tagLoving WivesObsession: Ten Naughty Moments

Obsession: Ten Naughty Moments


Note to readers:

Thanks again for supporting my writing and providing so much positive feedback. Please continue to send me your emails and post comments and vote. As before, I always enjoy hearing from other wives, especially any who have not yet shared their interracial fantasies with their men.

While the vast majority of you have been 'enjoying yourself' while reading my dirty history, some other readers have not been so pleasant. For those of you who are offended by the idea of cheating spouses, black men fucking white women, or dirty talk about the same, I suggest moving on. But once again I cannot help but laugh at the people saying that the story was so loooong and offensive and horrible to read. Why keep reading it? I won't be offended if you click the BACK button right now. Go on, it's okay!

Now, for those of you who stuck around, you've been forewarned. Wives, I'm not responsible if you can't get the image of a giant black cock thrusting into your waiting cunt out of your mind. Now hike up those skirts and enjoy the guilty pleasure that is building between your thighs. Husbands, it is time for you to you to tug your little white penises again. You know you want your wife to be just like me…

Obsession: Ten Naughty Moments of a White Wife

Part III of the Obsession Story

"The day after #1"

Wife's View

I woke up with my mouth dry, my body sore, and my pussy encrusted with dried cum and my own sticky juices. My whole pelvis ached and my hips felt like I had been on an exercise machine for ten hours. My side ached and I realized that I had rolled over onto my Sean Michaels dildo in the middle of the night. Reaching toward the other side of the bed I felt around and realized I was alone. My husband was gone. Jerome was gone. Any chance of my marriage going back to normal --or being saved at all- was gone.

I drew a bath and sank down into the extra hot water. The guilt over what I had done was creeping back in as I slid my wedding ring off and placed it on the little table we kept by the tub. The diamond was encrusted with Jerome's cum. My mind flashed back to the night before-

-Jerome's big black cock pumping in and out of me-

-forcing my body down and taking me-

-losing all control to a powerful lover-

-husband watching and jacking off-

I grabbed two handfuls of water and brushed them over my face, trying to wash the images from my mind. What had I done? Was I just an uncontrollable whore who obeyed her filthiest desires? What would my parents say? Or my sister? Or my friends? Would my husband leave me? Why didn't he stop me? Why didn't he confront Jerome? Why didn't I fight the desire more? Why did I let Jerome use me like he did? Take me? Rape me? Using me like a little fuck toy that couldn't stop thinking about black cocks? How could he have known that I was going to enjoy it? Maybe he didn't know. Maybe he didn't care. Maybe he was just interested in slamming that massive chocolate cock into my married pussy and didn't care if I fought him or not. Or maybe he wanted me to struggle underneath him-

My fingers were on my clit again and I realized I was masturbating. I forced myself to stop. The skin around my clit was sore anyway and the pain was probably what prevented me from getting off again. Damn! I was turned on and I didn't want to be. I wanted to be angry with both my lover and my cuckold- no, I mean that dirty black man that seduced me and my poor husband. That's what it was; I was weak, vulnerable, caught up in a moment.

My bath did little to clear my head, so I dressed, did a quick job on my make-up, and decided to go to the store. On the way out of the house I noticed a dent in the wall from when my husband through his shoes last night. The shoes were now in the trash can; Jerome's condom was stuck to the inside of one. I picked up the phone and called my husband's cell phone. No answer. I didn't leave a message.

When I got to the supermarket I worked my way through the produce section. The cucumbers were in season and were nice and long and thick and juicy and dark. I picked one up and I immediately thought of one of my dildos. This cucumber was not nearly as big, but smooth and felt like a cock in my hand.

-black cock in my mouth while I pump it with my hands-

My daydream was interrupted by a man's voice behind me, "Can I help you with something?" Turning around in surprise I looked and saw that the produce worker was a young black man who was stocking the cantaloupes.

"No thanks!" I said, avoiding eye contact and quickly dropping the cucumber into my cart. He was saying something about how there are plastic bags above the vegetables but I was already walking away. I wondered how long I was standing there, admiring a stupid cucumber, and how long the worker was staring at me before he said anything.

Walking by the meat section I overheard a woman talking with the man behind the deli counter, "…That is a big piece of meat… No, I like it thick…" I glanced over at the rather innocent conversation as the housewife ordered up her deli meat for the week. I couldn't help but think those same words were coming out of my mouth last night.

Leaving the store I stopped by a place I typically go called Café Circle. Placing my order I looked around the shop that was filling up with the lunch crowd. An interracial couple was sitting intimately close to one another, his dark skinned hand way up her thigh as he kissed the nape of her neck. A white couple sat across from them, staring at the public display of affection. They both looked horrified, but the wife had a certain look about her face that reminded me of that first night I watched that E&I interracial DVD. Looking back at the interracial couple I found myself staring at the man's crotch underneath the little table; the bulge in his pants extended way down his thigh and was only a couple inches from his knee-

"You like it black?" the girl behind the counter asked me.

"Excuse me?" I asked her; annoyed she would be so brash about saying something in public. "How dare you!"

"What? I'm sorry. I just assumed you wanted your coffee black. I'll go put the milk in it-"

"No, sorry. I thought you said something else. Black is good. Black coffee is good. I mean, no cream. Yes, no cream in my coffee. Thanks. Sorry."

The girl looked puzzled but handed me my coffee and croissant as I darted out the door. I drove home flustered, pulled up to the back of the house, grabbed the groceries and dragged them inside. My hands rummaged through the bags as I quickly put away the refrigerated items and then left the rest on the floor. By the time I reached the bedroom my top was unbuttoned and my panties were off. I turned the TV on and hit play on the remote control. The DVD started up right where it left off with a sexy redheaded girl getting gangbanged by four black men, her moans muffled by a foot of black dick shoving down her throat.

I found the black vibrator in the folds of the bed, turned it on full speed and rubbed it over my waiting pussy. Oooooh, that's what I needed.

Yummy black cocks.

Wet white pussy.

Dark skin.

Light skin.

Dirty thoughts.

I thought about that interracial couple and how her black boyfriend would look riding her doggie style.

I thought about the white wife who stared at them looking disgusted, and how she probably was rubbing her clit fantasizing about a tall black man when her hubby wasn't around.

I thought about sucking the nineteen year old black stock boy at the store and having him shoot his load all over my face and tits.

I thought about Jerome pounding me into blissful unconsciousness with his chocolate member in the same bed where my husband failed to satisfy me so many times.

"FUCK!" I screamed as the orgasm hit me fast. Then it was all over and I was feeling guilty again. Three hours. That's all I could hold out for was three hours before I had to cum again. The jungle fever had me good and I recognized it was going to take some effort to break out of this obsession. Fortunately the phone rang and I jumped off the bed, turning the TV off as I went to answer.

My boss called me, reminding me that I needed to go into the call center earlier tonight. I really didn't want to work tonight, knowing Jerome would be there and things would be awkward. People at work knew I was married and the last thing I needed was a scandal at my job. Still, it was too easy to get distracted at home so I worked out a plan to show up extremely early and avoid seeing Jerome in the parking lot. Before I left I grabbed my husband's shoes out of the trash, washed them as best I could and sprayed them with disinfectant. I left them by the shoe rack.

My plan didn't work. Jerome was in the parking lot early as well. The whole place was empty except for the two of us. I got out of my car and headed for the door, pretending not to notice him in sitting there. When I got to the top of the steps I heard him close his car door and follow behind me. The front door was locked and it dawned on me the manager wouldn't be here for another five to ten minutes.

"Hey-" he started coming up the steps.

"Wait, Jerome," I interrupted.

"What's going on?" he asked. He looked like a man on the prowl, his eyes undressing me right in front of our office.

"We can't let anyone know about what we did last night, okay?" I was talking really low just in case somebody was in the office and listening at the door. I knew nobody would be but I kept it down anyway. Jerome was very close now and put his hands on my hips. I pushed them off, "Jerome, I said no! People are going to talk!"

"Nobody's here so don't worry about it," he soothed. His voice was low and his mouth was close to my neck. I could feel his breath by my ear as his hands went back on my hips. His lips were sucking on my earlobe, his hand sliding underneath my skirt and into my panties. I could feel my wetness on his fingers as he rubbed my clit. "You miss me, girl?"

"Wait-" was all I could manage but it was no use. My knees were shaking, my breathing was shallow. My pale white thighs spread for Jerome's dark hand as he finger fucked me right in front of the main door for our call center. Our mouths locked in a hard French kiss as I wrapped my arms around his well built frame. My pussy lips were so sore from our marathon sex session last night but at this point I didn't care. This aggressive lover of mine knew how to push all my buttons and I spread my legs wider as his meaty fingers pushed up into my soaked hole.


Somebody's car alarm was set in the parking lot and Jerome and I quickly uncoupled and straightened our clothes. The manager walked up the steps, a big smile on his face. "What are you two up to?"

"We're not doing anythi-" I defended myself.

"Planning on beating the department goals by showing up early?" My boss pulled his keys out and unlocked the door. "That's what I like to see; commitment to getting the job done! Now, I know both of you were off last night but we need to go over our quotas for the night…"

Once I got in I ran for the bathroom and fixed my smudged lipstick. Thank goodness my boss didn't notice! And so the night was rather lackluster. Jerome and I worked in separate areas and it was great to be distracted from last night's events. One of the girls kept chatting with me, telling me about her new boyfriend and how sweet he was. Her name was Becky. She was ten years younger than me, a cute girl just out of college who looked like the sweet innocent type. She showed me pictures of her and her boyfriend out at a bar -- they both looked goofy and drunk and it was actually a funny story. As I said before, the evening was a nice distraction.

Around eight o'clock I looked at the phone and noticed my husband had called six times. Since I set my phone on silent mode when at work I never noticed he called. When my shift was over I rushed out of the office before Jerome could catch up and climbed into the car. I started to call the house but realized it was rather late. Instead I just quickly drove home to face my husband.

"One step forward, two steps black"

Husband's View

"Where the fuck were you all night?" I screamed at her.

She stared right at me angrily, "I was at WORK! Remember?"

"Did you see him?"

"Well, we do work in the same office you know."

"Did you fuck him?"

She looked flustered, "No, I didn't. I was at work, you idiot. Did you expect us to just do it right there in the cubicle?"

I was so mad but couldn't argue the point. Having been to her office a couple of times before I knew how crowded it was and it was indeed a night she was supposed to work. Somehow in my anger I had forgotten which night it was. I was going to let it go but she was pissed now and kept at me.

"Besides, what do you care if I did anything with him? You gave me permission to fuck him, remember?"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes, you did! You told me you wanted me to fuck him. You sat in a closet jerking off your pathetic little-boy dick watching him fuck me all night. Face it, you got off watching your wife get fucked by another man and now you are feeling guilty about it-"

"This was your idea! Your plan all along!"

She cut me off, "No, it was YOU that ordered all those DVDs. It was YOU that ordered those toys."

"It wasn't my order! They messed it up."

"How do I know that? Maybe you wanted me to do all these things and ordered all those things on purpose."

"I swear I didn't!"

"Yeah, right. And I am sure you didn't touch your dick at all when Jerome was having sex with me in our own bed."

"It's my penis-" I corrected her, then stopped realizing what I had said.

We both started laughing. Not one of those jovial laughs but a tension breaking laugh. After a few minutes we were holding each other, kissing lightly. We both apologized for yelling at each other and things seemed to be repairable. She pointed out that she cleaned my shoes up and I was thankful -- it was a small gesture but one that I appreciated. We kissed some more and then began undressing each other. After nearly two weeks it felt wonderful to touch my wife's flesh once again. She grabbed me by the hand and towed me to the bedroom. Pushing me down on the bed, her hands grabbed at my belt buckle and she yanked my pants down. My penis was hard and she popped it in her mouth hungrily.

"Suck my-" I started to say penis again but stopped. "Suck me, honey."

She smiled and continued to give me a blow job as she pulled off her skirt and panties. Her tits were hanging loose in her half-undone bra and I released them after fumbling with the clasp. She stopped pleasuring me with her mouth and climbed on the bed. "Fuck me!" she begged.

I got between my wife's legs and --in what seemed like an eternity- slipped into her waiting pussy. As I pumped away at her, my mind kept wandering. Was she enjoying me? She felt looser down there for sure and I wondered if I was doing anything for her at all. It still felt good to be inside of her but ten days of giant toys and black dick had certainly had a noticeable effect. I looked at her face and she was staring off into the corner of the ceiling.

"Am I doing something wrong?" I asked.

She looked at me, "No, honey. It's nice. Keep going."

"Your thinking about him, aren't you?"

She became pensive, "No, not so much Jerome, just…"

"What?" I felt my penis getting softer and I pulled out of her.

"Honey, I love you but I hope you understand me when I tell you this. I found something that really pleases me and I'm having a difficult time enjoying your…"

"You mean I'm too small for you now?"

"Well, kinda. That and I really like how the black ones look too."

I knew it. I knew when this all started things were not going to go back to normal.

She pushed me on my back and laid down next to me. "You know I really do like you being with me though. And watching you play with yourself." She grabbed my hand and put it on my crotch, coaxing me to jerk off for her. "And I know you like watching me pleasure myself," she cooed, her hand reaching for one of the many black toys still on the bed. As she did my penis jumped to life again and I began stroking myself for my wife.

She slipped the Sean Michael's dong inside of her and my wife's smile returned. She arched her back, moving very slowly. As she pumped it, she winced a little in pain.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, just sore from last night."

"He really fucked you hard," I whispered.

"Yeah," she whispered back. The dildo was sliding faster. "He made my pussy so sore from his big… black… cock pumping me."

I was cumming in a few short minutes, my eyes trained on my wife's beautiful pussy filled up with a black dildo. She watched and smiled, enjoying herself as her pussy stretched around her big toy.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yeah! Yeah Yeah!" her ass cheeks came off the bed as she pushed the dildo deep in her cunt. Her body then relaxed and we held each other for awhile. The minutes ticked by and I realized that it was 1am. I had to be up in five hours for work.

I asked the question, "So what do we do now? Are you going to see him again?"

She stared up at the ceiling, "I don't know… Maybe not... No, I don't think so." She looked disappointed. "I suppose we could try some other things that would make us both happy."

"Like what?"

"I have an idea, but I'll keep it a surprise."

"Does it involve another guy?" I asked, concern in my voice.

"No." She smiled, "Just give me a couple of days."

The next morning I went to work exhausted. I called the house and my wife wasn't home. I called her cell phone and she answered, explaining she went to the mall. I could hear background noise and shop music and breathed a little sigh of relief.

When I returned home my wife was getting ready to head out to the office. It was Friday night and her last night of work this week. We were back to our normal routine, but when she left I immediately went upstairs to see if I could tell what she had done all day. The bed was made, clean sheets, the room filled with air freshener. I checked the 'blue box' and all of the interracial movies were in there. Moving on to the night stand I opened the drawer and found all the dildos cleaned and lined up in a perfect row, from big to small. Correction, from giant to big. I checked the Magnum condom box and made a count: seven out of twelve were still in there. I wasn't sure how many Jerome had used but I made a mental note of the count and closed the drawer. I checked the DVD player and it was empty.

What had she done all day? Did she play with herself? How many times? Did Jerome come by again? Did they fuck in our bed? Did he use a condom?

I went downstairs and checked out my wife's laptop. The history cache showed she bought some sexy lingerie and a pair of come-fuck-me shoes. She also was shopping for another toy but I couldn't tell which one she bought. The cache also showed she had downloaded some interracial videos from her website membership. There were three downloaded today. Each one of them had two black men fucking a sexy blonde girl who hungrily took every inch. I sat back on the sofa, opened my zipper, and proceeded to jerk off. The volume was way up on the computer and the moaning and screaming filled the living room, "Fuck me with that big black cock!"

Had my wife been shopping for a toy online and then gotten worked up? Or did she masturbate watching the video and then was inspired to buy a new toy? I was relieved that she was only watching porn.

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