally felt with Craig. Her entire being was alive, awake, afraid of this new type of arousal but wanting it more than it had ever wanted anything before. She felt as innocent as a young schoolgirl, but as deeply aroused as a virgin coupled with an expert. After realizing that the tension was completely beyond her control, she rested her head on the pillow and breathed deeply, softly, and rapidly. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

Craig gently released his grip on Sam's wrists and lifted her arms up. He dragged her loose t-shirt up by its hemline and lifted it from her body before discarding it. His hands found her wrists again and pinned them down by her sides.

He leaned down to breathe on her neck, and she felt deep quivers like boiling water in her body. His open mouth kissed the muscle connecting her neck to her shoulder, suckling in an open-mouthed "o". His tongue pressed down through his lips, gently massaging her skin as he suckled.

Sam shuddered suddenly, taken aback by his new technique. His open-mouthed, tongued kisses provided twice the sensation in the same surface area, and they were driving her insane. Her need for self-control began to slip as the eroticism of the kisses stirred a deep need for more.

Craig covered her neck, shoulders, and collarbones with a series of his deeply sensual kisses. He lapped his tongue across the surface of her body, leaving shiny wet trails along her skin.

His hands released her wrists. There was no risk of Sam struggling or trying to regain control. She was paralyzed with the pleasurable anticipation – though her body was relaxed, small spasms gripped her every so often. Her chin pointed up and her eyes squeezed closed, her mouth open and panting lightly. The expression of irrepressible pleasure was etched on every inch of her round, girlish face, and Craig felt a throbbing in the depths of his loins looking at her.

He pushed her t-shirt up her body and pulled it over her head, discarding it. She stayed still, her chest heaving with soft breaths of excitement. Craig gently reached behind her back with both hands and deftly undid her bra clasp. He tossed it aside and gazed down at her breasts. They were lopsided; her right breast was slightly bigger than her left, and he remembered how self-conscious she had been about it when he first saw her topless. Caressing her chest, he smiled when his hands grazing her nipples caused her to flinch. Her breasts may not be perfect, he thought, but she was the most responsive woman out of the two he'd bedded before her. Craig had told her about them and let her know that she was phenomenally sensitive. He bent down and suckled a nipple with relish.

A spasm wracked Sam's entire body and she shoved her hips forward, moaning. Her arms slid toward him and he pinned them back to the bed. As he continued to draw on her nipple, she experienced sharp arrows of pleasure throughout her body that quickly melted into hot, seductive ripples of pure desire. Below her waist, inside the passage Craig hadn't touched yet, she felt warm moisture collect.

He smelled Sam's pungent scent and paused the suckling for a moment, struggling for control. Deep, demanding, pleasurable sensations were pulsing through his loins, erecting his warm member and turning it a purplish hue.

Sam opened her eyes and looked down at her boyfriend. She noticed how he was breathing hard and his shoulders were tense. The corners of her open mouth spread in a smile, and she moved her arms to reach down and wrap a hand around his rigid, silky smooth and heated member.

She felt him rumble with an intense, tortured groan of need and her own pulsing sensations strengthened. His mouth resumed its suckling, and she tossed her head back and moaned at the new, stronger stabs of pleasure flooding her body. Craig felt her grip on his penis strengthened, and he uttered a whimpering groan. The tip of his member felt wet and quivering sensations of unbelievable pleasure were suffusing his entire body. When she squeezed a little harder, the ecstasy reached an unbearable point and he realized he would lose everything unless he removed her hand from his crotch. With phenomenal willpower, he reached down and squeezed her wrist until she let go.

She had tried to regain control of the situation and almost succeeded. Craig was on the verge of orgasm, and had tugged her hand away just in time. She felt his hands grip her arms and stuff both her hands under her body so that her weight pressed them down and prevented her from reaching. His lips moved over to the other nipple and suckled anew.

The flood of undeniable pleasure grew overwhelming. Sam had never been forced to relinquish control in sex, and its effect was overpowering and borderline unbearable. She needed more, and fast.

His face lifted from her breast and kissed her stomach with the same maddeningly sensual open-mouth technique he used on Sam's shoulders, neck, and collarbone. She felt incredibly vulnerable and it heightened her arousal further. The scent of her need became pungent and reminded Craig of what was in store. Her belly was covered with a slow, exquisitely gentle set of soft open-mouthed kisses in progression down to her navel. He dipped his tongue into it and she squirmed.

"Craig," she gasped. He closed his eyes and trembled as his loins tightened – her voice was saturated with need and desire. He hadn't realized he'd brought her this far, but now that he knew he wasn't sure how much longer he could wait.

"You've never done this to me before," she whimpered. "God, please, don't stop." Her pungent scent filled the room.

He rose from her belly and crawled backward on the bed to position his body. With his hands flat and palms facing Sam, he applied pressure to spread her legs. She hesitated for a moment before her thighs parted.

Her lips and opening were positively glistening. The aroma of her fluids threatened to overpower him. He lowered his face, breathing warm air over her inner thighs. She trembled and her muscles tightened frantically. Her hips jutted close to his face.

Sam was completely lost, completely overwhelmed. All that existed was her boyfriend, his warm breath, his open-mouthed kisses inside her thighs, and the trembling, anticipating submission. When she felt a wet, warm tongue streak along her slit, she exhaled a powerful breath of air and elevated her hips frenetically.

For hours, she lost herself in a universe of wet, unbearable but unstoppable pleasure. His tongue skated across every fold, every ridge of her inflamed, slippery opening, sending streaks of fire throughout her being. Every few minutes she approached the threshold of an orgasm – he sensed when she neared and backed off. Every time his tongue threatened to stop, her shrieks and whimpers became howls of indignant need. Sam struggled to pry her hands out from beneath her body, but his hands were free and he reached under to stop her. Throughout the licking, the suckling, and the immobility of her arms, his dominating method of pleasure grew to overwhelm her.

As his lips suckled her center of pleasure, she felt two fingers spin circles around the outside of her entrance. Her passage muscles clenched and she moaned desperately.

Tornado-like, his fingers spiraled into her her. He continued the pattern until they were fully buried before he stopped. She gasped. His two fingers were resting inside of her, immobile. His tongue was also still.

Desperate for stimulation, she rocked from side to side. Her vaginal walls struggled to clamp down on him. She struggled with her arms against his hand pinning her arms beneath her. Unable to submit for sheer need, she cried for him wordlessly.

With unbearable slowness, his fingers pulled back toward him, applying pressure up as they moved. Moaning, she raised her hips to encourage him.

At a snail's pace, his fingertips slid to find her buried spot of pleasure. He applied forceful pressure, dragging his fingers along. Craig's tongue reawakened, licking and suckling her sensitive spots. Streaks of unbearable pleasure rocketed throughout her body, sending her into paroxysms of pre-orgasmic delight. With every spasm, her need for climax grew. Suddenly she knew she couldn't handle any more. Unless he led her to orgasm himself, her mind was going to explode with fantasies that would bring her to a mediocre orgasm and leave her desperate for more. "Craig!" she shrieked. "Now! I can't handle it! God, please, now!" He was unbearably horny. His member glistening with dribbling pre-cum, he pushed his luck and pressed her spot one last time. "NOW!" she sobbed.

Pulling his face away from her crotch, he released her hands and balanced himself over her body. She reached over to guide his member into her. He had expanded to a seven-inch length with an inch-and-a-half girth, and he slid into her like a hot knife through butter. She moaned with incoherent ecstasy and raised her hips to assist his entry.

Sam and Craig were finished teasing each other. He plunged into her and withdrew, again, and again, and again. Their bodies pressed together, trembling and tense. They rocked back and forth together, desperate to relieve the building tension. Her shrieks became sobs of pure, undeniable pleasure. He cried out her name again and again, overwhelmed by her complete abandon, overcome by his rising orgasm.

The wave of climax gripped their bodies at the same moment. Their trembles grew violent and their cries became faster and higher pitched. For one eternal instant, their bodies were seized with the same convulsions of unbearable ecstasy. He thrust into her one more time before collapsing onto her. Panting, sweaty, and enveloped in the pungent scent of their lovemaking, they drifted off to sleep. Craig's member rested inside of her, soft and spent.

Sam smiled and typed to Jesse, "It was awesome. He's always got a new trick up his sleeve."

Her best friend replied, "Hehe, any advice you could give me with Jamie?"

She paused. "Okay, first you pick her up and carry her to bed..."

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