tagErotic HorrorPutnam Ch. 03

Putnam Ch. 03


Officially, Dr. Crowe had gone straight back to her office after her house call with the Saldana's but officially Sheriff Creech was still completely in the dark. She didn't like it, she was already flaunting with Doctor-Patient Confidentiality as it was. But if once was an anomaly this was quickly becoming a disturbing pattern. Officially, Dr. Angela Crowe had gone straight back to her office - unofficially, she was just thankful that Doc Stevens let her handle all the gynecological issues and Sheriff Creech could keep a secret.

At exactly 5:54 PM, Dr. Angela Crowe boldly walked into Sheriff Creech's office with a sense of determination, fear, excitement - a pressure cooker of emotions as she tries to do what she thinks is best for her patients of for some strange reason they seem to disagree.

"There's been another gang rape." are the first words she says to Jacob Creech this time, just laying it out like a slab of dead flesh - while Deputy Alan Hallenbrook drops his sandwich in stunned silence.


"Ah, hell - Angie. We're supposed to be keeping this quiet until we figure something out." Sheriff Creech groans with a sigh - holding the bridge of his nose. No chance to make this someone else's problem for a while in sight.

"What is she talking about?" the Deputy demands, and the other two look at each other and nod.

"What we're about to say doesn't leave this room. I mean it Alan."

"But if there's a danger to the town- "

"Alan." Jacob interrupts with a serious look in his eyes. Alan pauses, and eventually nods.

"As far as we can determine, about 10 AM yesterday the schoolteacher Miss Youngblood was gang raped by at least 3 men while out for a run in Heavenly Kingdom." Jacob starts, then hands over control to Dr. Crowe.

"So was Mrs. Saldana, about 4 hours ago while working her garden. Her husband had started to bathe her before I got there but I did manage to get him to let me do a quick exam, and I think I got a workable sample if nothing that would stick in a courtroom. Couldn't tell you for sure, but pretty sure its the same guys."

"Why the hell wasn't I told about this?" Alan angrily demands, and Jacob can't really blame him.

"Because Natalia has flat out refused to file a report or press charges. Officially, there's nothing we can do about it unless we happen to find these guys from sheer dumb luck."

"Neither will the Saldana's. Trent's too ashamed to admit that he let his wife get raped and Melanie. . .well, she woke up mid-exam and I couldn't get a read on her but I do know she agrees with her husband. No reports, no charges."

Alan throws his hands on the air in disbelief at the situation, "Can we at least get a description of these guys?"

"No, that's the weirdest part." Dr. Crowe cuts in, "Both of them say that there was only one attacker, and that he had horns."

Jacob joins in with Alan at the shocked disbelief and asks the obvious question, "Do they know each other?"

"Doubt it," Alan cuts in, "Melanie and Trent don't have any kids. It's a small town, sure - but as far as I can tell they don't interact much."

"And Natalia hasn't left her house anyway. Weird."

"So what do we do?" Alan asked first.

"Officially, there's nothing we CAN do. Officially we shouldn't even be aware of this." Jacob replies leaning back in his chair and trying to count how many days until he can retire. But then he smirks, "But there may be something unofficial he can do. You said you still managed to get a sample from Mrs. Saldana?"


"There's that community college up the road, got that file on those teachers we caught getting a bit raunchy in Heavenly Kingdom last year?"

"Oh yeah - but you're not suggesting we blackmail them into helping?" Alan asks uncomfortably.

"Nope, but you should walk out of this Alan. I'm about to retire anyway."

Alan nods, he wasn't born yesterday either. This wasn't going to be legal anymore. Someone had to keep their hands clean. He decides to go out and replace his sandwich.

"Thanks Sheriff," Dr. Crowe says with a smile.

"Think nothing of it, those people do good work and don't need a file like this and we can have that sample tested right here in town a lot faster then if we send it to Lexington. Let's see if we can get you in a lab with some help."


Julie Jackson's hair was dyed pink this week. The recent high school graduate hated this town and hated this job except that it paid for the car she was going to drive to the University of Kentucky later this summer. It's not like she couldn't have her pick of the men in this town, as she tells herself anyway. She didn't have the biggest bust but her looks were comfortably elven and her last boyfriend always took the time to grab her ass, she is very aware that she has a nice booty. But she didn't want any of the local men, she wanted to get out of this town and that means not getting caught pregnant. The birth control she used was expensive for her budget but worth every penny. The fresh young face watches the clock so she can finally get started on her last duty for the evening.

The Gas'n'Go station was always completely empty by midnight in Putnam, but the owners insisted on keeping it open until 2 AM. THEN she could do the close down rounds. Waiting was always what was killer. 2 AM. She sketched things in her sketchbook while she grumbled at the unfairness of it all but holds off closing for a little while later. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the security cameras everywhere.

She was in the middle of drawing a comic strip about mice-people in a speakeasy of the 20's when the door is pushed open and she doesn't even look up.

"We're closed." she tries to shoo him away - and instead he steps closer with clanking sounds on the tile, "And the sign said no cleats."

When there's more steps toward the counter she finally looks up, and her eyes wide suddenly at the creature looking back. He, obviously a he from the exposed and fully erect monster of a dick pointed right at her, growls a bit and begins to charge forward - and Julie screams as the monster vaults over the counter and takes her down to the floor with her when he lands. The Gas Station looks empty, but it definitely doesn't sound it from what comes from behind the counter.

"Oh God! Please - please- I'll suck you off just-"

A ripping noise, loud and telling.

"Just don't - Oh god. Please!"


Julie gives a scream out into that gas station. She's never even taken a sex toy this big before, it hurts so much! Or did it? There was definitely pain there at taking something so big into her but like water there seemed to be currents of pleasure in the cock, flowing around the cock.


"Oh god, Oh god." she starts to repeat, in a completely different tone. Lower, like it wasn't processing something right but wasn't sure it didn't like it either.


"AAAAAHHHHHH, YYYEEEESSSS!" Julie screams out, an orgasmic shrill that cuts through the night easily. She didn't even know she could have an orgasm, and yet there was one and the beast on top of her wasn't done as its humping is loud enough to make fleshy slapping noises loud and sharp.




"Oh yeah, oh yeah - oh yeah."

In a few minutes, the beast will unceremoniously get up and just shove his way out the door with a still dripping penis.

Julie on the other hand, will spend the next hour just laying in bliss. When they find her the next morning at 7 AM she's still at the Gas Station, her clothes still torn, her body bruised, semen still dripping from her body, and sitting in the manager's office. The tapes of last night will have been erased but she's kept a record of her own. That sketch book of hers will have 7 new drawings in the morning. One of a man with the legs of a goat, hooves, horns, and a monstrously large penis. The other 6 drawings all close-ups and angles and examinations of that cock that she can't get off of her mind as she smiles.

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