Pay Per View


"I have an idea," I tell Claire while we're out walking the dog.

"About what?"

"Let's make a video," I tell her and yank firmly on the leash to get the dog to settle down from the cat he's just spotted.

"Sure, but that isn't exactly a new idea," she teases.

"We could make it new somehow."

"How would we do that?" she asks, and we pause our walk while waiting for the dog to stop sniffing around and move on.

"I don't know," I say. "Just think about it I guess."

Time goes by and I bring up making a video a few more times. However, neither of us has thought of anything new. We've made all sorts of videos together and doing another one would be fun, but we both want to do something a little different. Then one Saturday Claire has a suggestion.

"Thought any more about what kind of video you want to do?" Claire asks me as we lounge around doing nothing.

"Haven't been able to come up with anything," I reply.

"Well, I had a thought," she says and trails off.


"Just hear me out," she says, and after I nod, she continues. "What if we did a cam show?"

"You mean like but a video online?"

"I'd thought about that, but I don't want to do something so permanent."

"Makes sense."

"Then the other day I was watching some porn and getting off while you were still at work," she says. "There was a popup for a cam site and it got me thinking. We could make an account and just test it out. Someone could actually pay to watch us do it."

"I'm not so sure," I say. We'd done some crazy things over the past several months, but this was something completely different. Putting things on the internet is always a scar proposition even if they aren't videos or pictures.

"Wouldn't it be so hot to have someone watch us?" she says. "Think about it. People have caught us in the past and you know how horny that makes me. Think how sexy it could be to do it on purpose."

"You sure?"

"We can just try it out for a little bit. If no one is interested, then we don't do it," she says.

"But what if someone recognizes us?"

"No one is going to recognize us."

"What if they do?"

"What are they going to do?" Claire says. "Walk up to us and say they were jerking off to some cam site and saw us on it. Most people don't want to admit their watching anymore than we want to be recognized."

"I'm still not sure," I say, but I can tell she really wants to try it because she is pushing hard for it.

"We can wear masks and cover up our faces. Lots of amateur videos online do that," she says.

"I suppose we can try it but only for a week. If no one wants anything after a week, we give up," I say.

"Okay," she says.

She gets off the couch and goes into the computer room where my desktop is. She beckons for me to follow. I get up and follow her, and she sits down at the computer. She opens up a browser window and types in a name of some website. Apparently, she already knows where she's going. While she makes an account, I fish around in my electronics box for the webcam I bought when we had a long distance relationship. Eventually I find it and return to the computer to plug it in.

"We need a name," she says.

"Like an account name?"

"Yeah, something that people will click on and know it's us."

We brainstorm names for a little bit and settle on a completely ridiculous nerdy name Galadriel&Glamdring. One time I made a joke about naming my dick Glamdring after Gandalf's sword and Claire has never forgotten it. We test out the webcam to make sure it is working properly. We're not going to start now. We just want to set it all up. We figure out the whole site works by using tokens. Users purchase tokens with real money and then use those tokens to tip performers, interact with them, or pay for shows. A private show costs a certain amount of tokens per minute, but beyond that all costs are set up by us. Once a week performers get paid by the site based on how many tokens they've earned. There are some formulas for it, but we'd make anywhere from 50% to 80% of the cost of each token we collect. We spend a little bit of time browsing the site and figuring out how it works more. Finally we finish setting up the account.

The next day I sleep in because I'm lazy, and Claire goes shopping. I'm awake before she gets back, so I help her unload the groceries when she does arrive. She'd shopped around for a while, but eventually she found some masks. They're kind of like the old masks I had as a kid for superhero Halloween costumes. They really only cover the top half of our faces, but it is better than nothing. If we're going to be fucking on camera, we probably need our mouths anyway. Either Claire's enthusiasm is wearing off on me, or the more I think about it the more I like the idea. She wants to try it out tonight, and I agree to it.

That night I clean off the futon in the computer room while, Claire straightens her hair and does her makeup. She puts on some red lingerie to match the red thong I'm wearing. We fire up the webcam and log into the site. We noticed yesterday that some models just sit around and wait. Others masturbate and play with themselves in an effort to get someone to go private with them. We decide that this first night we'll just stay clothed and see what happens. It takes a surprisingly little amount of time before someone shows up in the chat box next to our stream. However, the person just harasses us with excessively dirty language, so we kick them out. A few more people come and go over the next two hours. Some of them we have a nice friendly chat with, but nothing more.

After the full two hours, we cancel the stream, but stay logged in. We look around at other people's profiles for a bit to get a better handle on what we're doing. Many of the solo girls have vibrators connected to the site somehow, and people can control them by tipping predetermined amounts. Most performers have a menu listed on their profile pages that says what tips will equal what things. Apparently these are things they will do in the public chat for tips and any specialty requests must be made in a private chat. We decide we need to come up with our own tip menu for the next time.

We're too busy on Monday to give it a try, but by Tuesday night we've come up with a menu. For more tokens, we'll do progressively more dirty things. The menu includes: kissing, body kisses, fondling, exposing Claire's tits, exposing my dick, exposing Claire's pussy, fingering/stroking, and licking/sucking. Each one has a time frame associated with it like Claire will suck my cock for 30 seconds or I'll lick her pussy for 30 seconds. The idea is that if they want longer they have to tip more and more.

Adding the menu does increase our traffic on Tuesday night. Several people want us to take our masks off, but we refuse. People do actually tip us and the most popular ones are of course Claire exposing her tits or pussy and her sucking my cock. We end up getting what we feel like is a lot of tokens, but in reality probably isn't. No one pays for private show although a few people inquire about it. They leave disappointed when we refuse to do their specific kink. When we're done for the night, we add onto our profile the things we will or won't do. It is probably a pretty vanilla list as far as sex sites go, but it is what we are comfortable with. There's nothing that would fall into the extreme category.

We cam again on Thursday and Saturday nights. We collect more tokens and it becomes less awkward each time, but no one pays for private. Claire and I decide that even if we enjoy it a little bit that the plan to do it for a week still stands. We're not making anything more than a few dollars, and it isn't worth it. We agree to give it one more try on Sunday night. So, on Sunday night we're once again on the futon. Claire's in sexy green bra and panties set. I have on my black thong. We get a few more tips in the first hour, so we kiss, fondle, lick, and suck. In the second hour, a familiar name pops back up. This person has been showing up since Tuesday. We're a little nervous when they pay for a private session. I ask Claire if she still wants to, and she says yes.

The person sends us a private message saying they want to watch us have sex. They want to tell us what to do, and we'll do it. We tell them all the things we won't do, and I assume they'll say no like the others had. However, they agree, and after a bit of fumbling we figure out how to go to a private chat. I think we're both a little startled when the private chat window opens, and they have their webcam on. I'd assumed all the people on the site were creepy old dudes, but the person who is paying is a young woman around our age. I don't know about Claire, but this makes me feel better for some reason. It isn't that women can be perverts too. There's just something different about it. The first thing she asks is if we'd be willing to take the masks off. Claire is about to tell her no, when I say yes. Claire is shocked, but I explain that it is a private show. We don't know her, so she isn't going to recognize us. We take off the masks and the woman compliments us on our good looks. She asks if we have any toys. Claire reaches under the futon and pulls out our bag of sex stuff and dumps it on the futon.

"I want you to insert that butt plug in his ass," she requests.

I'm a little nervous because of the camera, not the butt plug. Claire has used it on me before. As Claire grabs one of our butt plugs and lubes it up, I think about the sexiest way to do it for our viewer. I decide to stand up and bend over, so she has a clear view of Claire playing with my asshole. When Claire has the butt plug ready, I pull my thong to the side and spread my ass. The lube is cold on my asshole as Claire gently uses the butt plug to apply lube to my tight hole. She starts off slowly by inserting just the tip of the plug in before taking it out again. Each time she does it, she goes a bit deeper. Once she's pushing it in about halfway, I can feel my ass tighten and push against it a she removes it. As it goes further and further into me, I groan louder and it makes my cock twitch. Finally, she pushes it all the way in. The initial weirdness of having my ass filled passes and is replaced with the sensory pleasure of it. I turn back around and see that the woman has taken off her bra and is fondling her small tits. I guess we are going to get a show too.

"Now do it to her," she commands.

We repeat the process, but this time I'm playing with Claire's asshole. I slap her ass a few times as I use the plug to gently fuck her asshole. She moans with pleasure, but I don't take as much time as she did to insert it. Our client is paying by the minute after all. Once Claire's ass is filled too, she lets her panties fall back in place. The butt plug can be seen through the lace of her panties, and my hard cock twitches at the sight.

"Eat her pussy out," the woman tells me as she pinches her nipples and moans softly to herself. "Sit on the edge and have him kneel in front of you. No sit up. I want to see your big tits."

Claire sits up on the edge of the futon, and I kneel in front of her. She grabs my head and pushes it into her wet pussy as the woman instructs her. She grinds her pussy against my tongue as I roll it across her clit. I lap up her juices and feel them covering my face. I put my tongue against her clit flatly and push into it. She moans with pleasure again and grinds harder. The woman tells her to play with her tits and Claire's hands leave my head. I know without looking that she is pinching and pulling her nipples. I lower my tongue from her clit and instead ram it as far into her pussy as I can. I bob my head a little bit and tongue fuck her.

"Oh fuck," she moans.

I know she is close to coming, so I return to her clit and swirl my tongue around it faster and faster. Her thighs squeeze my head as she starts to shiver and shake. She moans "fuck" louder and louder until it is unintelligible as she comes. I keep tasting her glorious pussy until she can't take it anymore and she has to push me away.

"That was so fucking hot," the woman on the screen says. "Kiss him and taste yourself."

Claire grabs my head again and pulls me up to her lips. She kiss me hungrily and I know she can taste herself on me just like the woman wanted.

"I want you to face me while you fuck her from behind," the woman says.

Claire gets on her hands and knees facing the computer. I climb on the futon behind her before kneeling down. She reaches between her legs and guides my thick cock into her waiting pussy. She moans with the satisfaction of being filled. I look up and see that the woman on the screen has pulled her panties off and is sitting in her computer chair in such a way as to reveal herself to us. Her fingers are working her clit even as I fill Claire. Taking her from behind, I can feel the plug in my ass putting pressure on me. When I do cum, it will be a big one. As I slowly thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, I can also feel the plug in Claire's ass. This is the closest she'll probably ever get to being double penetrated.

"Talk dirty to each other as you fuck," the woman demands before succumbing to a moan of her own.

"Fuck me," Claire says trying to get it started. "Fuck me while she watches."

"I love fucking you with your ass filled," I say as I slide my cock in and out of her dripping pussy.

"I love how it feels," she moans.

"Think about how it would feel if that was a thick cock fucking your ass while I fuck you," I tell her and thrust so hard she slips forward onto her face.

"Fuck her as roughly as you ever have," the woman on the computer says. "Be dirtier than you have ever been."

I pull Claire's head up by her hair so that she can see the computer screen. The woman has switched her fingers for a vibrator and she is rubbing it all over her pussy.

"I want you to look at her while I fuck you," I tell Claire.

"Fuck me while she watches," Claire says.

I let go of her hair and she slumps back down a little bit too much.

"I said watch."

I reach as far down as I can while pounding her and grab her arms. She gets the idea and puts both hands behind her back. I grab her wrists.

"You like me fucking your pussy from behind?" I ask. "You like me holding your wrists and fucking you like my own little toy?"

"Yes," Claire practically screams. "Fucking use me."

I grab one of her wrists in each hand and pull back on them until she has to arch her back up and lift her head. Now the only thing supporting her is her knees and me holding her up by her wrists. On the computer screen the woman is shaking and bucking as she comes with her vibrator pressed firmly against her clit. I speed up my thrusting into Claire's tight pussy until I'm pounding her faster than I ever have. I can hear our skin slapping together and her wet pussy juices squelching around my thick cock. I look down at her perfect ass and how sexy she looks with the butt plug in. I feel the familiar eruption starting inside of me.

"I'm going to cum in your tight pussy," I tell Claire.

"Cum in me," she says. "I want all your hot cum in my pussy."

With a few more quick and hard thrusts, I feel my balls churn and my ass tighten around the plug in me. My cum erupts out of me and I lose count of how many times I shoot my load deep into Claire. I slow down but keep thrusting until I'm sure every last drop has been deposited in her.

"Show me what you did to her," the woman tells us.

I pull out of Claire and she turns around so her ass is to the computer. I scoot up so I'm next to her and I spread her pussy lips for her. It takes a moment, but then my cum starts to drip out of her. It coats her pussy lips as it continues to flow out and then drips onto the futon. I slap Claire's ass a few times and then the window with the woman in it goes blank because she's left. In a moment, another private message pops up and it is from her. She thanks us for the good show and tips us more tokens. Claire slumps over before rolling onto her back.

"That was intense," she says.

"Was it too much?" I ask as I lay down beside her. "Was I too rough?"

"Oh, no. I loved it. I know it is harder for you to be extra dirty and rough, so I really liked it."

"Good," I say. She's right. I generally struggle with being as rough as she would like it sometimes. I'm just too nice of a guy, or at least, that is what I tell myself. "What about the whole cam thing?"

"I liked it," she says and rolls over to look at me. "It was really hot to be told what to do and to be watched that way."

"I think it made it easier on me that she was a woman."

"That makes sense."

We log out of the site before cleaning ourselves up. We talk about the experience more and decide to revisit it again later. Although we both liked it, the risks make me too uncomfortable and Claire agrees.

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