tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNurse with a Curse Ch. 2

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 2


As Cynthia begged and pleaded for her rapist to return and untie her from the examining table Eric was making his way out of the building. He had no regrets for leaving the nurse secured as she was. He had enjoyed taking the pretty young nurse in every hole. And he loved the fact that she had ended up loving the ordeal so much that she had been begging him to fuck her. Eric was surprised at how easy everything had gone. He was also pleased that there was little chance of her trying to report him.

As he walked outside to his car Eric saw two young men standing on the sidewalk. He overheard one of them whistling and making a crude comment at a sexy looking girl passing by. Seeing this gave him an idea. Eric walked up to the two men and told them that if they thought she was something that they should go check out Dr. James' office on the fourth floor.

The two men ignored the stranger at first. They watched him walk to his car and drive away. Both of them were 18 year-olds who were off school for the day. Both had just gotten off work at a nearby gas station and were walking home when they stopped by to ogle the passing lady. Sid, the taller of the two, was 6 feet tall, thin with shaggy blond hair. His friend, Ken, was only 5'9", stocky, with short brown hair and was the better looking of the two. After a few moments Ken suggested that they go upstairs to see what the stranger was talking about.

They entered the building through the door that Eric had left. Which was the only unlocked one on the building. They realized quickly enough that the building was vacated for the day. They made there way to the 4th floor and searched until the found Dr. James' office. The door was left wide open so they walked in. Both were cautious not to make any noise. They saw no one but began looking around the office. When one of them made a noise they were met with a cry from a female. "Hello, is that you again?" Cynthia yelled. "Please come back and untie me!"

Sid and Ken gave each other a quizzical look. "Untie me?" Ken whispered.

"We better check this out." Side responded.

The two young men slowly walked behind the counter to where the voice had came from. They were unprepared for what they found. As they stepped through the doorway they found the beautiful blond nurse securely bound to the examination table. Her legs fastened into the stirrups providing a fantastic view of her recently fucked cunt.

"Holy shit!" Sid said.

Cynthia started. She had expected her rapist to return and free her. She was no prepared for two strange men to walk in on her this way.

"Please untie me." She begged.

Ken and Sid approached the table. "Man, she looks hot." Sid commented.

"Yeah, and she's been fucked too." Ken said, pointing to a trickle of drying cum that ran out of her pussy.

"So, we found us a little fuckslut." Sid said to Cynthia.

"No, please let me go. You don't understand…"

"Shut up, bitch." Sid ordered. "Porno magazines, you strapped down like this. I guess you and your boyfriend are playing some kind of game. You must want to pretend to be raped or something. Why else would he invite us up here to find you."

"He's not my boyfriend!" Cynthia insisted. She was shocked. Not only had she been raped. But now her would be rescuers think that she's involved in some perverted sex game.

"Well, if you want fucked I guess we shouldn't deny you." Sid continued.

"No!" Cynthia cried out. "You don't understand!"

The two men laughed at her pleas. Telling her that she needed acting lessons in order to sound more believable. Sid undressed quickly. He was skinny but had a cock nearly as long as Eric's, although thinner in diameter. It was already fully erect as he stripped. Ken dropped his pants but left his tee shirt on, probably to hide his slightly oversized belly. His dick only measured 5 inches, but was thicker than many others she had seen. On his stout frame it looked normal.

First the two men got on either side of her and started feeling her up. Cynthia screamed for them to stop. Being raped once was bad enough, but now she was about to be taken by a pair of filthy kids. The more she yelled and begged the more excited the two boys got. Both still convinced that this was all part of some elaborate sex game.

Both guys decided to suckle her breast. Sid took her stiff left nipple into his mouth and began sucking and licking it. Ken licked and nibbled on her right nipple. The two men ran their hands down to her crotch and group groped her tender pussy. Taking turns fingering her and rubbing her swollen clit. Cynthia begged them to stop. The sensations of the two mouths on her breast combined with the hands on her pussy were once again bringing her body to arousal. And the young nurse was not sure how much more of this she could stand. The two men refused to let up.

Cynthia's body responded in kind. Her protests decreased as her moans became more and more vocal. The two men were getting into the action, knowing that they were about to bring this girl to a powerful climax. Cynthia was rocking back and forth on the table. She felt her orgasm coming closer and closer. She had heard of girls climaxing from having their breast and nipples manipulated but had never experienced it herself. But now it was happening. Cynthia no longer resisted what was happening to her. "Yes!" She cried aloud as the first wave of another orgasm rocked through her.

Sid couldn't take it any longer. His cock was swollen and he could feel the pressure building in the head of his dick. He moved between her legs and wasted no time shoving his pecker into Cynthia's cunt. The nurse began shaking her head. With her orgasm over her head was beginning to clear again. At least for a few moments. She thrust her hips trying to escape the shaft that had penetrated her. Cynthia was getting off more in one day than she had ever dreamt of, but she did not want to be fucked by anyone else. Especially not these two punks. Sid took her motions as further proof that she was enjoying every moment of what was happening to her. He began fucking more rapidly while Ken continued sucking and squeezing her tits. Cynthia spasmed as her body was suddenly in the throes of yet another orgasm. Sid's balls were tightening and his pace grew even more rapid. Then he yelled for Ken to move, jumped up onto the table and straddled Cynthia's chest, forcing his cock into her mouth.

As Cynthia began sucking his cock Ken took his place between her legs. Cynthia gasped as he short but thick cock pressed into her. She orgasmed again as soon as he began fucking her. Where Sid had been fast, Ken fucked with ferocity. He rammed his cock as deep as he was able into her. Banging his crotch against hers with enough force to jar her body forward. Her ankles were still secured to the stirrups and that was the only reason she didn't slide forward. She Her pussy hurt from the savage fucking but she felt another climax building. She sucked greedily on the skinny cock in her mouth. She could feel its head swelling more and knew that she would soon be tasting his cum. She was already tasting the precum as her tongue slide across its head.

The two men were enjoying the pussy of this hot looking nurse. While neither were virgins. Both were not that experienced. And neither had been with someone as attractive as Cynthia.

Sid blew the first wad of cum into the nurse's mouth then pulled his dick out and began stroking his shaft, sending spurt after spurt of the thick creamy fluid onto Cynthia's face. At that very moment Ken cried out and started pumping his own load into her pussy. She met their orgasms with one of her own and the trio moaned and groaned as they climaxed together.

When the two men finished they climbed off the helpless nurse and began dressing. Cynthia lay on the table, her body quivering from the overdose of pleasure. Her eyes began burning as some of Sid's cum drained into them. She had always found facial cumshots to be disgusting and now here she was with her own pretty face covered in a strange man's jiz with no way to wipe herself clean.

Seeing the two men dressing she begged them to untie her.

"Why should we do that?" Sid asked. "Looks like you're game has just begun. Hell, maybe well be back with some of our friends later on."

Cynthia lay speechless as the two men disappeared out the door. Wondering what else was in store for her tonight...

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