tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 7

One Fine Massage Ch. 7


My classes at the college started running full again, after the Super told me I could allow some nudity in class.

I made a change, and had each student sign a waiver, letting them know ahead of time. That protected the school, so my superiors pretty much left me to run the classes.

They were also tickled with the increase in signups, me too since I am paid on percentage.

I was thinking the classes would get interesting.

After Carey had massaged my wife, Lee, then during the 2nd session had made furious love to her while I watched in awe, I assumed my life would change. Lee set me up with our friend, so now we were at least even, we had both made love to another partner, and right in front of each other, so there was no jealousy, or feeling of being cheated on.

Our lives reverted to the norm, I did my work at school, and continued to get 2 to 3 clients a week for massage at my home office.

But I came home one night, and after settling in for the evening, Lee came over and snuggled up next to me as we watched some silly Science Fiction movie on TV. She started stroking my penis, which responded quite nicely, and I was petting her back, when she asked me if she could do some "Kinky things."

I asked her what she had in mind, and she explained that she had been watched at the dress shop a couple of days before. I was curious now! She told me she had stopped in at the shop to buy a new blouse, and this young man about 25 or so was in there looking at some ladies' clothing. Lee had gone into the changing room, and she noticed a small gap in the curtain. She glimpsed the man peeking at her as she removed her top, and it started to turn her on.

So she took her time, let him have a few peeks, then she came out and selected a full length dress. When she went back in, she left the curtain gapped a good six inches. Sure enough, the man moved over to where he could see, but pretended to be examining the garments on the rack. Lee stripped completely naked, and moved around, bending over, displaying herself completely! Then she had redressed and left, acting as if nothing had happened.

Now I knew why she had jumped me almost the second I walked in the door a couple of days earlier.

So I asked her what she wanted to do. She mentioned the few times I had encouraged her to dress to show off, and she wanted to give it a try. Fine with me, I thought, so we booked a Motel room at the coast for the next evening. The town we booked at was tiny, we had driven through, but never really been there. I selected it because they had massage services available, done by the owners, a married couple from the advertisements on the internet.

We arrived and booked in, I scheduled us for a massage that evening, and we both took a good shower. Lee slipped into a short pullover dress, thin and colorful, she stepped over by the window to let me check out it's best feature. With the light behind her, Lee was all but completely naked, as she turned, I had a clear view of her smallish breasts, with the little button-like nipples, and face on, I could see her pussy lips clearly hanging down between her legs.

Lee has quite prominent genitals, and her nipples have one nice feature, when she gets excited, they start to stick out, almost a full inch!

Our first stop was the Gas station, I pulled over a block or so away, and we watched for awhile. There was a young man about 20, and an older man, probably the owner on duty. I noticed they did full service, washing windows, checking oil, all of that. I had Lee recline her seat, then I got out and checked to make sure the attendant would be able to see clearly up her dress. To make it work, I had her turn a bit in the seat, stick her left leg straight out, and then bend her right knee. That opened her up, popped her pussy open so it was clearly visible through her pubic hair.

Her clit was bulging nicely, and her nipples looked like tents in her thin dress. I reached over and pushed her dress a bit higher up her right hip, and tucked it under the seat belt. The whole thing looked quite natural, and accidental. I pulled in and stopped, the young attendant came to the window, I told him to fill it up and waited. He started the pump, the older man came over, and started washing the driver's side window. Then he stepped over to Lee's side, and it was obvious he spotted the show right away.

But he finished up, and tried hard to show no reaction, then he stepped around to the side and said something to the young attendant. He walked around and popped the hood, then stepped to Lee's side pretending to inspect under the hood, but he was looking at Lee!

Finally they could stall no longer, we finished up, and drove away giggling like kids! I reached over and touched Lee's pussy, she was on fire. We went to a restaurant, and had a nice meal, quite uneventful, then returned to our cabin for our massage appointment. We had booked the couple to come to our cabin, and in short order there was a knock on the door. I answered it, here stood a sweet looking little blonde, slim, short cropped hair, and behind her stood the older man from the gas station!

They introduced themselves as Tom & Kathy, and said they would do our massages this evening. Lee looked up as they walked in carrying their tables, she did a start as she recognized Tom, them smiled a sly smile at me.

They set up a pair of tables side by side, and stepped out as Lee and I undressed and got on the table under the drapes offered. Lee looked at me and asked how far was this going to go. I told her I had no idea, and to just play it by ear.

Our massages started out quite normally, Kathy was working on my feet, and lower legs, I had a clear view of Tom as he worked on Lee's back and shoulders. Being a massage therapist myself, I watched his hands, there was no doubt he knew what he was doing. Kathy was working her way up my buttocks, and she slid her hand between my thighs to work the inner muscles, I felt her hand brush gently against my balls, then again. I adjusted my legs open a bit to allow her access, my penis was stretched out semi-erect against my thigh. Kathy did some long strokes up my legs, and let her fingers slide over my penis on the way down, then she repeated the motion.

I glanced at Tom, he had seen her do that, I caught a slight smile. Tom finished up with Lee's back, then reached down and flipped the drape up, baring Lee's bottom. She showed no real reaction, so he went to work on her legs. I could see his hands as they worked up her thighs, I was sure he was brushing her pussy, then I was really sure when Lee let out a soft moan and opened her legs a bit.

By now Kathy was working my back, and I was getting quite comfortable.

I heard Tom ask Lee to turn over, he held up the drape to block his view as she did. The he asked her if she was "Bashful about her breasts". Lee told him no, so he slipped the drape to her waist, and began to work on her chest.

Kathy had me turn over, and she rubbed out my chest, too. She had slipped the drape a bit low, the end of my cock was sticking out of the drape a bit, she made no attempt to cover me. As she did the sweeps low on my stomach, she slipped her hand under my penis, letting the back of her hand rub against me.

By now Tom was working his way up Lee's legs, getting closer and closer. I heard him ask her if she was comfortable with this, she said "Sure", Kathy was starting to carress my balls, this was getting good!

I could see Tom's hands were now directly on Lee's pussy, she was starting to arch her back in response, Kathy wrapped her hand around my penis, and began to stroke, each time she slid out to the end, she would give a little squeeze. I was hard as a rock, I glanced over at Lee, Tom now had his head between her legs and was licking her furiously, her legs were spread wide to allow him access. I heard Lee let out a moan, as she reached her first peak, I erupted a good foot in the air, as Kathy continued to stroke me!

Finally they finished up, Lee and I lay there as they both stepped in to wash up.

I thanked them for the nice time, and booked them for the next day.

Lee and I snuggled up for the evening, I asked her how she liked that. She said, "One thing for sure, we will be coming back again!"

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