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Review: Goth Sex 03


At dinner, Phoenix tells Michelle that she's not really learning anything, that she's using what she already knows and Michelle disagrees. She says that she's learning an immense amount by working on someone. It's all about the human mind works and he says that that is not what he has a problem with; it's the sexuality.

Clint says that he never planned to ingest blood but the idea of other people watching and filming him was exhilarating. He talks about how normal his parents are, Southern Baptists who married as virgins and never did drugs or subscribed to any alternative lifestyle. When his parents saw the scars on his shoulders, they couldn't understand why he would want to do something like that and he says that all he could do is cry and say, "I don't know."

Michelle's mom uses her daughter's quote: "There's only so many ways to have sex," and adds that she must be very creative. An introductory line pops up: Michelle Goes To Goth Sex School. Michelle says that it's all about meeting the right people and asking them to train you. Batman and his lover, Christa, are waiting outside the Dungeon Club and he asks Christa what she wants to do during their evening.

Christa says that she wants to be totally and completely subjugated for the entire length of the evening and that she wants to put her collar on outside, right now. Batman produces a briefcase, takes a collar out and is affixing it to Christa's neck when Michelle and Phoenix arrive. Another explanatory line: Batman and Christa Show Michelle the Ropes. Christa continues, saying that she wants to do some heavy stuff, that she wants to really push her own boundaries and wants to put herself totally and completely in Batman's hands. Batman shows that her collar has a dog tag which reads, Property of Batman. Christa finishes by saying that she wants to trust him that whatever he does to her, she will accept. After a moment's thought, Batman responds, "Yeah, I think we can do that."

Next is a scene with Christa bound and suffering a flogging as Michelle and Phoenix look on. Michelle says that she remembers watching Batman do a scene and that she was amazed at his talent. "He has these giant fangs and he bit one of the girls he was working on and I was just amazed that the girl wanted it." She continues. Michelle says that they have no boundaries for love and it includes violence, which is a part of humanity, and for them to be able to release that through their love and not really hurt each other is beautiful.

Batman swabs Christa's back, giving her kisses while he tells her that he loves her, that her pain is his pleasure and that she gives him her pain like that, nothing is more beautiful to him. Michelle says that made her want to learn. Phoenix wraps her in plastic wrap and puts a gag around her mouth. She says that she really wants to get her nipples pierced and wants Phoenix to do it because it would be an expression of trust. She also says that she's kind of scared because her nipples are extremely sensitive.

Explanatory line for the segment: Love Hurts. Clint says that the unknown was a turn on until it became the norm. There's only so many times someone can take out a huge amount of blood, he says. Phoenix plans to have six 8 gauge rings pierced through the skin of his back and he prepares them by bathing them in sterilization fluid. Another explanatory line: Jeff. Piercing Expert. He explains that he knew both of them from the club and that they wanted him to be their guide as they pierce each other. Another explanatory line: Jeff Monitors the Piercing for Medical Reasons. The implements of piercing are shown and both Michelle and Phoenix prepare and they both look like scared school kids.

Clint says that he didn't always know how gruesome it could get or that he was just detached. Phoenix lies on the bed and readies himself for the first one. Michelle picks up a huge needle and shoves it through a portion of his skin while he screams, biting a towel. After the first one, she has to stand and take a break, explaining to Phoenix that it's not easy to shove large needles into his skin.

Clint says that he thought he was doing those things to get to know himself better but in reality, he was just creating more distance. Michelle accepts comfort from Jeff and says that she really doesn't think Phoenix is going to want her to pull on his piercings while they're having sex. Clint says that unsafe activities went on and afterward, he questioned why he did it, was it worth it and what price will he pay for it. Phoenix states that humans are the most stupid animals on earth.

Clint says that he changed and the thing that was scary was when the events weren't scary any more. Michelle finishes the piercings and tells Phoenix that he rocks as he gingerly arises. She is happy that he trusted her with doing the piercings and that every time someone touches them, he'll know that she was the one who did them. Explanatory line: Michelle's Turn. She is extremely nervous as Phoenix pierces her nipples. She screams in pain and after the second one, she says that she feels like puking.

Clint says that he was digging for answers through his own skin and in the endorphin rush when he was bleeding. He says that he is much happier now, that he had to go through that darkness to get into the light that he's now enjoying. Michelle states that she thinks goth sex is not necessarily about piercing or bondage; it's about two people who might not be average but are more open-minded and creative in their sexual appetites. She says that she and Phoenix have only been together for 4 months and that this was the most hardcore thing they've ever done and that it will be all they do for awhile.

A last explanatory line: Together 120 Days and Counting. Michelle says that five years from now, hopefully she'll have the chance to take her nipple rings out and have a couple of little Michelles and Phoenixs running around.

OPINION: Three out of four. This was a nicely-done piece to introduce people to the world of piercing and BDSM (just a hint of that!). I am one of those people who do not like pain inflicted on me while I'm trying to get off (no spanking, either) but it is certainly interesting to see people that do and to hear what makes them tick. Definitely worth watching!

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