tagNonHumanRough Landing

Rough Landing


The flight had gone smoothly, but when I looked out the window as the plane jerked slightly entering its initial descent all I could see below was a cottony mass of clouds. I knew that as the plane got low enough to enter the clouds the flight would get considerably rougher. Well, my seatbelt was fastened and my luggage was shoved under the seat in front of me, so I was ready for rough.

I kept my head against the curved hull of the plane, looking though the window as the plane got closer and closer to the pillowy mass of clouds. Looking deep into the white folds I let the flowing shapes forms pictures in my mind, first I saw exotic flowers, then strange ice castles and finally soft, curvy women. Feeling a tingling in my cock I watched imaginary cloud women writhe, stretch and gyrate in some ecstatic erotic dance.

Glancing at the woman in the seat next to me, I confirmed her eyes were closed, presumably sleeping, so I reached down and adjusted my erection so it wouldn't poke so prominently in my pants. As the plane began slipping into the clouds I saw what looked like the wispy woman's arms reach out and embrace the wings as the plane suddenly bounced to one side. The plane then jolted again, this time dropping and then suddenly rising back up.

Inside the plane I could see the passenger's heads bounce a bit and I noticed a bit of concern appearing on the faces of most of them. The woman next to me seemed to grip the armrest between us with a savage death grip, her fingernails pressing indentations into the padded rubber. I looked at her face and smiled noting her nervous smile back.

Turning my head back toward the window I saw the clouds parting for the plane, some whipping past at an incredible speed, other wisps seemed roll around the windows, tufting up alongside the speeding plane. I let my imagination create a beautiful wispy face that peeked into the window at me. Her white hair flowed wildly in the breeze, but the woman had a firm hold on the plane.

Glancing down I followed the pale white curve of her neck and then saw the billowing fullness of her white breasts. Icy nipples seemed frozen, pressing against the plane as her hands ran up her sides, over her breasts and against the plane.

Suddenly I felt an odd sensation on my lap and I glanced down. I shook my head in amazement and fell back against the backrest of my seat. All I could do was simply watch as two white hands quickly unfastened by belt, opened my pants and reached into my underwear.

I gasped for air expecting an icy touch, but the hand were warm, warm and ever so soft. Gazing in silence, I watched as the hands gently worked my erection out of my underwear and then began moving around over my hard cock. The feeling was exquisite as feathery fingers slid over, under and around my throbbing cock. Soon, the fingers were sliding over my balls.

Trying to maintain some composure, I took a deep breath but it didn't help, the sensations running over my cock and balls were too intense. All I could do was simply begin lifting my hips rhythmically and completely give into the sensations. I watched the cloudy hands moving all over, stroking my cock, squeezing down over the head and teasing my balls. Finally I simply closed my eyes, moaned loudly, lifted my hips and came, spurting my cum all over my shirt and lap.

The warm wet sensation felt good for just a moment but then I heard, "OH MY GOD! You pervert," from the seat next to me.

I looked to my right and the woman was climbing out of her seat while two flight attendants rushed up the aisle shouting, "You need to stay in your seat."

"Lady, you need to get back in you... Oh damn, what the hell?" one of the attendants stood and stared at me. "Come on ma-am we'll find you another seat. Sir, will you put your pants back on and clean up that... that mess."

"But I didn't..."

"You didn't what? You just magically made that mess?" the other attendant joined in. "Julie, call up to the cockpit, get them to have security waiting."

All I could do was zip up my pants and fasten my belt. The flight attendants did give me some paper towels to dab up the cum from my shirt and pants. Once I finished up, I glanced out of the window, but all I could see was some wet streets, a few cars and then the runway come up under the plane.

We landed and, sure enough, there was a security team at the gate who led me into a large room with a number of chairs and tables. I noticed there were a few Middle Eastern looking men being questioned in one corner and a few others sat, waiting for their turn. I then noticed a man with wet stains on the front of his shirt and pants. I moved over and sat near him.

When the security people wandered over to another part of the room I leaned forward and whispered, "Your shirt, they get you for that?"

"My shirt?"

"The cum stains."

He nodded and then whispered, "But it wasn't me..."

"You were in the clouds and two hands suddenly appeared?"

"Yes, like through the hull of the airplane," he said, a bit louder. "Did that happen..."

I nodded as he quickly shut up as a security officer moved toward us.

"Okay you two perverts, you come with me."

"But officer, he had it happen to him too, the hands from outside the airplane," the other man said.

"That's right, like from out of the..."

"You want to taste this tazer?" the uniformed man said.


"One more word..." instead of finishing his sentence, he simply placed his hand on some device hanging on his belt.

We followed him in silence into another room where there looked to be a laboratory with a number of men in white coats. They all looked like scientists. The security guard stood there until one of the men noticed him and said, "Have them sit at that table and then you can leave."


"That's fine," he said, watching the other man and me sit down. The scientist stared at the guard until he turned and left, slamming the door.

"What's happening?" I asked.

"Calm down, calm down guys," the man in the white coat said, sitting down at the table with us.

"But something happened to us and well then everything went nuts and we got hauled in by security."

"Yes, yes, and let me ask, did your plane fly into some clouds?"

We nodded.

"And suddenly, it was like some hands came into the airplane, they looked kind of misty?"

We continued nodding.

"Look guys, we've been working on some things to improve in-flight security and well, a couple of our ladies got a little bored and well... oh, would you like something to drink, I've got water or a soda or something."

"A cold soda would be nice," I said. The other man simply nodded his head.

Suddenly another man in a white coat appeared carrying two glasses with ice and what looked like a cola. I reached out and took the glass saying, "Thank you."

I hadn't realized it earlier, but I was very thirsty so I quickly finished the drink. Suddenly I felt dizzy and barely had time to put the glass down before I lost consciousness. I presume the other man did the same.

Well, last Wednesday I woke up in my bed with an incredible headache but when I got up and tried to remember how I got home everything seemed fuzzy. I mean I remember everything up to the point I drank the soda, I remember it like it was just last week.

------- ------- -------

Suddenly the man sitting across from me turned off his video recorder and asked, "Well wasn't it just last week that all this happened."

"That's what I initially thought, but then I looked at my plane ticket," I replied, reaching into my pocket and pulling out the ticket. I unfolded it and handed it to him.

"This ticket is dated five years ago."


"So five years of your life..."

"Five years of my life is gone."

"And you say when you contacted the airlines they laughed."

I nodded.

"The lawyers?"

"Told me to get lost, so all I could do was go to the press."

"Well you certainly did the right thing, sometimes that is the only way you can find real justice is through the press. With the press behind you, you will have the credibility you need to get something done."

"So you think you can help me get the word out."

"I certainly do and I want to thank you for bringing the story to the National Enquirer."

I smiled, relieved that someone finally believed me.

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