Office CFNM


I opened the cellphone message from my wife to see a picture of her sitting at her desk at work. Her business suit coat and white blouse are opened wide enough to see both of her big, beautiful breasts on display. Between her fingers she is dangling a lit cigar. On the desk in front of her is a bra lying on top of her work papers. She has a coy smile, short blond hair and glossy red lipstick. The message read: "Get over here; when I finish this cigar I'm going to need something else between my lips."

Since our youngest child went off to college this year, Jill has become a lot more adventurous. Dressing sexier when we go out, flirting more, enjoying 2 or 3 cocktails when she use to always stop at one. The increased sex that has come along with her new adventurous spirit has been great for me! She is back to the fun-loving woman I met 23 years ago.

I texted her back. "I'll be right over! BTW, who took that picture?"

"Karen," she replied back. Karen is the administrative assistant in Jill's one person law firm. Karen is a pretty and perky 36 year old brunette who has become somewhat of a family friend.

When I got to the reception area 20 minutes later, Karen greeted me with a knowing smile and said "I think Jill's expecting you!" When I walked into her office Jill was leaning back in her chair, blouse wide open, puffing a cigar. She looked incredibly hot with her sly, confident smile and her big tits exposed for anyone to see. I was drooling over her.

"Well it's about time you got here, I've got some business to go over with you" she said as she leaned forward allowing her blouse to close, covering her tits again. Just then, Karen walks in the office with a phone message asking if Jill needed anything else.

"Thank you Karen, you can leave for the day, my husband is just about to strip completely naked for me here in the office, so you might want to close the door behind you." A surprised look, and then a big smile came over Karen's face. "Hummm" she says as she leaves the room with a smirk.

"You heard me honey, strip for me, and take it all off right here!"

"What are you talking about hon?" I say, "let's just sneak home real quick, the kids are gone."

"Nope, I've been planning this all day. I want to see you buck naked and hard right here in my office. Believe me; you will be well rewarded if you do as I say!"

Sheepishly, I start removing my clothes piece by piece as she leans back in her chair puffing that cigar with a big smile on her face. When I get to my underwear I start to protest again, but she is having none of it. As I work to slide my boxers over my now hard cock, she moves her hands to her breasts and starts caressing them. My boxers drop to the floor and I'm completely naked in her office. I'm unbelievably excited and my cock is rock hard.

Just then the door swings open and Karen enters saying "Oh, I forgot to tell you," she looks left and sees me buck naked with a big hard-on. She smiles broadly then covers her mouth with her hand. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I thought you were kidding."

Jill lets out a huge laugh and says "no problem, no problem Karen. In fact, while you're here, why don't you take some more pictures for me?"

"HONEY, NO WAIT," I started to protest, but Jill just shushes me and comes around her desk toward me. When she gets next to me she brushes her hand down my back and over my ass. Then gently brushes my already hard cock with the back of her hand. My mind is racing and I'm literally about ready to explode.

Then I look up and realize that I'm standing completely naked in front of Karen and she is about to take my picture. Jill has her arm around me and has buttoned her blouse. "I think he likes this," Jill says, and they both start laughing hysterically as they are looking right at my hard cock.

"Keep taking pictures Karen," Jill says "I want him to remember this!"

I'm frozen, naked and hard in front of these two beautiful ladies who are taking great enjoyment out of my predicament. It's actually the first time I have ever had my picture taken naked (but I'm always trying to get pictures of Jill nude).

After about 20 pictures Karen says "Wow, I think I'd better let you to kids be alone for a bit or there might be an accident here!" She leaves the office with the camera and a big smile on her face.

"Thanks Karen, I think I can take care of it from here. Email me those pictures will you?" If I wasn't so turned on, I would probably be more concerned about my nude pictures flying through emails

When the door closed, Jill seductively bites her lower lip and smiles at me. She opens her blouse and then slowly unzips her skirt until it drops to the floor. She is wearing black stockings with a garter and no panties. As she leans back on her desk and spreads her legs wide open, she says, "You've done a good job at following instructions today. Do you still want to go home, or do you want to fuck me right here, right now?"

I didn't waste a second getting inside her completely drenched pussy and fucking her as hard as I could. Her huge tits bouncing were back and forth, her sexy legs and high heels pointing up to the sky and her moaning with each thrust are all driving me crazy. About 60 seconds later I tell her "I'm coming!"

She says "cum all over me babe... please." Not having to be asked twice, I pull out and leave a trail of cum from her hair and face, across her big tits, all the way down to her beautiful shaved pussy.

As I lay exhausted on top of her on the desk, she strokes my hair and says "I think I like taking naked pictures of you also. I know I'm going to like these pics. I think a lot of people will...

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by ptebaden01/28/18

Good begini but...

Nothing more, there isn't any chapter after this one

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