tagBDSMObsessions Ch. 03

Obsessions Ch. 03


This story is about a young woman Elyndria's continuing journey from capture into willing submission to her captor. If you don't care for that kind of story, don't read on.

Previously chapters Obsessions Ch 01 and 02 should really be read first to get the most from this chapter.

So get comfortable, and enjoy the tale...


She could remember when she longed for the gag to be removed, the thrill she had felt when the kitten worked at the strings and she thought she might be rid of it. Now that it was gone, Elyndria was more frightened that she would unconsciously make a sound or moan and be punished for it. Her captor had left no doubt in her mind that he would not stand for disobedience and restrained as she was, she had little choice but to submit to his demands. Still, she often found herself now licking her lips, or running her tongue across her teeth, savoring the sensations she had been denied before. There fact the gag had been removed gave her hope that other of her restraints would be removed, and then her chance would come to escape.

She thought she heard movement off to her left and strained to listen for any sign of someone there. She started to call out a hello, but caught herself just as her lips formed the word, remembering her command to remain silent unless spoken too. The silence surrounded her, but she felt a sudden pressure on her lips. Opening her mouth in surprise, her tongue flicked out to explore the pressure and encountered something slick and wet. It tasted of cinnamon... just a hint of taste to it, and she found herself straining to lick and caress the thing above her, savoring the taste. Little thrills ran through her at the new sensations of taste returned to her. Whatever it was started to be drawn away, and she arched her neck up to try and keep in contact... stretching to the point where just the tip of her tongue could reach.

This just had to be a reward for not speaking out. She forced herself to be silent as the object was withdrawn outside her reach, forcing down little mewls of displeasure and longing. Her lips remained parted, her tongue flicking out and exploring above her mouth... hungry for a taste of something... anything. She had about given up when her tongue touched something sour. Exploring it more, she discovered a rind of a lemon just inside her reach. She could even feel little bits of pulp remaining and she teased the rind with her tongue until she could suck it inside her mouth. Even as her mouth recoiled from the sourness, she sucked the rind clean of all remaining traces of lemon until it was slick and clean. With a slight pop, she felt it pulled from her lips as it disappeared from her senses.

Next she was presented with a small wooden shaft of some kind. It had been dipped in some kind of spicy concoction at the tip, but she found something sweeter a bit further up the shaft. She found herself wrapping her tongue around the tip and sucking until the flavor was gone, then reaching a bit further up the shaft for the next taste. It seemed there were bands of flavors... each one more enticing than the last, but she was forced to take in more and more of the shaft to get to the next one. By the time she reached the fifth one, she realized she had several inches worth of shaft in her mouth, but all that mattered was trying to reach that next sensation, that next taste... something new and different to remember and help fill the emptiness her life had become.

Suddenly the shaft was removed, and she heard that familiar whisper in her ear once more. "Very impressive pretty bird, and without any coaxing at all. Tell me... do you want more, pretty bird?"

Her voice was small and quiet as she replied. "Yes, may I please have more? Please?"

"Soon, pretty bird... soon... until then, savor your new sensations, and think about them." He must have sensed her beginning to cry out, perhaps to beg for more, because just as the words started to form, Elyndria felt his fingers under her chin as he whispered, "Remember obedience pretty bird... and punishment."

And the room grew silent...


She wasn't sure how much time had passed, lost in her world of silence and lack of sensation. She was remembering the sensations from her last visit, the way the sweetness of one band stood out so clearly from the sour or the bitter of another band, savoring the memory. She was so lost in her thoughts and imagination she didn't hear the soft steps approaching, or them stop beside her head.

"Hello pretty bird... Are you ready for your next lesson?" the familiar voice whispered in her ear.

Elyndria snapped out of her daydream at the sound of his voice. "Yes, please. I'm ready." Her voice was almost pleading for attention, and she could feel her body starting to tremble and get excited. Little did she know how he was going to enhance those feelings and make them an integral part of her soul.

Reaching out with his hand, he touched her cheek lightly with his fingertips, feeling her press against them to seek out more of his touch. He smiled to himself as he ran his fingers down along her neck, watching as her nipples started to swell and show her arousal. She was definitely coming along well, this pretty bird... He heard her gasp lightly as his fingers trailed up the side of her left breast and gently twist the nipple. Her breathing came quicker as his hand trailed down between her breasts and then made long slow circles around her stomach. He watched in satisfaction as she moved her legs within the restraints without realizing it, spreading then open a bit more as his fingers drew closer to her tender essence. He could sense her disappointment when his fingers moved to caress her hips and move down along the outside of her leg, bypassing her sensitive nether region. She was definitely growing ripe and ready for the next step... a far cry from the chill and cold women she had been when he captured her. "Yes, pretty bird... I think you are ready... for the next step. Open your mouth like it was last time"

She quickly opened her mouth, the lips curved in a warm, wet O, her tongue unconsciously flicking back and forth along her lips, wetting them in anticipation. She was quickly rewarded by the placement of the shaft once more at her lips, the flavors renewed, somehow richer this time than before... and something new as well... as her tongue caressed the tip of the shaft, she felt a tongue, or something soft and firm teasing along the lips of her sex. She paused for a moment, and the tongue pulled away. She started licking again and the tongue resumed its caresses. Desire and hunger washed through her like a surging tide across parched sands. She wrapped her lips around the wooden shaft and sucked hungrily, her tongue washing along and around its length as it stroked in and out of her mouth. Between her legs, the sensuous licks and caresses grew in pitch and intensity, drawing out Elyndria's nectar slowly, then in a rapidly increasing flood.

He watched in satisfaction as she devoured the smooth wooden cock so eagerly, taking more and more into her mouth. Smiling as her hips started to undulate and move against the warm, wet mouth that was enticing her higher and higher...

"Oh gods" she thought to herself as she lost herself in the pleasure she was receiving as she sucked and teased the shaft. She could feel her nipples crinkle and harden as her body became more and more aroused. Her fingers clenched and unclenched as she tried to move her arms within their restraints, her breath growing ragged and rapid as she drew near that sweet peak that had been denied her so long... She moaned around the shaft in her mouth, the sound muffled by the way her lips were wrapped so tightly around it... So close... soooooooooo close... yes yesssss yesssssssssss she was on the brink and teetering on the edge... The mouth pulled away, the air chill across her sodden skin as she was suddenly left hanging... The wooden shaft suddenly removed from her mouth so quickly she was almost left gasping. She wanted to scream in frustration and desire when she heard the whisper in her ear...

"Do you want release pretty bird? Do you want me to let you fly on the wings of orgasmic bliss?"

This time there was no doubt about the pleading in her voice, "Please.. yes... please, please, please, don't leave me here like this..."

"You want more to suck on, pretty bird, or more between your legs...?"

"Yes, yes.. both... please... don't stop now..." Her hips still moved against the table as she strained for any contact or touch.. still hanging on that edge, but feeling herself slip further down from that peak... tears running down her cheeks in her frustration...

"Soon... very soon... but just not yet, pretty bird... not just yet..." His fingers lightly brushed against her neck and then ran along her skin up to her chin. He closed her mouth and held it shut with just a hint of pressure. Leaning forward, he brushed her lips with his, startling her with the contact and then he pulled back once more. "Soon," he whispered...

And the room grew silent...


Elyndria's body quivered in frustration and need, aching with desire that struggled to be satisfied. She couldn't hold back little mews and soft moans of frustration as she squirmed within her bonds... If only one hand or leg could be released for a moment, she could satisfy herself and quench this burning hunger between her legs, and through her entire body. She could feel her nether lips were still swollen and open, the feel of the air a bit chill from the nectar that had so copiously flowed from her body drying against her skin. She tried to imagine something erotic and tantalizing to bring her to release just using her mind, but the images that came were full of what had just happened and the lack of any physical simulation just made her more frustrated in her failure.

Her face was still wet from the tears of frustration she had cried earlier... then more tears started to flow from beneath the blindfold. Quiet sobs filled the air as she struggled to be quiet and failed miserably. How could he do this to her? How could he keep her wanting like this? Wasn't she doing everything he asked of her? She found herself seeking out contact with him, wanting to please him and do as he asked... and she didn't even know who he was or anything about him. Just that he had molded her like an artisan creating a vase from wet clay upon a wheel. Her body slowly came down from the peaks he had taken her to, despite her feeble attempts to maintain her arousal. She could feel her nipples soften and her muscles relax a bit, her body returning to its normal state, yet she could feel that fire deep with her... not quenched but merely banked for the moment.

He looked on and watched Elyndria from across the room. The sight of her tears and her body quivering in her need upon the table were signs that she was ready for the next step... ready to realize a part of what she would do in her desire and need. A yearning need he had awakened and encouraged like a master cook added coal and wood to a fire to get just the right temperature for his creations. He stepped back to the table silently and bent down beside her head. With a soft whisper, barely audible he asked, "are you ready, pretty bird?"

Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest at the sound of his voice, its pounding beat surging in response to the rush flowing through her body. "Yes. YES. YESSSS, I'm ready... Oh please, I'm ready..." Her breaths were coming in gasps now and she could feel her body flush with desire. Her nipples swelling and hardening and the nectar between her legs beginning to flow again and he had not even touched her. Gods what he was doing to her.

She could hear the rustling of cloth and then a light creaking from beside her head. The voice came from above her... further away now as he said, "We shall see." She opened her mouth and extended her tongue in anticipation of what was to come, and she could feel a warm breath wafting across her nether lips. She felt the shaft slide down to her tongue, but it was different this time. She explored with her tongue and felt the difference in shape... a ridge that wasn't there before, and a small depression in the tip... and oh gods, it was warm... the sudden dawning on her that this was HIS cock in her mouth. For a fleeting instant, she thought of biting savagely upon it, and then she reached up with her lips and surrounded the head, sucking it into her mouth and laving her tongue in tight spirals around the tip. She felt a tongue dipping into her sex, tasting her and teasing her with its caresses.

All thought was abandoned as the turgid shaft was pushed deeper into her mouth. She took each additional inch willingly, surrendering herself to the man and the moment. Her tongue swirled around and along his length, concentrating on that spot where the flanges of the head come together. Her lips closed tightly around him, sucking him deeper and welcoming him in. He withdrew a bit, and then slide back into her mouth... each stroke a bit deeper than the one before, just as he had with the wooden shaft. This time though, the taste was of him, of his maleness, his own arousal and lust. She savored the taste of his cock in her mouth, something she'd have never considered before, but now hungered for. Her tongue teased at the tip, trying to coax out that first sign of his pleasure, that first slippery drop of his nectar.

Two fingers and a tongue were buried deep inside her, drawing out her own flowing nectar. She could feel her hips moving already, her lips clenching around the fingers as she sought to draw them deep inside herself as her mouth sucked in his cock. They curled and wriggled inside her, the tongue flicking and making tight circles around her wet pearl, driving her crazy with lust and desire. It was like tossing lamp oil on a fire, the sudden conflagration that erupted inside her. She wanted all of him inside her, and uttered soft moans of pleasure around his shaft, her head moving now, coaxing him deeper inside, wanting to feel his need in her mouth, wanting to drive him to the distractions and pleasures she was receiving, and hoping this time she'd find release... that she'd be good enough for him to reward her.

Elyndria suddenly tasted something hot and slightly salty on the tip of her tongue. A wave of pleasure washed through her as she congratulated herself for her success. Her lips wrapped around the head and her tongue teased out that first droplet of his arousal, sucking and licking at the tip to draw out more. She could taste the first stream of his precum oozing out of him, and she pushed her head up to meet his hips coming down, driving his length down her throat. She could feel the soft curly hairs of his pubic regions against her face, and his swollen sack brushed against her nose. Yes! She had done it... she had taken him all... he just had to reward her now. His motions took on a new urgency as his long slow strokes pumped in and out of her mouth. She breathed deep through her nose each time he withdrew and kept her lips and tongue busy along his shaft, sucking him deep on each stroke, and trying to keep him inside her as he pulled away.

He had felt that moment of her surrender and acceptance and his own growing pleasure with her oral efforts. She had indeed earned her reward and he motioned for the efforts between her legs to continue. He let himself go with the feelings she was giving him, and he felt that burning desire growing inside his loins as well... soon she would be rewarded with her own release.. and something more precious... with the gift of his seed. He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace now, her lips and tongue caressing and sucking him in deeply, drawing him in towards his own release... Throwing his head back, he let out a long moan of pleasure and called out to her, "Time to feed you pretty bird. Don't disappoint me." With that, he pulled his swollen cock out till just the head remained in her mouth and the hot jets of his seed began erupting into her mouth in long, strong spurts.

She heard his moans above him, and his command and so she wasn't surprised when her mouth was suddenly filling with that hot, sweet nectar of his cum. She swallowed furiously, trying to keep up with the flow of his passion, tongue swirling and caressing the head, striving to draw out and devour every last drop and then her own body seemed to explode. She cried out around his cock as her body jerked uncontrollably, the fingers and tongue seemingly latched into her body as spasms of pleasure and release surged through her. She could hear the sound of her hips slamming against the table as she jerked against the caresses, threatening to pass out from the sheer energy it consumed, the sea of ecstasy that had been pent up inside her all this time being released all at once.

He slid his swollen length inside her mouth once more, and she sucked and cleaned him off with her tongue and lips. Elyndria could feel his hardness starting to diminish as he slowly withdrew it, and heard the table creak slightly once more as he moved off from it. Her own body was slowly coming down from the clouds where she had been thrust to, such a sweet, incredible feeling it had been. She'd never before known such pleasure.

"Very good, pretty bird... very good indeed. And this just a small step towards the places we have yet to go. Rest for now, and I shall have you cleaned up for your next lesson."

She could only nod her head as her mind was awash with the thought that this was just an early step? What was he going to do to her and make her feel that was so much better than this? Her mind and body simply couldn't handle the aftermath of what happened and think of the future as well, and she found herself drifting off to sleep.


Enjoy the tale? Your votes and feedback help me create and enhance my writings, so please take a moment and let me know what you thought. I also have private feedback enabled for those that don't wish to post on the boards. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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