Puppet Master & the Lesbians


Guiding the dildo with one hand, while supporting her weight with the other, Leah leaned forward until the tip of the toy made contact with the wetness between the lips Cindy was separating. She rubbed it back and forth and up and down to spread the blonde's natural lubricant, centered it and thrust forward. The head wedged inside her partner, who sighed happily at being so delightfully stretched open. Leah sighed too, when the pleasure bumps on her side made contact with her many sweet spots, and she gave another firm push.

The dildo was thick and Cindy's pussy was tight, but it was also dripping wet, and the silicone toy burrowed its way into her, sending waves of pleasure washing through her body with every thrust of her partner. Leah was having a great time too, with her own clit and pussy lips being massaged by the toy. It took several strokes and, by the time the dildo was buried inside Cindy, both women were equally wet, and they lay still, relishing the feeling of what the toy was doing. Keith leaned in and breathed deeply of the combined aroma of the two women's pussies, the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world for men, and knew he had go get involved, rather than as simply a spectator.

First, he had no problem completely taking over the minds of both women, controlling all their voluntary muscles and their wills as well. With that done, he opened a foil packet, took out a condom and rolled it onto his cock, which had been stiff for most of the time the women had been in his bedroom. With that part of his preparations complete, he directed Leah to reach back and spread her ass cheeks so he could prepare her too. She had been fucked there before, but not very often, so a goodly amount of lubricant would be needed.

As the two women lay passively on the bed in the missionary position, Keith inserted the tip of the lubricant bottle in Leah's ass and squirted in a big dollop. Preferring to use too much rather than not enough, he squeezed the bottle again, before removing it. She continued holding her cheeks apart, and he inserted his finger and carefully spread the Aqualube all over the inside of the snug hole that would momentarily be crammed with his cock. He continued doing what was probably a better than needed job, because he wanted to make sure there was no pain and that no injury would occur. Leah's ass would probably be slightly sore after she and Cindy left, but Keith would implant an explanation in her mind and into Cindy's to cover it. When he was satisfied that she was completely prepared, Keith also coated his own cock with the lubricant.

When everything was in readiness, he knelt on the bed between Leah's legs and held his cock with one hand to guide it to its target. With the thumb and fingers of his other hand, Keith pried open her tight rear hole, followed by pressing the tip of his cock against the small orifice. He rubbed his cock all over it before pushing firmly forward until the head popped through the ring of muscles surrounding the hole. After pausing for a few seconds, he gave another push and an inch of his cock squeezed into the tight channel where he wanted it.

Moving slowly and keeping the women passive and in place, Keith used a series of short strokes to drive his cock all the way into Leah's tight ass. When he could feel his pubic hair brushing against the insides of her cheeks, he stopped and remained in that position for almost a minute, before moving his feet so they were beside Cindy's legs. Of the three people on the bed, his legs were on the outside, those of the sexy blonde were next and Leah's were pressed together in the middle. Very slowly, he drew his cock back until only the head was still in its warm, tight nest, paused for a few seconds, and plowed it back in until he was tickling her cheeks again. Keith repeated the stroke a few times, until the Aqualube was fully liquefied and there was no friction, just a tightness that sent tremendous pleasure as he slowly drove his cock all the way in and out of Leah's ass.

Keith decided to implant in her mind a great love of being fucked there, as well as the notion that it was her long time lover doing her that day with a dildo. He made Cindy oblivious to anything that was happening to her partner, except for the actions of the toy they were sharing. With both women's minds controlled to his liking by his own thoughts and will, Keith released his control over their voluntary muscles.

The lesbian lovers resumed fucking. The woman on top drew the dildo back, and Keith did the same with his cock, and they paused with just the tips still engulfed. They both drove forward at the same time and, when Leah would have stopped, Keith kept his thrust going, plowing his cock into her ass, which drove the dildo even more deeply into Cindy. The bottom woman sighed of her intense pleasure as the spur raked her clit. The woman on top expressed the same feelings as all her exterior sweet spots were further excited by the pattern of pleasure bumps, and Keith moaned happily as all the muscles in Leah's tight ass squeezed his cock. All three happy people lay in a compressed pile for a few seconds, exquisite pleasure flooding all of their bodies, before Leah started drawing back again, and Keith followed suit.

The next stroke of the silicone cock and of the real one was much like the first, as was the next one and the one after that. Keith kept his mental control over the women, but let them move freely and take as much pleasure as they could, which was a very large amount. He had long ago discovered that he had much more fun during sex with his subjects if they also enjoyed it as much as possible.

And, they were definitely enjoying their encounter on Keith's bed. Cindy's body was writhing from the incredible pleasure being given to her by the dildo with all its molded pyramids and stars and, especially, the clit spur. The reverse side of the same strapon was sending joy swirling through Leah's body every time she thrust the business side of the toy into her partner, and Keith's cock sent waves of delight from her other side, as it drove in and out, spreading her rear pleasure hole and expanding the connected channel. The controller of the group may have been having the most fun of all, reveling in everything that was happening to the women and from Leah's ass squeezing and releasing his cock. A trio of blissful moans, punctuated by sobs of excruciating pleasure, arose from the squirming pile of happy people.

The woman wielding the strapon had been highly aroused even before the fucking began, and was being pleasured in two places, so she was the first to start cumming. She cried out her joy, and started fucking her partner harder and faster. Keith enjoys having women around him in that state, and he did nothing to change or influence it, except continue driving his cock in and out of her ass in the faster pace she was setting. For as long as Leah continued cumming, her joyous song of delight rang out, and she pounded the dildo into her lover.

Cindy's pussy was so sensitized from being eaten that she started cumming even before Leah climaxed. She also ecstatically announced the situation, and rammed back to meet the thrusts into her. Both women bucked and bounced and thrashed on the bed, until they climaxed in the same order as they had started cumming. Keith plunged his cock in and out of Leah's delightful ass for a few minutes, until the volcano of pleasure, which had been building up inside him, erupted, and he climaxed, shooting a big gob of cum into his condom. He continued fucking the tight, oily hole that had been so delightful, until he ejaculated twice more, and his body relaxed on top of the two women. He had long ago learned to put his mind on a kind of "auto-pilot" for times like that day, so he could relax and still control the minds of those around him.

For a long time, the three of them lay in a very happy and relaxed pile, until Keith carefully withdrew his softening cock from Leah's ass and climbed off the bed. The dildo didn't soften, of course, but its wielder removed it from the dripping hole where it had given so much pleasure and bent over to lick off all the fresh nectar. Cindy was the last one to recover enough strength to get up. After two great orgasms, she was a bit tired, but able to sit on the side of the bed.

Keith had no need to talk, because he could more easily plant his ideas directly in the minds of the two women, and he gave them matching memories of a great sexual encounter that day, but only between the two of them. It included Cindy using the strapon on Leah's ass, because it matched the love of anal sex he had implanted in the brunette's mind and explained the excess lubricant that was trickling down her legs.

Once those details had been tended to, Keith sent the two women on their way, to the place they would have gone for sex that afternoon if he hadn't taken over their minds. He watched them on their route and, when they were safely inside the apartment of Leah, he relinquished all control. They would both have happy memories of making love with each other that day, and would continue their relationship, which was even more devoted as a result of what Keith had done with them.

He would remember the true facts, of course, and it was one of the most pleasant memories he had. The next day, Keith would select another partner or more partners, and he would watch them, or join in the escapades with them, whatever he chose to do. Life was good for the Puppet Master.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Keith and Cindy and Leah had. The last two won't remember it accurately, but they had a great time while it was going on.

I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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