tagNovels and NovellasQuest to See his Hot Teacher Naked

Quest to See his Hot Teacher Naked


A teenager is determined to see his hot Art Teacher Nude

The story is set in 1978. June of 1978. Why? Because that was when my redheaded, next door neighbor and I, both eighteen-year-olds, got drunk and lost our virginity. Wait. That's not true. I needed the story to take place before tanning beds were commonplace in the U.S.

This is a long story involving nudity. The characters are all over 18. They have lots of consensual sex. Since it covers so many categories - anal, erotic couplings, exhibitionists, first time, group, incest, lesbian, oral, and voyeurism - I put it in under 'Novels'.


"I just saw Miss Nemours' tits!" Ted Frazier yelled.

The tall, blond eighteen-year-old was standing at the gate of his neighbor's five-foot tall wooden fence. He flipped up the latch and let himself into their backyard.

"What!" screeched Billy. He and his sister, Connie, looked Ted's way.

"I saw my art teacher's boobs!" Ted said. He walked over to the gazebos where the twins were sitting trying to catch a cooling breeze while staying out of the afternoon sun. The intense heat on this June day in Virginia had made it unbearable to be in their unairconditioned house.

He set the grocery bag he was carrying on the wooden picnic table and said, "I saw the nipple and everything."

Billy said, "I need details! Tell me the whole story. When? Where? How?"

His redheaded sister grinned, seeing how excited the guys were. They were practically hyperventilating.

"Okay," Ted said. "So I was at the grocery store getting stuff for tonight's high school graduation party. My mom's making a fruity, summer punch..."

^^^20 minutes earlier^^^

"That'll be $12.75," the grocery store cashier said.

Ted handed her a twenty. She gave him his change. The bag boy put the last of the loose lemons, limes, and oranges into the paper bag on top of the pineapple. He asked, "Would you like me to carry the bag to your car?"

"No, thanks. I can handle it," Ted said. He picked up the bag, left the store, and walked toward his car.

"Whoa!" he said under his breath. His eyes were drawn to the woman in the parking space next to his car. The hatchback of her blue, 1972 Volvo station wagon was up and she was leaning over putting her grocery bags inside. Her short sundress rode up revealing a tantalizing section of her toned and tanned upper thigh. Her task completed, the woman spun around, and faced him.

"Bonjour. Hello, Ted," the woman said brightly. It was Marie Nemours, the Art and French teacher at his high school.

"Hi, Miss Nemours," he said. He stared at the beautiful brunette. This was the teacher the guys in his class had voted the hottest teacher in school. They declared her to be a TILF.

"Will you be attending the state university in the fall?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"J'espere. I hope you continue taking art classes. You have talent," she said with a smile.

"Ah. Sure," her former student responded. The grocery bag he was holding shifted. He gripped it tighter. Two oranges popped out of the bag.

"Shit!" he said. He reached for them in vain. They landed on the asphalt and rolled toward Miss Nemours.

She bent over at the hips and picked them up. When she did, the scoop neck of her sundress fell away from her body. Ted was given a quick downblouse view of her breasts. They bounced and jiggled. Her dress had an internal shelf bra to support her bosom so she hadn't bothered to wear a bra on the hot summer day. He got a great view of her boobs. They were round and tanned. Her nipples were long, dark, and erect.

She stood up, held out the fruit, unaware that she'd flashed the eighteen-year-old. "Here are your oranges." She stepped forward and deposited them in his bag. "Have a good summer. Enjoy college. Au revoir."

"Ah. Thanks," he said still awestruck from having seen her tits.

^^^returning to the present^^^

"We got into our cars and drove away," Ted said finishing the story,

"Dude! That's awesome! You saw her boobs!" Billy said.

"You guys are something," Connie said. "They're just boobs. I see them every day."

"I don't mean any disrespect," her brother said. "But you're just a teenager and you aren't that well endowed."

"Miss Nemours is a woman with big, bouncy breasts," Ted said.

"Big, bouncy, French breasts!" Billy corrected his friend. He and Ted laughed.

Connie said, "You guys are pigs!"

Ted ignored her and said, "You know, her breasts were tanned above and below the nipple. She must sunbathe in the nude."

"Really! That's quite a leap of logic," Connie said. "There are a couple of ways to have tanned breasts without resorting to sunbathing in the nude. Maybe she uses a tanning lotion or she might suntan topless. Completely nude? I don't think so."

"I have one thing to say to you," Ted said. "She's French. Ever heard of St. Tropez and the French Riviera? The French go to nude beaches."

"I like your thinking," Billy said. "She's used to sunning in the buff. It's part of her culture. Like eating snails and drinking wine."

"Please! You guys are pathetic," Connie said. "What does it matter? You'll never know. You'll never see her naked."

"I will," Ted said with confidence.

"What? How?" Billy asked.

"I bet you ten dollars I will see her naked."

"No way," the twins responded.

"Our high school graduation ceremony is tonight. Connie and I will be leaving in two weeks to attend a summer course at William & Mary. I don't have a job so for the next two weeks, I will be able to dedicate myself to this quest. There were no tan lines on her boobs. I believe she sunbathes in the nude. When I discover where she does it, I will be able to see her naked."

Ted was riled up. He said, "If you doubt me, take the bet. I swear, I'll see her naked in the next two weeks."

Connie said in a calm manner, "You're on, Don Quixote. She may suntan topless, but I don't think she suntans in the nude. Who does that?"

"Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and Marie Nemours," Ted said smugly. "Beautiful French women."

Connie frowned and said, "If by some miracle she has an over tan, it's likely she uses Coppertone Quick Tan bronzing lotion or maybe one of those new tanning beds. I've seen articles about a machine that produces UV lights and can give you a tan indoors."

"She wasn't orange like someone who used a tanning lotion," Ted said defensively.

Billy laughed at the desperate tone of Ted's voice and then he said, "I'm in too. Connie and I will take your bet. How are we to know if you're successful? It can't be just your word that you saw her naked. We'll need proof."

"I don't think I'll be able to get her to come over here naked," Ted mused. "Or take her picture."

"You need a witness," Connie said.

"Yes, since money is involved," Billy agreed.

"How am I suppose to find someone to confirm what I saw?" Ted asked.

"I could be the witness. I have nothing on my calendar until we go away for that summer college course." Connie hung the offer out there hoping he'd take her up on it. She told herself, "I'm so tired of being thought of as one of the gang. Billy and I have been Ted's friends since the first grade. In those twelve years, we've grown and matured. Why can't Ted see I'm a woman? I'm no longer the flat-chested, braces-wearing, tomboy who liked to catch frogs and bugs".

Connie added, "Isn't that what friends are for?" She batted her eyes at Ted.

"Great. Thanks."

"So what's the plan?"

"We follow her, of course."


Billie, Connie, and their parents walked next door at nine o'clock to the high school graduation party at Ted's house. They, along with the other graduates and their families, enjoyed the fruit punch and the get-together. The cap and gown graduation ceremony had taken place earlier outside on the football field.

Connie saw Ted talking to Karen Miller, a hot blond, a cheerleader, and his last girlfriend. Neither was smiling. Ted's shoulders were slumped, he turned, and slowly walked away. She nudged her brother and asked, "Are Ted and Karen still dating?"

"He wishes, but she's with Brad now. I think she digs his fancy, new car, and his family's money more than him, but they're an item. Ted is bummed out. He liked Karen."


At nine o'clock the next morning, Ted rang his neighbor's doorbell. Connie answered. She was wearing a cute top and frayed jean shorts that showed off her toned legs. He had on khaki shorts and a tee shirt he'd bought at a heavy metal concert.

"Geez, Ted," Connie said. "Are you sure you want to wear that shirt?"

"What's wrong with it?" he said. He looked down to see if he'd spilled his breakfast on it.

"I thought you'd want to wear something inconspicuous so you'd blend in with the crowd while we play sleuth. That shirt screams 'Notice Me!'."

"Oh. You're right. I should've picked something bland like what you're wearing." He turned and missed her crestfallen expression.

"I'll change."

Connie dutifully followed him across their lawns, to his house, and eventually to his bedroom. He pulled the shirt over his head.

"Oh," she sighed, seeing his bare shoulders and muscular physique.

"Did you say something?"

She shook her head. He opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a solid blue tee. He held it up.

She said, "That's better."

They went downstairs and then, outside to his car. "Where does our quest begin?" she asked.

"The Canterbury Apartments. Marie lives there."

"Oh, are you two on a first name basis?"

"We're no longer teacher and student. We're both adults."

Connie laughed and said, "You sound like you want to date her." Jealousy made her face turn red. She quickly changed the subject and asked, "So Inspector Clouseau, how do you know where she lives?"

"The other day when I saw her boobs, I first saw her loading groceries into her car. The Volvo had a parking sticker on the bumper for that apartment complex."

They drove to the apartments. Ted circled the buildings and then said, "There. The blue station wagon is her car."

"What do we do now?"

He pulled into a visitor's parking space where he could see the blue Volvo and said, "We wait."

They sat without talking while the radio played 'Top 40' songs. Connie wondered, "What was I thinking? How is helping Ted stalk a woman prettier than I am going to get him to notice me?"

"There she is," Ted said and he pointed.

They saw Marie get into her car and drive away. Ted followed her.

"Don't get too close," Connie warned. "She could recognize us. We both were in her class."

"Oh, yes. Sorry. I haven't done this before."

Connie giggled and said, "I hope not. I'd hate to learn my next door neighbor stalks unsuspecting women in his spare time."

"She's parking in front of the drug store. Do you think she's buying bronzer?" Ted said.

"Park," Connie said. "I'm getting into playing a private eye. I'll go see."

Ted parked the car on the other side of the store. Connie got out and went inside. She tried to appear nonchalant as she searched for Marie. She found her at the pharmacy counter. The lady pharmacist hand Marie a bag with her prescriptions.

"Excusez-moi," Marie said. "Excuse me. I have a question. What should I do if, one morning, I forget to take my birth control pill?"

The older woman smiled and said, "Two missed pills can be a problem. Once you miss three pills, you need to abstain from sex or use a condom. If you miss one, take it as soon as you remember and then take the next pill at your usual time."

"Merci. Thank you," Marie said. She turned and left the store. She didn't see that Connie was lurking nearby and listening to her conversation.

Connie waited in the store. She watched Marie get into her car and begin pulling out of her parking space. Then, she hurried to Ted's car. Ted started the car. As he was backing up, he asked, "What did she buy?"

"Birth control pills."

"I knew she was sexually active."

"Not everyone that takes The Pill is having sex," Connie said defensively. "I'm on it because I get bad cramps and menstrual migraines." As soon as the words left her mouth, Connie thought, "Damn it! Cramps? Migraines? Why am I sharing that kind of information? I'm sure he thinks I'm sexy now!".

Ted ignored her confession. He said, "It bolsters my theory. Marie is a beautiful, sexually active woman. The kind of woman who'd sunbathe in the nude."

Connie stopped talking. She hoped he'd forget about her period issues. They followed the Volvo and stayed a safe distance behind it. Marie's blinker flashed and she pulled into a parking lot.

"See," Connie said. "She's going to the day spa. I bet that's where she tans. They probably have a tanning bed."

"So you've come around and agree she has an all over tan," Ted said with a laugh. He saw a parking place on the street and took the spot.

"Maybe, but that doesn't help you win the bet. You can't go into a spa for women."

"Yeah, I may lose the bet, but I'd like to know. Will you go in and find out? Tell them you're considering getting your mother a gift certificate for her birthday and want to look around."

"Okay." Connie opened her door, got out, crossed the street and parking lot, and entered the spa.

"Good morning, I'm Tara," a cheery voice greeted her. A trim woman in a white uniform approached her and asked, "What can we do for you?" She touched Connie on the face and said, "Certainly not a facial. Your skin is gorgeous!"

"Thank you," Connie said and she blushed. She said, "I'm Connie. I was thinking of getting my mother a gift certificate. What services do you provide?"

"We do manicures and pedicures, facials, and massages. We have herbal baths to soothe and refresh. We can also enhance the natural look of the eye. For example, you have lovely, light blue eyes, but your eyelashes don't make the most of them. Yours are short and sparse."

"Yes. I use mascara . . ."

"I know, dear. That helps, but it can only do so much."

The woman stepped closer to Connie and fluttered her eyes. She said, "See how long and full my lashes are. They were like yours. I've had eyelash extensions. Individual strands of synthetic hair have been attached to my puny lashes."

Connie stared at the woman's lovely lashes and then she couldn't help but look into her large, brown eyes. She said, "Your eyes are big and beautiful."

"Thank you." She stepped back and said, "We can do the same for you and men will be mesmerized by your pretty blue eyes."

She turned slightly and said, "Follow me. I'll give you a quick tour and you can see if this is someplace you and your mother would enjoy."

They walked down a hall. "The doors on the right lead to massage rooms. On the left is the changing room and bathrooms."

Connie asked, "Do you have tanning beds?"

The woman stopped and faced her. "No. To be honest, they've only been available in the US for a year and I don't trust them."

"Do you have bronzer or self-tanning lotions?"

"No. We don't have a lot of requests for that," Tara said. "This is Virginia. The sun shines all the time. Getting a tan is easy."

She touched Connie's arm and said, "You have a nice tan. Not many redheads tan as well as you."

"I ran track and played field hockey."

"Good for you. It has given you a nice tan and a beautiful, lean, athletic body."

Connie blushed and said, "Thanks. Was that a polite way to say I have a skinny butt and small boobs?"

"Dear, real beauty is found on the inside." She touched Connie on the temple and said, "Beauty is a smart and confident woman." She lowered her hand to Connie's left breast and said, "And a kind and loving heart."

Connie felt weird when the woman pushed on her nipple like it was a doorbell. The fingers were quickly removed and pointed at her crotch. The woman smiled and said, "And what is most beautiful to a man? A warm, wet, tight place to put his penis! The rest is window dressing."


"I know. Shocking. I'm an odd combination. I'm a spa owner, truth teller, and bawdy philosopher!" Both women laughed.

They stepped from the hall into a warm, humid room. Connie saw four large, clawfoot tubs. Tara said, "These are our herbal soaking tubs."

A large, fat, naked woman rose from one of the tubs. She had huge, sagging, pendulous breasts with large, downward facing nipples. They rested on rolls of stomach fat. Her lower belly was covered by a large triangle of brown pubic hair. Her thick, stout legs reached for the floor. Water splashed out of the tub and streamed down her corpulent body.

Connie was stunned and grossed out by the morbidly obese woman. Tara said, "Hello, Glenda. Did you have a nice soak?"

Glenda responded, "Yes and I love the jasmine, rosemary, and lavender you put in the water." She waddled over to a towel rack, picked up a fluffy towel, and daintily dabbed water drops off her body.

Tara and Connie walked on to the next room. There were a half dozen women getting manicures and pedicures. Marie was one of them. Their eyes met. "Bonjour, Connie," Marie said.

Tara said, "Oh. Do you know each other?"

"Yes," Connie said. "She was my French teacher at Coolidge High."

Marie said, "Parle Francais, s'il vous plait." (Speak in French, please.) She and Connie laughed. Marie was always saying that in the classroom, reminding her students to speak French.

Connie had completed her mission. There were no tanning beds, no bronzing regimens, and she'd found Marie receiving a simple mani-pedi. She turned to Tara and said, "Thank you for the tour. My mom and I would love this place."


Tara walked Connie to the front door and said, "I hope I see you again."

"You will. Bye."

Connie walked across the street and got in Ted's car. He said, "Well?"

"They don't sell tanning lotion and they don't have a tanning bed. Marie was getting a manicure and a pedicure."


Connie laughed and said, "That doesn't mean she suntans naked."

"The other options have been eliminated."

"Okay, but that doesn't mean your wild theory is correct."

"It's still possible. Let's hang out and see where she goes next."

"Right!" Connie said, dragging out the word. Then, she said in a sarcastic manner. "Because after I get a mani and a pedi, I always strip off my clothes and sunbathe in the nude."

"Really?" he asked naively.


They sat in silence and listened to the radio. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sang "You're the One That I Want". Other pop songs followed. Then, Marie exited the spa, got into her car, and drove away. Ted and Connie followed.

They drove a few miles out of town. Marie turned on to a state road and then a smaller two-lane county road. Ted followed. He paused and stopped on the small country road. They watched as she turned into a private road and drove up to a gate with a guardhouse. She spoke to the guard and was waved through.

Connie read the sign out front, "The White Tail Resort".

"The only white tail I know is a whitetail deer," Ted said.

"Maybe she's a hunter," Connie theorized.

"Only one way to find out," Ted said.

He turned onto the private road and drove up to the guard house. He stopped at the gate, rolled down his window, and spoke to the jolly, bare-chested man in the booth.

John Williams, the longtime gatekeeper at the resort, looked out and didn't recognize the young man and woman in the car. "Hello," he said in a friendly manner. "Are you visitors or members?"

"This is the first time we've been here," Ted said.

"Welcome. My name's John. We're always glad to meet new folks. Do you want to join our community?"

"Actually," Ted said. "I was hoping we could look around."

"Him. Not me!" Connie said emphatically. While the men were talking, she had been looking around. A sign with large lettering announced that this was "The White Tail Resort" in smaller letters that were unreadable until one got to the gate were the words "Nudist Community". That was what caused Connie to balk and decide she didn't want to go on site.

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