tagSci-Fi & FantasyOrc Bait 02: Hellbound

Orc Bait 02: Hellbound


The Graug Kurv Strikes Back. This story contains rough non-consensual sex, futanari, bondage, demon summoning and tentacle sex. No orcs. Special thanks to Etaski for the help and inspiration. Thanks to all those who voted, commented and favorited Orc Bait too. I hope you enjoy Rohmes' revenge. Cheers, -Ax


-1528, day 11, month 05, Issendora Mountains.

Clouds gathered overhead and dimmed the afternoon sun, bathing the plains around me in overcast light. I slowly and quietly moved forward and peered over a large rock. There was a grey stone building around thirty meters in front of me at the foot of the sprawling mountain range.

I scanned the area and couldn't see any defences around the keep. That didn't mean there weren't any.

I cautiously crept up to the building. Plants and weeds had taken over the front entrance. No one had done any gardening here for a long time, but I knew the place was occupied.

I was trying my best to be stealthy, I didn't want my presence to be noted until I was ready, but when you're dealing with mages you never know when you're being watched.

I came to the large door at the entrance of the keep and scanned the area again. If any place was being watched, it was here. I reached out and felt the tingling resistance of a magical barrier around the door. Expected, and I came prepared.

I reached into my pack and pulled out a scroll. I undid the ribbon, unrolled the parchment and wasted no time reciting the ancient words that were scrawled on it. Thankfully the passage wasn't too long. When I finished, the words started glowing a bright red and the paper quickly disintegrated in my hands.

I reached out in front of me and the magical barrier was no longer there. I tried the door, it was still locked. I got my lockpicks out from my pack.

I was no master locksmith that was for sure, but this lock seemed simple enough for me to handle. Pretty soon I had the tumblers slid into place and the door unlocked.

I quietly entered the keep. I was not sure if my intrusion had been noticed yet, there was no sign that it had. The interior seemed more homely than the outside, with sconces burning along the walls, casting out warm light. There was some simple furniture dotted around and a large dusty rug spread out in front of me in the entrance hall.

I started making my way down a passageway to my left when I noticed a glowing light down the end. It was getting brighter. I quickly hid behind a pillar, hugging my body to the wall. There was a figure moving down the hallway toward me and the bright light made the shadows in the hallway dance about. I could hear no footsteps.

The creature floated past me and I could feel the heat radiating off it. It was a fire elemental. There were summoned elementals guarding the keep. Again, it was something I was expecting. It would be best to keep out of their sight. The floating apparitions would attack anyone it didn't recognise, and I didn't want to have to suffer any severe burns right now.

I waited until the elemental turned off and the light dimmed, then I continued making my way down the passageway. I came to an open door and I could faintly hear a mans' voice from within.

Beyond the doorway were stone steps that lead down into the dungeon. I peered down and saw dim light coming from below. The voice continued, but I couldn't make out what he was saying.

I quietly made my way down the stone steps, descending into the pit. The male voice became clearer to me, he seemed to be reciting the ancient tongue, like I had earlier with the scroll. Someone was performing dark magic down there.

I stopped when I came to the bottom and could see a figure clad in a grey robe. He had his back to me and was standing on the edge of a large, bright red circle painted into the stone floor in the centre of the gloomy, empty dungeon. Dozens of eerie red candles burnt all around. A red pentagram was painted inside the circle.

I stood in the shadows by the stairs and watched as the robed man continued to recite his magical words in a loud, clear voice. He held up a vial and then spilled a dark liquid onto the ground. I could see that it was blood, which splashed onto the stone floor at his feet. I had come by in the midst of a diabolical summoning.

Suddenly there was loud rumbling sound, and I swore I could feel the room shaking around me. It had me feeling a little uneasy.

A burst of flames suddenly rose up from the centre of the pentagram. My place in the shadows was bathed in bright light. If the man turned around he could plainly see me, but he was transfixed on the red and yellow flames in front of him.

I was transfixed too. I watched as a dark figure emerged from the flames. It was a humanoid form, straight away I noticed the shapely feminine curves and a long thin tail and small bat-like wings.

The flames died down and dissipated and the figure was left standing there in the candlelight. She had smooth red skin, long black hair that flowed down to her waist, curved horns sprouting from her forehead and scary glowing yellow eyes.

The demon was also completely naked. Her large round breasts poked out in front of her. Thick metallic rings hung from her dark, protruding nipples. Her feminine body was curvaceous and well proportioned. Her face youthful and symmetrical. The hellspawn was really quite attractive, despite her scary glowing eyes and goat-like hoofed feet.

I had never seen one in person before, but recognised it as a succubus.

I stared down at her hairless crotch, with its' smooth red mound curving up between her thighs. A tingle went through my body and I felt the nice warm feelings I get when viewing something attractive. There was something very erotic and exciting about her.

The succubus seemed disoriented as she looked around. She looked at the robed man and hissed, and then looked behind him, directly at me. Her glowing yellow eyes seemed to pierce my soul briefly before she turned her attention back to the summoner. She lowered herself down like she was ready to pounce and hissed threateningly at him.

"Eka waise ebrithil." said the summoner in a commanding tone. His words seemed to carry some real power. The succubus raised her head and hissed wildly. "Sitja mor'amr eom eka."

The succubus then turned around bent over so that her hands were on the floor in front of her. Her red ass was raised up high with her long thin tail lifted and swaying from side to side in the air. I was treated to nice view of her puffy red pussy lips and puckered little anus.

"Yes. I'm your master now, you little demon whore." said the summoner. The succubus turned her head and hissed again, but didn't move from her position, seemingly bound by his command.

He stepped forward, into the circle. "You're quite nice for a wild one, aren't you?" He reached forward and rubbed his hands along her backside and down her thighs. The demon stopped hissing and seemed to smile at him. She wriggled her ass seductively at him and her tail swayed back, rubbing up against his body.

"Yes, you're all the same. You need it badly. Well I'm going to give it to you, you hell-spawned Slut!" His hands moved back and started undoing his robes, opening them at the front. I couldn't see it from my position, but I knew he had his hard cock out.

He stepped forward, getting right up behind her. I crept along so that I could get a better view. I risked him spotting me, but I didn't much care. He seemed to be focused on his submissive demoness anyway.

I crouched there by the wall and could see he had hold of his hard average-sized cock and was rubbing it along her glistening red snatch. The succubus was still looking back at him and smiling. She was fixed to the spot, but trying to move her ass back onto the cock. Her tail was wrapped around his waist, as though trying to pull him forward.

The lewd, exotic sight had my heart racing and my pussy tingling.

Then he pushed his cock forward, it pressed up against the small opening and then speared its' way into the red demon flesh. The succubus let out a throaty moan.

The man wedged it in deep and groaned, "Ooooh yes! Such a nice hot pussy!" He grabbed her ass tightly and pulled back and then thrust his hard cock in deep again.

My pussy tingled wildly and demanded attention as I watched him pump his cock back and forth. Damn it! The overpowering urge came over me and I had to move my hand down to my crotch and rub it hard through my leather pants. I could feel the juices dribbling out of my tingling slit. The demons' moans and the slapping sound of the cock was setting me off.

I wanted to take my pants down and slip my fingers into my wet pussy and start vigorously pumping it. No, I wasn't going to do that.

With some difficulty I managed to pull my hand away from my crotch and stand up. The robed man groaned as he continuously slapped his cock in fast and deep. I silently approached the circle, moving up behind him.

"Ah yesssss, who's yer master Bitch? Who's yer master?"

I stood there watching him fornicate with the demoness for a few moments. My pussy was still throbbing and drooling, I took deep breaths and calmed myself. Then I spoke out, "I thought you weren't allowed to do that any more Duane."

The man literally jumped and his cock popped out from the red succubus pussy as he spun around and saw me. He stumbled and staggered out of the circle and seized a ceremonial dagger that was lying just outside the circle. I had to stop myself from laughing at his clumsy panicked movements.

He stood up and looked at me, his dagger and hard cock both pointed at me. The hood of his robe had slipped back and I saw his familiar face. The wizard was in his fifties and balding with short dark grey hair around his large ears, and a short grey goatee. He looked at me with his pale blue eyes.

"Put that away, you have no chance." I didn't specify whether I was talking about the dagger or his cock.

He blinked at me, "Rohme?"

"Hello Duane."

"Rohme the Ranger, wh... what are you doing here?"


"I never get visitors."

"Really?" I nodded over at the succubus who was still bent over in the middle of the circle. She was looking back at us and hissing and waving her red ass about, her tail was swooshing from side to side. She looked very annoyed at the interruption.

Duanes' face had gone bright red, he quickly drew his robe closed, covering up his cock. "Evil hellspawn, ...she used her powers to seduce me. I should not have been so weak."

I smirked at him, "She's cute, are you going to introduce me?" I stepped forward, getting a closer look at her.

"STOP!" he cried out, making me halt just outside the circle. "You do not have control of the demon. If you step in the circle anything could happen. She's a wild succubus, she could rip you apart. You cannot trust her kind."

I let out a sigh, "Yeah, I have some experience with demons, thanks to you." I turned and started walking away. "I'll let you finish up here. I'll be upstairs."

"Uh, ...yeah ...sure, make yourself at home. I'll be up there soon." As I started walking up the stairs he yelled behind me, "Watch out for the elementals."

It was only around ten minutes later when Duane came back up. I was sitting in his cosy study on a padded chair sipping fine wine from one of his goblets. I had managed to get my raging libido under control after the exciting spectacle.

He stood in front of me smiling, "Rohme the Ranger."

"Duane the Wizard."

"It's good to see you again old friend. It's been too long. You're looking as lovely as ever. How did you get in here? ...You caught me with my pants down there, didn't you?"

"You don't wear pants."

"Touché." He looked over at the open wine bottle on the table. "My Cyrnian Sauvignon! How did you find it?"

"I'm good at finding things."

He shook his head, "When I said make yourself at home I didn't mean steal my best wine." He went over to the table and started pouring himself a goblet.

"I didn't know that." I said innocently. I took another sip, it was a good drop, with rich fruit flavours. I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing it down.

Duane turned back to me, "Where are your companions? The amazing Sierra, sweet Cordelia and your strapping swordsman, ...what was his name again?" He scrunched his face up as he tried to remember, "...Streek?"


"Yes Strafe."

"They're dead."

He seemed genuinely shocked at the news, "Oh, I'm sorry. That's terrible. I'm afraid I'm living in a bubble here. How did they die?"

"Saving the kingdom."

"I believe that, you lot are the bravest, most heroic people I've met." He raised his goblet, "To Sierra, Cordelia and ...Strafe. Our saviours."

I raised my glass too, toasting my fallen comrades and then took another sip.

After a few moments of silence I spoke again, "So... still summoning?"

Duane looked embarrassed as he nodded his head, "My scholastic pursuits. Here let me show you something." He set his goblet down on a table and walked over to a desk and picked up a large book.

He came over and put it down on the table in front of me and opened it up. I leant forward and looked over the pages. There was a large picture of a menacing horned demon and a large block of written words.

"What's this?" I asked.

"My research. I have been observing and cataloguing all manner of demonic creatures from the underworld. There are still many strange demons that are unknown to us. I have made it my lifes work."

"Oh. So that's what you were doing down there with the succubus, research?"

His face went red again, "Uh, yes, well, succubi are known for their seductive powers. ...It warrants further study."

I flipped through the book, it seemed he had been busy, there were many more pictures of demons of all shapes and sizes. Some of them looked quite scary. "So you can summon any of these specific demons again if you wanted to?"

"Oh yes. I discover them by blindly 'fishing' in the outer layers of Hell, as it were. But once their form is known to me, I can call on their kind again.

I turned the page and saw a very interesting illustration. The demon was almost the shape of a squid. It had a large bulky body with one large eye and a mouth full of sharp teeth. It had scores of long tentacles coming out from its body like spaghetti.

I looked closer and saw that the tentacles had round tapered heads at the tip. "Are those cocks?"

"Oh yes. Fascinating creature isn't it? I called it The Drogus. All those tentacles are its' genitals. It enjoys putting them to use too, with whatever victim it can find."

I closed the book and looked up at him, "I was there when the King expressly forbade you to summon ever again. What I witnessed down there, apart from being quite perverted, was an act of high treason punishable by death."

Duane visibly paled, "But surely an old friend saw nothing out of the ordinary down there. ...Did she?"

I just took another sip and drew it out, letting him squirm. He continued, "I'm not taking any risks, it's all quite safe I assure you. I'm not taking on any more than I can handle, there will be no repeat of what happened before."

"When you unleashed powerful demons to wreak havoc on the capital?"

"Accidentally unleashed, it's an important distinction."

"And me and my party had to clean up your mess. Those demons were freakin' tough."

"Yes I know. I was very lucky you lot were there. The King wanted to take my head, but Sierra managed to convince him to let me live here in exile. She really had a way with people, even Kings."

"Kings are people."

He nodded, "Don't tell them that. ...Is Farquad the second still sitting the throne?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"So you won't say a word about my summoning activities will you?"

"No, and I don't need to hold that leverage over you either. Not when you owe me."

He looked at me and stroked his short beard, "Ah, so now we're getting down to it. You want something. And I thought you had just come to visit me."

I smiled at him, "That too. I'm going after a witch."

"Which witch? I have been out of the loop for a while, but perhaps I know her, or of her."

"Her name is Aerowyn, red-headed half-elf. Quite proficient with poison magics."

He shook his head, "...No, not ringing any bells. Do you need help finding her?"

"No, I know where she is."

"Then what do you need me for?"

"I want you to help punish her."

"Really? What did she do?"

"She wronged me, let's just leave it at that."

"What exactly is it you want me to do?"

"Come with me."

He looked a little startled, "What? ...Like a quest? ...Out there?" I nodded. "...I haven't left this keep for over ten years. I'm an exile, if any of the Kings' men find me I'll lose my head."

"The King has other things on his mind, with the war to the north and orc hordes invading his land."

"There's orcs too? ...Look ...Rohme, I would love to help you out. If this witch has wronged you then she deserves to be punished, but..."

"I'm asking for your help Duane." I stood up and looked him in the eyes, "Are you really going to say no to me? Really?"

He was flustered and looked away, "Damn you ...old friend. You break into my keep, interrupt my studies, take my best wine and ask me to risk my neck for your petty revenge. Is there anything else you want while you're at it?"

I smiled, "Can I take a look at your scroll collection?"

Duane was reluctant to leave his keep to say the least, but he came. The debt he felt he owed my party meant he couldn't turn me down. I was counting on that.

I think he was glad to have some non-diabolical company for a change. Though there was no mistaking his unease as we left his keep behind and started trekking through the wilderness.

It was dark when we arrived at the town of Codwallow. Duane was complaining of sore feet and how tired he was. Oh crap, we had another couple of days walking to do before we got to our destination. It wasn't going to be much fun for either of us.

We got a room at the Horse-head Inn, a cosy little place I had stayed a couple of times before. We shared a room with two single beds. Not long after we had both slipped into bed, I heard Duane snoring loudly. Oh great!

I had my soft undershirt and panties on under the blanket. As I lay there unable to sleep because of the loud rumbling snores that filled the room, my mind started filling with dirty thoughts as it often did lately.

I was thinking about the exotic, sexy succubus and her red juicy snatch. About the cock pushing its' way in and pumping it with deep strokes. My hand slipped down into my panties and I sunk a couple of fingers into my warm, wet pussy and started forcefully stroking.

I moaned softly as my other hand groped at my tits and rubbed around my hard nipples. It felt so good, I was giving my body what it had been yearning for.

As I hungrily fondled and fingered myself under the covers, my thoughts of the succubus faded. I started thinking about the big green orc cocks again, as I often did. The way they roughly penetrated my tight ass and filled it up. The way they forcefully rammed deep into me over and over again until they spurted their hot, wet cum inside my body.

Damn it! What had that witch done to me? She had turned me into a dispenser of deadly magical poison. Enough to kill over sixty orcs. As soon as I could, I went to see a healer to determine exactly what toll it had taken on my body, only to be told I was in very good health. There was no trace of poison in my system at all, and no magics affecting me. A second healer told me the same thing.

Yet that incident at Fort Nikes had changed me. Before that night, I had not had sex for some time, and I was doing just fine. Now dirty thoughts filled my mind all the time. My pussy juiced up at the slightest provocation and demanded my attention. My nipples were more sensitive than normal and can make me moan and shudder just rubbing against my leathers.

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