tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRunning a Red Light Ch. 01

Running a Red Light Ch. 01


I'm running late to my boyfriend's party. I spent way too long deciding on the perfect outfit and curling my long dark red hair into sprial curls. I check my pink full lip in the rearview mirror as I wait for the light to turn green. Pushing against the gas pedal, I watch the speedometer climb as the wind picks up against the friction of the silver car. I look at I just might make it there on time.

It's a quiet town and not much traffic at this time of night. So, I figure that by speeding I'll get there in time, so I press my black stilettos on the gas and run the red light since there was no cars. But regrettably, I see a white car pull out of a side street and notice the flashing blue and red light that has turned on. I groan and pull over to the curb, muttering on how I hate cops. You come up to my side window that is already down and lean in asking for my license and registration. I let out a loud sigh as I lean to the side of the passenger dashboard to grab the papers, my black lace skirt races up my thigh. And you pull off your sunglasses, gazing at the smooth skin against the lace. I hand you my registration and rummage through my purse for my license. "Do you realize how fast you were going miss? Not to mention running a red light?" You say.

"I know officer; I'm running late to my boyfriend's party. I'm sorry." I say, still pulling things out of my purse. "Officer, I must have left my license in my other purse. I can't seem to find it."

"That is another broken law, Miss. I'm going to have to run these plates." You say going back to your police vehicle.I let out an aggravated noise as I know I'm already late. But my eye catches your nice hard body in that uniform and I can't help but give a smile in the rearview mirror as I watch you swagger back to my car. "Miss, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car." You say.

I raise a perfectly tweezed eyebrow at you as I undo my seatbelt. "Something wrong officer?"

You pull open my door as you gaze crosses my black painted toenails up my calves to my round breasts and finally back up to my eyes as I get out of the car. "This car is registered under a Mr. Smith. Turn around Miss and up against the car." My pink shade lip forms an O in surprised as I lean against the car. "Officer, that's my boyfriend's name, this is his car. Mine's in the shop."

"Hmm Mmm.." You say as you pat me down to search me. I feel your firm hands slide up my bare arms and brush against the side of my breasts as they grow hard. Your hands slide down the satin red shirt to my nicely shape hips where my lace skirt is tugged from the car, showing my smooth lower back. Your hands slide down the lace against my ass and down my thighs. My fingers grip the metal of the car as I feel hot against your search, knowing that I probably shouldn't. Your hands slide back up my bare legs and up my skirt a bit to my inner thigh. I bite my lip to stop myself from letting out a moan. Your hands leave my skirt and you press hard against me from behind as your hands back to the front of my shirt.

I can feel your hardon through your pants against the lace of my skirt. Your hands are placed against my hips as your press me firmly against the car. "Am I going to have to take you downtown Miss and you can explain this to my superior?" Your hot breath against my ear.

"No, Officer, I swear that I'm telling the truth. This is my boyfriend's car. He is letting me drive it. I could call him and he can verify it for you."

Your strong hands grip at my hips as you flip me around to face you, pressing your zipper against my bare thigh as my skirt has rose. Barricading me against the car and yourself, your hands move up my shirt against my smooth skin, finding my black lace bra. Rubbing your hands across the front of it, making my nipples hard, you say "Why should I believe you? You were speeding and ran a red light. Are you intoxicated?"

"No, I'm not! I'll take a test if you want. I'm not intoxicated Sir. I was just running late. Please can you just give me the ticket so I can leave, I'm going to be late?" You then push you mouth against mine hard as your tongue forces mine to open. Your tongue finds mine and starts swirling around it as you twist as my nipples through my bra under my shirt. I try to protest and push you off, but you taste so good that I kiss you back. You release from my mouth, your hands rubbing the sides of my hips, "Well, you're not intoxicated. That was breath equalizer test and you passed. As for your boyfriend, tough luck. You're going to be late. The way I see it, you have enough fines that could cost you a night in the big house, speeding, running a red light, driving a car that doesn't belong to you and without your license, and assaulting an officer."

I lick my lips, still tasting you there, "Assaulting an officer? You kissed me. I was just trying to get you off me."

You flash me a smile, "Would you like to try and see if that would hold up in court or would you like to just pay your fine here and now so you can get to you precious party to your loser of a boyfriend?" My green eyes stare into yours, "Fine." I move away from you and start walking to the driver's seat of the car, leaning in the car window for my purse. "Let me see how much cash I have."

You grab my wrist and pull me back to you as I thrust into your warm body. You grab your hand cuffs and cuff one of my wrists to one of yours. I grip my purse as you drag me back to the police car and open the driver's door telling me to slide in. I slid over for you to get in. You radio for someone to tow my car to the downtown office and tell me that it will be waiting for you once you're finish with your interrogation with me. I moan and throw my head back against your seat. Your hand rests on the back of my neck as you start the car, "Well naughty girl. If you would just follow the law, you wouldn't be in this situation. Now, be a good little girl and do what I say." The pressure of your hand presses my head down where my eyes catch the bulge in your dark blue uniform. Your hand moves to your thigh as mine follows since it's handcuff and you take my hand putting it over your bulge. "Unzip me miss and show my what those speeding hands can do." I look up at you, breaking my gaze away from your hard on. "Excuse me?" I say.

You press my hand hard against your hard on, rubbing it against my palm. "Are you disobeying an officer?"

"No Sir." I tug on your zipper, pulling your long hard cock out of the opening, rubbing my long fingers against your shaft. You let out a moan as you switch lanes. I massage a bit deeper. You hand on the back of my neck pushes hard downward against your hard cock. "Showing me what your speeding mouth can do Miss."

Pushing my closed lips to the top of your hard cock. Suck me fast and hard just like you drive that car." My tongue licks the head of your cock before they close over the head of your long throbbing cock. My hot breath traps around your as my tongue swirls around your shaft. As your cock goes deeper into exploring my mouth, my teeth tickle it with a soft graze. You moan as one of your hands are tangling in my mess of long spiral curls as I pick up the pace. "That's right. Suck it hard and fast baby. Faster. Take that cock into your mouth."

You push my head farther onto your cock causing me to deep throat so all of you long thick cock could be in my sweet mouth. I move up and down quickly, my lips sliding over the tight skin of your cock. My hands move to the bulge of your pants, playing with your big balls through the thin material. You moan in gratification as I continue bobbing up and down on you at a fine pace. You started speeding as I pick up the pace. My throat tickling and beginning for air since your big cock is blocking airwaves.

I fondle your balls as I suck in deep on your cock, bringing you fully in my throat as I feel I'm about to gag and pull you back out and back in. In and out. In and out. I pick up the pace and move faster, thrusting my mouth hard against your cock. My throat growing raw from the friction, but I mover faster as I can feel your build up through your balls. I push against your balls as I feel your cock tightening. I let out a moan to match yours as your hand grips tightly to the steering wheel and the other tangled in my curls.

I slide your hard thick shaft down my throat and you hold my head there not letting me move it as you can feel your self start to cum. You let out a loud moan as you explode in my mouth. I start sucking on your cock taking as much of your cum as I can, struggling for air, milking your balls making sure I get all the cum. After spurting out your hot liquid you a satisfied moan as we're stopped at a red light and let me up.

I slide my fingers against your spent cock and put it back in your pants before zipping you up. And think of what I'm going to say to my boyfriend when... if I ever get to his party.

To be continued...

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