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My name is Tilly – Matilda really – but no one knows me as Matilda! I am a petrol head! I had better explain and tell you about myself. I am 26 years old and have what is sometimes called dirty blond hair! My hair isn’t very long but it isn’t short either. My breasts are very substantial and are beautifully shaped with long nipples which seem to erect themselves whenever I am aroused. I have a lovely slender waist and my hips are in proportion to the rest of my body. My legs and long and slender and at the same time are very shapely. I am very hairy. The bush between my legs is like a matted jungle and although it extends down my legs a little bit, I always keep that part shaved.

Of course I also shave my legs and keep them very smooth. At one stage I trimmed my pussy hair but it was too dense and looked much worse when it was shorter so I have let it grow wild since that trial and now I love it as it is. My husband Roger also loves my wild bush. My arms are very hairy but this is fine hair and although it is thick it isn’t as noticeable as a lot of women I have seen. They seem to have very coarse hair and that doesn’t look so nice. I also have hair around my navel and this is also fairly thick and although there isn’t so much of it, it looks quite sexy according to my husband. This hair is much finer than on my bush and it also extends downwards to meet my bush. I said I am hairy and there are little fine hairs all over my body but they are hard to see unless you are looking closely.

Roger and I have been married for almost 5 years now. We met at a motor racing meet and just happened to be sitting near one another during the race. We got to talking and found we had a few things in common and we sort of latched on to one another. Well, there was a lot more to it than that but that will do.

Just before the start of the main race the drivers paraded around in front of their cars and there were lots of scantily clad girls holding banners and flags milling around them – all in the sponsors colors. I just happened to say to Roger while this was going on that I wished I was one of those girls because I was sure at least some of them would be lucky enough to get to themselves fucked by the drivers! Roger was a bit shocked at my remark but then he asked me if I had ever been fucked by one of the drivers. When I told him I loved to be fucked by the drivers he was quite shocked and asked me to tell him about what I had done. The race area was no place to talk about my sex exploits so I told him I would tell him after the race.

Once the race had started Roger kept looking over at me and I am sure he was wondering what I had been up to with the drivers. Eventually one of my heroes won the race and I cheered him as he took his place on the podium. Roger waited until we were ready to leave the track before he asked me if I would like to have a meal with him before he drove me home. I, of course, accepted his offer and after a considerable walk to the carpark we were ready to move off to the restaurant for a meal. I was rather interested to see Roger had a sort of a scaled down hot rod and, although it kept much of it’s shape it had been modified for use on the streets. He was a petrol head too!

Roger drove us to a diner not terribly far from where I live and we enjoyed a meal together. He, of course, asked me about my exploits with the drivers – after all that was the reason we were together for the meal. I started to tell him my story – how I had become a petrol head a long time ago and I had managed to get into one of the racing car garages at the track. I had told the mechanics that I wanted to fuck the driver of the racecar and they just laughed and told me I would have to get into a queue of other willing trackies (girls who wanted to get fucked by their hero drivers).

Anyway I told them I would do anything to fuck my hero and they laughingly told me they could arrange it but it would cost me! Well, the cost to me was that I had to fuck each of the mechanics and this proved to be a bit of a task as there were 12 mechanics attached to my hero driver! Anyway, I fucked the entire workshop and when I was at last finished the men agreed to arrange for me to get fucked by the driver. They told me to come back the next day and they would organize it all for me. Well, I turned up the next day as requested and, because it was the day before the big race, the pits were very busy. Anyway they were true to their word and took me into the back area behind the workshop where the drivers rested.

There, lying on the bed naked was my hero. I quickly stripped off all of my clothes (I wasn’t wearing much anyhow) and climbed onto the bed with him. He played with my body a little bit and then he climbed between my legs, inserted his considerable cock into me and fucked me to death (well, nearly). When we were finished I thanked him profusely and told him he was the best! I believed it! After all I hadn’t fucked many other racing drivers – well perhaps half a dozen – and he was the best anyway. That was the first of many drivers whom I had managed to get to fuck me. It should be said I had to fuck many times that number of mechanics because they always required payment for arranging for me to fuck their driver!

Roger was completely surprised at my candid stories about my racing drivers (and mechanics) and asked me to tell him all about my exploits. I gradually told him about a number of occasions when I had fucked the drivers (and the mechanics) and he was really hanging on every word. He was a trackie too but, of course, he only followed his heroes and couldn’t fuck any of them although I thought that if he offered at any time he might have been surprised at what they might have done for him!

The next question Roger asked me was easily answered – “How many of the drivers have you fucked this weekend?” I quickly told him none but that was because I had my period and now wasn’t a good time to fuck me! I think I detected a note of disappointment in his voice.

Anyway Roger and I arranged to meet in a week for a meal and I promised to tell him much more about my exploits with the drivers (and mechanics)!

The week passed very quickly and soon it was time to meet again. We went out to dinner and had a lovely meal and, of course, Roger wanted to know more about my exploits with the drivers (and mechanics) and so we returned to my flat to talk after the meal. We had a long talk about some of the drivers who had fucked me and the problems I encountered trying to get through to the driver! The mechanics protected their drivers and it was necessary to get on side with them before I could hope to fuck the driver!

Roger wanted to know if any of the drivers refused to fuck me. I simply told him that I had a rough time at the start of my career but things had become a lot better in the last year or so. It appears my fame has spread and I am known by the teams and they don’t seem to hesitate to arrange for me to fuck their driver. Of course, I have to fuck lots of them too to get to their driver.

Roger explained that being a petrol head himself made him all the more excited that I was getting myself fucked by the drivers (and mechanics) and he asked me if he could come along and watch me getting fucked. I simply told him it was O.K. with me but he would have to get permission from the teams and they mightn’t like him there with me. He told me he would like to try and we agreed to try for the next race meeting which was next week. Roger was listening intently to me while I explained what I had done to get on side with the teams and then, almost as a matter of course, we began kissing then moved to my bedroom and soon we were in bed fucking like true lovers!

We arranged to meet once more before the next race so that we could plan our attack on the drivers (and mechanics) and to have a plan B in case the first plan backfired. When we met for the next meeting we immediately climbed into my bed and fucked like rabbits. I had been waiting for him to come to my flat and when he got there I just about jumped him – I was getting very horny. After we had cooled down we began to make plans for the next meeting in two days time. Our plan, eventually, was for Roger to tell the drivers (or mechanics if the drivers were not available to talk) that he and I were married and that our most fervent wish was for me to get fucked by our favorite driver. He would watch to see no harm came to me. There were so many racing drivers that I rarely got to fuck the same driver twice but they all talked about me and I knew my reputation was well known by most of the team members!

Surprisingly our plan worked and we both thought it was because they believed we were married and they thought it would be fun to fuck his wife! They are a nasty lot in many ways but I loved them all. Of course we had to go through the drill I knew so well and I had to fuck all of the mechanics before I got to the driver. Roger stayed and watched me getting fucked by the mechanics and I could see he had a beaut hard-on from watching me getting laid. When it was agreed that I could now go to the driver (my hero) Roger was allowed to watch and I can tell you he enjoyed watching me closely as the driver fucked me twice over about ½ an hour. Roger had his hand on his cock the whole time I was being fucked and he really enjoyed it – of course I enjoyed it too - (being fucked by the driver as well as watching Roger playing with himself). When we had finished our session we went back to my place and fucked our brains out! He didn’t mind sloppy seconds or was that sloppy twelfths!!

Crazily enough we both thought it was easier for me to get fucked by the drivers when they believed Roger and I were married. I guess there is this thing about fucking another man’s wife! Anyway we used the same idea several times over the next couple of months. About this time, after we had been fucking ourselves silly, Roger actually asked me to marry him. I wasn’t put off by the idea at all and was surprised to find Roger was fairly wealthy having been left some money when his mother and father had died a couple of years back. Anyway, silly as it may sound, we decided to get married and so we did all the arranging and got ourselves hitched, as the saying goes. Although it was a small ceremony I had invited as many of the racing drivers as I could to the party after the wedding. Surprisingly we had 11 drivers and some of their teams accept our invitation and so we had this intimate party on a much larger scale than we thought. We held the party in the motel dining room but we later adjourned to the room we had booked for the night. Fortunately it was a very large room and some stayed in the dining room and the rest moved to our room.

Roger and I were thrilled to have so many of our idols at the party and Roger was very excited when I asked if he would mind if I fucked the drivers! He quickly agreed and so he helped me strip off my party dress which had doubled as a wedding dress and when I was naked I laid on the bed and the first of the drivers moved onto the bed and proceeded to fuck me! Roger was taking Polaroid photos of the action. At first the drivers weren’t too happy about having their photos taken fucking me, but Roger soon explained they were single copies and there were no negatives! Roger really loved watching the men rubbing their hands through the hair on my body. My bush always gets coated with semen and it dries there until I can have a shower and wash it off. Roger likes to lie alongside me while I am getting fucked and stroke my forearms as well as my breasts. The drivers and men took some time to get used to me having Roger with me on the bed while they fucked me but eventually they all accepted it as part of the overall plan.

Well, each of the 11 drivers fucked me! I was a very sloppy mess by the time the last driver had finished but I was sure they liked a sloppy wicket and they certainly got that! Roger had placed a couple of towels under me to preserve the bedding so no damage was done. When the drivers left the room, I had a shower and cleaned up as best I could. Their cum was leaking out of me after I had finished the shower but most of it was out!

Next we had an invasion of the mechanics who told us we had to take care of them as well. All together there were 14 mechanics and I managed to fuck every one of them. They are a different bunch from the drivers and some of them were not content to just fuck me but I had to give some of them blow-jobs as well. I was a very well fucked lassie by the time the party was completely over and they had all left! Roger was beside himself and couldn’t wait to get to fuck me too. I insisted on a shower first and he joined me and we had our first married shower together! After we had dried each other, we had our first married fuck together! It was certainly some night to remember!

One of the main advantages of having the party was that I became much better known to the drivers and the teams! This had the added benefit that we only had to ring up the team on or before race day to get an entrée into the pit area and I was able to fuck their drivers as well as the mechanics.

Roger and I made a pact! We decided, because we both became so excited when I was fucked by a driver that we would try to arrange for a souvenir of the occasion. It wasn’t much use pinching their underpants as a trophy or something silly like that. Finally we decided we would like to keep a sample of their semen which we would have mounted in a display rack in our flat! What a good idea! The only way we would be able to accomplish that was for the driver to be able to fuck me on a time which was separate from the rest of the team! This wasn’t so difficult to arrange so each time Roger made an appointment for me we arranged for me to fuck the team on one day and the driver the next! The teams didn’t object and also not all of the drivers wanted to stick their cocks into a very, very sloppy cunt! Problem solved.

Roger felt it was almost his duty to provide his wife for the drivers and the teams to fuck and he became so excited whenever there was a race meeting in our city or nearby – we would be sure to make a booking for a good round of fucking! Not all of the times I was fucked by the team members saw me on a bed – sometimes they simply made me lean against a workbench and, because I didn’t wear panties when I visited the workshops, they just lifted my short skirt and plunged into me. Because I was standing up when they fucked me their semen tended to run out of me more quickly and made me much more sloppy but they seemed to enjoy this. I always insisted on the drivers fucking me on a bed because I wanted to make sure as much of their semen stayed in me as possible. I should say we have never told the drivers we have specimens of their semen – we are not sure how they would react!

What we did from then on was for me to return to our flat as soon as I had been fucked by the team and I could then clean up! The next day I would go to the pit area and get myself completely fucked by the driver. They all had wonderful facilities which led to making it easy to have our sex orgies. As soon as I had been fucked and the driver was finished with me, I would dress and hurry out to the car where Roger was waiting. He had purchased a number of small sealable specimen bottles and these were always on hand ready to be filled as soon as I returned to the car. Once I was safely in the car, I would squat on the back seat with my legs wide apart and Roger would hold the specimen bottle under my cunt and we would just wait until the semen dripped out into the bottle.

Sometimes this took quite a while because, contrary to what is generally thought, each deposit of semen isn’t really as large as everyone expects. Sometimes I have to hold this awkward pose with my legs apart for up to 15 minutes before we had our specimen. The bottle was then sealed securely and labeled with a pre-prepared sticker and we were ready to return home. Of course all of the time after I had left the driver I had no panties on and I had learned to hold my cunt lips together to prevent the semen dripping out until we could get to collect it in the bottle.

Roger had bought a very large display rack which we proudly hung on our wall of the living room. There were spaces for about 100 specimen bottles but we realized it would take us a long time to fill all of them!

I loved doing what we had now turned into a collecting hobby and I was very lucky that Roger felt so proud that his wife was being fucked by the racing fraternity! He never objected to me going with the drivers (or the teams) and always encouraged me to plan well ahead so that we didn’t miss any of the race opportunities.

All we had to do was to ring any of the racing teams and mention Tilly was calling and we would have a very welcome discussion with the teams. Roger became just as well known as myself and he was accepted by the teams too. It never ceased to amaze me that there were so many racing drivers on the circuits. Some of the drivers were unable to continue driving after a couple of races and others stayed on for years. We loved all of them.

Well, after almost two years we have at last filled the last space on our display board! I had been fucked by 100 separate drivers and many, many more team members! Roger asked me if I would like to stop fucking the drivers now that we had reached our target but I instantly said, “No Roger, I love fucking them and don’t want to stop!”

We had been remarkably lucky as I had not contracted any disease from all of the men and, of course, I had not become pregnant due to taking the pill. Roger agreed with me and so he bought a matching display board and that hangs proudly alongside the other. Our friends who visit us always stare in wonderment at our display boards. They all know what is in the specimen bottles and I always get a lot of envious praise from the women friends. We now have the first half of the second board filled and we are working on the rest! Roger and I are extremely happy and love each other deeply. We love being petrol heads!

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