tagErotic HorrorPutnam Ch. 02

Putnam Ch. 02



Another slow day in Putnam and Sheriff Jacob Creech sat at the house behind the Sheriff's Office he's lived in for decades now. This house has been good to him, he was a young man here - Sarah lived here with him before the Lord took her home 8 years ago. He raised Elaine here, she moved out and had kids on her own. At this point he's not sure any other place could ever feel like home. Definitely not without wood panel walls and thick brown carpet everywhere.

Funny, when he got the house he was worried it was kind of small. Now it felt too big with him here by himself. He sighs, and goes back to eating some canned chili and watching Wheel of Fortune. Shaping up to another slow night in Putnam, he'd put on a normal button up shirt and just laid back, wondering if he was going to fall asleep in the chair again to the sounds of the wheel spokes hitting the needle over the sounds of Pat Sajak's voice.

Then the phone rang. Jacob paused, honestly too surprised to move to answer it for two rings. He wasn't unfamiliar with the concept, in theory sometimes you needed a sheriff outside of regular office hours. Its just that - in Putnam? He answers on the fourth ring after seeing the caller ID.

Dr. Angela Crowe, "Angie" to her friends. A nice lady who worked under Doc Stevens - the one man still working in Putnam older then Jacob was. Technically a full doctor but Angie and Doc seem to have worked a deal to work together so that she gets the clinic when Doc does retire. So for now she's acting more like the head nurse, but a damn fine one. He answers the call quickly, if just out of curiosity more then anything.

"Angela, how's life treating you?"

"Sorry, Jacob - but this is for business. I'm going to need you to come to me and sign some legal things. Biological materials are involved so it can't wait, but I don't think it would be a good idea to bring Alan."

Jacob paused, wondering what this could be but already feeling that this could be bad, "Alright, I'm getting my keys- though if I need to put on a uniform it could take a minute. The Clinic?"

"No need for the uniform, just need your signature. But I'm not at the Clinic. Do you know Natalia Youngblood?"

"Only by reputation, teaches at the Elementary School, right? Don't know where she lives but I've got a GPS in my car." he says, getting ready to fetch the address from the computers, "What's this about?"

"I don't think I should talk about it over the phone, but thanks Sheriff."

Sure, he didn't know where Natalia lived but he was still in front of the small house 10 minutes later, the cooler evening air making a walking cane needed. Still, not bad shape for a man so close to retiring. He breathes in the night air as he walks up to the door and knocks.

Angie answers, and smiles though she's wearing a lab coat and gloves over a blouse and knee skirt. She's wearing light colors as always if to contrast with her darker skin and hair. Supposedly, Crowe isn't a coincidence and she's got quite a bit of Native American blood in her. Jacob never asked, never seemed like any of his business. She holds her hands out to point him toward a box about half-again the size of a shoebox on the dinning room table with a clipboard on it, a thick pen resting on top with x's already placed where he's supposed to sign.

"Hello, Angie - where's Natalia?"

"Upstairs, taking a long bath. Just need you to sign the seal and a few of the papers, already marked out where."

"What am I looking at?"

Angie sighs a bit herself, looking down a bit as she decides what she's going to say.

"Officially. It's an Anonymous Physical Evidence Recovery Kit."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what that is."

"It's a Rape Kit. Sheriff."

Jacob is stunned into silence at the idea of such a thing happening in Putnam as Angie keeps going.

"Officially, all I can tell you is that in my professional opinion somewhere in your jurisdiction there was a sexual assault, but the victim has decided to not file charges or fill out any sort of official report. She has however agreed to allow for collection of evidence for use in any other legal action against her attacker."

He might of been born in the dark, but it wasn't last night. Jacob gets it, officially - that's all he knows. What he official knows and what he actually knows can be very different things.

"If she's not willing to file a report there's no a whole lot we can do for Natalia."

"Officially, I can't confirm that the victim was Natalia Youngblood." Angie replies, looking a bit depressed.

"But Unofficially, we wouldn't be standing in her house if it wasn't."

"Speaking entirely off the record- you got it. She told me that at about 10 this morning she was running in Heavenly Kingdom Park when a large man with she didn't recognize ambushed her, knocked her off the trail, then raped her."

"Dear God. How bad off is she?"

"Some scrapes from the ambush, and quite a lot of bruising. Her attackers don't seem to have been out to hurt her, but there's even a hand shaped bruise on her face from where they held her mouth shut."

"I'm sorry, "attackers". I thought you said there was only one."

"No, She says there was only one attacker. She also says he had Horns, and a very large Penis. In my professional opinion though, going by the pelvic exam and the volume of semen I've recovered - I'd say there were at least 3 attackers that didn't use condoms, who knows how many more that did, and after the whole group was done they shoved something like a police baton or a baseball bat into her."

"Jesus Christ! And she doesn't want to report it?"

"Hell, Sheriff - the only reason she told me is that she says she wants to have children at some point and wanted me to see if the 'horned guy' damaged her too much inside. I had to talk to her for almost an hour to get her to agree to the Kit, and not because she was ashamed."

He's just stunned by that, the sheer idea of someone being so non-chalant about being gang raped was just an alien concept to him, "Well, is she? Inside?"

"They were rough on her. Way rougher then normal sexual activity - wouldn't surprise me if she has a fair amount of internal bruising - but not as rough as having a baby would of been. She might even have a baby from this, if it was her time."

Sheriff Jacob, needless to say, needed to sit down. He signs the clipboard if only just to give his hands something to do while he processes this. From no real sex crimes in a decade to a vicious gang rape of the local 5th grade teacher. And, officially, he can't do anything about it. Officially, anyway.

"I'll keep my ears open, see if anyone's saying anything stupid."

"Thanks Sheriff. All I can ask, unofficially, I guess."

Of course, neither of them could see that upstairs, as she slowly and gingerly enjoys her bath - Natalia Youngblood smiles as she picks sticks and leaves out of her red hair.


The lives of Miners go by the work shifts. That's just common sense really, and the main day shift for Rocksteady Coal Mining Co meant Trent was up and getting ready for work by 5 in the morning. Melanie was thankful she got to sleep in for that. She remembered at one point that they agreed that he'd be willing to take the kids to school if that worked for the timing of things. It's too bad really, that they never had any. Then again, there weren't many kids around Putnam. Melanie thought it must be something in the water. She definitely wanted a baby but Trent was having "men's issues" as her mother put it. About 11 in the morning she realized that Trent hasn't touched her in a way that could even be remotely considered sexual in almost 6 months.

Well, that certainly put her in the mood for Gardening.

She was going to do this earlier in the morning when it got hotter but for now at a bright and sunny 2 PM when she steps into the backyard in just short-shorts and a t-shirt. She wasn't even bothering to wear underwear, nobody was around and it gave the girls a chance to breathe. Not that anyone could see it, but she always thought she had the legs of a dancer, if too big a chest for it. Melanie's dark, short-ish hair was easily kept in a cap to keep the sun out of her eyes while she decided to go to work. Tomatoes, she thought she'd give that a try. The tall fences were meant to help with the kids and pets that never came, but for now they gave privacy and that was fine. Gave the tomatoes a chance to grow without too much from the local wildlife.

So how he got in she'd never figure out. She just knew that suddenly there was a shadow over her, then a sudden feeling of the weight of another person on her back. It pushed her forward, shoving her face and braless chest into the soft garden dirt underneath her. She tries to demand to know what was going on but with her head shoved in the dirt it just comes out as meaningless mumbles. It wouldn't be like she needed the clue anyway when the mystery form over her follows up the sudden push downward onto her by reaching to her sides and ripping her clothes from her sweaty body.

She manages to turn her head to the side a bit so that she isn't breathing in dirt, which he seems to allow if respond to by putting his hand on her head to push it down. That's enough though, enough that she manages to get out a begging whimper.

"Please, I have money in the house - just, not that. Please."

He doesn't listen and instead uses his other hand to line up his cockhead with her entrance and it feels like a jolt of electricity leaps from it into her just from the touching of his glans to her pussy. Strange, she had nightmares about this sort of thing but all she could think about was three oddly calm thoughts.

First - she idly wondered how is it that she was already soaking wet. Second - she could tell from the head that whoever this was, his manhood was much bigger then Trent's. Third - With the jolt and the brief movements that resulted, for what seemed like a fraction of a second she got a look at her attacker's head from the corner of her eye. Were those horns she saw?

The shove inward sets off her first orgasm immediately, she barely has time to notice that this man's cock absolutely dwarfs Trent in every way. And the fraction of a second she has before he starts his thrusting is only enough time to remember that the last time she had an orgasm was easily before last Halloween.

At some point between her third and fourth orgasm, he shifts his position and instead of towering over her with a hand pushing at the back of her head he's laying out on top of her with his breath directly hitting the back of her neck, and she feels that strong body against her back with very hairy thighs at her ass.


Jesus, even his grunts sounded more sexual then anything Trent could do and it was put right in her ear.


Nearby pets stop barking as the beast-man gets louder, as if they know whose in charge here.


Oh Jesus! She's literally lost count of how many times she's cum, but its more then she has the entirely rest of her life! How can anything even compare to this!


She didn't even stay awake long enough to finish feeling him flood her pussy, she actually felt that! The last orgasm is more intense then anything she's ever felt and she slips away into sleep.

And there she was - stripped naked, bruised, a puddle of semen under her, her head and chest shoved into soft dirst, and still unconscious when Trent got home from work. He was trying to surprise her by being back before 5 - and he can't help but inwardly comment that she beat him to it. . .

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