tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally Likes Showing It Ch. 04

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 04


The rattle of Marks truck coming down the two-lane dirt road woke me from a sound sleep and I looked at my watch.

"Umm, what time is it baby?" Came from under the sheet next to me.

I cupped Sally's naked ass cheek in my hand. "A little after 6! Dam he made good time getting up here." I stretched pulling the cover down over Sally's breasts. "I guess I had better get up and get the coffee going."

"Kiss me first!" I knelt over her kissing her softly. "I love you!" she said watching me as I stood up. "You know its stupid for him to set up that big tent." She reached up touching my balls as I slipped on my shirt. "We have the extra room on this one." She looked at me. "I don't know it's up to them, just a thought anyway!"

I looked at her as she pushed the sheet back and off as she rolled onto her back. Her breasts rolled to the side as she stretched he 5' 9" frame pointing the toes at the end of her long legs and then rolled back onto her side bending one knee over the other. Her pussy lips came into view as she moved and her nipples stiffened as her 36c again moved on her chest then touched the lower sheet. Her blond hair framed her face as she looked up at me smiling. "Do I have to get up yet?"

"Not if you don't want to my love!"

Good then call me when the coffee is ready, poured and waiting for me!"

I laughed as I walked out "Oh sure, right! That's going to happen!" and I slipped out of the screen door.

I had just finished filling the pot with water when Mark and Tina pulled to a stop. He jumped out shaking his head! "Man aren't you ever going to fix that road? Fuck!"

I laughed at him because he bitched about it every time they came up here with us "Well I though it being so rough it would keep the weirdo's out but fuck! Look here you are any way! Coffee in 10 and Sally said we can just all use one tent! We have the two rooms and sense it's just us 4 its silly to set up yours unless you just want to!"

"Sound good to me!" he said and turned to Tina. "Help Sam and I will unload! Fuck I'm starving!" and with the he grabbed a bag that held there cloths and headed for our tent!

I felt my eyes go big as I realized what was happening and I turned! I was just about to call to him when he reached the open door of the tent! He stopped setting down the bag and unzipped the door sticking in his head before I could say anything! He froze half in and half out and I knew he was getting a good look at Sally and how she had been laying when I left her! Naked on her side with her leg bent so her whole bottom and soft smooth pussy was exposed to the door! I knew he was seeing her breasts fully exposed to his eyes for the first time and I got hard!

"UMM, SOR, Sorry!" came from him.

"It's ok!" Came from Sally. "Ok, come on in."

I knew she had thrown the sheet back over her nude body and he had never backed out and stood there looking at her the whole time! I know it was only 30 seconds if that but it was like time had stood still as I watched him looking at her and then slip into the tent. Knowing what he had seen and that she was still laying there only covered with a thin sheet!

Mark came back out stopped and looked back at the tent just as Tina walked up to me. "Hay buddy! You got some coffee for a poor little city girl?"

I turned to see her standing there in a little summer dress over her swimsuit covered boobs. It had an open back and was just a little shorter than mid thigh. Her eyes were so blue it looked like you could swim in them as I smiled at her holding out a cup.

"You sure you're a city girl? You look like a home grown girl to me!"

"Hay save some of that for me!" Mark said as he walked up. I looked at him to see his cheeks were still flushed as he picked up a cup.

I poured the coffee for them. "Is being a home grown girl a bad thing?"

I let my eyes run over her as I stood with my back to Mark. "Not that I can see!"

She just smiled at me as She moved over to set at the picnic table in the shade of an old Oak tree. "Well what's the plan for this morning?" Sally called and I turned to see her walking to us wearing some shorts that were made of white gauze cotton and were just long enough to cover her bottom! Her top was a white swimsuit top that was nothing more than 2 triangles and just did cover her nipples! "Lets see, we can sun while you guys fish and then ski this after noon when it gets hot, or we can just sun!"

She picked up a cup and poured her own coffee as I slipped some bacon in a pan. She walked over to Tina and bent at the waist giving her a kiss on the cheek. This let her little shorts slip up over her backside and into her ass crack giving Mark and a good look at her exposed bottom. "Hi!" She said as she sat down next to Tina and the show was over! It had looked so innocent I knew Mark had no idea what had just happened!

"Hi! This is going to be such a fun weekend!" Tina said as she took Sally's hand and held it.

"Umm let's fish and sun!" Came from Mark as he turned looking at me. I just smiled and shook my head letting him know I had seen it to and it was ok!

"You know when we got here yesterday we spent the whole after noon nude! God it's so nice not having kids here! I mean I love them but well it's just nice!" Sally said as she looked at Tina.

"You mean after the sun went down right?" Tina asked.

"Nope it was hot and when Sam got here I just stood up took off all my cloths and went into the water!" She was looking at me smiling. "We went out to the swim dock and laid in the sun and just enjoyed each other!" Sally started to laugh a little. "Tina, you should have seen the look on Sam's face!"

"I bet!" Tina said as she looked at Mark. "You know every time we come up here he has tried to get me to go skinny dipping but I wouldn't! What if some one sees!"

"Well some fisher men came buy in their boat and I just let them look! It was a hoot I'll tell you!"

By this time I was putting food on the table as Mark who had just been just listening looked at me. "I can think of a lot worst things than seeing these 2 beautiful woman naked!" He said.

"So can I" Was all I said as I took a mouth fool of egg!

The subject was changed as we ate and then loaded up to go out fishing. The 4 of us went out to our favorite spot and as Mark and I set up the girls got out there towels and went to lay on the bow of the boat. Neither Mark nor I said a word as we watched the girls spread them out and strip down to their suits!

Mark made a little sucking sound as Sally slipped off her shorts to reveal a little black T-backed thong! She bent over folding her shorts and we got a good long look at her exposed ass cheeks before she stood up smiling at us! She turned this way and that! "It's new! Do you two approve?"

We both clapped and whistled as she lay down on her towel! Tina had watched the whole thing smiling at us. "Well my suit is new too!" and she pulled her little dress up and over her head to reveal the same suit, as Sally except it was pink! She folded her dress and bent showing us her bottom just as my wife had! When she stood she looked at us as she too turned and twisted holding her arms up in the air and we again whistled and clapped!

Both girls were laughing as Tina lay down next to Sally. "God that's a dream come true my friend!" Mark said. "I have been trying to get her to wear one of those suits for years!"

"Well you won't get any complaints from me!" I said as I threw out my fishing line. I turned to see Mark watching Sally as she put sunscreen on her self-lifting her right breast. "It was fun just being naked yesterday!" I said as I looked from Sally to Tina. "Shit! They might as well be that way now!"

We spent the next few hours fishing and looking at the girls as they tanned. All fishing stopped when either girl got up or moved around and by noon I was going crazy wanting to touch Sally! "Fuck it! I'm hot and I'm thirsty!" I rolled in my line and dove over the side!

"I came up just in time to hear Mark give a big whoop and the water beside me exploded as he dove in! We swam back to the boat and climbed on. "Are you two melting yet?" I asked.

Sally had been lying on her tummy with her top untied. She raised up on her right elbow letting both of us look at her now exposed breast! "Fuck it! You have all ready seen them this morning any way!" She didn't bother pulling it up as she sat up topless looking at me. "Ok lets go eat and spend the after noon wet!"

Tina put her arm over her breasts holding her top up as she sat up but when she looked at Marks disappointed face just smiled. "Just when did you get to see them young man?"

"Well Sally didn't have the sheet over her when I put the bags in the tent this morning! It was an accident but I did see them!"

"Well then Sam gets as good as you do! She said as she let her top fall off and stood up! "I will deny it and call you a lire if you ever say a word!" Tina said shaking her finger at Mark!

We were all laughing as I started the big boat and with both girls topless and wearing only they're tiny thongs turned us back to our camp!

The girls stayed topless for the rest of the after noon! We played on the jet skis and swam around the dock! It was amazing to watch there breasts as they played and I spent most of the day with a had on and if the bulge in Marks pants meant any thing so did he! We drank a little beer and just had a very good time as we enjoying getting to look at each other wives while they played.

Tina swam out to the dock and Mark fallowed her out as I got the fire ready for dinner. Sally came to me putting a towel down on an old log by the fire pit and sat down as she looked out at the other couple kissing on the swim dock.

"Having fun?" She asked as she leaned back letting her breast role to the side as I looked at her. She stuck her legs out in front of her crossing them at the ankles. I looked to see that her tiny little bottoms had pulled into her pussy lips fully exposing them to my lust filled eyes!

"Yes! Very much so! Are you?"

Sally opened her legs just a little as she looked at me. "Sam I am soaking wet!" She smiled. "It's all I can do to keep from jumping you right now!" She looked out to the other couple. "I thought this would be a lot harder than it has been. I mean I didn't think she would take her cloths off!"

"Well she is good to look at all right but it's you showing that has gotten to me! He can't keep his eyes off of you!" Sally turned side ways on the log so she was facing me. She slipped her finger into the leg opening of her bottoms and as I watched slipped it into her wet hole! My cock jumped in my pants as I watched her slide it in and out of her self! "Oh my god! And neither can I!"

Sally stood up pulling her finger out of her wet box. She moved to me. "Open your mouth!" I did as she asked and she stuck her pussy juice covered finger into my mouth letting me taste her as I sucked it! She pulled it from me as I pulled her tight to me kissing her knowing she would taste her self on my lips as she held my hard dick through my pants!

I pulled back from her looking her in the eyes as her beasts mashed their nipples into my chest! "Ok you are going to have to fuck me or get me a beer!" I whispered to her as I held her close.

"Well sense they are walking up the shore it has to be a beer!" Sally said and stepped back she started to adjust her bottoms and I knew she was going to pull them out of her exposed pussy lips.

"Don't!" I stopped her!

"Ok!" She said as she looked at me smiling. Sally pulled her thong up a little tighter into her crotch. "Is that how you want them?"

"Yes!" The other couple had just reached the picnic table. " And I'll take that beer!"

She had to walk right up to Mark and Tina as they sat down. His eyes went to her crotch to my face and back to her fully exposed pussy lips as Sally bent into the ice chest. "I put the wine in there a while ago if you want some!" I called to her. "Bring it to me and I'll open it for you!"

Again I watched his eyes looking at her ass as she walked back to me. "That sounds good! Are you ready for a cool glass of wine Tina honey?" she asked.

Tina stood up smiling at Sally. "Yes please and I think I want to go rinse these out!" With that she pulled off her little panties upping the stakes! "I think I want to wear them again tomorrow if we go fishing again!"

Sally smiled at her as she handed the glass of wine to her.

"That's a good idea! Hold on and I'll do mine to!" Sally sat her glass down and standing right in front of Mark pulled her panties off lifting one leg and then the other! His eyes never left her crotch as she slipped them off and held them in one hand as she picked up her glass. "Ready?" She said and the two girls walked naked back to the lake!

"HOLY fuck Sam! I'm sorry but I just can't help but look at Sally! Fuck she is hot! I know you are looking at Tina and well FUCK! What the fuck has come over them?"

I don't know!" I looked out to the water to see them both setting on the swim dock as naked as the day they had been born! They were talking to each other and Sally waved at me when she saw me looking at them! "But I like it!"

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