tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 6

One Fine Massage Ch. 6


I lay on the massage table with my mind in a spin. I have had many massage sessions, and the ladies I have work on me all will offer a nice hand job, especially since they know I will return the favor in kind.

But none had that talent Tammy did! She worked my body as well as my wife Lee can, every step, every stroke was designed to excite and prolong the experience. I had the added excitement of Lee being there, watching this done to me. I wondered if she felt the way I had when I watched Carey stuff her pussy right in front of me.

Lee pulled a hot wet towel out of the crock pot I keep in my massage room, and washed me up and down, I felt the stirrings of another erection. Then she turned to her friend Tammy and washed her up, too. I lay there and watched Lee lift Tammy's breasts one at a time, she seemed to spend a bit of extra time on each! Then she glanced at me, and noting my half hard penis, she reached over and took me in her hand and rolled my foreskin back, opened her mouth, and sucked me hard again!

Now I am 53 years old, a 2nd hardon in just a few minutes is a rare thing indeed. But the situation was so erotic, Tammy watching us with that half-smile, her naked breasts softened, her nipples expanded and flattened out. Lee stroked my chest, said "Let's take a break." She and Tammy went into the living room. I took a quick shower and dried off, throwing on one of my old robes, and nothing else.

Lee and Tammy were sitting in the living room, I came out and relaxed in my chair. They had obviously been chatting, I knew something was up! I still hadn't seen Tammy all the way naked, lord I wanted to, and I knew that Lee knew this. Lee was sitting facing me, Tammy was turned slightly, Lee had her legs open enough that I could see almost all the way to her pussy. I have seen her pussy so many times one would think I would get bored, but never, I love it, and especially love to be teased.

There was some music playing on the radio, and Tammy got up and laid down on the floor on her back, sideways to me, and stretched out. She began to move with the music, then she slipped the zipper on her skirt and took it off, revealing a pair of thin white panties. She turned to face me, brought her knees up, feet together, then spread her knees apart. I had a wonderful view of her pussy, covered only by the thin panties. I could see the darker color of her hair, she obviously didn't shave.

I was staring, quiet now, my blood was starting to pound, I felt that same feeling in my chest that I had as a teenager, the first time a woman spread her legs for me to look!

Tammy reached over and released a clip on the side of her panties, I hadn't even noticed that, they attached at each side. Then she released the other one. The front of her panties slipped down a bit, revealing the upper part of her pubic hair. I was suddenly aware that every light in the room was on, this was no tease in the dark, this was blatent open raw sexuality, Tammy was deliberately exposing herself completely to me!

I glanced at Lee, she was stareing, too, she had her hand on one of her breasts, rolling her own nipple, which I happen to know are so sensitive that she can orgasm from just that. Lee's nipples will protrude a full inch when she is hot, and I could see from the bump in her blouse that she was hot.

Tammy slipped the panties completely off, and looking right into my eyes, she spread her legs as wide as they would go!

I could take no more, my cock was as hard and as big as it can get, I had swollen so much my foreskin was drawing back all by itself, and I had popped out of the robe and was sticking straight up.

I rolled forward out of my chair onto my knees, slid my hands up both of Tammy's legs in a smooth motion, then leaned forward and buried my face in her.

"Nonono, in me, in me, in me" she whispered. I lifted up, and slid in her in one smooth motion. Her hips bucked up to meet me, she let out a gutteral sound, her pussy clamped down on me like a vice! I was vaguely aware of Lee, she had stripped off her clothes, I felt her hand slide under and fondle my balls, then she slid a finger inside Tammy with me. She wanted to feel me in there, see me, she got down behind us and licked my fanny, I could actually feel her as she stuck her face in between my legs to stare at me sliding in, then withdrawing almost all the way.

I accidently popped out once, and Lee grasped me, and reinserted my penis. Tammy began to orgasm, I could feel the contractions, she was making a low sound deep in her throat. I was superman, I went on and on and on, having climaxed just an hour or so earlier had certainly increased my stamina!

Finally I felt the pressure building, I could hold back no longer, I just allowed myself to blow.

We lay intertwined, the three of us, my softening penis held in place in Tammy by Lee's hand. Finally, I withdrew, and sat back. Tammy looked at Lee, and said, "Thank you, I have wanted to do this with you guys for years!" I reached over and took my loving wife in my arms. She snuggled up against me and said, "I love you".

I have done many massages, I have touched and carressed men's naked wives right in front of them, even to the point of oral stimulation while they watch the session. I never really knew the feeling that they had, and now I do. Watching Lee experience an orgasm with Carey, and then feeling the sensation of another loving woman while Lee watched me has made a change in my life. I understand completely those feelings, and they are wonderful. I have worked with hundreds of women, all sizes, all ages, all races. I enjoy them all, especially the ones in need of a man's loving touch. I have grown from this experience, and my sessions now will have a new meaning.

This is the last of this series, this happened last night. Tammy is still here as I write this. As soon as I post it, Lee and Tammy and I are going out to breakfast. When we get back, I want to do it again!

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