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Pagan Love


She met him online. She read his profile at a site and thought he sounded interesting. She messaged him. He replied. Like her, he loved sex, the more hardcore, the better. Unlike her, he was Pagan. This intrigued her.

They talked online for days. She couldn't wait to sign on and if he was there, she was elated. If not, she waited for him.

They exchanged pics, and yes, there was an attraction. Although she was 36 to his 25, they had lots of things in common and the more they talked, the more she wanted him inside her.

She made her feelings known. How talking to him made her pussy ache for his tongue, his hands, his cock.

He made it known that he so desperately wanted her to sit on his face. He wanted to tongue fuck her pussy in the worst way. He wanted hardcore.

She wanted his cock in her ass, his tongue in her ass, she wanted to be freaky with him, defy all that she was taught. The Catholic schoolgirl was now a woman and wanted to feel flesh, his flesh, deep within her womb. She wanted him to lick her, suck her, fuck her, bite her. She wanted to give her very soul to this man that made her body tremble, her juices flow, her very being alive with his words, his face before hers. His eyes beckoning her to let go of all her inhibitions. Letting him drain her old life away and give her a new life. Her soul, her life, her blood was his for the taking, and take it he would, mixing it with his own. Together they would unite and unfurl such a storm of love upon each other.

She met him in person. Back at his place, he pushed her up against the wall, ripping away her clothing, finding an exposed nipple, he takes it with force, sucking hard, nibbling, then sucking again. Hearing her moans, he continues. He licks her body as he eases his way down, biting then kissing and biting again. He's on his knees looking at her wet pussy. He grabs her as he crashes to the floor holding her against him. Making her sit on his face, he buries his tongue in her wanting flesh. She fucks his tongue. Moving her body back and forth feeling his tongue against her clit. He inserts two fingers deep inside her. She fucks them forcefully. He loves that she is like this.

She notices his cock is rock hard and dripping precum. She bends down to his hardness, taking him in her mouth and she sucks him off. She licks his shaft from the tip to the bottom, gently rubbing his balls, then she sucks them too, licking them, caressing them with her tongue. She goes back to sucking his cock. His tongue is deep within her ass. Oh how she loves that. She's never had it and the feeling is awesome. She wonders if he would like that too and without any more thought, her tongue finds his hole and she begins licking. Noticing that this was making his cock drip more, she continues by inserting a finger deep inside him as she takes his cock in her mouth. He moans loudly and forces her to take all of him. She keeps sucking him, deep, and within seconds his cum spills into her mouth.

He asks her to get up and then he leaves the room. He comes back and asks her to close her eyes. She does so. He blindfolds her and leads her to his room. There he securely fastens her hands to his headboard. She's on all fours, blindfolded, ass in the air and he gags her.

He stares at her beautiful, helpless body. He then grabs the paddle and gives one good blow across her gorgeous ass. Not a flinch from her. He strikes her again and again. The heat rises and the fire burns deep inside her as he continues spanking her. He notices that she is wet and it's dripping down her legs. He enjoys spanking her and the reaction she is giving him. His cock is so hard. He moves closer to her and rubs his cock against her red ass. The sensation she feels overwhelms her.

He rubs her ass, spanks it again, then rubs it. This continues and then surprisingly to him, she squirts. He removes the gag and kisses her deeply. She came from him spanking her, that has never happened to him and he loved it. He removes the blindfold and looks deeply into her eyes.

He can tell that she trusts him and that she's enjoying this. She is sexually aroused and he intended to make her feel good over and over again.

He untied her and laid her on her back. He gently kisses her and caresses her breasts. His manhood pressed against her naked body causing her to moan. He sucks on her nipples, licks them, rubs them. The pace picks up and he sucks harder on her nipple. She begs him to continue. She likes the roughness. He knows that she does.

He asks her to stand up and she does. His hands caress her whole body from top to bottom. He takes in the smell of her hair, he works his way down and kisses her red bottom. Her body shivers with anticipation of his next move, wondering what that might be.

He tells her to sit on the bed. She does so and then he leaves the room. She looks around the room and sees his altar. This is where he worships his Goddess and God. He is Pagan, Wiccan. He told her their first chat. It intrigued her. He aroused her. She continued looking around his room. He came back.

He told her he had a surprise for her. He held out a knife. Not just any knife, the knife he used for his rituals, the knife he used to draw blood, his blood, for various spells. He held out his hand and cut across the scar that was already there. He placed it before her lips and she licked it. Tasting his blood made her loins ache again. He asked her to hold out her hand and she did so without hesitation. He made a cut and sucked her there. The burst of energy swarmed through him.

She hungered for him to be inside her as they both licked each others cuts. He lay her down on the bed and entered her moist pussy. He fucked her like a wild animal. She met his thrusts with her own and together they came.

They lay next to each other exhausted, waiting to gain the strength back to do it all over again...

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