tagSci-Fi & FantasyRunning Away Ch. 01

Running Away Ch. 01


Laina sat on the plush cushion looking as regal as ever. Her long brown hair braided into one single braid was thrown carelessly over her shoulder. Her caramel skin flickered in the firelight that warmed her skin giving her a slight reddish undertone. Her light brown eyes were focused intently on the fire as though in a trance when in reality she was thinking of how to escape her doomed situation.

The guard's eyes roved over her body and he shifted his position to one that would not press down on his hard on. Laina's breast were a perky 34 C with a voluptuous yet firm ass that led to long slender legs that were slightly visible in the white garment Laina wore. The guard swore softly under his breath and looked over to his mate who was also watching the girl.

Laina tilted her head slightly and let her eyes rove over the two men who were to watch her. Her hands were still shackled, but that wouldn't stop her from killing the two men and escaping if she needed to.

"What a waste of flesh," one guard said speaking to the other, but looking at Laina. "She would make some man a fine wife instead of rotting in some cell."

The other guard grunted his agreement. Laina opened her eyes wide looking innocent and though her hands were chained behind her back; it pulled her shoulders up which thrust out her chest making her breast stand out. Laina purposely took deep breaths so that her chest would rise and fall seductively. Both guards licked their lips in unison.

"What is your name?" Laina asked.



"Ralf, Viktor, would you like to play a game with me?" Laina taunted. "It's a fun game. One where I get rid of these clothes."

Ralf nodded and nudge Viktor who eagerly approached Laina. He grabbed her and Laina dug her nails into her palm to stop herself from head butting the oaf. She simply smiled.

"I could take off these clothes faster if you'll unchain me." Laina whispered and licked her lips as though anxious to get it on with both men.

"I don't know." Viktor paused. "She's supposed to go back to planet Vailase and our orders were to never unchain her."

"Were you given orders to fuck me? I so want to fuck you. Please unchain me I'm just a woman."

"Yeah she's just a woman," Ralf agreed and snatch the keys from Viktor quickly unlocking Laina's chain and freeing her. Laina rubbed her sore wrists and moved closer to Ralf the more aggressive of the two. She slid her arms up and down his body before finding his hidden knife. Laina locked eyes with Ralf before removing his knife and placing it at his throat in one swift motion. Viktor made to move, but seeing Ralf's throat suddenly dribble a little blood quickly stopped him.

"Take the chains and lock one around Ralf's hand and the other around your ankle." Laina commanded and nodded her head in approval as Viktor did as told. "Throw the keys in the fire."

Viktor faltered. Laina narrowed her eyes and bashed the butt of the knife in Ralf's head knocking him out. Viktor quickly threw the keys in the fire. Laina continued to approach him on her knees in a sick seductive manner. She could see Viktor's hard cock rubbing grotesquely against his pants before she reached him he grunted hard and she saw his pants dampen and knew he had came all over himself. Laina shook her head and watch the man faint with fatigue, fright, and satisfaction. Laina laughed, tucked the knife into her waistband and ran off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alyx entered the inn on planet Roscope. His eyes surveyed the crowd and instantly he knew how many women, men, staff members, and exits there were. He walked over to a booth in the back and sat down accepting the darkness that half hid his face. He was a hunter of humans and he had come looking for a girl. Unfortunately this girl looked like a lot of girls and though the bounty on her head was high his hopes of finding her were not.

"Whatda ya have?"

Alyx green orbs slowly turned to the woman who demanded his order. She gasped in surprise. Alyx's features were hard and yet beautiful in a ruthless manner. He slowly blinked and the woman stammered as she asked him again what he wanted, but this time a bit friendlier.


The woman nodded and almost tripped scurrying away from him. Alyx found that his looks and attitude did two things to women: aroused them or scared them off. Unfortunately not a lot of the women were aroused and as the years passed more and more were scared off.

Alyx watched a girl walk into the bar she couldn't have been more than 20 summers, but the more he watched her the more he started to doubt himself which was rare. The girl walked past him and sat down at a table entirely shrouded in shadows which sparked Alyx's curiosity. She was running or hiding. Alyx shook off his suspicions she probably just wanted to be alone and though he only got a glance at her he found her very beautiful. He wasn't the only one for a man who was slightly wasted sat down beside her and started talking to her.

"Here's your ale mister."

The bar stewardess sat his drink down and took two steps backward before rushing off. Alyx had just caught sight of something flickering in the light out the corner of his eye. He sipped his ale and gave no indication he was watching the girl and man though now he could see she had a pretty nasty looking dagger held at the man's crouch. She was whispering something while he nodded. Suddenly the man bolted up and out the door. Alyx smiled his kind of broad.

Alyx ordered a meal and continued to watch, out the corner of his eyes, the girl who drank her drink casually and ate her meal. The bar stewardess approached him slowly making eye contact to silently ask if he wanted anything else. Alyx nodded and he almost laughed as he saw her face dropped.

"Tell me about her." Alyx commanded the woman as soon as her bottom hit the seat.

The woman didn't even look to see. She knew who he was talking about. "I dunno. She showed up one night and every evening she orders a meal. I dunno nothin about her. She's not too friendly either."

Alyx dropped a gold purz on the table to pay for his drinks and food and added a silver nix as her tip. The woman's eyes bulged at such a generous tip. Alyx rose and left before she could thank him, but as he walked off he glance back locking eyes with the dangerous, mysterious girl before walking out the door.

Alyx leaned against the wall of the door watching people enter and leave the inn. He knew he was either crazy or plain horny for waiting for the girl to leave. He was just about to give up when she emerged and neither looking right or left walked away from the inn.


The girl paused and slowly turned her head. Her hazel eyes flickering over Alyx. She turned her head back around and continued her walk.

"I said halt."

"NO," The girl stopped and turned completely around her eyes now smoky and her expression was of anger. "You said hey."

"What is your name?" Alyx asked as he walked towards her. He marveled that she didn't back down from him.

"Nonya." She turned away from him again. Alyx caught her arm and pulled her back around to him.

"Nonya?" he asked.

"None ya business." She retorted and pulled her arm free. "What do you want?" She looked suspicious and Alyx knew she was probably right. He was already slightly hard just being near her. What was it about this girl?

"I need a job." The girl sighed. "I saw that man bothering you. I can be your body guard."

The girl nodded liking the idea. "I don't have a lot of money, plus I am leaving soon." Alyx shrugged though inwardly he was disappointed. "But I could use a guard on the ship to Sangre, it's filled with..."

"...pirates, thieves, and runaways. Why do you want to go to Sangre?"

The girl's eyes danced and she looked so sexy that Alyx had to stop himself from grabbing her. "I'm no pirate or thief that must make me..." The girl waited.

"What are you running from?"

"Arranged marriage."

Alyx nodded. Rich family poor girl.

"Right now I don't have the money to hire you or your ticket." The girl shook her head almost beratingly. "I shouldn't have entertained the thought." She turned to walk away.

"I propose," Alyx side stepped in front of her, "a bet. If you win I'm your body guard and I find my own way until you are safely at Sangre."

"And if I lose."

"A kiss."

The girl arched one finely shaped eyebrow. "A kiss? Where?"

"On the lips of course. Just one and nothing more."

"What bet?" Alyx looked at a lost. The girl smirked. "How about a game of chance with cards?" Alyx nodded. "Follow me."

Alyx followed her wondering what's coming over him. He was sure his ale was spike and was just about to laugh and tell the girl another day when they came upon a small inn. Very quaint. He followed her up the stairs and obviously to her room. She grabbed a deck of cards and shuffled them. He watched her hands work almost mesmerized at her skill. She stopped and handed the deck to Alyx. Alyx took a card and gave the deck back to her. She pulled out a card and laid the rest of the deck on a nearby table.

"What do you have," she asked.

Alyx hadn't looked at his card. "Your name first." The girl seemed to struggle for a bit.


"Alyx." Alyx flipped his card. It was the Queen of the diamonds.

Kristel turned her card and her face froze. She was holding 6 hearts.

"You lose. My kiss." Alyx crossed the room to her and pulled her up to him. He marveled at how greatly she fit into him. Her curves filling every space his hard body left open. He lowered his head and Kristel didn't turn away. His lips touched hers and he couldn't control himself. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth massaging the inside of her tongue while his teeth gently nibbled on her lip. His mouth engulfed hers though she did her best to kiss him back Alyx totally overwhelmed him. He pulled back watching her pant her breast heaving with every breath she took.


Alyx pushed her on the bed and climbed on top of her. He ripped her shirt off her and nuzzled her neck letting his hands roam over her soft body and firm breast.

"Tell... me....to ...stop." Alyx told her, but all he could hear were her moans as he slid one nipple into his mouth and suckled it. He lavished it with his tongue before biting it roughly and sucking it into his mouth again. He alternated between each breast while one hand slid down her legs and up her inner thighs pushing her floor length skirt up as he found her wet center.

Alyx pushed one finger into her and pumped in her as his mouth bit hard on one nipple. Kristel moaned loudly pushing his head deeper onto her breast while her hips pumped on his hand. Alyx slid another finger then another into her wet pussy and he continued to pound into her. Kristel stiffened and suddenly she grabbed his head and screamed her release into his mouth. Alyx didn't stop thrusting his hand into her until she laid back with a satisfied smile on her face.

Kristel sat up and pushed Alyx back on the head. Her legs beside his head as she unzipped his pants. She found his hard cock and began to slide her hand slowly up his shaft then twist it around his sensitive head and back down. Alyx moaned. She slid her hand back up his hard cock again and again slowly pleasuring him. Alyx closed his eyes silently begging her to speed up, but not wanting to break the moment. Without warning Alyx felt moisture than an unmistakable feeling of a tongue licking the tip of his cock. Alyx opened his eyes and watch her slowly slide her mouth over the top of his cock and down his shaft. Alyx groaned and pumped his hips up feeling his cock hit the back of her throat. Kristel sucked him up to the head of his cock swirled her tongue over it and then slammed her head back down til his cock hit the back of her throat. Alyx grabbed her shoulders and thrust up hard with every downward motion her head did. Soon Alyx was down her throat and he could hear her gagging and breathing hard, but she never stopped. Her throat was contracting on his penis and he could feel it squeezing his shaft and head as it left and enter her. Feeling his balls tighten Alyx grabbed her head and thrust upward letting his seed empty into her throat. He released her and she sat up sucking her spit and his semen off his cock as she came up.

"I'll still be your body guard Kristel."

"I know." She stood up and straightened her clothing. She shook her head.


"I don't even know you. I never..." she faltered.

"If it makes you feel any better. Neither do I. It was... something."

Kristel smiled and reached out for Alyx's cloak to set it aside. She started to undress until she was wearing one sheer skirt and top that hid nothing.

"Might as well get ready for bed."

Alyx nodded and handed her his cloak. A white paper dropped out and she stoop down, picked it up, and her whole body went rigid as she stared at the words.

Brown hair, light brown eyes, slender frame. Tough exterior. Be aware trained to kill. Answers to Laina. 1000 gold purz's. Bring back to Vailase. Concubine of King Jorj.

Kristel shook her head. Her hair flying around her. "Wow. You are..."

"Freelance. That's a job I was hired to do, but I think King Jorj will be disappointed. His description is not good enough. Heck even you fit that description, Kristel."

"Why doesn't he have a better description of her?"

"Never met her. She's to be one of his many concubines, but she keeps running off. Between you and me he's going to make her into one of his sex slaves and lock her up in a cell to train her."


"Are you okay?" Alyx asked. He thought he saw something there, but he couldn't quite catch it. It almost looked like ... Alyx shrugged it off. It was nothing.

"Yes, just tired and still can't believe I just did that to you."

Alyx laughed. He pulled her to him and decided to show him that she can still believe. Though Kristel's mind wasn't into it, though her body responded as she was trained. What were the odds that first man she felt anything for would be the one man hunting her?

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