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Restless Calling


Cindy lay there listening to him snore. Her hand over her pubic area still wet from his quick lovemaking. "It wasn't even lovemaking," she thought. It was the routine fondling of her nipples and a quick finger probe of her vagina, mostly to see if she was wet yet. Culminated by climbing on her, sticking his cock in, a minute or two of thrusting, grunting, and collapsing. He was asleep in seconds.

Sex made him sleepy, it awakened her, energized her, especially when she was left frustrated and wanting more. It had not always been this way and the memories of their love making during the early years of their relationship made her sad and angry. She had broached the subject of her sexual needs so many times, and been met with such resistance, that she had given up years ago. She abandoned the fantasy that the excitement and satisfaction she had once experienced with him would happen again. So, she would quietly lie there while he slept and masturbate. She would invent lovers and fantasies to replace her painful feelings of being taken for granted and neglected. She would climax quietly, somewhat relieved and feeling empty at the same time.

Spirit Lover heard her calling him from her fantasies. He traveled to her side as she closed her eyes and called up the imagery that would excite her and lead her to orgasm. As she gently circled her clitoris with her fingers she placed her other hand over her breast, squeezing her nipple. She was startled as he climbed in bed with her and cuddled against her back as she lie facing her sleeping husband. She kept her eyes closed less opening them would dissipate the illusion of his presence. She knew it was a different fantasy this time; it was more than a fleeting sequence of erotic thoughts. This new lover was in bed with her, while her husband slept next to her. The thoughts of this dangerous liaison both frightened and excited her. She smiled as Spirit Lover nestled against her and kissed the nape of her neck. She surrendered as he placed his arm around her waist and gently cupped her breast. Her hand became his hand.

Cindy transcended one reality and entered another. For the first time in many years she felt entry into a dimension of arousal that was uniquely hers. She was in control of her experience and not a bystander witnessing her body being used. Her chain of thoughts caused the effect, and the effect launched the next thought. She had brought this lover to her bed and she would lead him to please her. Spirit Lover, in his infinite awareness of her needs responded to her control, surrendering his ego to her loving guidance. As her thoughts moved to his touch of her nipple, he was guided to that thought, to that moment in her experience. Thus engaged in the same dance of erotic play they began to move as one experience. She urging him on with her need based thoughts and he with the imaginative responsiveness that inspired the playful lover in her.

Spirit Lover held her in his arms and pulled her to him, tight against his chest. "Oh how she loved to be held," she thought. "Why can't men know how erotic it is to be held tightly and kissed." "Kisses and touch, being held, these are the passageways to a woman's arousal," she mused as she relaxed against him. She became lost in the scent of his body, partly the fresh smell of a recent bath and his sexiness. As she turned her mind to his hand massaging her breast he began to tug gently on her nipple. Electricity sparked between them as she pushed her buttocks against him and felt his hardening penis. Reaching behind her, she grasped it gently and moved her hand over it. Just the right size, she thought, so hard and soft at the same time. She loved cocks; especially erect ones. She loved the way the veins stood out when excited and the weight and heft of them. She loved the scent and taste. And, she loved the way they felt when they probed the entrance to her vagina and began to push through the folds. She loved how they filled her. As her thoughts chained she felt his cock expand even more. She opened her eyes and looked at her husbands face. He was oblivious to her. She turned and faced her Spirit Lover and looked into his eyes. He was her kind of handsome. A gentleness reflected in his eyes as he smiled at her. She bent her head to his and they kissed.

She felt herself tumbling into a candle lit space of gentle excitement when their lips met, partly open and softly penetrating. How she loved to kiss. She thought of how his lips sort of captured hers as he unhurriedly continued to move his lips against hers. She opened her mouth slightly and probed his with her tongue. He sucked it into his mouth and held it playfully between his teeth. They locked eyes, smiling, kissing it seemed in rhythm to her husbands labored breathing next to them. She began to stroke Spirit Lovers cock slowly as she placed it between her legs.. She did now want it inside her yet. Spirit Lover pushed his penis between her thighs as she applied pressure against the shaft so that it lay neatly between the folds of her labia. Slowly he began to move his cock between her legs. She bent forward so that on the forward stroke the tip of his cock brushed against her clitoris. She captured his cock and applied enough pressure with her thighs so that it could slide freely against her now very lubricated womanhood.

She was in no hurry. She had all night, she thought, as all of her world collapsed to the single awareness of his cock rubbing against her. Each movement brought electric response to her clitoris and her entire body was tingling with the waves of pleasure that spread from between her legs, like ripples, until they made her shudder with delight. Her breathing became quicker and small sounds escaped her throat. She was losing control. She watched her husbands sleeping profile for signs of awakening as she moved her hips and succumbed to the passion filling her so completely. She had to have him inside her, she thought and raised her leg, grasped his cock, leading it to her warm moist opening.

Spirit Lover pushed against her and entered her, just the head. He teased her as he just barely penetrated her, moving the head of his penis in and out of the opening, as she froze in anticipation. After a few minutes of this extraordinary control from both of them she could stand it no longer and pushed back against him. Spirit Lover responded to her urgency and pushed it in one quick stroke deeply inside her. She had never felt so filled, so excited, so wanton.

Forgotten was her sleeping husband a few inches from their love making. She was only aware of this hard lovely cock deep inside her, moving slowly in and out. She squeezed it with her muscles and relaxed, adding to the friction and pleasure with each stroke. The bed was not moving perceptively as they carefully invented a fucking motion that prolonged the act of love making and would not awaken him. She did not want it to end. Spirit lover held her tightly as he moved deep in her and out again. Effortlessly they fucked for a long time, building slowly to the edge and then backing off and starting over again. She felt his perspiration against her back. She had never had such a patient lover. After many times to the summit she felt it nearing again. She knew she could not escape this time. Without warning she began to climax, her body shook as the waves and contractions convulsed her body. She turned her head and they kissed as she whimpered into his mouth. He continued to fuck her. He pushed even deeper into her and held still, squeezing his cock so it would expand in her. She responded by flexing her muscles against him. They continued this still dance of ecstasy until she felt the next climax rushing at her like a train. She surrendered to it as her vagina involuntarily began to contract rapidly against his hardness. She felt him tense inside her and hold his breath. Suddenly he exploded inside her as she was in the midst of another shaking climax.

She fell back against her Spirit Lover and they collapsed into one another. He remained hard and deep inside her as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. Just inches away her husband stirred and put his arm around her waist. His head moved to her shoulder and in his sleep he murmured something she barely understood. She thought he said, "I love you."

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