tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRaveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 05

Raveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 05


Smack my bitch up... That was the song Bipasha was singing as she drove on the highway, all the while thinking of her lover John Abraham and how he smacked up her bottoms as he slammed his meat in her ass. But, this was a bad day. John was out of town and she was fucking horny. She had called up all her friends and none was available to take her. She was going crazy sitting at home. So, she took her car and hit the road. Could the day get any worse?

Apparently, it could. She had just stopped at a petrol pump and slam! This guy hit his car into her bumper. That's it. She had had it. She got out and pulled him out of his car. It was Sam. The guy was fairly attractive, and if the situation was any different she would have fucked his brains out. He was about 5 ft 10 inches tall, not muscular but not lean either. And his ass was so fan'fucking'tastic - it was round, convex and, boy, was it tight! But, this was a different day. She was in a sour mood and this guy had to be given a piece of her mind.

"What in the fucking God's name did you think you were doing, dickhead?" Bips screamed. "You bloody ram your car into mine. How did you get your licence?"

"Same way you did," he replied "By giving my driving instructor a head."

"You rotten son of a bitch! I know guys like you. All they think of is how to put their fucking pea-sized cocks in some cunt."

"Not that you think much differently, you bitch. The only difference is you get that pea-sized cock hard enough for your pussy."

"Oh, yeah! Good for you then. Without women like me, you would never know what it is like to fuck."

"Possibly, but I mean women. Women to me are those of the female species who know how to fuck. I was not talking of cockteasers like you little girls."

"Screw you!" she screamed.

"Ah, that is my prerorogative because I have the screw. You only have the bolt where you can put a nut."

"You are right. Nut is the operative word. You probably have one of those that do not even qualify as a nail."

"Or perhaps your bolt is simply too big to know a nut from a nail."

That was the final nail in the coffin. There was no way she could let a guy talk to her that way about her cunt and get away with it.

"There is only one way to find out," she said.

They did not have much trouble finding a hotel room. It was a small town. The only hotel there always had vacancies.

She observed him there. He was quite handsome with a nicely cut face. He was wearing blue denim that was cut very tight in the crotch. She had no trouble making out the outline of his 'equipment'. Impressive. If that thing grew to twice its size, she was in for a terrific time. He was observing her, too. His eyes were resting on her cleavage. Bips was wearing a low-cut sleeveless white top that left nothing of her 36 C breasts to the imagination. She wore close fitting low rise jeans that just about covered the crack of her lovely dark ass. He paused there, as if trying to analyse what size her hips were. She quipped:

"36, if that is what you are thinking. And, I bet you take one look at that booty and you are going to fucking shoot your load all over the place. You think you can handle a woman as hot as me, you puppy?"

Now it was his turn, "There is only one way to find out, unless your butt is loaded with warts and you are playing the bluffing game."

This guy knew how to say things to Bips that got her wild. She was soon out of her pants. She never wore panties with jeans. Bips liked the feel of the fabric rubbing against her clit. She could see that he was impressed seeing her bare-assed, with her breasts covered. He seemed to particularly like her trimmed black bush, which she groomed with great care for John. She turned around to give him a view of her mons. A slight whistle escaped his lips. He liked what he saw. Why the fuck wouldn't he? Here was a woman standing in front of him bare-bottomed.

He said, "Well, you are okay."

"Fuck you," she screamed. "Okay? Who do you screw? Raveena Tandon, you motherfucker?"

She had a point there. She was a fucking hot woman - 36-28-36, dusky, with big boobs and ass, lavendar lips and black hair. With that she lunged at him, grabbing him all over, ripping his clothes off his body. And she would have carried on mauling him if her hands had not come across his manhood. He was beautiful - about 7 1/2, she guessed. Some women might not find that big, but if a man knows how to use it, it can do a fucking great job. His foreskin was very smooth, probably a result of his applying moisturisers to his cock and balls. The balls hung low and they felt filled and heavy in her hands. When she grabbed his ass, she almost came. He was blessed with a tremendous ass and it made up for his non-muscular chest.

Like her, he trimmed down there and that made him appear to her a lot more delicious. Bipasha ran her tongue over her lips to moisten them and prepare them for the job ahead. He went into her mouth nicely. It was as if his cock had been designed to fit in her throat. She swallowed him whole and got constant encouragement from the soft moans escaping his lips. Usually when she gives a blowjob, the guy does not last five minutes. She was at him for fifteen and he was still nowhere close to cumming. But, he was rock hard all this while. After a long time had she found a man with staying power.

He said, "Stop, you whore. You are pathetic. What do you think you were doing? Giving your father a blowjob? You will have to do much better for a man, you scum!"

With that, he tore her top and bra apart and placed his strong hands on her exposed breasts. Then, he went down on me but his hands never left kneading her boobs. Her nipples were erect. Her tits felt like stones. She was wetter than She had been in a long long time. Fuck, this bastard was good.

"Here is how to pleasure someone," he said "Not the way you were doing it, you cunt. Who taught you how to fuck? Your mom?"

Then, he placed her on his thighs and inserted his cock in her. He filled her completely and his rod was so hot it nearly burned her vagina.

He went on, "Dyke bitch! Prickteasing whore, this is how you fuck a man. Leave your copulation for the boys and the girls. Men and women need a good hard fuck. Got it, you pathetic swine?"

All his trash talk was making her lose her senses as she was hit by wave after wave of pleasure till one big tide overcame her and she exploded and collapsed on top of him. He was still hard. She loved him. They were going to have another go... Then someone knocked the door. Shit!

He got up, still naked, and went to the door with his member standing pround and erect, pointing upwards. He opened the door, and by lord! Who did they find? Kareena Kapoor! She had knocked by accident as she had the room adjacent to theirs. She was shooting for a film there.

At first, she was startled by a naked man opening the door for her but when she looked down she bit her lower lip and her breathing became erratic. Bipasha could see that she wanted him. And, she knew that she wanted her.

"What do we do with this bitch", he said as he dragged her in by her hair and locked the door, "Who has interfered with our fucking?"

"She has to be punished," Bipasha said "Come here, you bitch!"

Now she was a little scared. She begged, "I am sorry. I did not mean to intrude..."

She cut her off, "Hey you think you can say that and get away? We know who you are. But, you need to be taught manners. Take off your clothes, or I will tear them off your body and then you would have to walk down to your room naked."

She saw her point and slowly started taking her clothes off. Bipasha was enchanted by her milky white big breasts. She had always imagined them to be beautiful but they surpassed her imagination. They were handful - just the right size to fit snugly in your hands. And they were tailor-made for tit fucking. A cock would fit in very nicely indeed. This puta was hot and Bipasha was going to have her tonight. When her trousers came off, her freshly shaven cunt came to her view. She could make out her clit peeping through. It was engorged with blood and that meant this bitch was enjoying her humilitation. Bips bent her over. God! Her ass was heavenly! Round and smooth like silk. She gave it a few whacks of her hand. She squirmed with pleasure. Hell, this bitch was into dom-sub, big time.

Bips looked into her bags, and fortunately she had her strap-on with her. It was a nice dildo - black, 9 inches long and about 3 inches wide. It stood up straight between her legs. While she was putting it on, he had already had his face buried between Kareena's strong white thighs. She gave Kareena her dildo and her mouth closed around it. She was a natural. Very few women could treat a dildo with the kind of respect that she was showing.

"You like this, don't you, you bloody bitch," he said "You will like this more."

He put some lube on her anus and his cock. Then he lifted her and rammed into her ass from the behind. Hell, it was a glorious sight! Those lovely thighs in his hands as he fucked her ass! Bipasha got in the game, too. She pushed her dildo in Kareena's cunt from the front. Then they double-teamed and double penetrated the slut.

"Oh yeah," Kareena screamed "Do me hard. Tear me apart and fuck me! Fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Fuck me so hard that it begins to hurt when I pee, you fucking bitch and rotten bastard!"

And that is what they gave her. They must have made her come atleast ten times. The last one was a huge one. She came so hard that she peed all over Bipasha's dildo. Fuck, the whore! He saw the misdemanor, too. He immediately pulled out and and slapped her across her chest. Her breasts reddened with the impact. He grabbed her hair and lay her on the floor.

Bipasha knew what to do next. She sat on my haunches, her cunt over her mouth and she peed right in it. Bebo nearly choked but every time she spilled a drop, Sam kicked her pussy. Fuck, she spilled more and spread her legs wider. This whore loved getting socked in her cunt!

When She was done, Bips turned her around and spread her ass cheeks. She got a tremendous view. Her puckered hole was darker than the rest of her bum. It was big and tight like hers. When she licked it, she could taste the aroma of Shahid Kapoor's cock. Lucky bastard to have her ass at his disposal.

So far, Sam had made Bips very happy. It was her turn now. She picked Kareena up and put his cock in her mouth. Her eyes lit up as she felt the glorious sensation of hard meat. She was good, and once or twice he had to slow her down to keep from cumming. And that made Bipasha love him more. He was being very fair. After all, she was the primary lay and it was only right if Bips were to taste his semen in her mouth.

Seeing her bent over him, her ass looking at her, Bipasha could not help but fuck her ass. Kareena was expecting it, and opened it for her with ease.

"Nymphomaniac!" she said "You always want sex, don't you, cunt?"

She did her smooth ass with her black dildo as Kareena's full mouth worked on his phallus. Doing her was making her wild. Bips' cunt was dripping. He saw that and went behind her. Sam inserted his tool in her anus. If his cock fit well in her cunt, it fit fantastically well in her ass. He stroked Bipasha's dildo as he rammed in and out of her. Kareena saw them fuck each other like dogs and bitches in heat and she fingered herself to an orgasm.

"OK, bitch," he told her "Where do you want my load? I am gonna cum real soon!"

"You spill one drop outside my fucking mouth you arsehole, and I am going to sock you where it will hurt the most!"

He did not have much difficulty. In one motion, he pulled out and put himself in her mouth. Bipasha loved his cum - it was like honey.

The three of them parted. And, yes, Kareena still had to walk to her room wearing only her white bra. Bipasha had ripped apart her clothes.

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