tagBDSMOffice Detention Pt. 04

Office Detention Pt. 04


If you are not 18, do not read. This is for adults only. The following is a work of fiction. It contains scenes of domination, bondage, somewhat reluctant submission, and nudity. All characters are fictitious. F-dom/F, M/F, semi conc, reluctance.

Copyright July 7, 2007 by netsub

Slumping against the bathroom stall, Camille struggled to contain herself. It was already 8:30. Fridays were lazy days, and people were allowed to arrive anytime before 10:00, and could leave by 3:00 when most of the office went to happy hour. Camille used to enjoy such freedom, but noticed she had been left out of the past Friday Happy Hours, mostly due to the fact that she usually said she was busy with other things. She had put Roger off so many times, that she was sure he had forgotten about her. Regaining her composure, Camille went to the mirror. Her clothing was somewhat wrinkled, but not bad. Her nipples were still aroused, and poked out though the thin blousy material. The collar; the collar seemed hideous to her. It was a chain similar in design to a dog's choke collar, except that a larger ring prevented it from completely closing around her neck. It was joined in front by a plus sign design, which fit through another ring. She turned the chain around, so that the closure was at the base of her neck. It seemed a little more presentable this way. She patted at her makeup, ran a brush through her hair, took a deep breath and made her way down the hall and to her desk.

Camille soon became engrossed in her work, and phone calls, and before she knew it, it was lunchtime. Mrs. Huntington stepped out of her office, to announce that she was taking everyone out to lunch. This was a rare treat. "Camille, however, you will stay here to get caught up on your work. You are getting behind, don't you agree?" Camille could feel her face redden with embarrassment. So this was how it was to be.

Trying very hard to ignore the obvious stares from the others, she whispered, "Yes."


"Yes, you are correct, Mrs. Huntington." Camille had never felt so submissive, used, and humiliated; like a naughty schoolgirl, being reprimanded in front of everyone in class. Mrs. Huntington walked coolly over to Camille's desk, and handed her an envelope. Then she turned around, and led everyone else out with a great deal of chatter about where they would go.

Camille wanted to cry. What had she gotten herself into? Had she gone too far? Could she turn back? Did she want to turn back? Opening the envelope, she slid out short note.

Office Pussy Licker:

You need to go the last urinal in the men's restroom on the third floor. Taped to the bottom of one of the urinals is another envelope. You better hurry; you really don't want anyone else to discover it. Once you reach the bathroom, crawl on your knees.

Camille rushed from her desk, decided not to wait for the elevator, and took the stairs two at a time, as best she could in her heels. The third floor held sparse offices for another business. She forced herself to slow down, as she passed a few offices. There were a few people who were working through lunch. Her heart was racing as she pushed open the men's room door, and crawled on the filthy floor looking for the envelope. She found it at the last urinal, and began to claw at it. It was held in place with so much packing tape, that Camille had to really dig to release it. She tore it open, and anxiously read it.

Office Pussy Licker:

This is the beginning of your last week. If you decide next Friday to be my slave, you first must prove yourself worthy. You will be given a series of tests you must pass. If you are willing, you will begin today. If you choose not to be my slave, then this will end now. Your next set of instructions are taped to the inside door of the custodial closet on the ground floor. The key to the closet is taped to one of these urinals. You need to take the elevator, and finger your clit while on the ride down. Be as discreet as possible; you never know what the security cameras will pick up. I will, of course, check the cameras. Find the manager, James, for help. You may have to explain your situation somewhat to him. I told him there would be someone coming to look for the closet.

Without giving it much thought, Camille was back on her knees searching for the blasted key. She was in this position when the door opened. "Sorry, I got confused . . . Someone was up here and lost a key, and I said I would find it, " she mumbled as she rushed out. The first elevator had someone just getting out of it, and no one else in it. In those few seconds, she realized that she would, indeed, go through with this. She couldn't deny how sexually aroused she was, and slid her finger under her short skirt and began to finger her clit. She caught her breath as each floor passed, hoping no one else would get on. It was 12:15 when she got off the elevator, and pushed open the mailroom door. There were some staff there, and someone in the office.

"Excuse me, are you James? I'm looking for the custodial closet on this floor, do you know where it is?"

He gawked at her, taking in her short shirt, naked legs, erect nipples, rather panicky state, and the strange chain necklace around her neck. So this is the person Mrs. Huntington told him might show up. He and Mrs. H both belonged to the same bondage club, and he was learning the art of being an experienced Dom; learning now from Mrs. H. He would, of course, be happy to help a fellow Dominatrix. He was managing the mailroom part time here; post college loans.

Why was he just staring at her? Camille wondered. "Please, do you know where it is?"

"What do you need from it? I could get it for you. It's usually filthy in there." He quickly moved to her, and boldly put his hand under her skirt, making Camille yelp, and jumped back. "Shush. Follow me."

Totally confused, Camille just followed him out into the hall. He stopped at the end at an unmarked door. It was then that Camille knew she was in some trouble.

"Give me the key. Then when we get inside, I want you on your knees. Just what is it you need in here?" He said as he unlocked the door, and pulled her inside.

Without giving much thought, and already quite "strung out," Camille began to babble, "There is an envelope taped to the inside of the door, with a set of instructions I need to follow. I need to get it before the custodial staff gets here. Please unlock the door, and get the envelope."

He smiled. Unlocking the door, while still holding her collar, he opened the door, and turned on the light. He pulled a very reluctant, hot and horny Camille into the room and shut the door.

It smelled of damp and musty mops, cleaning fluid, unwashed towels. This envelope had another name on it. It was his. He found some twine, tied it to the end of the collar and then stretched it to the doorknob, securing it there. Tearing open the envelope, he read out loud.


If you are reading this, then my slut has passed the first test. She hasn't cum yet today, she is not allowed. This is similar to a sorority rush week. I want you to make her beg to suck your cock. When you are ready to cum, please cum all over her face, neck, and tits. Then have her rub your cum into her skin like lotion. Make sure she shows you her secret name.

"No problem." James smiled. "You heard it. You better hurry. You don't have much time. Unbutton your blouse and lift up your skirt while I consider whether or not to let a slut like you suck my cock. You better make it convincing."

Camille wasted no time. As humiliating as this was, it would more humiliating to have more people find out about her. "Please, please, please sir, make I suck your cock. I want to worship your cock and your balls, and feel your cock inside my mouth."

"I see. Well, that's not bad for starters. Let's try again, and make sure to include more details, like who and what you are. You have a secret name of some sort?"

This was not going to be easy, and Camille began again, hoping to be more convincing. "Please, please sir. I am office pussy licker. See, it says so on my ass. I would love nothing more than to suck your cock, and feel your cum all over my body."

This was still not enough. He made her beg over and over again, saying she was his cock whore, as well as a pussy licker and loved humiliation, and pain, and just wanted to serve pussies and cocks.

Finally, James was convinced, and shoved his cock deep in her throat, feeling her neck convulse around it, as she struggled, her collar pulling at her neck, and the twine pulling at the doorknob.

Definitely feeling her complete servitude, and struggling to suck this man's cock, and eager to get the hell out of here, and completely confused by how much she liked this, and wondering what his cock would feel like in her pussy; how long had it been since she felt a cock in her pussy – cunt? Camille sucked and licked and worshipped this man's 7" cock. It seemed forever before he began to harden. When he pulled out, she continued to pump him with her hand.

"Yeah, that's it. You are such a slut and cock whore." Panting heavily, he ordered her to pump faster, until she could feel his cock convulse, and he began to cum. She felt it on her face, and her tits, and immediately began to rub it in. When he was done, he leaned heavily against the door. She continued to rub his cum into her skin, feeling all the sluttier, while she heard him say, "Wow, that was great. I'll be expecting to see some more of you. I can smell you from here, cum and cunt juice. Here's the second part of the letter. This part is for office pussy licker and cock whore." He untied her rope, opened the door, and walked out. Aware that she needed to get out this room, Camille quickly read the letter.

pussy licker and cock whore,

I can't wait to hear all about your afternoon, although I'm sure James will fill me in. You are to put yourself together as much as possible, and get back to your desk. Unless you feel the need to further explain yourself to the custodians, I suggest you get out of there, make sure you take the key and the elevator. . .

Camille read the rest of the letter while she walked to the elevator.

If you haven't taken the elevator to finger your clit, then I will have to punish you. If you cum, I will have to punish you. You will work until 4:00. Then you will go to the 1-hour photo mart on 5th street, a block from the adult sex store. You will have the pictures developed from the memory card you will find on your desk. This place is used to sluts like you, so they will be happy to accommodate you. Order 3 copies. One set for me. One set for you at home, and one to keep in the office. While the photos are being printed, you will go to the shop next door, and purchase the following items:

3 butt plugs ranging in size from small to large.

nipple jewelry, several kinds.

3 different types of nipple clamps (mild bite to severe bite)

4 different types of spanking items (paddles, leather straps, crops, etc.)

an inflatable butt plug

several pair of nipple nooses

3 remote control vibrating eggs.

4-5 different types of non remote vibrators.

ankle and wrist cuffs – leather (make sure they have a locking mechanism)

You will need to write a story about today. Find a chain to keep the key on. James may need to use you from time to time the slut closet. E-mail the story to me by Sunday evening. Bring all the above items to work with you on Monday.

Forgetting all consequences, Camille came, and came hard, in the elevator on the ride up. Just thinking about James's cock, what Mrs. Huntington would do to her with all this stuff was too much.

Mrs. Huntington smiled as she watched and then erased that part of the security tape after Camille had left. It was not necessarily a pretty smile.

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