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On the set of Supergirl


Melissa Benoist was finished in hair and makeup and wardrobe. She strode out onto the set as her alter ego, Supergirl. Katie McGrath was already on set waiting, dressed as Lena Luthor, the would be friend or villain. The scene was going to be shot in the office of Lena Luthor which was actually a leased office space in the Hyatt hotel in downtown Vancouver. The lights, sound equipment and cameras were in place. Gaffers ran around franticly making sure all the technical aspects were in the right place. The director, Kevin Smith was going over the script.

Katie eyed Melissa and said, "Looks to be a grand day Melissa. I likes working with Kevin. He's a proper director," in her thick Irish accent. Katie could work her practiced American accent as good as any actress in the business but when the cameras were off, she often reverted to her native brogue.

Melissa giggled in the way that made her so adorable, squinting and flashing her teeth while trying to cover her face with her hand. She blushed and said, "I just love working with you Katie, I'm so glad that we are doing another Lena Luther episode today. Have you read any of the fan posts online shipping us as SuperCorps again?"

Katie blushed a little, smiled at the blonde superhero and winked. That made Melissa giggle uncontrollably. Katie then asked, "So where's the guest star for this episode? She should be here"

Melissa shrugged her shoulders, "Probably still in wardrobe. Her costume is new and probably more complicated than mine." After so many episodes in two seasons, Melissa was quite comfortable in her red and blue Supergirl costume. When she wore it, it made her feel strong, powerful and confident.

No sooner had they mentioned her, the guest then appeared on set. Karen Gillan, the red headed actress from Scotland who had appeared in Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, strutted out in her black and yellow Batgirl costume. The tight fitting, spandex cat suit clung to her tight curves. The body of the suit was a bodice of black leather. The yellow bat on her chest spanned between her budding breasts. Her cape was black outer and yellow inner to emphasize her body. She also wore the yellow gauntlets and boots of Batgirl. She had a yellow utility belt which hung low on her hips. The cowl she wore was solid black but with large cat like eye holes cut in that showed off Karen's bright hazel eyes. Her red hair hung down her back from the back of the cowl.

When the two actresses looked at Karen and smiled, Karen did a little twirl to show off the costume. Karen announced, "I'm ready to get my super hero on girls," in a thick Scottish accent.

Melissa giggled again saying, "I feel out numbered today. I'm the only American actress on set."

Katie laughed, "No worries darlin'. We're all foreigners here in Canada anyway." The show had been filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada since it started two years previously. All the CW superhero shows, including the Flash, Arrow and Legends were filmed there.

As the three actresses giggled, there was a short in the wiring somewhere and a sound recorder began smoking. The tech unplugged it quickly and sighed as he had to get it replaced. It was already the third electrical problem that morning. It meant a longer delay. The director, Kevin Smith looked pissed off and cursed at the equipment. He then called for the electrician again to get on the problem. He looked over at the three stunning ladies, who were ready to work and sighed. "You may as well take five ladies, I don't know how long this delay will be.

Katie stood up and smoothed out her skirt suit. "Well then, if you'll excuse me, I need to use the loo," she claimed in her Irish brogue. Katie skipped over the cables on the floor gracefully in her high heels and left the set for the ladies room. That left Karen in her Batgirl costume and Melissa in her Supergirl costume alone on set.

Melissa stated, "That's a great costume Karen, very sexy on you. It really shows off your great figure." Melissa was eyeing the camel toe showing in the pubic area and licking her lips. "Do you have any cool gadgets in that belt?" She asked to save face.

"Fucked if I know. Props filled it full of techie stuff. I don't understand much of it. Even though I've been on Doctor Who, I'm technically challenged. I can barely work my cell phone and I'm a shagger with a computer," the redhead replied. That made Melissa giggle again.

"You're a great actress then Karen, cause you had me fooled," the Supergirl replied. "I'm glad you're here though. I'm a big fan of yours. You're so pretty and fun," she went on. That made Karen blush. The cowl didn't hide her pink cheeks.

"I'm just so happy to be here. I love this show and have been hounding my agent to get me on here for months. I think you are so adorable as Kara and so inspiring as Supergirl. That and the hot lesbian story lines had me dying to get on here. I bugged Kevin until he finally told me that he was writing an episode with a guest appearance of Batgirl. I told him I'd do anything for the part. Well, here I am. I worked out so hard to get in shape for this costume and I took a martial arts class so that I could do most of my own stunt work. I am so excited. I hope they fix this electrical shite so we finally get rolling," Karen explained.

Melissa smirked as she eyed the visiting actress, "So you like the lesbian action on the show, do ya? Do you ship me and Katie too?" she asked.

"Of course I do. There is so much heat between you two on screen. It makes me wonder if it's there off screen too," Karen pried. She knew Melissa was previously married to a man. She had seen her sex photos on line too. But in show business, so many performers were bisexual. That had been her experience anyway. She already knew that Katie was bi. She heard it from a mutual acquaintance who worked with Katie on Dracula.

Melissa eyed the new comer suspiciously and said nothing but licked her lips in response. Indeed, Melissa had done her homework too, digging up a few tasty bits of info on Karen Gillan. She had heard how she seduced a fellow actress on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy and how the two of them, painted blue and green had made a huge but colorful mess on some linens back stage. They stared at each other, both of them licking their lips.

Just then, there was another spark right next to the two ladies. Both actresses jumped in fright right into each others arms. Both girls let out a squeak of a scream. They turned to look and the room was aglow with a strange blue light. Karen thought it was just a special set light but Melissa who was familiar with the set had never seen it before, on set at least. It was like a glowing blue cloud about three feet in diameter, hanging in mid air. Melissa knew it looked familiar but it was impossible.

Suddenly, the blue light expanded and turned into a ring about four feet across. Then, emerging from the light stepped a person. He was a young Latin man with shoulder length black hair, wearing a Star Labs sweater and jeans. On his face were a funky pair of metallic sunglasses.

Melissa looked on in confusion and asked, " Carlos? Carlos Valdes? Is that you?" Carlos was another CW actor who played Cisco Ramon on the show "the Flash". She had worked with him a couple of times on cross over episodes. As odd as the situation was, it looked just like him and he was in full Cisco as Vibe costume.

The man answered, "Carlos? No Supergirl, it's me, Cisco Ramon. I had to vibe here for an emergency. The world, my world is in great danger again. You're our only hope. Please, you have to come with me. Oh wow, Batgirl's here too. That's even better. Come on, time is precious, let's go."

Karen was in shock and disbelief. She figured it was some kind of weird hazing ritual but vowed to herself that she would be a real trooper and play along and not get upset. Melissa was beyond confused. The light looked exactly like the inter dimensional breeches from the show but that was all post production animation. This was happening in real time. It didn't make any sense. "Cisco grabbed Karen buy the wrist. She played along. Then he grabbed Melissa's wrist. "Come on Supergirl, we have to go now!"

Melissa shook her head, "But wait, I'm not Supergirl, I'm Melissa Benoit. I just..."

But then the three of them slipped into the light cloud and for a second there was a weightless feeling and a feeling of speed which lasted less than two seconds before they emerged again in the same location. Melissa stumbled and Karen fell right on her arse. Melissa held her stomach. I think I'm going to be sick. She gagged but the feeling past. Karen was a bit dizzy as she stood up on her feet. "What the fuck happened?" she asked in an American accent.

Cisco replied, "Inter dimensional travel. It often causes motion sickness. It passes quickly." Karen and Melissa looked around the room. They were in the same office but gone were the cameras and the lights. Gone were the cables and equipment. Gone were the gaffers, techs, makeup people and interns. The office looked just it would to viewers watching the show.

"Where did everybody go? Where are the cameras?" Melissa asked in stunned amazement.

Cisco Ramon explained, "You're in a parallel universe now Supergirl. Anybody who was in Lena Luthor's office back in your dimension will still be there but on this earth it's just us three. As for cameras, I think there's two security cameras in the room, one above Lena's desk and one aimed at the door. See, there and there."

Melissa shook her head, "What? No, not those cameras. I'm talking about TV cameras."

"I must have caught you guys doing an interview or something on your world. There were a lot of cameras there now that I think about it," Cisco answered.

Melissa was getting flustered and was about to explain herself again when Lena Luthor stood up from behind her desk. She had been hiding underneath it. The three newcomers turned and noticed her.

"Supergirl? What are you doing here? And who are your friends?" Lena asked in her east coast Metropolis accent.

"Katie? What's going on here? You were off in the bathroom a second ago. And why are talking in character?" Melissa grilled.

Lena looked at her confused. "In character? What are you talking about? This is my normal voice. And why are you calling me Katie? It's me Supergirl, your friend Lena Luthor."

Karen Gillan had been taking in the situation and studying the room. She grabbed Melissa by her arm. It felt incredibly strong to her. Melissa turned to her. The actress dressed like Batgirl whispered into Melissa's ear, "I'm not sure what's going on here. Something is definitely out of wack. I recommend playing along, in character. Let's just see how this plays out."

Melissa thought on that for a second and answered, "Right, sorry Lena, I was thinking about something else when I said that. These are my associates, Batgirl and Vibe. We're here to...uhm, Vibe, why are we here again?"

"The Justice League members have gone missing when they set out to defeat the Legion of Doom. Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter have all disappeared. We found out that Lex Luthor has been communicating with the Legion from prison. We think they are planning on breaking him out. I've been tracking Black Manta and found that he came here to National City and was seen heading to the L Corps building, Lex Luthor's company. In my dimension, Supergirl was missing too, so I vibed to your earth to bring you here."

The two actresses looked stupefied. Lena Luthor spoke up defiantly, " It's not Lex's company anymore. It's mine and I don't have anything to do with the Legion of Doom."

Cisco Ramon challenged her, "What about Black Manta? Why did he come here to L Corps?"

Lena asked, " Is he the big guy in SCUBA gear with the flying saucer on his head?"

Ramon answered, "Ya, that sounds like Manta, why?"

Lena replied, "Because he killed two of my security guards and forced his way into the building. We are under lock down. He's roaming the floors looking for something, that's why I'm hiding under my desk. Thank God you're here Supergirl."

Melissa was so sure that everything was just a big set up prank, probably Kevin trying to punk her. If it was, then everyone was doing a good job. She couldn't explain any of it to herself. It all seemed so real. While she was pondering everything, the door to Lena's office suddenly went flying off of its hinges into the room with a loud bang. The door knocked Cisco in the back of head and sent him to the floor unconscious. All three of the ladies screamed in fright. Black Manta stepped into the room, a seven foot tall creature in a wet suit with breathing apparatus running from a tank on his back up to his over sized saucer shaped helmet that emitted glowing red eyes. He was holding a spear gun.

Karen, in her Batgirl attire instinctively somersaulted to the corner of the room out of Black Manta's vision. Manta saw Lena Luthor and fired his spear gun at her from less than ten yards away. Melissa instinctively dove toward Lena, who she knew as Katie McGrath, her costar. She landed in front of Lena in the blink of an eye. The spear hit Melissa in the back of her Supergirl cape. It bounced off of her with the metal point bending from the impact. Melissa didn't feel anything. She turned to see the spear on the floor next to her, bent.

Karen, reached into her belt and pulled out a batarang, a steel, bat shaped boomerang. She was in full adrenaline mode and not thinking. Instincts seemed to have kicked in. She hurled the weapon at Black Manta and it cut his tubes and cables from behind. Sparks flew from his helmet and the glowing red eyes went dim. She had cut the power to his laser eyes. She then cart wheeled over to the super villain. He took a big roundhouse swing at the girl but she easily ducked it. She hooked his ankle and turned, sending the beast to the floor. His head hit with a thud. He quickly got back up and Karen sent a kick at his head. She made contact but the hard shell helmet hurt her foot and she reeled back toward the corner.

Black Manta turned back to Lena Luthor who was being shielded by her hero Supergirl. Manta was reloading his spear gun. Lena clutched onto Supergirl tightly. Melissa could smell Lena's scent intensely. She could hear the other woman's heart beating rapidly. Her only instinct was to protect Lena for whom she felt a deep affection for. For a moment she wanted to kiss her but the situation forbade that. Melissa was scared but held onto her friend tightly and stared at Black Manta with intensity. She seemed to see the whole room going red. Manta glowed bright red and fell to the floor, smoke rising from his prone and lifeless body.

Lena let out a breath of relief. "Nice shot Supergirl. I think your heat vision fried him good," she told her friend. The enemy combatant was laying prone on the floor, smoke rising from his motionless body, the stench of burnt rubber and flesh rising in the air.

Karen stood up and surveyed the opponent. "Holy fucking shit Meli...I mean Supergirl. You fish fried that fucker with your eyes!" she exclaimed. "How did you?" she went on before stopping herself. The redhead bent down and examined the spear. The tip was bent at a right angle. She tried to bend it back but to no avail. The metal was solid steel. She then helped Melissa and Lena Luthor to their feet.

Lena looked deep into Supergirl's crystal blue eyes with a deep love and affection. "Supergirl, you saved my life again," she cheered as she hugged the super heroine tightly. "You are making a real habit of that," she announced as she placed a gentle, loving kiss on the cheek of the hero of National City.

Melissa was beyond confused. She looked down at the smoking wreck that was Black Manta. "Did I do that?" she asked with astonishment.

"Boom! Laser fucking beam eyes. Wow!" Batgirl admired. She bent down and examined the super villain. She checked his vitals as a paramedic would a victim. "Ya, he's pretty dead, I'm sure. I'm going to check on Vibe," Karen added as she jumped over to Cisco Ramon and checked on him. "He's unconscious but has stable vital signs. Took a big blow to the head though. Probably a concussion," she diagnosed.

Just then, two security men arrived, weapons ready, entering the room in panic. "It's okay men. Stand down. Supergirl and her friend Batgirl saved the day. I'm alright," Lena Luthor informed them. The security men lowered their weapons and took a sigh of relief.

Melissa had approached Karen as they stood over the prone figure of Cisco. Karen grasped Melissa's elbow and leaned in close to whisper, " Look Melissa, I don't know what the fuck is going on here. This is some weird fucking shit. I think we should take Cisco here and remove ourselves from this situation. We need to figure out what the fuck is happening. Where can we go?"

Melissa was equally confused, more so actually. None of it made any sense. There were no camera crews, no director, no lights, no makeup girls, no interns. The fight seemed very real and she could not explain how the steel spear just bounced off of her back without her even feeling it. Nor could she explain the heat coming from her eyes which apparently fried a super villain. The inter-dimensional breech was another mystery. And why were Irish Katie McGrath and Scottish Karen Gillan speaking with American accents for seemingly no reason? Indeed, regrouping seemed the wisest course of action.

"Okay, let's get Carlos out of here. We've got to figure this out," the blonde heroine agreed. Karen tried to lift Cisco but his weight was more than she imagined. She leveraged him to his feet non the less but it was a struggle to keep him up.

"A little help?" Batgirl asked her friend. Melissa, as frail and small as she was grabbed the Latin man by his other arm to help even though she thought he was too heavy for her. She thought that between her and Karen, they would struggle to carry their comrade. As soon as she tried however, she felt almost no weight at all. Lifting Cisco felt like lifting a bowl of soup. Even Melissa surprised herself.

"Why is he so light," she asked Karen? Karen let go, a little winded and let Melissa take the load. She too was stunned by the ease that her friend displayed in carrying Vibe.

Karen replied, "Light? He's like one eighty easily. Looks like you have super strength too." Melissa had no explanation. Even if he was one fifty, she would not normally be able to carry him but he literally felt no heavier than a small kitten.

The two girls made their way out of Lena Luthor's office and hurried down to the lobby. As many times as Melissa had been on this set, she remembered the Hyatt hotel check in desk and hotel staff in the lobby. This time however, there was a security desk, metal detector and information desk with a big L Corps sign in the lobby. "That's weird," the would be Supergirl stated. They stepped out onto the street, with Melissa still carrying Vibe like a baby. Even the exterior of the building looked different. Sure, they would put a big fake, cardboard "L Corps" sign out there for exterior shots but there was a big steel sign on the building that read the same. A big solitary US flag flew in front of the building where Melissa was used to seeing a Canadian flag.

Karen strode over to a newspaper box and retrieved a local newspaper. The front page was titled, "National City Gazette," and the headline read, "JLA Still Missing During National Crises."

Karen showed the paper to Melissa and asked, "Okay Supergirl, is this normal? Does the props department usually go to this much detail?" Melissa shook her head, herself in awe still. Karen rolled up the paper and stuck it in her utility belt. She looked around. "Okay Supergirl, where can we go that's private around here?"

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