tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNurse's Delight Ch. 2

Nurse's Delight Ch. 2


I woke up my 3rd morning in the hospital after having crashed my motor cycle into a guard rail breaking both arms and my right leg, I was helpless, I had to depend on nurses for everything from eating to going to the bathroom. As it turned out it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

At 6:45 a cute young lady came in with my breakfast, she sat the tray down on the table beside my bed and pulled up a chair to feed me. I had waked up with the usual hard on and since all I had on was the stupid thin gown there was no hiding it from the girl feeding me. I could see her glancing every now and then at the tent my hard cock was making out of my gown. I thought about asking her to help me pee, but I knew Nurse Thomas would help me out when she came into give me my bed bath later that morning. I went back to sleep not waking up until I heard the curtain sliding open, I looked up a there was Nurse Thomas standing there with a big smile on her pretty face.

She walked over to the side of my bed and felt my forehead and asked how my night went and if I was still having much pain, I told her not very much, they took me off the morphine last night. That's good she said we don't want you getting strung out on us. The whole time she was standing there talking my cock was making a slow but steady rise, with both arms locked in casts there wasn't a thing I could do to prevent the tent that it was making out of my gown. I looked up at her face and noticed her starring at it like she was in some kind of trance.

She snapped out of it and looked at me smiling and said, lets see about getting you cleaned up. She then stepped behind me and undid the ties to my gown sliding it down off my shoulders leaving it bunched up on my lap. I just lay there with my eyes closed while she went to the sink and filled a plastic pail with warm soapy water. When she returned I noticed she had undone 3 buttons of the front of her uniform, when she leaned over to wash my forehead I was treaded to a great view, shit I thought she's not wearing a bra, I could see her firm breasts with hard pink nipples standing at attention. This made my already hard cock start to throb with every bead of my heart.

She washed my back and then down my chest until she got to my groin, she removed the gown and dropped it on the floor beside my bed. By this time pre cum was dripping down the side of my cock. She then took my cock in one hand and used the other to gently wash my balls the whole time never taking her eyes off my erection, I almost came right then as she slowly began to squeeze and stroke my cock. She suddenly let go and said it looks like we have a problem pointing to my right foot; I looked down and saw what she meant. My toes were a reddish purple color. I asked her if it was something serious and she said it sure was, your cast is too tight.

What's that mean I asked her, she said it will have to be redone right away. I'll get the Doctor he's on the floor making rounds with the students she said as she buttoned up her uniform. I'll be right back she said leaving me lying there with my dripping cock standing straight up. About 5 min later she returned with the doctor followed by 5 girl med students and one male student. They crowded around my bed 4 of the girls staring intently at my cock, which felt like it would explode any second, I was glad when the male student stood looking out the window instead of at me. The doctor had each girl feel my toes while he explained about tight casts and all the problems they can cause and that it's a meager cause of litigation against Doctors. Lets get him to the casting room right away he said. Nurse Thomas left and came back with a wheel chair.

The Doctor and the students left. I'll have to get some help nurse Thomas said as she walked out the door again leaving me laying there nude. I wasn't too surprised when she returned with two cute girls about my age who's eyes about popped out of their heads when they saw me laying there with my cock standing at attention. The three of them helped me out of bed into the wheel chair when one of the girls said don't you think we should cover him up while picking my gown up off the floor, nurse Thomas said no that one's dirty.

She then went into the bathroom and came out with a small towel that she then placed over my hard cock giving it a squeeze, smiling at me saying this will do. She then asked if one of the girls would wheel me down to the casting room, she said I'll see you later and finish your bath; I've got other people to take care of. She turned as she was walking out the door and said you girls take good care of Mr. Luttrell. Oh we will TT one of them replied. Why do you call her TT I asked, because her name is Toni Thomas she answered, we just call her TT for short.

The girls walked out into the hallway, I could hear them whispering when they came back one said Ginny will take you down to casting and then she left. I got a lot of stares as she wheeled me down the hallway toward the elevators, I must have looked quite a sight being wheeled down the hallway with my boner half exposed anyone looking from the front would have a nice view of my balls hanging down and half of my cock. Ok well I thought this is a hospital after all they must be used to seeing nude people all the time. By the time we got to the elevators my towel had slipped all the way off leaving me completely exposed for anyone to see.

If Ginny even noticed she didn't do anything about it. The first car that came was full when the doors opened about 10 woman were treated to the sight of me sitting in a wheel chair facing the door with my hard cock standing straight up the head glossing with pre cum. One of the woman in the front said Oh my god as the doors closed. The next car had had only two people, a fat old black woman and a very pretty red head; they made room for us standing on each side.

The red head looked at Ginny and said don't you think you should cover him up, Ginny looked down and said opps, she then moved in front of the chair and said I'll have to wipe this off a little, she then took my cock in her soft hand and wiped the pre cum off all the while the red head stared at my hard on like she'd never seen one before. The door opened and Ginny wheeled me down the hallway then into the cast room, a nurse loomed up from behind a counter and told Ginny she was expecting us but we would have to wait until they finished with another patient.

Ginny said ok call upstairs when he's done and she left. The door to the casting room was open but from where I was sitting I couldn't see in but I could hear a female saying it feels ok. I looked around and since no one was paying attention to me I wheeled my self over to the open door. Holy shit I thought, lying there on the table was the same girl I had seen at the x-ray room. I had another great view of her beautiful pink pussy. She was lying with her left leg straight out while the casting nurse applied her cast. Her right leg was bent at the knee with her foot resting on the table, by this time my towel had slipped off again and my cock was so hard it hurt.

The girl looked up and saw me staring at her pussy and instead off closeting her legs she bent her left leg even farther open. She was obviously aroused; I could see how damp her pussy was. She kept staring right at my throbbing cock with a smile on her face. I was waiting for the two nurses to notice me sitting there staring but either they didn't see me or they just didn't care. I felt like I could cum any second with out even touching myself. This went on for about 15 min until they finished with her cast. They told the girl she'd have to let it dry for about ½ hour. One of the nurses came out and looked down at my lap and replaced the towel over my hard on smiling at me the whole time. She wheeled me into the room where was a 2nd table.

They both helped me up onto the table letting my towel fall to the floor, the whole time the girl on the next table never took her eyes off of my cock waving in the air. They laid me on my back with my naked cock exposed, one of the nurses held it in her hand to keep it out of the way while the other nurse used one of those vibrating saws to cut the old cast off. Those things always scare me they look like they're spinning but there not. I looked d over at the girl lying on the table next to me; she was still staring at my cock, this time she had two fingers moving in and out of her pussy. I didn't know how much more of this I could take.

Once they sawed the old cast off I was covered in plaster dust. The nurse holding my cock let go of it and turned and got a wash cloth and started at my feet and worked her way up my legs stopping every now and then to rinse the wash cloth out she kept moving up until she reached my throbbing member, when she reached it she looked at me and said you poor man, it looks like it hurts, the other nurse was busy mixing plaster for my new cast, so the one washing me took me in her hand and slowly stroked up and down, the girl laying next to me looked on with a glazed look in her eyes, it wasn't long before I shot off like a fountain the nurse couldn't get out of the way in time and I sprayed all over her face and the front of her white uniform , the girl moaned and I could tell she had had an orgasm.

I couldn't believe this was actually happening, nothing like this had ever happened to me like this before. By the time the nurse mixing the plaster came back I was soft and they put the new cast on, after it dried they call Ginny to take me back up to my room, this time she brought a fresh gown and put it on me as they helped me off the table into the wheel chair...

When I got back to my room I asked Ginny to help me pee, she looked disappointed that I didn't have a hard on, oh well I thought I was told I'd be there for at least another week.

To Be Continued...

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