On the set of Supergirl


Melissa thought for a second before coming up with an inspiration. "How about we use the loft where we shoot all of Kara's apartment scenes? I know it's not too far away. The drive is usually only five to ten minutes or so."

Karen looked anxious still. "Alright, we can try that. Where is it?" the Batgirl asked.

Melissa looked perplexed. "I never do the driving. Damn it."

"Well, what's the address?" the redhead asked.

Melissa clued in. "Oh ya, I know that. It's on the corner of Comox and Bute Streets." She smiled at being pleased with herself.

Karen pulled a device out of her utility belt that appeared to be nothing more than a cell phone. She quickly pulled up Google maps and searched for the corner that Melissa told her of in Vancouver, BC. She appeared flustered as the maps would not display even the City of Vancouver. It appeared to not even exist. In it's place was a city called Empire, Canada. She tried three times but failed each time. Flustered, she came up with a different idea. She ran a search in directory assistance for Kara Danvers. She was able to find a listing at 499 Lincoln Blvd. National City, USA. She punched that into Google maps and it showed a mark that was about twenty city blocks away from where they were standing which read "Lex Corp building" on the map. Karen showed it to Melissa.

"Holy fucking shit. Even Google maps has National City. That looks like the right spot. So how are going to get there? Should we hail a cab?" Melissa asked.

"How about you fly us there Supergirl?" the Batgirl remarked with a little cheek.

Melissa laughed at the thought. She even snorted a little. "What? No! Fly? Are you crazy? I can't fly. That's all cranes, wires, and green screens. Fly? That's ...that's just..." the blonde actress replied. She started blushing as she saw how serious Karen looked in her Batgirl mask.

Karen stated, "You don't have super strength or heat vision either, remember?" With that she walked around behind Melissa and wrapped her arms around her neck. She pressed her spandex and leather covered body tight up against the star of the show. Melissa could feel the warmth of Karen's body pressed against her back. It made her feel sensual and she began growing wet again between her legs. Karen kissed the hero on the cheek and said, "Now, fly Supergirl, I'll give you directions."

Melissa knew that the other girl was right. She blew out a breath of air and pushed off of the ground like she had so many times in the harness with cables. Suddenly she was off the ground, a hundred feet above the pavement, with a one hundred eighty pound man in her arms and a one hundred pound girl hanging onto her back. "Holy fucking shit! I'm flying. I'm really fucking flying!" Melissa exclaimed. Holding Lena Luthor had got her warmed up. Karen Gillan's body pressed into her back got her more excited. The turn on of flying had made Melissa's pussy a sopping wet mess.

Within a few seconds, the trio arrived at the building where they shot the scenes for Kara Danver's apartment. Supergirl landed gracefully on the fire escape and Batgirl let go. Melissa climbed through the unlocked window of the top floor loft. Karen followed her inside. Melissa scanned the room. Indeed, it looked exactly like the set of Kara Danver's apartment. The bed was on the north wall. There was a dressing screen in front of it. To the right was her rack of Kara clothes. To the left was the bathroom. Further right was the kitchen area, living and dining areas. The one thing missing or rather in place of, was that she was used to the far wall being out for space for the lights and cameras. Instead there was a solid wall there. Hung on it were framed photos of herself and costar Chyler Leigh, who played her sister Alex Danvers. The photos were not any that she remembered taking however. They indeed looked like family photos, some of which looked as much as ten to fifteen years old. It was impossible, as she had only met Chyler two years previous while auditioning for their roles.

She set Vibe down on the sofa in the living area. Karen had already gone to the refrigerator and was getting ice out for a compress. "That's just a prop fridge, it doesn't actually work or have anything in it," Melissa tried to say but she was proven wrong as Karen came back with some ice in a wet rag. She placed it on Vibe's head over the big bump he took. "Oh, never mind," Melissa added at the sight of yet another surprise. It was quite clear that this whole thing was not a prank. They really had jumped dimensions and in the process, she had developed all the powers of a real Supergirl.

Melissa paced the room, her cape flowing behind her as she tried to rationalize the situation. "So, this is all real. We actually jumped to another earth. Here in this world, I'm actually Kara Zor-El, fucking Supergirl with real fucking super powers. Are you really Batgirl?" she asked.

Karen sighed. "No, I'm Karen Gillan, Scottish actress, a regular on Doctor Who, who just got the part of Batgirl for a guest appearance on the Supergirl TV show on the CW network. Yet here I am, ripped from my world into a strange parallel universe." she stated without emotion.

"And I'm Melissa Benoit, a simple actress. I was on Glee for fuck's sake. This can't be happening. Does this mean you have Batgirl powers now? I noticed that you lost your Scottish accent somehow," Supergirl inquired.

Karen thought for a second. "Funny, I've been talking normally. I never noticed my own voice. Strange. As for special powers, Batgirl doesn't have any. She's a mere mortal. Even if I did turn into Batgirl somehow, I still won't be able to fly or have bullets bounce off me or shit like that," she replied.

"Ya, but you handled yourself pretty good back there. You moved fast and graceful. You've kept a level head through all this and seem to know what to do. I thought all your Batgirl toys were supposed to be useless props too. What's up with that?" Melissa argued.

Karen sighed. "Very true, I thought they were useless props too but somehow I just instinctively knew to pull out that batarang and this cell phone is not any name brand phone. It's a home made mini computer. All these compartments are full of useful shit too. Funny, in the comics, Batgirl is a detective, a computer genius, a master strategist and a nimble athlete and fighter. She has an extremely high IQ. I was never any of those things. Ever since we came to this world, things have been making sense to me. I believed that the breech was real from the beginning. I wasn't sure so that's why I suggested playing along for a while. When I saw you use super powers back there, I was certain. All the other clues confirm it. The question is, what do we do next?"

Melissa looked down at the still unconscious man on the sofa that Karen was attending to. "We need him back. He's the only way that we can get back to our own world. When he comes to, we get him to open another breech and we go back to our own earth," Melissa suggested.

Karen didn't looked pleased. "We can't do that. If this is all real, then so is his story. The earth is in some real bad shit and right now and you and I are the only hope of saving it. We have to help," she resided.

Melissa knew that was true too. She was wearing the Supergirl costume and knew what it stood for. She wasn't afraid, only confused. She was feeling more confident knowing that she had super powers. She watched as Karen stood up and looked around the room. She decided to test her powers a bit more. She focused on the front of her new friend in the skin tight Batgirl costume. She concentrated on looking beyond the surface. Suddenly, she saw more. Melissa grinned and blushed at the same time.

Karen looked at her suspiciously. "What?" she inquired.

Melissa giggled. "Just testing my x-ray vision. So, you are a real redhead I see," she joked. Karen crossed her legs and blushed herself. She placed a hand awkwardly in front of her vagina that was so proudly displayed by the tight black fabric.

"No fair bitch! That's cheating. I was hoping that you'd get to see it sometime during this filming but not like that," Karen announced with embarrassment. Melissa giggled at her. Finally Karen stopped trying to cover herself and boldly stood facing Melissa with her hands on her hips in a classic super hero pose. She cocked a red eyebrow and asked, "Well super vision, did you get a good look?"

Melissa stared a little longer. She continued to giggle. She teased, "Oh yes, a real good look. Very nice. Very puffy and very wet as well I see." She batted her eyes at the redhead and winked.

Karen had regained her composure. "Well, what do expect. I've been fantasizing about working with you for months. Then, as soon as we start working, shit happens and my adrenaline gets going. Then I hold onto my fantasy girl as she flies me across the city and find out that she is the real deal. So of course I'm dripping wet. So, now that you've seen mine, do I get to see yours?" she asked boldly and bravely.

Melissa was surprised by the boldness of the redhead. She looked down at Cisco Ramon, who was really Cisco Ramon and not actor Carlos Valdes after all. "What about him? Is going to be okay?" she distracted.

"He'll be fine. He'll come around soon enough as soon as the swelling goes down. In the meantime he's going to sleep it off," Karen replied. With that, the Batgirl slinked over to the blue and red clad girl and gently embraced her. Melissa turned her head and opened her mouth. Karen pressed her lips against Melissa's. She pulled herself into the body of the powerful blonde, squashing her breasts against Melissa's. The girls were of a similar height and their bodies meshed together perfectly. Their tongues met in each other's mouth and gently played with the other's. Karen's hands reached down Supergirl's back until they found her red skirt. Karen reached under it and grabbed hold of Melissa's super ass.

Melissa moaned her excitement and kissed the redhead harder. Her own hands moved down the back of Batgirl, stopping at the complex utility belt. Karen realized the dilemma and let go of Mellissa's bum for second to undo her belt. It fell to the floor with a thud and Karen stepped out of it, never breaking the sensual kiss. Melissa's hand reached down further and squeezed the spandex covered butt of the dark knight damsel of Gotham. Karen's hands returned to Supergirl's ass and they both felt each other up as they made out with passion.

Both women were wet and excited. They could barely contain themselves. Karen was sucking on Melissa's tongue like it was a cock. They groped at each other's bodies as they kissed. Melissa was squeezing Karen's ample tits through the fabric of the Batgirl suit while Karen's hands had reached between Melissa's hard thighs and had begun rubbing the soaking wet panties under Supergirl's skirt. It continued for several minutes until Melissa finally broke the kiss.

Supergirl stepped back one pace and began taking off her boots. She did it slowly and methodically for show. Karen looked on, drooling. Melissa then undid the back clasp of her costume and pulled it off of her body by the sleeves. The tight material peeled off of her tone body revealing Melissa's small but perky tits. Her nipples were soft pink and stood out at attention at an upward angle. The looked very proud. Melissa pushed the uniform off of her body and onto the floor. She was left in grey pantyhose and her red panties. She slipped them off too to reveal her clean shaven peach. Melissa's little pussy was puffy and pink, the lips protruding a little and the hood of her clit peeking out. Karen was biting her lip and touching her own sex as she watched the slow strip tease. Melissa sat back on the bed and teased Karen some more by spreading the lips of her vagina with her fingers to show the pretty pink folds which were dripping with juice.

Karen couldn't get her costume off fast enough. She quickly unfastened her cape and pulled off her cowl. The gloves she flung off in one motion while at the same time she kicked off her yellow boots. She struggled to get the fly of her body suit but managed to get it off rather quickly which left her standing in a black sports bra and black cotton panties. Melissa couldn't take it any longer and reached up to Karen and tore the women's underclothes off as easily as if they were a band aid.

Karen moaned at the show of strength and crossed her legs to squeeze her own sex between her thighs. Melissa pulled the naked redhead to her and kissed her forcefully. She rolled Karen onto her back and climbed on top of the titian star. They made out with open mouths as if their lives depended on it. Their naked bodies writhed and rubbed against each other. As their nipples touched, shock waves of excitement rolled through their bodies causing both of their pussies to get wetter. Trails of wetness traced down their thighs as each girl's clit made contact with the other girl's thigh. Hands grabbed whatever body part they could find. Hair was caressed and butt cheeks were fondled. The kissing became frantic.

Karen was moaning in agony and Melissa was panting heavily. Both girls were feverish with lust. Melissa finally spun herself all the way around so that her face was in the crotch of the Scotswoman. She spread her own legs over Karen's head and lowered her juicy twat to the redhead's face. Both girl's attacked the other's pussy with intensity. Karen made a lip lock on the blonde girl's clit and sucked on it with all she had while jamming two fingers easily into Supergirl's twat.

Melissa had stuck her tongue into the Karen's box and tongue fucked her sugar walls. Karen grinded her hips on Melissa's face, rubbing her clit on the blonde's chin. Melissa pried the redhead's butt cheeks apart and shoved her nose into the pretty pink starfish as she ate the savory pie of her friend. Karen enjoyed the contact on her asshole and decided to play with Melissa's while she made a meal of her perfect vagina. She took her two wet fingers out of Melissa's snatch and pressed them into the girl's back door. She then put her other two fingers back into the slick sugar cave.

As they sucked each other's pussies, both girls frantically gyrated their bodies in the sixty-nine position trying desperately to get off. Tears of joy filled the eyes of both woman as they tried to get the other off while feeling their own orgasm approaching. Fingers and tongues worked at electric speed on gashes that flowed freely with pungent juices covering the faces of both lovers. Both girls whimpered and cried as they were overcome by their own orgasm. Neither girl yielding their mouth clamp on the other's clit. They bucked and cried as they came together simultaneously. Both of them flooded the other's face with a splash of hot, wet girl cum.

They peeled apart and panted. Melissa's head was swimming with pleasure and euphoria. She panted and sweated in orgasmic bliss. Karen was soaked and still full of lust. She wasn't ready for it to be over and gingerly scissor her legs with Melissa. As soon as Melissa felt the other woman's pussy bump up against her own, her head came around again. They grabbed each other's ass and started gyrating their hips together like a well oiled machine. Their slick boxes mashed together as they grinded hard with their hips. They humped like two bitches in heat. Each of them was grunting and groaning.

"Oh God, fuck me Supergirl!" Karen screamed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she bit her lip so hard it started to bleed. Melissa was crying with joy, tears rolled down her cheeks mixing with the girl sauce left behind from Karen's twat.

"Fuck me, I'm coming again. Yes Batgirl, smash my super pussy you fucking bitch!" Melissa screamed out. Her body shook as her orgasm raged from her body. Her juice squirted from her vagina and splashed over both of their bodies. Karen could taste it on her tongue still. She savored the flavour. Melissa was still humping her at a feverish pace causing an orgasmic wave to flow through her. She didn't hold back and arched her back as she came in a violent orgasmic rush, her own cunt spraying a jet a girl juice into Melissa's body and face.

As Karen caught her breath, she panted, "Holy fuck. I got fucked by Supergirl." As the two ladies lay on the bed catching their breath, their faces met again as they tenderly kissed and tasted each other's cum on their lips. As their lips softly touched, each of them suddenly felt a hot splash on their faces. They heard a low guttural grunt at the same time. As they opened their eyes, they saw Cisco standing over them stroking his uncircumcised cock with drips of cum still erupting from the head. Both girls winced as they realized that Cisco had just jerked off on their faces while they were sharing a tender moment.

Melissa got angry. "Fuck off Cisco, you pervert. We were having a beautiful moment together before you spoiled it," she protested. Karen was wiping her face off on the bed sheets.

Cisco grinned from ear to ear, not at all sorry for his action. He was still woozy and unstable on his feet. "Sorry guys but that was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen and I've watched a lot of porn, believe me. I couldn't help myself," he claimed.

Melissa pulled her red cape over herself to hide her nakedness. "Damn you Cisco, If I weren't a good guy, I'd kick you in the nuts so hard, you'd land on the moon. Don't think I can't do it either," she roared. Cisco understood that she could and his dick quickly shriveled up in his hand. He put it away before he got into any more trouble with the powerful Kryptonian.

Karen seemed less ashamed of her own nakedness and strutted around in the nude over to Cisco. She grabbed him by his balls and spoke closely into his face. "Okay motherfucker, now that you're awake again, here's what's going to happen. First, Supergirl and I are going to have a shower and finish our moment privately. While we do that, you're going to cook us up some bacon and eggs because we are starving. Then, after we eat, the three of us are going to sit here and figure out how to save the world. Once we accomplish that, you're going to send us home and never tell a soul about happened in here. Got it numb nuts?"

Cisco looked on in horror and pain at the redhead. He simply nodded his head in agreement. Karen finally let go of his balls. He reeled back in pain, clutching his groin. Triumphantly, Karen grabbed Melissa by the wrist and marched her into the bathroom for a shower.

The two new super heroines made out as they soaped each other's bodies and cleaned away the evidence of their heated sexual escapade. Meanwhile, Cisco did as he was told dutifully. He never dared peek on the girls in fear of retaliation. He seemed to be more frightened by the redheaded dare doll without any powers rather than the powerful alien from Krypton.

The two women emerged from the bathroom wrapped in white towels. They both still had damp, wet hair. When they saw their meal in front of them, bacon and eggs, with toast and salsa, they both dove right in. It was so good, they were almost ready to forgive Cisco for coming on their faces. Neither girl spoke while they shoveled the food in but when they smiled, Cisco was partly relieved.

Both were done their meal in minutes, perhaps seconds for Supergirl. Karen looked up at Cisco and said, "Okay, that was pretty fucking good. Now tell us. What was Black Manta looking for at L Corps?" as she went into detective mode.

"I'm not sure but it may have been something to do Lena Luthor. Maybe she's helping the Legion of Doom," he hypothesized.

Melissa jumped in, "No way. She innocent. That monster tried to murder her. She's only alive because Batgirl and I showed up. You took a bump in the head in the action as well."

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